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February 6th, 2012, 7:14 PM
If you were to write a one hour special of pokemon, and you could only write one, what would you make it about? Would Brock and Misty return? Would it stay true to Pokemon Best Wishes? Would it even be about Ash? To add a twist, one hour specials are two parts, right? Would part one and part two be easily connected? Or would Part One be a finisher and Part Two be a sort of sequel(like if in Part One, the gang gets trapped in a cave and meet a legendary pokemon deep within and befriend it, would you end Part One with them escaping the cave, and start Part Two with that legendary pokemon asking for help, so they have to return to the cave? Bad example, but you get it...I hope.)
Would anything evolve? Here is mine:

Part One:
Pokemon Ranger Lunic is surveying the area when he gets a distress call. A little boy wandered into a cave and never came out. Lunic goes into the cave and witnesses two Team Rocket members have cornered the boy. Lunic interferes and declares that he'll save the boy. The Rocket members says he doesn't know what Lunic is getting himself into. Lunic doesn't care, and after calming down Rocket's pokemon, they stop fighting and attack the Rocket members. Team Rocket runs off from their pokemon screaming. Lunic and the boy get out of the cave. It is shown that it is now night and Lunic gets a message to meet somebody at a building. At a building, he meets the boy, to his surprise. Asking the boy what this is about, the boy breaks down and exclaims that he stole something from team Rocket. He said he had stolen a strange stone. Lunic looks at it, and says that he and the other Rangers would take it and investigate. The boy is about to hand over the stone, when a scream is heard. Lunic rushes off and the boy follows. A thunderstorm forms. Suddenly, pokemon start acting strange. Lunic witnesses as people's own pokemon begin to attack them. The sky is acting strangely, and a hole opens in the clouds. Lunic begins to use his styler to tame the strange pokemon...and calms down a Dragonite. Declaring that there are too much, Solana shows up and says that she will handle the rest. Lunic would have to deal with the source. Lunic, along with three calmed Pokemon, flies on the Dragonite into the hole in the sky. The other two pokemon, Pikachu and Mightyena start acting strange. They attack Lunic and make him drop his styler. The Dragonite begins to act strangely and Lunic is thrown off, and onto....land? There is a castle in the sky. The dragonite tries to get out, and Lunic realizes that the Dragonite is suffering and it is trying to get away from the source. The Pikachu and the Mightyena corner Lunic.
Down on the ground, the boy picks up the styler and the two rocket members from earlier show up. They declare that the boy is going to pay, but the boy holds forth the styler and declares he won't let Team Rocket win. The grunts call him stupid and naiive, then a battle begins. The little boy prevails. Team Rocke then claims that the little boy has doomed them all. The boy asks to find out what is happening, before the Dragonite shows up and signals towards the hole in the sky. The boy asks how to stop it, and the rocket grunts say that it is impossible and that the world is doomed. It shows Lunic, inching away from Poochyena and Pikachu and the little boy, looking scared.

Part Two
Lunic wonders how such a storm could've happened so suddenly when Dragonite flies up, with the boy and the two rocket grunts riding on it. The boy calms down Pikachu and Mightyena with the stylus. Dragonite flies away, and the boy thanks it for its help. The five(grunt, grunt, Lunic, boy, Mightyena, Pikachu) enter the castle. Along the way, the rocket grunts explain that this castle belongs to the gauntlet, which can control pokemon. However, since nobody wields it yet, it is upsetting all the Pokemon and causing them to attack. Lunic gets a message from Solana telling him that the Pokemon attack is getting out of control. Lunic realizes how critical the situation is, and the five hurry. The shots switch between Solana calming Pokemon before eventually getting overwhelmed and the five solving puzzles in teh castle to move on. When all the puzzles are solved and Solana is overwhelmed, Lunic reaches the gauntlet. The five rush towards it, when the ground shakes. Rayquaza, the guardian of the gauntlet, flies in. Lunic works to calm it, but is losing. The little boy asks to try, but Lunic denies saying that it is too dangerous. The little boy notices as Rayquaza sends out a horrible wave of wind, knocking them all backwards. The styler flies out of LUnic's hand. The castle is shaking uncontrollably. Grunt One declares the boy has skill with the styler, recalling earlier events. Lunic grabs teh styler and Rayquaza sends forth another whirlwind. Everyone is holding onto something. Lunic tosses the styler to the boy, and the little boy works to calm Rayquaza. Meanwhile, Grunt One and Grunt Two are crying for help. Lunic is amazed at the boy, as the boy is getting far. However, soon, Rayquaza sends forth an attack that shatters the ground beneath the boy. The boy falls, screaming, but his hand grabs an edge. He screams, looking down. Lunic takes charge and asks Pikachu and Mightyena to help. Pikachu and Mightyena distract Rayquaza as Lunic helps the boy onto land. The boy resumes calming Rayquaza and succeeds. Rayquaza flies away and Solana watches as the skies clear up. Lunic walks up and smashes the gauntlet, calming down all the pokemon.
It is shown that the boy is being crowned an official ranger for his efforts up there and Team Rocket grunts are taken to jail. Lunic congradulates teh boy.

February 6th, 2012, 7:20 PM
There seems to already be a thread pertaining to general episode ideas here. So at the moment I don't see the point in creating another one when they both discuss sharing your ideas for episodes.