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January 8th, 2005, 6:44 PM

It was a calm and tranquil night in a dense forest. Not a creature stirred; not one...but the wolves. Their heavy breathing and scornful expressions made any creature cringe in agony, as though the wolf had embraced them in a stance of pure and utter chaos.

Now, wolves are often misunderstood. People and animals alike fear the wolf because of the enormity of their power, the stench of their strength, and the malevolent fear of being torn to shreads by their vicious fangs. Yet there are some who claim this is not at all true. Wolves are more afraid of people than the people are afraid of the wolves. This statement is false.

Wolves live only for the satisfaction of knowing they made the hearts of their prey skip a beat. They loathe those who do not fear them. Wolves are known as the Devils of the Wood. So any creature who so dares to stand up to the wolf and fight back is instantly slaughtered.

The wolves are guided by one leader. The one wolf, with a scar to show his strength. A scar...that lies directly over his blackened heart. A scar that looks unreal, as though it seems absolutely impossible for this powerful wolf to wield this scar on his chest, and still be able hunt. This wolf's name is Kalaigrah.

Kalaigrah is unlike any wolf, or any creature for that matter. He has a strikingly black coat of fur, so coarse and brittle, that if any were to so much as brush his shoulder, they would cry out in agony. Death itself fears Kalaigrah. For death is in Kalaigrah's eyes. The devil in but one of Kalaigrah's minions. And darkness lies in Kalaigrah's heart.

But Kalaigrah's eyes are what creates the true after effect in his prey. For his golden eyes make you feel as though you will never be happy ever again. You will never again be able to laugh, smile, or even hear your own beating heart. This stuns the prey into an upmost state of fear. This is where Kalaigrah makes his move. He casually lumbers forth, leering into his prey's eyes, hypnotising them. He then lifts one mighty paw and swipes the foe's face, leaving an ever-embedded scar to be a reminder to never again meddle in that which should not be meddled in.

If Kalaigrah does not kill you, you are never considered lucky. For you are spited by Kalaigrah and all of his followers. The pain from the scar will never leave your body. You will forever more be in constant agony and pain. Many who have suffered this fate even beg Kalaigrah to kill them, just to let them be free. But Kalaigrah has never done such a thing. For he left that scar for a reason.

But that scar...embedded on the faces of those who have opposed Kalaigrah...have a secret. A secret so dark and malicious, that only one could have concocted such a devious outcome. A plan so horrible, that it will soon drive the entire empire into the depths of Hell.
OK, I have tried my best, now I need people to review my Prolouge and please give me some constructive critisism if need be. ^_~


January 8th, 2005, 7:36 PM
Its easily seen that you really tried on this fan-fic, which is good and made it obvious who and what this is really about in the prolouge. Right from the beginning it started out clean and descriptive, and followed through that way to the end great job. Although at the end I just felt that you could have added a better "cliffhanger", for the reader to excite them a bit more of what will happen next, but other then that, "Nicely done".

And Kalaigrah.... oh Kalaigrah XD, he is definatly a bada....lets just say bad XP that he's actully cool, I love his style just after reading about him and I can't wait for more.

Unfortunatly Kelsey, I couldn't find any spelling errors to scowl you with *walks away disappointed*, I'll get you next time though ^^.

January 9th, 2005, 9:41 AM
Muahahahaha!! I made sure to not make any spelling errors. XD Thanks, I'm glad you liked it! Yeah, the cliffhanger is something to wonder about. XD I'll try to fix it before starting Chapter one. ^^


January 9th, 2005, 10:17 AM
muy bien, nice job kelsey ^O^ i like it, it's well-written, faultless, and best of all it's about wolves. keep it up, i can't wait to read more of it ^ ^
-matt ^_~

January 9th, 2005, 10:19 AM
Weeee, I'm glad you like it Mattness. XD I will write Chapter one soon, I just have to finish planning out the chapter first. ^_~


January 9th, 2005, 10:21 AM
Cool Kelsey!

I like it....it's so...good.
I really want to read more. I wanna see if my suspicions about Kalaigrah are true....hehehe.
Good job and keep it up!
*gives you TACO*

January 9th, 2005, 10:23 AM
<3 Thankies Rudy! I'll write more soon, I hope to make this an enjoyable fic for everyone to read. ^__^ Thanks for the compliments everyone!


January 9th, 2005, 11:01 AM
~~Chapter One: Revenge~~

"Up, mutt!", shouted a tall, dark man as he viciously swiped the side of a large dog's face with a whip. The man had shaggy black hair and evil, maroon colored eyes. "The **** thing, doesn't do a word I say. I said up!", the man whipped the dog once more, this time with more vigor and anger.

