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March 3rd, 2012, 9:05 PM
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In this event all you guys need to do is write a 500 - 1000 word "speculation" of the storyline in Black 2 and White 2 - and post it here. But guess what? You actually get a PC blog if you do a good job of it. In fact, the best two posts in regards to the storyline get given a blog!

Also, yes, supporters may enter, but they'll only get an emblem prize if they win. You may also enter something you've wrote before about the storyline that you feel is long enough to fit here and interesting enough.

Now, how do we determine the best/how to make yours the best? Continue on...![/css-div][css-div=padding:10px;]Tips for your speculation post
- Think of it like a story, you'll need a start, middle and an end
- It needs to relate to Kyurem in some way
- Side tasks aren't necessary unless they fit in with your storyline (i.e: Cobalion, Landorus, etc)

Here's an example of the kind of thing you'll need (don't add to this - it's just an example):
The game starts with your character waking up, heading outside where it hears a loud sound. As your character walks along you hear the sound get louder until you reach Juniper's lab. She exits the lab and talks to you about what she thinks the sound could be and asks you to explore what it is. You, confused, get all the necessary things - and pick a Pokemon, and head out onto Route 1 where you see it's completely frozen. You skate through and see two directions thr route could go in - either north to Accumula or west to an unknown location. You choose to go left and you find an orb and put it in your bag. You also find wild Cryogonal there @ level 2, and then walk back onto the main route to a patch of grass that hadn't yet been frozen. You catch Pokemon and see an older Cheren at Accumula. You find out he's your father and battle him, losing to his level 20 Pokemon. He says that he doesn't have his stronger Pokemon right now but to carry on to the next route which is where you can find more about the mysterious sounds--

And so on! That's the kinda thing we want. :) Just make it within the word limit and you'll be fine![/css-div][css-div=padding:10px;]What are you judged on?
- How creative it is
- How believable it is
- Your spelling/grammar overall[/css-div][css-div=padding:10px;]Other
If you have any other questions, send a Private Message to Forever. :) Just post your speculation post in here!

March 3rd, 2012, 9:52 PM
You wake up and look into the mirror only to realize that you have fused with your neighbor and have became trans-gendered!!!!! EEEKK!

nah jk jk

You arrive at Nuvema Town via cargo plane, due to some mysterious summoning by the local proffesors father. A even more mysterious woman by the name of skyla drops you off and tells you, you should meet with the proffesor before entering the wild landscape of Unova!
You decide to travel to the lab over there and speak to the professor, who knows!, you may even get a pokemon!
Upon speaking to her you are left even more clueless, all she ask of you is to gather two neighbors of hers to meet her!!
Why would her father summon you all the way from Hoenn just to ask her neighbors over... TELEPHONE... HELLO!
So you mosy your white haired butt on over to OFFICIAL LEAGUE CHAMP CHERENS house and retrieve his frost blue haired daughter. You then go to the next house and retrieve the jet black haired offspring of Bianca.
Woop Dee Woop
Yall gets yalls poke mans and battle ze gems...
But little did you know that Ghetsis has returned... With him he brought a fella named archie. They are planning a massive anouncement in Iccurus once YOU out of all people retrieve your 7th GYM badge!!!
Feel special Yet?
So you again answer to your summons only to find out that they just wanted you to get the kids of the double Champions of Unova Bianca and Cheren. In order to get them to release zekrom/reshiram who was handed down by the former protagonists.

Being the human hearted citizen slash champions they are they caved and handed the forbidden zekrom/ reshiram over. Ghetsis then summons kyurem from lacunosa. In attempts to piss N off.
Little did he know the seven sages and looker had found N two years before and have been training him for the Event of a lifetime showdown with Ghetsis because the seven sages during interagation let Looker know that reshi/ zek was only the beginning of Ghetsis 5 year regain libido plan...

So N shows up with reshi. Ghetsis Archie have Zek and Kyu.
You are left there with just your poke mans and a bunches of revives feeling desperate... then steven stone and professor cedric pop up, boo yaahh.
Stevens got your back and cedric is willing to teach you a tutor move if you can make kyurem submit to you.
Depending on your version
da da da
da da
woop woop
fusion bolt
fusion flare
fusion freeze
ta da
you froze the the energy of a fusion between one energy and another, pshhh you can absorb that.
Cut Scene:

Kyurem watches as Reshiram and zekrom lift into the air slowly staring one another down. Zekrom incasing itself in blue energy and Reshiram in red. They go to use the fusion attacks, Zekrom bolts, Reshiram flares, Fearow mirror moves, and in a split second, Kyurem screeches and halts all thats happening freezing everything, causing a massice aurora blinding everyone.
When the smoke clears you and ghetsis stare on at the hovering dark and white stones as they shoot off in seperate directions and you two are left with the fused kyurems.
The kyurem original form catches a glimpse of the fleeing stones and escapes after them releasing himself from you and you and ghetsis battle the two dragons.
The end

March 3rd, 2012, 11:08 PM
The story starts 5 years after B/W.

The player starts in Nuvema Town, just like any other main series game. Then, Prof. Juniper comes inside the player's house and gives Tepig, Snivy, or Oshawott to the player alongside his/her childhood friends. After that, the player sets off on his journey.

After arriving in Striaton City, former members of Team Plasma (or so you thought) breaks into the gym and steals all the badges from the gym leaders, Cilan, Cress, and Chili. Because of that, the players sets off to the Dreamyard and defeats the former Team Plasma and retrieves the badges back only to find Team Plasma was reforming again and showing one Trio Badge that the player didn't get. Team Plasma now escapes and the player fights the gym leaders, only to find that the player wins. After getting the badge, Amanita comes inside of the gym and introduces to you the PC system and gives you the C-Gear.

In Pinwheel Forest, the player encounters Celebi, a rare sight in Unova and takes the player from the events happened in B/W to the future, the player battling Black/White Kyurem. The player questions himself what kind of Pokemon was that. After that, Celebi returns the player back for his own timeline and flees.

In each city with a badge, every time that you enter a city, a Team Plasma Grunt will always exit just when you enter the city. You shrug it off so you continue your quest.

In Opelucid City, After getting the final badge, Team Plasma appears again and takes all your badges away. Now, you have to find all of your badges all across Unova. The Trio Badge can be found in the fountain in Striaton City. the Basic badge can be found in Anville Town. The Insect Badge is found inside Royal Unova. The Bolt Badge can be found under Village Bridge. The Quake Badge can be found inside Chargestone Cave. The Jet Badge can be found in the beaches of Undella Town. The Freeze Badge can be found in Black City/White Forest. Then the Legend Badge is located in the Giant Chasm. After getting the final badge, the player ponders for a minute thinking that this place should be the home of Kyurem. After some time, Kyurem comes out and battles you. After some time, you catch Kyurem and goes outside. After going outside, the whole ground starts to shake and Team Plasma's HQ rises from the Pokemon League...again...

