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February 28th, 2012, 2:34 PM

Long ago, many wolves lived alone. They only were with someone who was their mate or their pups. However, one day, a young woman called Dobutsu came to the wolves territories. Some chased her out, others let her stay for a while. But a special wolf called Hoshi befriended the woman, and they lived together. Some wolves were jealous, others shocked. But all asked the same question: was it better to be a loner and die alone, or to join forces and die together? Soon, a sacred jewel called Shinseina was found, and Dobutsu became a wolf herself. The pair of the woman and wolf inspired others, and they came together to become the.....

Wolves of Dawn


If we lose or win, we lose or win as one. Do not betray the clan.
A traitor is a traitor. Betray us three times, and you are banished.
Obey your elders. If the leader or second-in-command say to do something, follow their orders.
If trouble befalls us, please help us through.
Please, enjoy your tasks.


Wolf Name:
Wolf Apperance:
Friend Code(s):
Pokemon Online Username:

My Sign-up/SU Example

Wolf Name: Hoshi
Wolf Apperance: Hoshi has pure,white fur and golden markings. His eyes are a deep indigo.
Friend Code(s): White: Grace=3739-8830-1486
Pokemon Online Username: Psyla

Mountain Group-

Details- This section of the clan is located in the high mountains. Each mountain village is on a cliff that sticks out from the mountain. Most wolves here are proud warriors, be male or female, and are proud of it. The leader talks at the peak of the mountain, a surprisingly flat area where meetings take place.


Leader: Hoshi (juniebug910)


Regular members:

Meadow Group:


Nothing yet

Forest Group:


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Water Group:


Nothing Yet

February 28th, 2012, 9:26 PM
You can't post new clans, sorry. :( Once the userbase is more stable that will change, but for now you'll have to join one of the three existing clans.