"Yelp!", the dog lay on his side in agony, yet keeping one eye scornfully on the man who had been whipping him. Why is he doing this to me...Why can't he just let me go..."Yipe!", the dog had been whipped once more, and again ordered to stand to his feet.

"Sigh...It's no use, we'll just have to trudge on without the foolish beast. It's just an animal, afterall." The tall man whipped the dog once more, knocking it unconcious. "Well, there's no time to lose, an ice storm is headed this way. It'll reach us within an hour. Harness the dogs and we'll keep moving."

The tall, dark man left the large dog lying in the snow, frozen and unconcious, while he helped his men harness the other dogs to the sled. The man, with his long black whip still in his hand, is a famous dog sled racer. He has traveled many miles and won many races in his prime. His dogs were severely disciplined, but champions nonetheless. This man's name was Shade. He was renouned throughout the world as a champion.

"Move out!", shouted Shade as he slashed his whip, instructing the dogs to run. Shade glanced back quickly, eyes focused on the large dog whom he had nearly beaten to death. Then, with a grim smirk of satisfaction on his face, he diverted his attention back to his dogs. "Come on, mush, go go go!", shouted Shade to his dogs as they began heading towards the edge of the wood.

A fierce blizzard and high winds began to pick up just as they entered the forest. Shade knew this meant trouble, but he never let his pride waver, not when there were others nearby, at least. The snow mercilessly pushed against the dogs and their instructors, hard with the wind backing it up. The dogs' faces were nearly frozen, but they trudged on. For they knew if they were to stop without being told, they would get a good lick of Shade's whip.

Suddenly, a loud and horrifying howl cut through the forest. Shade was so startled that he pulled hard on the reins, making the sled dogs come to a full stop. Shade looked around nervously, twisting his head this way and that. Then, yet another howl embraced Shade and his dogs in a state of fear.

"Wh-what the Hell? This can't happen...no!", Shade's voice was quivering desperately. Then, through a blanket of falling snow, the wind rushing through Shade's ears, he looked to his left. High on a hill top, Shade found himself looking at a sight which no one ever dreams of seeing. Shade was looking at the figure of a wolf. It was Kalaigrah.

Shade was now ghostly white out of fear and the biting cold. The wolf let loose another fierce howl before he came bounding, at a raging speed, towards Shade. Shade now broke off in a sprint, leaving his dogs, running as fast as he could, hopefully to escape the path of Kalaigrah.

Shade stumbled and fell, face first, into the snow. Once Shade lifted his head, his maroon eyes fixed on the large and frightful image of Kalairgrah himself. Shade didn't dare move. He just lay in the snow and watched his life get whisped away with the wind.

"You God **** humans! You never know when to quit. I'm going to make you wish your death had come quicker", snarled Kalaigrah. His voice was deep and menacing. Though he spoke in a way that would almost reassure you that everything would be all right, even if your impending doom was drawing ever closer. Kalaigrah's golden eyes flashed with rage and his coarse black fur stood up in pure anger. Kalaigrah bared his long, sharp fangs, then sunk them deep into Shade's neck. Shade cried out in agony, then his eyes went white. He was dead.

Kalaigrah stood back to look at his kill. Shade was lying in his own pool of blood, staining the pearly white snow to a muddy blackish red. Satisfied with himself, Kalaigrah bounded towards the large dog that Shade had left in the snow to die. Kalaigrah gently nudged the dog, trying to help him up.

"Ka...Kalaigrah. You came back for me...I'm sorry, I tried to get as much information for you as I could about the humans. But before I knew it...I was harnessed to a strange human artifact, and whipped silly when I wouldn't run. I'm afraid my wolf's pride is hurt more than my body", said the wolf, still lying in the snow, breathing heavily.

"No, Hakura, it's not your fault. Those beasts from Hell are to blame. Mark my words, we will get our revenge", growled Kalaigrah as he lifted Hakura onto his back, and bounded up the hill where the rest of the pack was waiting.
Chapter one is done!! ^___^ Well, tell me what you think of it. ^^


January 9th, 2005, 12:08 PM

A great first chapter!
I am just so drawn into the story. It's so well written.
Shade seemed like a great character though, one of those you just love hating, I'm kind of disappointed you killed him off so soon though.
Anyways, since LT seemed so intent on finding a spelling error, I'll let him find the one I did.
Good job Kelsey! I can't wait for more of the story!

January 9th, 2005, 12:21 PM
[is glad shade died] i like the title...anything with revenge grabs my eye, so it made it all the more worthwhile to read. [cough:bounded:cough] i didn't say anything = 3 like the prologue, it's very well written, and not boring to read over again. keep it up.

