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January 5th, 2005, 7:08 PM
ok they're crap but at least I'm writing again. The first one is about a mirror, yes, but I hate myself now - inside - so yeah... negative... and the last one is also about myself... argh they're crap. *runs off* I'll just leave you with my stupid efforts. They were written a few days ago in a depressed state of mind.


Lately I'd done things without consulting myself
I'd let myself get out of touch with my inner person
Lost all connection with my heart, let my life
Burn out and turn on with the flicker of a mirage

Deep down I knew that the girl I'd transformed into
Was not the girl I was supposed to be; just not me
And when I looked at myself casually in the mirror
I saw someone I was repulsed by; something darker

Behind that girl's eyes was something brooding
Something selfish and vain; and with the toss of her hair
She said "You have no authority over me" coolly
I'd lost control of the little spirit stirring inside me

She was screaming the truth at me; "You
Just don't want to believe it. You know it's wrong
And you blame me for all your troubles,
Simply because you don't like what's happened to you."

And it hurt with an unbelievable gravity
Because I knew this little demon
Was, yes, imperfect... but no worse
Than myself... than myself

I looked in the mirror harder and tried to make up a mirage
I wanted to see the naive, sweet little girl I saw a month ago
I saw her twisted and cruel, and not how I'd want to be
This was me. This was me. The mirror could not lie

It spoke only the plain, blatant, harsh truth
With a toss of my hair I said "I'll be who I want to be
You have no authority over me..."
I saw the other identity reflected... in me, in a mirror.


Opening her eyes, she wove a web of lies
To protect herself and her secret
Covering her tracks she ignored the facts
That she was going nowhere
She sewed up a world that glistened like a pearl
But so cold and lonely like ice
And when it melted and died her true self she defied
She temporarily switched off her life
She closed up her heart and took up the art,
Took up the art of deception
She followed an illusion, fell prey to the delusion
That everything was going to be alright
Continually on the run, away from the sun
And into the secrecy of shadows
She broke down the connection when she saw her inner reflection
This was not who she wanted to be
She withdrew inside, and all the tears she cried
Froze up into a barrier of protection
The poison she made for a barricade
From the world turned into her downfall
She wanted to hide from herself inside
And like someone insane she sat there
Watching her prize flicker in front of her eyes
And she starved herself of real life
Ever so tired insults she fired
And ruined all chances she had of a friend
Her identity became not fortune and fame
But a sad and lonely half-dead girl
Her obsession became the cause of her depression
Her flaws became her truth
And when she'd seen what she'd done she started to run
Her secret was in trouble
The girl with a disguise of poison and lies
So hopelessly helpless her life relied
On an illusion, an addiction, on a tangled-up fiction.

January 7th, 2005, 10:52 AM
Those are really "deep", they seem to deal with so much emotion its a bit overwhelming at times, but really good nonetheless.

I like your writing style, its in free verse form and dousn't follow any rules, like a true poem should be and it worked out great ^^'.

January 7th, 2005, 11:28 AM
*claps* Wow very good Kylie ^^ We share the same "formless" style XD

Anyways, I like the first one the best, it gets really deep, and they both did have a good flow to each other. ^^ Very good keep it up.

January 7th, 2005, 11:32 AM
Wow! Kylie, those poems are honestly beautiful. They were of awsome lengths; and as LT said, "deep" surely describes your poems. ^_~

If I were to rate your poems out of 5 stars, you'd get 5/5. Well done, Ky-Ky!


January 8th, 2005, 12:25 AM
I always wanted to read some of your poems Kylie!
That name really caught on, and to think, I gave it to you as a joke.
Anywho, great poems. I like the first one best.
I give ya two thumbs up!