You travel to the Team Plasma's HQ and finally reach the final floor wherein Ghetsis appears and tells you his plan. It seems that they took the badges because they needed 8 different badges to power up the machines which makes the Ultimate Kyurem which kinda explains the robbery at Striaton and Team Plasma grunts exiting the city whenever you enter one. He also states that the reason they took your badges away is to send you in a wild goose chase so you can't interfere with their plans. They knew it was you because sometime before your journey, they caught Celebi and it shows you, beating them, like it showed you in Pinwheel Forest. Celebi escapes and now, Ghetsis challenges you to a 1 on 1 battle between Black Kyurem in B2 and White Kyurem in W2 versus Your Kyurem. After a long battle, you've won and the whole structure falls out from the sky. You lose consciousness before the structure even hits the ground.

You wake up in a white room. You realize that you are in the Pokemon League Hospital. Everyone that you have met comes into the room along with the Elite Four and the champion, Hilbert in B2 or Hilda in W2. After some time, they will go and you will notice a stone. It is a Black Stone in B2 or a White Stone in W2. If used on Kyurem, it will change form into Black Kyurem and White Kyurem, respectively.

After that, you battle the Elite 4 and managed to defeat Hilbert/Hilda. The credits roll and the main storyline of B2/W2 is finished....

Extra notes:
Nacrene's Gym Leader is Cheren as Lenora retired early. She now handles the the Nacrene museum alongside with Hawes. Cheren's specialty is Various
Castelia's Gym Leader is Bianca as Burgh travels to Lilycove City in Hoenn to look at the paintings in the museum and watch the Pokemon Contests there. Bianca's specialty is Normal, once a specialty in Nacrene City Gym.
Nimbasa's Gym Leader is Hilda in B2 or Hilbert in W2 as Elesa is promoted to Elite Four. The gym's specialty is still Electric.
Opelucid's Gym Leader is Iris in both versions as Drayden is busy being Opelucid's Mayor.
Victory Road is destroyed because of Team Plasma's HQ's rise from the ground.
The Unova Elite Four are Elesa, Marshal, N ,and Caitlin. Shauntal and Grimsley retired early to become two of the leaders in the Unova Battle Frontier. N becomes an Elite Four after serving 3 years of community service. N's type specialty is Dark.
The Champion is Hilbert in B2 or Hilda in W2 as they took Alder's place 5 years ago in the events of B/W.
Non-Unova Pokemon appear before the Elite Four. Unfortunately, they only appear in South Western Unova and comes in uncommon numbers. After Elite 4, Non-Unova Pokemon appear all across Unova, just like B/W.
The Unova Battle Frontier is live. It is located near Anville Town with two new routes connecting them. It will be available post-game. Shauntal and Grimsley appears here and can be battled.
The player can visit Lilycove City, Vermillion City, Pastoria City, and Goldenrod City. Only these four cities can be traveled outside Unova. You can battle Lt. Surge, Crasher Wake, and Whitney in their respective cities while in Lilycove City, you can battle Burgh.
You can enter Pokemon Contests but only in post-game. One must travel to Lilycove City and atleast beaten Burgh.

March 4th, 2012, 5:27 PM
The story takes places several months later in Unova, no sightings of N, Sages or Team Plasma... peace has been restored in the land.
A young boy/girl has just moved into Nuvema town with an ambition to become the world’s greatest trainer but in order to achieve that goal you must defeat several tasks along the way! As you exit your new home you are greeted by Cedric Juniper who is filling in for Professor Juniper because she is studying different Pokémon in the Sinnoh region. She left behind 3 Pokémon behind for you and your two friends, Bianca and Cheren. Cedric offers you the starter Pokémon which is your choice between Snivy, Tepig and Oshawott, the original set of starters from Black & White once chosen the story unfolds.
By the time you’ve reached Nacrene City there have been sightings and rumours that a strange and mysterious looking dragon type Pokémon was seen landing near the area of Dragon Spiral tower, things begin to heat up. Lenora is the one who delivered this news to you as she is well familiar with the previous actions of N and The Sages, she assumes that N has returned more powerful than before based on what she has seen and heard. Upon reaching Nimbasa City you are confronted by Looker who makes himself known to the player, he tells you that N, the Shadow Triad and The Sages have returned and are upto no good and in order to stop them you must reach them and confront them before it’s too late.
Instead of taking the usual Route of going through Driftveil city, you go the opposite way over Marvelous Bridge where you come to your first encounter with the Shadow Triad. You gather more of a background behind them but their identity stays hidden, they explain to you why N has returned to the Unova region and what his ambitions are. They then direct you into the Abundant Shrine where you meet N for the first time, he tells you briefly his plans of fusing Reshiram and Zekrom into Kyurem and what he plans to gain from this, although he does not battle you rather just flees the scene. You notice that he leaves behind a very important Key Item which is the God Stone; the mechanic of this will be discovered later on.
Now that you have achieved four badges you need the rest in order to gain access into the Pokémon League. Upon reaching Undella Town you are informed that you cannot go any further as it’s too dangerous at this current time so you end up going back the original route collecting the badges from Clay, Skyla and Brycen. Once you have obtained your seventh badge from the Icirrus City gym you exit the Gym and all of a sudden you hear a distraught roar and the temperature plummets resulting in hail. Looker and Cedric run over informing you that these strange happenings are all occurring at Dragon Spiral Tower and that N is most likely at the control of it all.
Whilst you are in Dragon Spiral Tower, as you are climbing the floors you notice that the Seven Sages have returned supporting N in all his plans, they try to stop you by confronting battling you one by one. After finally defeating seven sages and reaching the summit of the Tower N is standing before you with Kyurem dominating him, he tells you that with Reshiram and Zekrom he can make the God of all Pokémon but without the God Stone that is now in your possession the fusion will not commence.
So you carry on your adventure as normal, reaching opelucid city which is now a has a mixture of older and modern structures and after taking on both Draden & Iris in a double battle you’ve finally got all eight badges so where else to go but the Pokémon League! After you have gotten through Victory Road and at are the entrance of the Elite Four you see N flying on Kyurem behind the Elite Four. You take on the Elite Four as normal and decend into the Champions room where you see Alder and Looker discussing N’s evil plans. You then notice a castle rising from the ground like in the previous games and you are prompted to enter, Looker and Alder inform you that N should be waiting at the top.
You enter the castle as normal like, it has the same structure except it’s covered in icicles and has an artic feel to it. On your way up you are greeted by two young women named Anthea and Concordia, they tell you about N’s childhood and background, how they got involved with it all, who they are and what is possibly causing him to act like this, they want you to take him down as they are against his plans and help you to the best of their ability. Now that you have reached the top floor of the castle, there is only one room left and that is where N is, before you attempt to enter the room the Shadow Triad appear and engage in battle with you, bare in mind this is a triple battle as this is what would suit best. When you defeat them they also tell you how they became involved with N and they also tell you how you can stop him.
There is now only one more task to complete and that is taking down N once and for all. When you enter the room you will notice N is surrounded by the seven sages who are helping N succeed, as you approach towards him Cheren and Bianca run in healing your Pokémon, giving you a couple of items and rooting you on before your battle. The seven sages step aside and N walks slowly upto you but before he battles you, depending on your version, Reshiram or Zekrom fly’s down between you and N then immediately jumps into battle with you and basically you need to capture it and have it in your team in order to proceed in the storyline. So once Zekrom/Reshiram is captured N wastes no time in battling you! He has his original team line-up but this time in his team is Kyurem, the mascot of Black & White 2.
When the battle is over N is astounded at the fact he has been defeated with what is presumed the god of all Pokémon in his team. A cut scene then occurs where Reshiram/Zekrom jumps out of the Pokéball and the God Stone rises from the players bag causing R/Z to fuse with Kyurem resulting in Black Kyurem or White Kyurem depending on whether you have Black 2 or White 2 respectively. N is astonished but pleased as this was his plan all along, he then goes on to capture B/W Kyurem but in order to do this you need the most powerful Pokéball of all which is indeed a Master Ball and lucky for you, Cedric gave you one before entering the Elite Four! You are automatically entered into a battle with, once again with the fused Kyurem and prompted to capture it with the Master Ball. Once you have captured it N flee’s the scene in a panic leaving with the words “I’m done!” – He is presumed to be in the Hoenn region hinting at Ruby & Sapphire Remakes.

