View Full Version : Competitive battling on Wi-Fi or Pokemon Online?

February 10th, 2012, 2:08 AM
There are two sides of competitive battling in this generation: wifi battling, and then there's Pokemon Online (there's also the other battle simulators but they don't apply right now, but I guess you can answer if you used them or not?)

Which do you use? Why do you use the one you use?

For those who prefer wifi: Why do you spend the time/hours EV training to play wifi when you could do it all on PO?

For those who prefer PO: Do you play competitive only on PO? If so, do you plan to go back to wifi battling?

If you do both, why do you still battle competitively both ways?

Discuss! Please don't answer this like it's a list, just questions to form your answer on! :(

February 10th, 2012, 2:19 AM
I generally use Pokémon Online because I can use new Pokémon quickly and if it doesn't work, I can change it quickly without the long process I would need to go through if I was playing on Wifi of EV Training and whatnot. I can EV train and breed but I generally don't have the time to. I battle both ways because variety is the spice of life and the each of them has their own unique feel.

February 10th, 2012, 2:21 AM
I used to use Pokelab, but I recently changed to PO when I found it... somewhere or another. I tried battling on wifi a LOOOOOONG time ago and I lost XD I would like to battle on wifi too, but I have no access... But even though I can't use wifi, I still try to create teams on my DS. I'll also make them on PO to test them. Which always fails XD I never knew anybody on Pokelab, so I never really tested my teams on there. I saw PO... man, I don't even remember where, but I saw that it had BW Pokemon so I switched to it. I like stuff like PO because you can make Pokemon immediately and not waste time on EVs and breeding and stuff.

February 10th, 2012, 7:26 AM
I use PO mainly because I'm impatient with Wi-Fi to train my pokemon to level 100.
And it is easier to find a match.
I tried do do Wi-fi but I'm just too impatient to train but when I actually find some time. I will battle online on wi-fi. And I play competivly but sometimes just not.

February 10th, 2012, 8:31 AM
I use PO simply because my WiFi absolutely refuses to work with my DS. That and the fact that with replay viewers now, I can't make the argument of preferring to watch the moves happen :P

and Like all those before me have said, PO is instantaneous. No training, no breeding required. MUCH easier to build teams that way than to breed a Mon, train it, then find out to don't like it or that you need/want a different nature.

Oh yeah, and the fact that PO battles have a faster pace anyways. DS battles take too long for me. When I battle I like to finish it as quick as possible.

February 10th, 2012, 9:07 PM
I use to shoddy back in the day, but then that took a PO in the knee. [/shot]

no but seriously i'm on PO because atm i can't afford to buy B/W. If i had the cash i would so be on wifi.

I like how PO is more instantaneous with everything, but it serves as a good test to train and breed actual pokeymanz, im definitely catching a drought ninetales and making a sun team for wifi. PO also serves as experience, I've faced a lot of different teams on PO which makes it easier to predict when i will...(presumably) see it on wifi.

February 10th, 2012, 10:11 PM
Wifi is too much hassle and training and work for me these days. Plus, you can't really be successful on Wifi unless you cheat or RNG to get the right hidden powers, IV spreads, etc. PO is just easier.

February 11th, 2012, 12:05 AM
Well, the first step to me building a team is getting it made, which is why I like PO. Then I prefer testing on wifi if i can, but I can test on PO, because PO can't simulate exactly the game mechanics of ds

February 25th, 2012, 8:06 PM
Hey guys, I was wondering if any of you use Pokemon Online for WiFi battling? I have used it before, and it is rather good. I know that WiFi battling can be a pain on the DS, because you can't hack in stuff and it takes forever to train, breed, set up, catch, etc.Opinions?

February 25th, 2012, 9:12 PM
Pokemon Online is very good for battles if you don't like training, breeding and all that. It's also very good if you're going to try a team. You can find out whether it works or not before making it in your game. It saves a lot of time.

Satoshi Ookami
February 26th, 2012, 12:43 AM
It's pretty cool feature and I'm using it often...
But we all know that reaching the same EVs is nearly impossible :D

February 26th, 2012, 6:18 AM
Basically the whole of CBC uses Pokemon Online, lmao. PokeCommunity even has it's own server on there. Playing on Wifi is fools play. :>

February 26th, 2012, 11:24 AM
I see that my thread was moved to here, so ignore the question that was asked earlier by me. And I use Pokemon Online, because I, like lots, am to impatient to train breed etc.

March 2nd, 2012, 6:47 AM
I mainly use PO for battling needs because my DS most of the time is locked away and in the few moments it is out, i don't have Wi-fi Connection. :\

March 2nd, 2012, 10:02 AM
Only ever use PO, much quicker and requires less effort, and it's easier to get a battle against people who know their stuff, unlike random wifi noobs that you might find.

March 17th, 2012, 6:57 PM
Hi. I generally play WiFi. The main reason I like to EV train is because it is an aspect to the games I think one should take advantage of. Although, after your 6th or 7th Pokemon that you EV train, it gets annoying, but I still like it. I started to mess around with Shoddy Battle recently, but I don't enjoy it too much because it does'nt take skill to create a decent team in there. I am not trying to brag, for I couldn't win for my life in there, and I think part of the reason is you just enter some Pokemon. You don't actually train them, which was originally the sole purpose of Pokemon. Another thing I must admit though, is that it is a fantastic program, just like Pokemon Online, for testing teams, but when I find a team I like, I will actually try to recreate it in my game. I don't know. That's just my opinion, but I thought this was an interesting thread nonetheless. :)

Dark Azelf
March 17th, 2012, 7:12 PM
I use PO. I used to use Wifi but the day RNG abuse was discovered it ruined wifi anyway so lol. If i ever did get back into Wifi id use Pokesav/Pokegen anyway lol.

March 17th, 2012, 7:15 PM
I spend sometimes 8-12 hours at a time EV training my pokes xD it's pretty fun

March 17th, 2012, 8:03 PM
I use PO just because WiFi means I would have to be dedicated and actually plan out teams that work and stuff. :(

March 17th, 2012, 10:21 PM
I use both. But Pokemon Online is my "Planning Stage." Where when I find a good enough team, I take it to Wifi.

April 2nd, 2012, 6:32 PM
PO because it saves a lot of time. It takes a long time to get the Power Items, EV Train the Pokemon, level them up to L100 and get their corresponding items in the Battle Subway. I might plan on going to VGC2012 so I still have a VGC competitive team. But I don't think I'll go back to the tedious process of Wi-Fi Battling unless I ever feel the need to use PokeGen.

I also don't have Wi-Fi on my DS due to a WPA lock so the only way I could battle on Wi-Fi is if I use my Gen IV games on PBR.