January 9th, 2005, 12:23 PM
^_________^ Thanks you two! Spelling error? I'll find it before Lance gets to it. XD He'll never let me live it down if he finds it. XD

Thanks so much for reading it guys. And who ever said Shade's really dead? o.o You'll just have to wait for the next chapter to find out, muahahahahaaaaa! XD


January 9th, 2005, 1:20 PM
I really love the descriptions etc ^^
The one word i wasnt too fond of, due to the nice articulation and description that themes this piece, was "gangsters" -maybe devils or brutes would suit the theme slightly more?
I really loved it though -great job, kelsey ^^

January 9th, 2005, 1:38 PM
As it was said earlier, "wow" a word that really decribes this fan-fic. I'm not one to overrate something, but your writing style and skills just calls for it to happen ^^, theres not much I can say that already hasn't been said already, nicely done.

Aha! Victory is mine! XD I found a spelling error in this sentence, "Shade was lying in his own pool of bloos staining the pearly white snow to a muddy blackish red".

Thats nothing because I make them in basically everything I submit, but I won't let that pass easily ^^'.

January 9th, 2005, 1:44 PM
Awwwws, you liked it Claireness, yay! ^o^ I suppose I could fix the word 'gangsters'. Now that I think about it, it does kinda sound a bit offensive towards the wolves. *huggles Claire*

Ack! You found on Kance. XDXD I tried so hard, I checked it three times! *glomps* OK, I'll go fix that spelling error. I'm really glad you liked it though, Lance. Considering you mod this section and you're very good at fanfics and poetry yourself, it's a lot coming from you. ^^


January 9th, 2005, 1:53 PM
That is really cool Kelsey, I like it. Keep up the good work, lolz


January 9th, 2005, 1:56 PM
Thanks Malyka! I'm glad you liked it. I'll write Chapter two pretty soon. I gotta think of more ideas. XD


January 9th, 2005, 3:28 PM
~~Chapter Two: The Maroon River~~

The wind howled and the ice storm raged on as Kalaigrah and his pack made their way back to their home. The wolves didn't live in a dense and isolated forest like one might think a wolf would. The wolves lived amongst the humans in an old run-down town that Kalairgrah liked to call, The City of Howls.

The City of Howls looked as though a nuclear bomb had been dropped onto the city. Buildings were old and cracked with chipped paint in numerous places. The roof's shingles were tattered and broken. The buildings looked as though they would topple over at any given moment. The windows were broken in, their ragged and torn curtains gently wavered in the breeze on hot summer afternoons, then quivered and thrashed about on cold, windy winter nights.

But despite all of this, the wolves considered it their paradise. Even though the city often flustered and bustled with humans, despite the fact that the city looked unreal and incapable of human life. The wolves made sure to not be seen by any human. So the wolves had to adapt. They created the ability to manipulate the human mind into thinking they were looking at a young business woman or an old man walking down the street, when really they were wolves.

This was life and life as the wolves knew it. The wolves couldn't keep the minds of humans manipulated for long, however. For this took great concentration of the mind and body. So the wolves kept themselves hidden throughout most of the day anyway. If the weather was too horrid for the wolves to go out and hunt, they stole human food from the market. On occasion the wolves had to steal hot dogs, bread, basically anything they could get their paws on to sustain them throughout the day.

Kalaigrah was at the head of the pack, still having to carry Hakura on his back, though this was no burden to Kalaigrah, as strong as he was. Though even Kalaigrah's pack feared him, Kalaigrah would never allow harm to come to his pack without revenge.

The City of Howls was just over the horizon. All the wolves had to do now was cross the river and head through the Azzkan forest and they'd reach the city before nightfall. The river was about six meters long and only two feet deep. The river was no trouble, and the wolves crossed it with relative ease. It was the Azzkan forest that the wolves had to worry about. This was not an ordinary route the wolves would normally take to reach their beloved city. But with Hakura mortally wounded, they had no time to lose.

"Stay close, if anyone strays off the trail I'm afraid you're on your own until the rest of us reach the city", said Kalaigrah to his pack. In all, there were about thirteen wolves in Kalaigrah's pack counting himself. They had six females and seven males in all.

"Kalaigrah, do you think that Hakura will be all right? He looks awful, maybe we should step up the pace a bit", said Kasumi. Kasumi was a female wolf. She had beautiful sky blue eyes that shone like crystals. Her pearly white coat was very soft and fine. Kasumi was Kalaigrah's mate. The two loved each other dearly, though Kalaigrah was quite overbearing when it came around to the mating season. No one was aloud near Kasumi except Kalaigrah.

"The pace we are at right now is fine", snapped Kalaigrah. Kasumi seemed taken aback, and she returned to her position behind Kalaigrah. Even if it was Kasumi, Kalaigrah hated to be told what to do. He was the leader, and whatever he said was just how it was. "We are going to cut through the Maroon Glass path", said Kalaigrah to his pack. "It may be dangerous, but we must hurry if we intend to make it out of this forest with everyone intact."