~ 1,242 Words.

March 4th, 2012, 8:56 PM
The new player moves to Nuvema Town with his brother , so his Older (20)brother can take a post as Accumula Town Gym leader. You go to the professor's lab to get your pokemon. At the lab you meet your rival a girl who picks the pokemon opposite of yours
1. Instead of taking route 1 to Accumula Town you take it towards route 18 where you will get on a boat to Castelia City.

2. On the boat you meet your other(male) rival who has the pokemon weaker to yours.

3.You Also see a cut scene of mysterious figures in Black cloaks conversing

4. you arrive at castelia city, your rivals take you to the gym so you can all challenge it but because a festival is going on the gym is close. But while there you meet an executive form the Devon Cooperation, amd ask of you and your rivals can deliver a package to Liberty Island and informs you there is a pokemon gym there.

5. You get on a Boat to liberty island and get there. You Battle a new gym leader who uses Normal pokemon.

6.You deliver package and you get running shoes.

7. On your way back to Castelia City you meet a Npc( based of the rich boy class) He give you his Number

8. Your boat get attacked by pirates and you your rivals and npc friend as to fight them off

9. After fending off pirates and dock in Castelia port you mee looker who arrest the pirates and thanks you.

10. You head towards the gym but find that the gym leader isnt there and he is in Nimbasa City.

11. you head toward Nimbasa City( the outside of Castelia City is now a sand resort) There is a pokemon competition there but before you can enter you meet another Npc character (based on Back Packer trainer class) you help find his back pack which as all his stuff( badges items exc)

12.You go off into the desert into new cave area and help him find it . upon doing it he gives you his number and tells you about how the relic castle is now its own little community with its own gym.

13. You go off and defeat the gym leader which uses ground pokemon.

14. Upon returning to the desert resort you compete in the pokemon competition which consist of four battles between the 2 npc characters you met and your rivals.Other random trainers are there to( wining is not needed to progress)

15. You enter Nimbasa City. Get introduced to pokemon musical, and fight the gym leader which is the same.

16. After you beat the gym leader it is reveled that cheren is the gym leader of Castelia City, and has finished up his business and agrees to meet you there for a battle.

17. Once you return to Castelia City you are greeted by Professor Juniper and her good friend Bianca. The three of you go the the Castelia Gym ( which is on the top floor of the tallest building in the city) Once you get there , cheren apologies and says he is not able to battle you because he and Bianca was summoned by someone.

18. You meet the person from Devon corp again and ask if you can deliver another package ( take a boat to a new island) where you fight a new gym leader who uses fire pokemon.

19. On your way back to Castelia City to are approached by one of the figures in black cloaks that you encountered at the beginning of the game , you battle him and he tells you to meet him in Undella town.

20.upon reaching the port you make way to Nimbassa city in which you take a right toward Undella Town. Upon arriving there the cloaked figure cant be found, but you meet another Npc character based on a swimmer class trainer and she teaches you about a new pokemon event( kinda like a contest in gen 3) upon completing the contest she gives you her number.

20. You start to head to the Gym where you are stop by one of the cloak figures , he takes you to undella bay where there is a submarine waiting for you. You go in, and it turns out there taking you to the ruins. They tell you about an old organization called Team Plasma and there leader Ghetsis. they tell you that Ghetsis has gathered a following and they are sneaking massive amounts of objects into unova. They say there job is to find out why. They also inform you that the reason they are contacting you is because your brother is friends with the trainer that brought down team plasma 3 years ago. They tell you Ghetsis has ordered his dark triad group( which consist of many more ninja ) to prevent them from contacting anyone who knew of team plasmas history.

So guys what do you think? I got kinda carried away as this speculation is very far fetched. Basically i hope that these games have a more longer and deeper plot.
I want them to make me feel like im in a pokemon world with other people thats why i added various NPC that will add side stories.
Now i have alot more to my story but its way more than 1000 words lol maybe the mods will allow me to post it

March 4th, 2012, 10:53 PM
The game opens with a shot of a mysterious, massive Pokemon in the sky. (Kyurem) Then we see a television report of people all over Unova disappearing, possibly abducted by Kyurem, if the legends are to be believed.

Team Plasma has indeed disbanded, but there ideals live on. There banner has been taken up by a new team. This new team believes that pokemon and humans can not co-exist. They seek to separate humans from pokemon by directing such overwhelming brutality toward Trainers, including 10-year-old children, that parents wont let their kids raise pokemon.

