View Full Version : B/W: White/Black

February 15th, 2012, 5:13 AM
To what's up everyone who is playin white or black

February 15th, 2012, 5:31 AM
Yeaaah this is kinda broad and I'm not sure what you really mean. If you're asking whether you're still playing the games -now- after almost a year, then you'd want to be a bit more specific with that and add a few more discussion questions, but if you're generally asking everyone "what's up" to everyone who plays White and Black then that's not really anything to discuss either. Or if you wanted to make a thread on which version you picked and why + discussion questions, that'd be fine. But yeah I'm not really sure of your purpose. Clarifying it would help a lot, so if you want to, just re-post a thread with more clear directions on where you want the discussion to head. :)