The Maroon Glass path was a very dangerous route to take in the Azzkan forest. The reason it was entitled the Maroon Glass path is because of the enormous maroon river that runs through it. The river is a natural miracle, as some may call it. But to Kalaigrah, it is a pool from Hell. The river is extremely wide and unbearably deep. The river smells of blood and death, though it is a beautiful sight nonetheless. Strange trees grow along the river bank. The trees look disfigured and mangled, adding to the anxiety of the river.

Kalaigrah stopped before the maroon river, staring blindly into its depths. Kalaigrah knows what lurks in the depths of the river...which is why he'd only take this path if he had no other choice. Kalaigrah took one deep breath, and stuck a paw into the river, when something strange...something large and unearthly grabbed Kalaigrah's forleg and pulled him under, into the depths of the maroon river, dragging Hakura with him.
Weee, Chapter Two is up. Tell me what you think of it everyone! ^o^


January 11th, 2005, 5:12 PM
Nicely done as I always say, but this time it really applies to the quality of this excellent chapter.

I can't get enough of Kalaigrah, he seems like a true leader among the wolves, sometimes cold to others, but still takes care of them when in need. This particular chapter though, I'm a bit mixed in terms of plot. The story line is great, you have the main character explained and an introduction of a character from the pack but it just feels like there could be more when in comes to events occuring in each chapter, but seeing as how its only the second chapter, maybe thats how you have it planned which is cool. Also, you have great talent when it comes to descriptions, you should use that skill and make your chapters slightly longer, but not too long that its overwhelming ^^'.

But other then that, there isn't really much to improve here on out ^^.

January 12th, 2005, 1:37 PM
Awwwwwwwws, thanks Lance! Your advise is quite helpful. For I did notice that my chapter didn't flow quite as I had planned. Once I find time (homework - it kills XD) I shall be sure to add more description into this chapter. I could try to lengthen it a bit more, as you said. ^^

Thanks for the advice, Lance!


January 14th, 2005, 7:27 AM
~~Chapter Three: Into the Abyss~~

Kalaigrah sunk deeper and deeper into the depths of the maroon river. All he could see was an eye burning red all around him. A large, muscular tentacle was wrapped around Kalaigrah's leg. Kalaigrah tried to squirm free, but all attempts were futile. Then, remembering that Hakura had collapsed into the river with him, Kalaigrah began searching frantically around him, though it was impossible to see anything within two feet ahead of him.

Kalaigrah bent himself down, trying reach the slimy greenish tentacle with his teeth. If only I can saw through the **** thing with my fangs, I'll be able to swim freely and find Hakura. Yet try as he might, Kalaigrah couldn't clasp his teeth onto the tentacle as he'd hoped. Then, Kalaigrah began to feel lightheaded, his vision blurred more than just from the redness of the maroon river. Oxygen felt as though it was leaking out of every tiny pore in Kalaigrah's body. No...it...it can't happen now...I... Kalaigrah passed out, as he was being consrticted by the tantacle and taken ever deeper into the maroon river.

* * *

Kalaigrah slowly opened his eyes, though his eyes burned with a fiery rage when he did so. His black coat was stained to a muddy blackish red, and his fur was horribly matted. His golden eyes were now a bloodshot red. Kalaigrah was on land, he was lying on a stone floor, the stone floor was completely flat, Kalaigrah noticed. It almost looked as though man had crafted its surface.

Kalaigrah turned his head and checked his surroundings warily. The walls were of limestone, it looked as though he had been taken into a cave. But I was underwater only a moment ago...how did I- Kalaigrah cut himself off, for his eyes just fell upon a pool of red water in the corner. The pool looked deep, and considering the water was red, that must mean the pool leads out to the maroon river.

Kalaigrah was inside a dark, damp, and not to mention cold underwater cavern. Kalaigrah used all his strength just to get to his feet. He began slowly pacing through the cave. As the water from the maroon river dripped off Kalaigrah's tail, head, and feet, the trail it left looked like a path of blood.

"Oh God, Hakura!", screamed Kalaigrah, it had just then occurred to him that Hakura was still missing, where could he have possibly have gone? Was he found by the other wolves, did the monster that enwrapped itself around Kalaigrah get him too? Or had Hakura drowned? Kalaigrah pondered all of these possiblilities, but kept moving deeper into the cave.

Kalaigrah's left eye fell on something. He turned his head just to realize that along the walls of the cavern, set in huge piles on the floor, was treasure. Treasure of all sorts. There were shiny gold coins, huge red rubies that glinted from the relfection off the coins. There were large, sparkling diamonds jammed in the walls of the limestone. There were even a few large treasure chests. The chests had pieces of them missing, letting the treasure it encased leak out the niches.