Fighting against the team is a mysterious red-haired man. (Alder) He makes frequent appearances fighting the team with awesome pokemon. Looker is also there, but he always shows up just after things happen.

100% of all the brand new exclusive to BW2 areas would be hidden from the regular path by HM Moves. (because the regular game didn't require them, the secret parts of each cave and dungeon and route would be hidden by an HM Move.) For example, there could be a Dive Point under Village Bridge. This underwater tunnel goes behind the waterfall, allowing you to access a brand new cave.

In Castillia City, the Evil Team confronts the gym leader and declares war on the Pokemon League. They vow to go to the Elite Four and defeat all of theirpokemon, ending the Age of Pokemon Trainers forever! They are fought off by the Red-Headed-Stranger (Alder).

When you reach Nambasa City, Kyurem makes a short appearance and Evil Team terrorize the town with Ice Type Pokemon (because you can catch a fire type pokemon in the desert, and to capitalize on the Fear of Kyurem.) Evil Team give a speech on the Dangers of Pokemon (referring to Kyurem) and say that pokemon are to dangerous to be friends with people. Evil Team reveals there plan to use Ice Types to make a nest for Kyurem. Kyurem lands in the Big Stadium with a lot of terrified football fans trapped inside with it.

N comes from the sky on his Version Appropriate Dragon. Kyurem is defeated by N's legendary dragon. “Now I understand the Ideals I must fight for! Keep your stupid war out of the streets and settle your differences at the Pokemon League!”

When you reach Dragon Spiral Tower, Kyurem is perched at the top and the nearby city is covered in ice and blizzard conditions. Despite the best efforts by Iris, Drayden and Looker Kyurem cannot be defeated. N appears for the second time to fight Kyurem. The Dragon Fusion happens here as a result.

From here it is a hop, skip, and a jump to the Pokemon League were Evil Team, The Elite Four, N, and the Player have the final battle. The Red-Headed-Stranger reveals his true identity as the Champion of Unova.

In post game, you would explore new locations hidden in old routes and cave and find the shadow triad and battle each one alone. Each would have a Sinnoh Dragon. Then you would battle all three at the same time in a rotation battle with the dragons.

March 5th, 2012, 7:39 AM
Speculation Thread

The story is set five years prior to the BW events. The story starts with the player, and a previously unknown rival, were on Route 1, gathering Lillipup’s and Patrat’s data for Juniper’s Pokedex. The two are trainer’s already and were about to start their journey in a few days. Juniper and her aides were helping them get ready for their journey. After they got the data, they would go back to Juniper. She would announce to them that they are ready to begin. They would choose between the three starter Pokémon, and a battle between them will ensue. After the battle, the rival will go ahead, and the player will follow. The player will reach Accumula Town where they see a younger Ghetsis giving the same speech he gave in BW. Afterwards, Team Plasma will go away, leaving the player slightly confused. He will then proceed to Striaton, only to see that the gym had been overrun by Team Plasma members. The gym leaders were said to be kidnapped and taken hostage in the Dreamyard. The player proceeded to save the Gym Leader. The player proceeds to Nacrene City where you have your second Rival Battle.

The journey continues on, normally, without any sign from neither Ghetsis nor Team Plasma, until you reach Driftveil. In this time period, the Cold Storage was gone; instead a huge casino had been set up in this place. It is owned by a Plasma Boss, the second in command. This is where you found out about the myths of Reshiram and Zekrom, and where Kyurem fits in. At first, the casino is simply a casino, a larger game corner with more prizes. However, when you have defeated Clay, the player will see Ghetsis coming in the casino. The player will decide to investigate on Clay’s behalf. You will then enter the Casino Arc, much like the Silph Co. Arc in Kanto. In the end, you will fight with Plasma’s second in command, sacrificing his self to save Ghetsis. After the Team Plasma in Driftveil disbanded, Juniper comes in again, with Rival, announcing several storms and wildfire that break out throughout Western Unova. The player and the rival will have their Third Battle here. Afterwards, the player proceeds to Chargestone Cave and found that Team Plasma set up a temporary base here. The player will face-off with Ghetsis here. Ghetsis, once defeated, will run away shame-faced. The player will proceed to Mistralton without any incident. However, when you reach Iccirrus City, you will see a terrible blizzard covering the whole town. Juniper’s dad comes in, and tells you the third legend; of how Kyurem managed to possess both of Reshiram and Zekrom’s body, thereby controlling their powers. In the Dragonspiral Tower, you will see Ghetsis once again, controlling the said Kyurem who had fused with Reshiram (in Black 2) or Zekrom (in White 2). The whole scene was absurd. Snow was falling, but so does fire/lightning. Kyurem fled in pain, while Ghetsis looks around. He will challenge you to a battle. When he loses, he challenges you to find him in the Pokémon League.

And thus, you follow him. Like in BW, Ghetsis’ hideout is under the Pokémon League. This is where his intentions were revealed. Also revealed is that he managed to capture the Kyurem Fusion. He will challenge you to a battle that will settle everything. When you defeat him, the Kyurem will be released and Team Plasma will be disbanded.

However, the main story does not end. This time, it involves Eastern Unova. You are required to capture the Kyurem fusion in Giant Chasm and befriend it. Only then will the weather abnormalities subside. Credits roll.

Post game. Same Elite four yadi yada.

622 words. :)

March 5th, 2012, 5:02 PM
This is about the Kyurem forms.

Well, Reshiram and Zekrom are supposed to be the Yin-Yang. Kyurem is supposed to be wuji, which is the absence of yin-yang. Reshiram and Zekrom have Fire and Electric powers, which are supposed to be forms of positive energy. Kyurem has Ice powers, which is a form of negative energy.
Here's my new theory on how Kyurem will change into its new form:
First, remember that you caught Reshiram in Black and that you caught Zekrom in White. Notice that Kyurem's form in Pokemon Black 2, however, resembles Zekrom (who was N's Pokemon in the original Black), while Kyurem's form in White resembles Reshiram (N's Pokemon in the original White).
I would assume that a consistency between the two versions would be that N would still have the same Legendary that he had in the original (meaning that in Black 2, he would still have Zekrom, while in White 2, he would still have Reshiram), since there isn't really any reason to change that.
I think that before you fight N, Kyurem absorbs/is exposed to/is merged with some of N's Legendary's (Zekrom's in Black 2, Reshiram in White 2) energy/power/essence and transforms (permanently) into Black Kyurem or White Kyurem, respectively. It would then learn that form's signature move (Freeze Shock for Black Kyurem and Ice Burn for White Kyurem).
I think that the transformation would be triggered by Kyurem's negative energy/essence interacting with N's Legendary's positive energy/essence, causing it to transform from wuji to a pseudo-yin-yang (black with gray or white with gray).

