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February 15th, 2012, 3:08 AM
Because I got stuck on pondering Tokoro's stuff, and figured that I may as well see what people think of it all.

At this post, all team-members are level 58, and we have seven badges.

Feraligatr (Choice Scarf) (>change to King's rock?)
Hardy (Torrent) [somewhat stubborn]
-Ice fang
(EVs are probably mostly speed and HP, follow up in def., but I'm not sure. It's just 'anything that happens to move that can be found in the grass on the routes available pre-lab-theft')

Metagross (Metal coat)
Sassy (Clear Body) [alert to sounds]
-Meteor mash
-Hammer arm
-Bullet punch
(EVs are... there's speed, definitely, and... other stuff. But I don't know. SAttack, certainly)

Togetic (Twistedspoon)
Bashful (Serene Grace) [highly persistent]
(EVs are I don't know)

Yukure Hoshi
Tyranitar (Wide lens)
Gentle (Sandstream) [likes to fight]
-Stone edge
(EVs are... probably whatever you can get from route 32)

Arcanine (Shell Bell)
Hardy (Flash Fire) [quick tempered]
-Flare Blitz
(EVs: ALL the Sp.Defs. ALLL of them. And I can't remember what else)

Pidgeot* (King's Rock)
Modest (Tangled Feet) [very finicky]
-Air slash
-Quick attack
(EVs are... something)


Tokoro is my main concern out of this all.
I intend to keep my Yawn+Wish combo, becasue it is really, really useful.
Ancientpower is SG'd to a 20% chance of AllBoost, which is fairly useful.
Extrasensory, however... Air Slash on Tokoro would just be... better- STAB, 60% chance of flinch by SG (and if given a King's Rock...)
> She has access to all moves that togetic can learn, and togekiss moves can be taken into account because I have the Stone in my bag.
*kinda considering giving Inai U-turn and Toko A.Slash on spur of the moment*
(Because obvoiusly, the second that she evolves she's going to lose the capability to remember any moves that she's previously learnt as a togetic)

And yes, I know. I have WAY too many crunch-es.
...<`_<; the problem when you have a strong, useful favourite move of a type.

February 17th, 2012, 12:37 AM
On Tyranitar, Screech doesn't help you much since you want to boost your own stats other than your opponents stats, since they can switch out or use an attack that allows them to switch out, idk. So, you'd be much better with Fire Blast so you have coverage over steel types. But yeah, since it can run a special attacks it's fine.

On Arcanine, you're better off going mostly physical - it can run special but really, when you have Flare Blitz aaand no Choice Band, you wouldn't really want to. ;x If you go with Thunder Fang (water coverage)/Flare Blitz/Extremespeed/Morning Sun (for recovery) with Life Orb (or even a Choice Scarf) would make it a deadly revenge killer.

On Pidgeot, considering its typing & stats, it's better for all out offense than for flinching - Togetic is the one you want to do that. So... Brave Bird being the primary STAB, w/ Return (or keep Roost if you want if it doesn't like you that much), U-turn for momentum as you said and Quick Attack for that quick kill, which is boosted by its type.

For Togetic, give it Air Slash, yeah, and evolve it. Opponents won't really stay in while you yawn @ them, phazing them is probably a lot better, but since you have no SR/spikes users you can't really do that. Thunder Wave or Body Slam are more useful - but you can keep yawn if you reaaalllyyy want, one because it's a STAB and the other because it's a straight out paralysis w/o relying on hax. But yeah if you really wanna keep AncientPower or Extrasensory, then you're best off choosing to replace one of them with Air Slash. ;x

For Feraligatr, Ice Punch > Ice Fang for higher accuracy and Earthquake for coverage against things you can't cover w/ water or ice. So yeah replace either Crunch or Slash since those two don't really help.

February 17th, 2012, 4:16 AM
INGAME team. People don't generally switch things in any case ingame, so it really shouldn't matter much about that.

I like my Yawn+Wish because it's pretty much the only non-offensive/stall stuff that I have (It's the sole reason that my shiny pinsir is with me today) and it allows for switch-heal. (Also... I... none of my pokemon can touch any other pokemon anymore. Everything just... dies (well, faints, but.) So if I want to catch something... It's that and maybe Inai's quick attack. Maybe.)

What makes you think I cannot choice band? (I have two Bands sitting around in my bag)
I'm running the Bell because I don't really like inflicting damage on my own pokemon (eeeeven if that sort of seems to go against the whold point of revenge, but the Bell doesn't heal all the way and anything eventually builds up >`_>; )
(On the note of self-inflicting damage attacks, how on earth would my pidgeot even get brave bird? That's an egg move.)
Also, my arcanine runs as a dual Attack/Sp.Attacker due to having the highest Special Attack out of any pokemon on my team (maybe I should type their stats up?), beating Peh out by thirty-three points (and would beat Tokoro as a togekiss, too, by about ten)

For my PIDGEOT, considering her stats would say "run special" by my opinion (106 Att to 123 SpAtt)... I'll stick with twister until she beats the heck out of Claire, at least. Then I'll see (Roost/AirSlash->U-turn/Return? U-turn/Roost? Hmmm...)(Let's face it, along with Asa the pair of them have the worst defences of anyone in the team, so U-Turn and Roost might be a good pair...)

My tyranitar runs earthquake, which beats steel, so I'm unsure why a fire attack would need to come into the matter, let alone one with such a lower accuracy.

T.Fang for Asa, point. Something to replace one of my many Crunch attacks with.
Ice punch, on the other hand, would require beating the next gym, then the league and proceeding with trying for the horrendous task of aquiring 64 BP [unlikely] (Or breeding and replacing a beloved teammate, which is [never])

Airslash over Extrasensory seems to be the way I'm leaning for Toks.
We cover necessary psychic damage with Peh anyhow.

(Thank you for the reply, however. People posting things makes me think and consider and such, so however much my terribly blunt-phrasing personality makes it seem I am angry at you, I actually honestly appreciate it and am not annoyed in the least)

February 17th, 2012, 4:34 AM
People have switched things in-game a few times recently for me, so might just be me, so yeah.

Either waaay, things like Scizor, Forretress, etc aren't beaten by Earthquake, and Fire Blast would be the difference between an OHKO or a 2HKO @ Tar.

On Arcanine I meant since you're not using a choice band not because you don't have one - if you do, yeah using that would make a bit more sense to use with other physical attacks, but if not, I'd personally just stick with one of the two @ fire attacks, but hey up to you :3 There aren't really many Pokemon that have high defensive stats that you'll need special attacks for, and in which case having a dedicated special attacker might be better rather than sticking a special attack on Arcanine (in which case Fire Blast would probably be better than Flamethrower due to more power, considering it's a lower stat than attack and in which case you'd get more power using the physical attacks on those Pokemon anyway tbh).

But yeah, I get your other points and for what you have it works pretty well (sorry about the Brave Bird mistake, I was almost sure it wasn't, owell, but yeah stick w/ what you have then for Air Slash at least).