Kalaigrah's first thought was that humans must have been here, if not recently, then hundreds of years ago. For even Kalaigrah knew that this kind of treasure was not the current currency that humans possessed. Despite all of this, Kalaigrah continued his adventure through the cave, trying to keep his mind on one thing and one thing only: finding Hakura.

* * *

Kalaigrah! Kalaigrah!", screamed Kasumi. It looked as though she was shouting at the river itself, but she did not get an answer. "No...no..", wept Kasumi. She lay on the river bank, the water washing up in tiny waves against her pure white fur, staining it red.

"Lady Kasumi, we'll find Kalaigrah, as well as Hakura, just you wait", said one the the wolves, trying to soothe the anguished Kasumi. Then the wolves looked up, perking their ears and tails. "What the Hell?," growled the wolf. This wolf was of enormous stature, he looked to be even larger than Kalaigrah. He had a brown coat of fur and a scar over his left eye, blinding it. "Move out, this forest isn't safe, we'll reach the City of Howls to gather reinforcements, and then come back for Kalaigrah and Hakura." The other wolves from Kalaigrah's pack did as the brown wolf said so. It looked as though this wolf had at least some authority.

"I won't leave," said Kasumi, still keeping her tear stained eyes on the maroon river. "I won't abandon Kalaigrah!" Kasumi scowled at the brown wolf. "You leave without me, I'm stayaing right here." It was easy to tell that Kasumi was just as stubborn as she was loyal.

"Be that as it may. I should know by now that the former leader of Atlantis should have no problem holding her own in this forest," grinned the brown wolf as he strolled off into the forest, following the rest of the wolf pack.

"Yes...," sighed Kasumi. "I should have no trouble at all..." Kasumi rested her head back on her forlegs, as her deep blue eyes relfected off the surface of the maroon river.


OK, I've done chapter three, I have to say this one was one of my faves, enjoy everyone!


January 14th, 2005, 4:16 PM
Great job Kelsey.your so good at this,especcially with wolves a the topic.can't wait for the next chapter keep it up.

January 15th, 2005, 9:23 AM
Awwwws! <3 Thanks Gohan, I'm glad you liked it. As soon as I think of a good enough plot for chapter four, I shall begin writing it right away. ^_~


January 15th, 2005, 3:00 PM
Awws, im addicted to your chapters ^^
I'm becoming more attached to the main wolves, and i'm looking forward to getting to know more of the pack ^^
Great work kelsey!

January 15th, 2005, 3:18 PM
Awwwwwwws, yayness! I'm so glad you like it, Claire. ^^ Yes, I'm trying to give each wolf their own personality, so that each person who reads my fic gets an idea of what they're like, but they can also choose which wolf they favor in the story. ^_____^


January 15th, 2005, 3:45 PM
Hurry up and write more! *whips* XD *hugs*

January 17th, 2005, 9:00 AM
*gets whipped then hugged* Ack!! XD OK, don't worry Claireness, the next chapter ish on it's way, I'm just trying to fix up some areas of it before posting it. ^________^


January 17th, 2005, 9:39 AM
Yay! *Sits and wait patiently* X3

January 22nd, 2005, 2:21 PM
~~Chapter Four: Strange Apparitions~~

"**** it all to Hell, where am I?," growled Kalaigrah in anger as he prowled ever deeper into the dark, dank cavern. Kalaigrah had awoken inside of this cavern almost one hour ago. Since then he has not found a single trace of Hakura, or the monster that dragged Kalaigrah under the maroon river for that matter.

Kalaigrah kept his wits about him, for he knew that something was lurking in the shadows, he could feel its eyes piercing through him. Suddenly, the air became thick and muggy. A thick green smog appeared, constricting Kalaigrah's airway. Kalaigrah began to turn a ghostly pale white, then collapsed to the ground, gasping for air.

Kalaigrah's stomach lurched as he spat up blood, most likely from an internal wound somewhere in his intestines. Kalaigrah's sight became dim, even in the dark and lonely cavern, it was getting harder and harder to see. His senses were failing. Kalaigrah crawled, dragging his hind legs. He tried to move them, but they were paralyzed from the toxic gases. As Kalaigrah slowly made his way down the narrow path of the cavern, he kept his nose low to the ground, helping to filter the gas from his lungs.

Kalaigrah's sight kept fading from him, the only thing that allowed Kalaigrah to see where he was going was the glint from the crystals embedded in the cavern walls. Soon Kalaigrah reached a dead end, though the toxic smog had dissapated, leaving Kalaigrah stretched out on the cavern floor, taking deep, labored breaths of fresh air. Soon, Kalaigrah regained feeling in his hind legs and mustered as much of his strength as he could to stand up.