March 5th, 2012, 5:45 PM
Here's mine. I'm actually playing on the sequel idea and it's a bit more on the remake-side, maybe. I tried to tie up all the loose end but if they're any questions, Judges or Forum Members, ask :)

“And Ghetsis was never seen again.”

You stare at your mother who just told you about a certain powerful trainer who 10 years ago thwarted the evil Team Plasma and their leader Ghetsis.

“Maybe you’ll become a great trainer too Blake, in fact, I know you will - you’re from the same town as they are!” she chuckles. “Now, go on over to Professor Juniper’s lab to receive you first Pokémon!” Mum continued with glee.

You do as she says. You bump into Willow who is also on her way to the Professor’s lab.

“Hurry up Blake!” She yells. “Belle and Charlie are already there!”

Not much has changed in Unova.


Ghetsis wouldn’t give up, he worked too hard to build Team Plasma and a teenager wasn’t going to throw that all away. He knew exactly what to do. With his persuasive skills he over the years gathered up the other Sages and the better skilled members of Team Plasma, recruiting more who were Ace Trainers who failed at Pokémon Leagues. It was time he contacted N.

Playing to his love for Pokémon, he told N that Zekrom or Reshiram, had to return to their origin birthplace and be at peace. N wasn’t hesitant because he felt that his Pokémon was longing to be elsewhere. Kyurem was calling. Ghetsis knew that Reshiram and Zekrom came from a single powerful dragon and he figured returning the Pokémon to their origin could make Kyurem stronger then he could capture it and takeover the Unova region, the whole world if he could.

The trainer meets N and Ghetsis here after hearing news of Team Plasma being back and encountering them in several places. They are told by Willow who is told by Professor Juniper who is told by Bianca. After bumping into Team Plasma a first time in Straiton City, you are told to keep an eye on them by Fennel. After Nimbassa, you go east as the drawbridge has been greatly damaged by Team Plasma.

Back to the Giant Chasm: Zekrom or Reshiram is released by N and fusses with Kyurem who has been on earth 1000 years to that date and is ready to awaken after helping build Unova. The fusion is successful because the God Stone is present. This was successfully stolen from the Nacrene Gyme as Lenora wasn't there to protect it. Black or White Kyurem is enraged, thinking that it is needed to build a nation again and would be fought over and have to split up again and go into another deep sleep. You continue on your journey but are told to keep a look-out for Kyurem.

After the Pokémon League you return to Dragon Spiral tower where Kyurem is said to be found. Hilbert/Hilda, opposite of player chosen, releases Reshiram/Zekrom because only a younger person can confront Black/White Kyurem as they are resentful to older people because of the twin brothers who fought over it. And it is thought that Kyurem will only listen and calm to the other missing Pokémon of its form. It is up to you to recapture the Pokémon but Ghetsis steps in and captures the released legendary Pokémon with a Masterball and flees. You are still told to try and capture Black/White Kyurem and you do. The Pokémon calms, all is well. N returns to the region he was earlier and never wants to see his father again.

You are told to still hunt down Ghetsis who still seeks Kyurem. At his new castle you battle through the Sages until you meet Ghetsis. After defeating him, he released Zekrom/Reshiram for Blake/Willow to capture.

Anthea and Concordia tell the player about their home, mythical islands off of Unova. They take the player there to explore after beating them to test you skills again. They also dwell more into N and Ghetsis’ story. Their islands have four sacred warriors, one on each island, who run establishments that are now open to powerful trainers to explore as faith has been restored in the mortal race. This is like the rest of the Battle Frontier, Battle Subway still serving as the Battle Tower. Also, berries can be found here.

Character Analysis:

Blake and Willow are interchangeable as they are the protagonists. Whoever you don’t play as will not be a rival but a field research assistant for Professor Juniper. You will see them along your journey and they will bring you news and information. You will however face them in a battle along your journey and sometime post-game. They will be re-match-able. Their starter Pokémon is a Pichu. This is because Professor Juniper wants to see how a Pokemon from a different region performes in Unova and its reaction to the new environment around it.

Belle is a gutsy girl who is very educated about Pokémon and wants to become champion. As a result she chooses the Pokémon with a type advantage to yours. She battles you occasionally and at Dragon Spiral Tower battles alongside you to stop Team Plasma.

Charlie is the oldest of the gang, by two years, and is still unsure if he is ready to start his journey. The story of Team Plasma and Ghetsis interests him greatly. Does he join team after their revival? Yes he does. Ghetsis convinces him that he can make him a great trainer, surpassing even the League Champion. However Ghetsis knows you’re on his trail so Charlie is his tool of spying on you and knowing you whereabouts. You battle Charlie a final time at Dragon Spiral Tower where he reforms of his ways and decides to take on the League the next year. Post-game you can help him prepare by battling him once a week and running some errands for him.

Previous Characters:

Marshall beats Alder and became League Champion, remaining undefeated.

Aloe becomes a member of the Elite Four and Cheren a Gym Leader of a no specific type Gym, the final Gym before the Pokémon League in Lacunosa Town. The Nacrene Gyme is now only a museum and still run by Hawes.

Belle has become a member of the International Police and she is assigned to keep an eye out on Ghetsis and Team Plasma.

Iris is now the main Gym Leader of Opelucid City. Drayden has retired but is still Mayor of the city. You battle him post-game.

Alder is wandering the world; you come across him and learn more about him
post-game. A battle also takes place.

Hilbert/Hilda didn’t raise their capture legendary Pokémon but walked with it and travelled many regions, defeating many leagues, so it was fine for them to release it for the greater good of the region, though they were still connected to it. You battle them once post-game in Challenger’s Cave.

The Shadow Triad has the same role but now they are older and are double crossing Ghetsis. The player engages in a triple battle with them in order for them to decide whether to reveal Ghetsis’ location for the final battle. They also hint at where N is.

I'll edit if more things pop into my head. I'm actually pretty happy with my product.

Edit #1: Expanded on the rivals.
Edit #2: Reason why Pichu is NPC Protagonist's starter. Implementng the God Stone.

Elite Overlord LeSabre™
March 7th, 2012, 11:45 AM
Butner Federal Penitentiary, North Carolina: Bernie Madoff breaks out of prison, and exacts his revenge by splicing Kyurem in half and setting it loose on the citizens of Unova.

