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January 5th, 2005, 4:34 AM
This RP takes place after the events of Metroid Fusion, and may contain spoilers for Fusion and some other games.

Samus Aran was being chased by the Galactic Federation. She owed them tons of money for destroying BSL Station, planet SR388 and the Metroid Breeding Program. She may have destroyed all X that were on SR388 and the station, but no one understood. Adam was wrong. He said that one person would understand. Samus was flying through a solar system that was unfamiliar to her, and she got stuck in a tractor beam appearing to be coming from no where. She went out of her ship when it stopped, and she was in a large docking bay-looking area with some other ships. Then, some Chozo came into the room.
"Hello, Samus. You must come with us. We will explain what we are doing soon." said the largest Chozo that was there. She followed them into a large room full of prototype power suits. They brought her to a suit that looked like one of her old Varia Suits. The Chozo changed her into it. Then they brought her into a large room with some people in not orange Varia Suits.
"You have all been brought here to help us. Strange beasts, called the Kryn, have taken over our planet. They are large, brown reptillian animals. They can breathe fire of extreme heats and jump incredible heights. They stand on their hind legs and are able to somehow absorb weaponry. You must eliminate them from the planet." Everyone accepted. They were brought to the docking bay to wait for them to get to the planet.

We will start the RP in the docking bay. We will arrive on the planet after everyone makes at least 1 post. A maxinum of 15 people can join and a mininum of 5. Fill out this form to join:

Suit colors: (fill out the following areas, not this one)
-Varia Suit: (suit & visor color)
-Gravity Suit: (suit & visor color)
-Final Suit (not telling you it's name, and it's not Phazon): (suit & visor color)
Other info:

Here's mine:

Name: Samus Aran
Gender: Female
Age: 23 (probably)
Suit colors:
-Varia Suit: Orange suit w/ red breast area & helmet, green visor
-Gravity Suit: Purple suit w/ yellow & red breast area, red helmet & blue visor
-Final Suit: Brown suit w/ grey breast area, grey helmet & black visor
Other info: Is on the top of the Galactic Federation's Wanted list.

Deadline for joining is Monday. Please join!