"****it, the cavern's comptelely blocked off from he-," Kalaigrah suddenly went into a coughing spasm. The toxic smog had damaged his lungs greatly. "Sigh...well, no use sitting here doing nothing, I have to find Hakura." Suddenly, Kalaigrah could hear some strange voices from what seemed to be on the other side of the wall. Kalaigrah pressed his ear to the cavern wall, trying hard to listen to the estranged voices.

"P-please...just let me be...I swear to you that I-I shall not tell anyone of your whereabouts-yipe!," a large grey dog was swiped on the side of his head by a large tentacle and fell to the floor, sliding a few feet. "H-help me...someone...," said the grey dog helplessly as he blacked out, with the large monster hovering over him.

Kaliagrah's ears lay flat against his head, and his fur stood on end in anger from what he had just heard. For the voice he had heard was that of Hakura's. Apparently, while Kalaigrah was left to die in the cavern, the monster that kidnapped the two young wolves had taken Hakura hostage.

"That son of a *****...," said Kalaigrah aloud. Without realizing what he had just said, Kalaigrah hurled himself into the cavern wall. Seeing as voices could be heard from the other side, the cavern wall could not be more than a few inches thick, so Kalaigrah hoped to break through to the other side. Kalaigrah growled in frustration and again hurled his large, muscular body into the wall once more. Kalaigrah rebounded off the wall and landed on his side on the floor, coughing wildly.

As Kalaigrah was trying to reagain his breath, something crept up from behing Kalaigrah, eyes glinting from the reflection of the crystals on the cavern walls. Kalaigrah perked his ears, and turned his head around. He couldn't believe what he was looking at. As Kalaigrah's ears lowered from slight terror, he bared his fangs to show his ferocity.

Kalaigrah was looking at the mangled body of a wolf. The wolf had piercing green eyes that shone from the relfection of the crystals and treasure. The wolf's fur was horribly matted and missing in most areas. There were large, black scabs along the wolf's belly, with a clear liquid oozing from them. The wolf was missing at least ten of his fangs, which was no surprise seeing as his remaining fangs were brown and yellow. The wolf's left hind leg was twisted in a horribly awkward position, as if someone took a sledge hammer to the wolf's leg.

"You stay the Hell away from me, you hear?," said Kalaigrah firmly, his voice trembling a little. Kalaigrah took a few steps backwards until his hind quarters were pressed against the cavern wall. Kalaigrah bared his pearly white fangs even more vigorously, barking madly out of fear and submission. "What is it that you want from me?" The old mangled wolf just stood in one spot, never wavering, though he looked as though he could topple over at any given moment.

The old wolf took a few graceful, but slow steps towards Kalaigrah, dragging his mangled hind leg. The wolf's eyes were kept fixed on Kalaigrah's, even as the old wolf limped past Kalaigrah and stepped through the cavern wall.
Weeeeeeee, chapter four ish up! I really hope you guys like this one, I think it adds more excitement to the story now. Catch ya later, everyone! ^_~


January 22nd, 2005, 2:41 PM
Ooo scary XD i love it, another great chapter kelsey ^^
Btw, i think you mean the, rather than a, where you say "a large grey dog was swiped"

January 22nd, 2005, 2:51 PM
Weee, Claireness, I'm glad you like it. ^^

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm...well, since you don't know who or what is speaking, using "the" large grey dog would make it sound as though we knew it was Hakura that was speaking before I stated it was so.

So, since there was no previous reference that the voice was of Hakura, I think that by using "a" large grey dog left it open for the reader the think about who the dog might be. Like where it came from, whther it was a male or female, etc., etc. ^o^

I do, however see your reasoning Clairness, unless you have more reasoning, I'll just leave it the way I have it. But I really appreciate the fact that you made the suggestiong. <3 *huggles*


January 22nd, 2005, 3:29 PM
That's very true actually ^^ ya, it sounds best the way it is

January 22nd, 2005, 6:22 PM
<3 You gave up too easily Claireness. XD *huggles* J/K, and thanks again for reading my ficcie, chapter five shall be up soon. ^_~


January 30th, 2005, 12:13 PM
~~Chapter Five: Winds of Change ~~

Kalaigrah stood, staring blankly at the old wolf as he passed straight through the solid limestone wall. Kalaigrah stood dumbfounded for a few moments, then gathered up his courage and slowly edged towards the wall. Kalaigrah lifted one of his large, furry paws and pressed it against the spot where the old wolf had passed through. Nothing happened.