*Takes place about four years after B/W*

Your character awakens in their lavish luxury penthouse atop one of Castelia's highrise buildings. Unfortunately, due to League regulations, all trainers in the region, regardless of hometown, must pick up their starter Pokemon in Nuvema Town. So, in a cutscene, you are seen being transported to the town in your family's very lavish luxury sedan. Once there, you meet Professor Juniper and receive your first Pokemon. As you leave, you are approached by a young boy, Barton. He is absoultely ticked that you chose the starter that he was going to choose (this happens regardless of the starter you picked). He challenges you to battle. Regardless of the result, Barton storms away, swearing revenge on you.

On the way to Accumula Town, your character feels a sudden chill. Looking up to the sky, they see an ice-blue creature flying high overhead. Thinking nothing of it, they continue to town. After the appearance of the mystery creature, however, more Ice-type Pokemon begin appearing on the route, both Unovan Pokemon like Crygonal, and non-native Pokemon like Spheal and Snorunt. Upon arriving at the Pokemon Center, you witness a group of thugs attempt to rob the Pokemon Center's shop. They are wearing the outifts of the old Team Plasma and in fact refer to themselves as Neo Team Plasma. You battle and defeat two members and they take off.

In striation City, you stumble upon more Neo Plasma members who are accompanied by Ghetsis. Ghetsis is now preaching a slightly different tune. Pokemon and humans can co-exist, but the current powers in control, i.e., the Pokemon League, are allowing too many liberties and not exercising enough control to ensure that Pokemon battles do not cause excessive injuries to Pokemon. He professes that Pokemon are traumatized by the current battling regulations, and that he would see to it that a more humane form of Pokemon battling would be established. But first, he would need to take all the trained Pokemon to his special facility in order to undo all the psychological and mental distress caused by the League's more brutal battling style. Some of the people in attendance are swayed by this. After the speech, Ghetsis approaches you. It is implied that your character asks him about the Neo Plasma members that you witnessed rob the Pokemon Center. He assures you that there exist rogue gangs that take on the identity of Neo Plasma in order to undermine the group's reputation.

After defeating the Striation Gym Leaders, you are approached by someone. If your character is male, it will be an older Hilbert. If you are a female trainer, it will be Hilda. Both will appear to you dressed in business attire. They will comment that they remember meeting you in Castelia Central Plaza about four years ago. They will then ask you if you recall the events of four years ago regarding Team Plasma. It will be implied that you answer in the negative, as they will say, "Oh, I see. So, you knew of Team Plasma but that they mysteriously disappeared and nobody knows where they went. But recently they have resurfaced as "Neo Team Plasma." This will definitely require investigation." Then they will leave, muttering something to themself that you don't make out clearly.

On Route Three you encounter Barton again, more determined than ever to defeat you. At the Daycare, Neo Plasma is attempting to abduct Pokemon, and you have to fight off four grunts in order to shut down their plans. Some of these thugs are carrying non-Unovan Pokemon including Rattata, Pikachu, and Growlithe. Once that situation is dealt with, you continue on. Your second badge and trip through Pinwheel Forest go without incident.

However, Neo Plasma members are plotting to destroy Skyarrow Bridge, and this time you square off against Tripp, an "Elder" within the organization. He claims that the destruction of the bridge is to send a message to the League and force them to turn over their leadership to them. After beating him, he takes off toward Castelia. Your rival Barton has witnessed all this, but instead of battling you, he shoves you aside and sprints toward Castelia.

In Castelia, you are approached by Cheren and Looker, both of who are police investigators looking into the recent crime outreak. You inform them of your run-ins with the Neo Plasma group. They ask you to keep in contact with them should anything occur. In Castelia, you have an optional run in with a biker gang hanging out on Narrow Street if you venture that way. Otherwise it's just a Gym Leader battle here... for now. You can also pay a visit to your family while in the big city.

On Route 4, the construction project has been revealed to be a grand resort hotel. A trainer walking with her Persian greets you outside and brings you into the building. She introduces herself as Leaf and says she's a visiting trainer from Kanto. She tells you she is looking for a young male trainer who wears a red ball cap. You indicate that you haven't seen him, and she leaves you. There are numerous trainers in the hotel that you can battle, but this is all optional, as are the other events on the route and in the desert ruins.

Nimbasa City is where you encounter Neo Plasma next, this time trying to wreak havoc at the amusement park. Gym Leader Elesa teams up with you at this juncture and the two of you team up and battle the grunts. The final battle here throws a surprise at you, as you find your rival Barton now holding a position as a Neo Plasma Grunt and fighting alongside the Elder, Nancy. As a team member, Barton now has access to non Unovan Pokemon. Once that's dealt with, Elesa thanks you and the two of you head back toward the gym. There you meet Bianca and it's clear she and Elesa are good friends. Bianca expalins that it was in this town that Elesa helped her make her dreams all come true in what she describes as a "life-changing moment." Afterward, you're free to partake in Nimbasa's attractions.

Cold Storage presents you with some more Neo Plasma members who are attempting to steal the merchandise within. Other than that, it's just the regular Gym collecting plot until you defeat Skyla. Another encounter with Neo Plasma awaits at the airport, where it's revealed that Barton has been promoted to "Elder." Afterward, despite your win, the team still makes off with one of the planes.

In Icirrus City, after dealing with Brycen, Cheren meets you outside the Gym. He and Looker have discovered a Neo Plasma base in Castelia City. The decision is made to storm the building... 25 stories worth of team members itching to battle. You'll face all three Elders here as well, and at the top you'll meet Ghetsis again along with the boy in the red ball cap that the girl from Kanto was looking for earlier. He's introduced as Red and he's got a serious chip on his shoulder, practically exploding in rage once the name of the girl, Leaf, is brought up.

It had been five years since Red was exiled from Kanto after it was discovered he rose to the position of Champion through brainwashing and bribery of League officials. Leaf, the rightful champion, had played an integral part in Red's downfall. Bitter and thirsty for revenge, he had a chance encounter with Ghetsis. In a seedy lounge in Striation City, the two discussed their former glory and downfall, and formulated their new scheme to seize power and control. Red brought Pokemon from other regions to breed and become part of Neo Plasma's attack force, but some of them had gotten loose, explaining the presence of non-native Pokemon in the wild throughout your journey.

Cheren and you take on Ghetsis and Red in a team battle. After being defeated, the team withdraws, fleeing in the plane stolen from Mistralton Airport.

Your journey will then take you to Opelucid City. Here, you will encounter Hilbert/Hilda again along with a green-haired young man who introduces himself as N. Both will be accompanied by Reshiram/Zekrom, and which trainer has which Dragon is determined by whether you're playing B2 or W2. They will explain to you the events at the end of B/W. When they mention Ghetsis, your character speaks up and reveals that he's reformed the group under the Neo Plasma name. Both N and Hilbert/Hilda will express concern. Noting your seven badges thus far, they tell you that they are headed to the Pokemon League area and urge you to follow once you earn the eighth badge. After defeating the local Gym Leader, they will tell you about Kyurem.

On an island to the north of Unova's Pokemon League, there had been a monumental event thousands of years ago. A terrible storm had struck the frozen wasteland, and during this event a massive bolt of lightning struck the ice and ignited it on fire. It has been speculated that this intense combination of ice, fire, and lightning gave birth to the mythical dragon of ice.

With this information firmly in mind, you head for the Pokemon League, only to find that now the entire League building has been razed. Only a massive crater and the gigantic castle surrounding it remain. The Elite Four are nowhere in sight. Bianca, Cheren, and Leaf are waiting for you outside, and tell you that N and Hilbert/Hilda have already entered. Unlike before this time you'll run into Neo Plasma members seeking battle, including their three elders. However, as you raid the castle, you'll also bypass the Gym Leaders and Elite Four members engaging members of Neo Plasma in battle. This also marks your final showdown with your rival, Barton, who stands as the final obstacle to the throne room.

Inside, Red and Ghetsis are squaring off against Hilbert/Hilda and N. Ghetsis is taunting his adversaries, telling them that they must unleash Zekrom and Reshiram if they hope to stop him. Once they send the dragons out. Ghetsis smiles. They've fallen right into his trap. All of Neo Plasma's crimes and speeches were just a front to attract the attention of the partners of Reshiram and Zekrom and lure them to their base of operations. And now with Zekrom and Reshiram both before him, Ghetsis can put the final phase of his plan into motion. He summons Kyurem into the throne room, who, upon sensing the immense energy from the other two dragons, begins to vaporize. Two distinct vapor trails begin to swirl around each dragon before materializing into the two separate Kyurem forms. The two villains laugh. With these two forms of Kyurem in their control, they plan to conquer the world by sheer force.

You must choose a partner at this point, from Bianca, Cheren, N, Leaf, or Hilbert/Hilda. The two of you will then engage in a double battle against the two Kyurem forms. You cannot capture either one - they will flash freeze any Pokeball you send their way, including the Master Ball. You must defeat both forms.

Upon winning, the Kyurem forms will once again vaporize, leaving behind weakened Reshiram and Zekrom. Ghetsis and Red will be extremely angry and attack you and your partner. This is a full on, 12 on 12 battle. Once victorious, all Neo Plasma agents will be rounded up and placed in confinement. You will automatically be transported to a house in Opelucid owned by Anthea and Concordia, which previously had been locked. There, the participants of the final epic battle will share their thoughts on what transpired. N's complete backstory will be revealed to you by his caretakers. N, affected by Ghetsis' comeback attempt, will set his dragon free and accept the consequences for his actions with the original Team Plasma. All the characters will say their farewells and depart. You will be treated to an ending sequence that will vary depending on who your chosen partner was for the final battle. The credits roll.

In the postgame you will have the opportunity to capture Kyurem atop Dragonspiral Tower. Of Reshiram and Zekrom, the one that N held will be randomly roaming the region awaiting capture; the one held by Hilbert/Hilda will remain allied with them and is not obtainable. If you talk to Cheren in the police headquarters in Castelia, he'll reveal that N was given probation and has set off on another globetrotting journey to try to discover himself. He'll also tell you that Ghetsis, Red, Barton, and the rest of Neo Team Plasma are currently serving their sentences on a secluded island prison. On Thursdays, Cheren will also battle you. Cheren and/or Looker will also contact you every now and then to offer you optional sidequests that have you fight crime in various locales. Hilbert/Hilda will return to Nuvema Town on Saturdays and Sundays; though you can speak to them they won't battle.

You'll finally have the chance to battle the Elite Four and Champion Bianca, as well as a "Tournament of Champions" where you face off against Cynthia, Steven, and Lance. These battles are held in N's old castle, which now serves as the new League headquarters after the old one was destroyed. Once Champion, you keep the title, and any subsequent Elite Four challenges will conclude with random trainers who want to take your title away. Every 10th Elite Four challenge will end with Bianca as she seeks to win back the title. You may now purchase a villa in Undella Town. Leaf now also has a villa here, and you can challenge her and her team of Pokemon in the game's most difficult challenge.


There my entry is... unless someone actually wants me to go forth with the "Bernie Madoff in Unova" thing xD