"**** it all...what the Hell is going on around here?," Kalaigrah said, with a slight growl in his voice. He again began ramming himself against the wall, in the hopes of still reaching the other side to save Hakura. Kalaigrah backed up a few feet from the wall, then charged full force, ramming himself into the solid limestone wall once more.

Kalaigrah hit the wall with a tremendous "whack!" before falling to the floor. Kalaigrah lay wounded on the ground, crazed from his determination to reach the other side. Kalaigrah weakly lifted his head and opened his eyes, only to see the blurred vision of the old, matted wolf standing before him.

Only one with the pure of heart and soft of touch can pass through the wall's mighty stance. Kalaigrah had heard that strange voice in his head. His vision still blurry, Kalaigrah struggled to keep his eyes focused on the ghastly sight of the old wolf. Only one with the pure of heart and soft of touch can pass through the wall's mighty stance. Kalaigrah heard the voice say once more.

The old wolf's emerald eyes gazed into Kalaigrah's gold and confused ones. The old wolf then set himself along Kalaigrah's right side and began urging Kalaigrah to get up, compressing his body against Kalaigrah's. Kalaigrah found this odd, for how could this wolf pass through the solid limestone wall, yet feel as solid and warm as he himself? Despite this thought, Kalaigrah welcomed the old wolf's body to prop himself up on all fours.

Kalaigrah staggered for a moment, letting his weight shift and his eyes focus once more. The old wolf then limped past Kalaigrah and stepped through the wall once more. The old wolf's words echoed in Kalaigrah's mind. Only one with the pure of heart and soft of touch can pass through the wall's mighty stance. Kalaigrah slowly approached the wall. Then, exactly where the old wolf had passed through, Kalaigrah cleared his mind of all frustration and gingerly passed through the limestone wall.


Kalaigrah wasted no time. Without stopping to think of where the old wolf had disappeared to, Kalaigrah began following Hakura's cries, which were now much louder than before. Kalaigrah darted around corners and dashed down cavern paths. Kalaigrah would look to be but a blur to an onlooker.

"Hakura! Hakura!," shouted Kalaigrah in a deep voice as his large, heavy paws pounded the Earth, increasing his speed. Suddenly, Kalaigrah heard a howl coming from a small passage. Kalaigrah stopped abruptly and cautiously looked around. There were still huge piles of glimmering treasure along the cavern's sides. But when Kalaigrah looked down the passage where the howl had come from, he had to squint to see anything.

The passage was small, and Kalaigrah had to lower himself just to fit through the opening. For what seemed like hours, Kalaigrah moved at a brisk pace, still low to the ground. The passage's walls were damp and no light was visible anywhere. Then, Kalaigrah's coarse black fur stood up on end as a large wind tunnel sucked Kalaigrah through to the other end of the passage.


"Oh, Kalaigrah," sighed Kasumi, her bright blue eyes still fixed on the maroon river. "I can still remember the day we met...how you came up to me, wagging your tail like a fool. You asked me to be your bride...I was a bit taken aback, but I accepted, never knowing that you'd become the leader of the Lunar Flower clan."

Kasumi stood up, her legs half asleep from laying on the ground for so long. She stretched her long, slender legs and decided to pace along the maroon river, hoping to find a sign of Kalaigrah somewhere. Kasumi's pearly white fur glinted and shone with great resilience in the morning sun. She had been staring into the depths of the maroon river since sundown the previous evening, and only just realized how hungry she was.

Kasumi sniffed the air, her ears perking up as the wind changed direction. "Hmmm...so that's where you've been hiding," Kasumi said under her breath. Kasumi crouched low to the ground, cautiously stepping over stones and twigs, as to not make any sound or sign that she was near.

Kasumi was never alone from the time her pack had left her the previous evening. Someone was watching her. Kasumi knew not who this stalker was, but that he had had his eyes on her all night. Kasumi crept up behind some bushes. The creature's scent was very strong now. Kasumi's fur stood up and she began breathing faster. She was scared, though she knew not as to why. She was a master hunter, surely there was no reason for her to be frightened.

Kasumi gathered up all the courage and strength she had left and leapt out of the bushes and tackled the horrifying creature she had been tracking. Kasumi smirked at her victory. But her smug smile faded instantly as she gazed upon what this horrifying creature was.
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February 1st, 2005, 7:19 AM
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February 1st, 2005, 2:05 PM
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February 17th, 2005, 4:12 PM
~~Chapter 6: Forgotten Mirrors ~~

"Ahhhhhhhhh!" Kalaigrah screamed as the wind tunnel sucked him straight through to the other side of the dark and narrow passage. The passage had turned out to be much longer than Kalaigrah had expected. Kalaigrah was thrown down passages and thrusted around sharp corners until finally, with a loud "thud!", Kalaigrah hit the ground hard.

"Ugh...**** it all to Hell," Kalaigrah weakly stated under his breath, while straining to stand on his own four feet once more. He felt horribly nauseated from the wind tunnel dragging him through the passage. At least I'm out of that **** place. Kalaigrah began thinking to himself...where was he? He was no longer in the same area as he was before. He seemed to be in a lower chamber of the cavern.

It looked as though Kalaigrah was now in the center of the cavern. The area that the wind tunnel had swept Kalaigrah to was very large. There was water dripping from the roof of the cavern, and the air was very thick and muggy. Just ahead of Kalaigrah were two passageways, both very dark and had a cryptic aura seeping from them.

The walls smelled of blood and rotting flesh, whilst a misty green fog hung overhead. The large piles of treasure, which encased the walls of the caverns upper floor, were no longer there. There were no glimmering crystals jutting out of the limestone walls either. Kalaigrah lowered his body to the ground, as to not breathe in any of the toxic fog, while slightly limping on one leg from the very abrupt landing on the cavern's floor.

"Hakura! Hakura!" shouted Kalaigrah, wincing as he slowly moved forward, down the largest passage in the cavern. The passageway was ridden of the toxic fog, so Kalaigrah raised himself to his true tall and dark stance. Kalaigrah kept his nose high and made sure to pick up his feet as he made his way down the tunnel, as to not make any notion that he was there. What was it that Kalaigrah was trying to conceal himself from? This, he did not know, but he could smell a fowl stench just up ahead.

"Heh, I bet the bastard is just up ahead. I'm coming Hakura!" Kalaigrah began cantering and soon broke into a sprint. The sudden need to find Hakura made the injury to his hind leg seem more bearable. He dashed around every corner; his head rapidly turning from left to right as he checked his surroundings. Just then, off in the distance, Kalaigrah heard a mournful howl.

Kalaigrah now broke off into a dash of utmost speed. His pulse was racing, his heart was pounding, and his menace was everlasting. For even though Hakura was one of the more quiet wolves of Kalaigrah's pack, the desire and instinct to defend his pack...his family...caused Kalaigrah to gain un-wolf like strength.

Now Kalaigrah came to an abrupt halt as he came to yet another solid limestone wall. He pondered what to do, then the old wolf's words echoed again in his mind. Only one with the pure of heart and soft of touch can pass through the wall's mighty stance. Kalaigrah cleared his mind and lowered his head. He fixed his eyes on a spot on the wall directly in the center, then carefully stepped through the wall's solid bearings.


Kasumi had leapt through the bushes and tackled a creature that had been stalking her the previous night. She gained quite a start as she bounded through the woods, then came crashing out of the hidden bushes and attempted to tackle the stalker. Time seemed to slow down as Kasumi was in mid-jump. Her eyes were fixed on that of Hakura. Kasumi flew straight through Hakura's body and crashed to the muddy ground below.

"Ugh...what...who the Hell are you?" Kasumi said in her strong, 'I am gonna kick your ***' tone. Kasumi struggled to raise herself to her feet, but eventually gained enough strength to stand, facing Hakura un-flinchingly. "Ha...Hakura? Is it really you?" Kasumi's eyes lit up and glimmered with tears. It still hadn't occurred to her that she had just tried to tackle Hakura, but flew directly through his body.

Hakura's large emerald eyes blankly stared back at Kasumi, as though he were searching for something...something hidden. Kasumi slowly and cautiously inched forward; keeping her large blue eyes fixed on Hakura. "Hakura? Are you all right? Where's Kalaigrah? Did he come back with you?" Kasumi said in a slightly worried tone.

Hakura never moved, never wavered as he stared through Kasumi. Kasumi's sleek fur suddenly stood up on end; she smelled death. Kasumi lurched around; sensing that something was upon her. All the while, Hakura's stance never faltered; he showed neither notice nor emotion that anything was nearby. Kasumi snarled and bared her pearly white fangs as her eyes flickered from left to right. She was feeling the adrenalin rise and her heart began to pound, yet she felt no fear.

Suddenly, the entire world went black, and it seemed as though Kasumi was cast into a dimension of death and horror. All she could see was the figure of Hakura standing before her, his emerald eyes still fixed on Kasumi. Everything went black. The earth, the sky, the trees, everything. "What kind of trickery is this?" Kasumi snarled, sticking her tail straight up in the air.

The ground began to rumble and quake. Kasumi staggered and nearly lost her balance. Hakura never moved nor blinked. It seemed as though Hakura were unreal. How was it that Kasumi could sense these things and feel these quakes whereas Hakura could not? Just then, tall yet glossy figures came crashing from the ground, surrounding Hakura and Kasumi within a wall of glass.

Mirrors...they were all mirrors.
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