March 7th, 2012, 5:14 PM
You are woken up by a loud voice. You turn to see your Mom, (a different sprite from B/W 1) telling you that you have to go. You exit and see a truck, like R/S. Mom tells you that you have to get into the truck, and then gives you a choice of Snivy/Oshawott/Tepig to ‘defend’ yourself. All of this is happening all of a sudden. You get into the truck and the screen goes black. You hear the truck moving, but that’s about it. When the screen brightens, you’re still in the truck with your mom. You exit and end up in a new starting town. You ask your mother exactly what is happening. Your mother just hands you a PARCEL and tells you to deliver it to her good friend, Hilda. The new starting town is pretty basic, and there is a pokemon lab. If you try to leave onto a route, then a little girl will tell you that:
“Pokemon are so interesting! Pokemon professors live to unravel mysterious about them. You should visit the lab!”
Visit the lab and meet Professor Bianca. Bianca will give you a PokeDex after learning you are going to explore the Unova region. So you move on, as normal. Pass the routes, and you end up in another new town. Here, you meet Team Skel: Skel gives a speech about a vision in which the world will become shrouded in a cloak of dark ice…and end. An apocalypse. They say the only way to prevent this is to find the legendary pokemon Reshiram/Zekrom. Bianca enters and asks if you would be able to do this. You say ‘YES.’ And so the adventure begins. You find stairs going downstairs, and find a train. Enter the train. Screen goes black, you hear train moving. It stops moving. Get out of the train and up the stairs and end up in Striaton City! There, you see the first gym. The door is locked though. Try to go onto the route, and you will see a member of Team Skel, who will stop you and claim that they are busy here and don’t need you around. Enter the Dreamyard. There, you will see members of Team Skel looking for a Musharna for ‘personal purposes.’ You cannot enter tall grass because they will stop you saying that they need to find Musharna. Fennel will come out and ask for them to stop because the Musharna that was stuck in the tall grass had been experimented on and is too powerful. Skel will brush her aside saying all strength is needed to stop the prophecy from fulfilling itself. They get into a fight, then Musharna appears. Team Skel somehow agitates it severely, and it lets out a cry. The screen goes black. When it comes back on, you are being woken up by Chili/Cilan/Cress depending on which starter you chose. They say that the Musharna put everyone in a deep sleep. Exit dreamyard, and they will say that you look like you have tremendous potential, and that you should take the gym challenge. They will then enter the gym.
You can now go onto Lenora’s gym, though her door will be locked. You have to beat Chili/Cilan/Cress. Once this is done, you can go through the game normally. However, Pinwheel Forest is now Pinwheel Tundra…it has been frozen over. You can meet ice/normal types here. Once you reach Castelia, you witness Team Skel stealing pokemon, demanding that it is survival of the fittest and that they must survive. Battle through Skel members and return the pokemon. Then, Burgh will want to challenge you. Reach Nimbasa. Here, you will see Elesa in a Team Skel uniform, with two grunts behind here. She will ask you to hand over your pokemon. Battle the two grunts and win, then Elesa will say it isn’t over. She will claim that the apocalypse might’ve already struck Reshiram/Zekrom and that the legendary pokemon are no longer. She then goes onto explain how areas are already freezing over and some are devoid of life. She says that the intense cold is even a bit much for ice types. Elesa will then say that the only way to survive is to have the strongest pokemon…even if this means stealing. She enters her gym. It is normal, until Iccirus city, which is devoid of life. There is now a cemetery where the gym used to be to serve as a memorial. Brycen is dead. However, you see Team Skel members claiming that the new information is that Kyurem is causing this. However, Kyurem doesn’t have enough power to end the world this quickly. Somehow, he must’ve obtained more power. Enter Cold Storage, and you will hear pokemon crying. Team Skel is terrorizing ice-types. A Skel Grunt claims that the world will enter an ice-age because of them. Beat all the grunts, and then move on. Move on to Opelucid…and the floor is ice. Slip and slide across and enter the gym. You will see two paths. One is icy, one is scaly. If you try to enter the scaly path, it will say:
Enter the icy path to the next screen: an ice skating puzzle. Beat it and meet the new ice gym leader: Drayden in B2, Iris in W2. Beat the leader, then your mother will say there is an emergency: Return to hometown. Fly there. The pokemon on the routes are now as strong as 8-gym pokemon, and this is because they fled here because they were chased from the cold. Meet your mom, and she will give you an ODD KEY to open some door. Now you can enter scaly path. Beat Iris in B2/Drayden in W2. Beat the E4 like normal, but when you meet Hilda, the screen will shake. A cutscene of Kyurem is shown rising..and he has fused with Reshiram/Zekrom! That’s how he got the power. The remaining dragon will show up. Capture it, then beat Kyurem.

There it is! NOTES:
Hilda is the new champion.
After you beat the E4 the second time, you finally deliver the parcel, which is two tickets to some unknown area(like the Battle Frontier or something.) She gives you one. You meet Hilbert in that new area.

March 7th, 2012, 9:19 PM
The game starts as Black and White do. You receive your first Pokemon from Professor Juniper, but at her lab. You and your two rivals head outside, after getting Pokeballs and a Pokedex. Bianca challenges you to a battle(she has the Pokemon weak to yours), and then Cheren heals your Pokemon and battles you. You go home and talk to Mom, and she heals your new Pokemon. She tells you what a amazing experience it must have been, and tells you to start your journey. You start down Route 1 and encounter two Team Plasma Grunts there. You must battle them if you want to pass. If you beat them, they'll flee and you are able to pass. They mention something about failing a year before, and give you a potion if you beat them. Bianca races up to you and asks how many Pokemon you have. You could have caught one, but if you haven't Bianca challenges you to a catching contest like the other games. Cheren shouts and runs after Bianca, who has run off to catch another Pokemon. People along the route have seen you battle Team Plasma, and ask if you are all right. Your character slighty nods their head. They tell legends about Kyruem, Zekrom, and Reshiram. A little girl leads you to the next town, and along the way tells you about Kyruem Black (W2) and Kyruem White (B2). Suddenly there is a cry(like Zekrom's(W2) or Reshiram's(B2)). (To be continued)

Wings Don't Cry
March 8th, 2012, 12:47 AM
I was actually planning to do a prequel to the games that dated back to the heroes they talked about in the games but I then realised that it would be before Gym Leaders and Pokedexs were around so it would just be too different from a normal Pokemon game. So instead I wrote a sequel with a prologue relating to Kyurem. Although the story does differ from the typical Pokemon game, I believe it is still quite believable and also we don't typically get games like Black 2 and White 2. You might notice the story seems somewhat abridged but that's because I had to limit it to 1000 words.

Anyway without further ado.

A long long time ago, there existed a mighty Pokemon who followed two young warriors who were claimed to be heroes of the land. Although they were both similar in many ways, their ideals happened to differ and they waged war against each other and the mighty Pokemon had split asunder into two radiant dragon Pokemon, one with the will of roaring thunder while the other had a heart of soothing flames. The war between the two had caused many catastrophic disasters to the land and it was a long time before the two warriors had realized the damage that they had caused with their violent war. The two decided that it would be best to seal up the mighty dragons however they were incapable of sealing them completely and were only able to seal their essences up into orbs. The remains of the two dragon Pokemon had started to merge together as a means of having a whole body but it lacked its mind and spirit. Being reduced to an empty husk the once mighty Pokemon retreated to the Giant Chasm where it rested and later became known as the monster of Lacunosa Town.

Many years later and a young man by the name of Natural Harmonia Gropius sets out on a journey to free Pokemon of mankind as he was raised to believe that Pokemon are being harshly mistreated by humans. During his journey he makes his way to Dragonspiral Tower where he finds the black orb and awakens the Pokemon of Ambition; Zekrom to help realize his dreams. A young trainer from Nuvema Town obtains the white orb and he challenges Natural where his unyielding spirit to refute Natural’s ambition awakens the Pokemon of Truth; Reshiram. The two battle and with the help of Reshiram, Natural’s whole life is revealed to have been manipulated by his caretaker Ghestis who had planned to take over the Unova region after its citizens had forsaken their Pokemon so that no one would be able to stand against him. With Natural’s ambition crushed and the truth behind Ghestis’ plan revealed, both Zekrom and Reshiram take to the skies where they search for their other self in order to be complete.

Main Story:
Sometime down the road a new trainer from Nuvema Town sets off on his/her journey, whom like most trainers in Nuvema Town pay a visit to the lab of Professor Juniper to get a Pokemon partner to help on their journey. The young trainer had grown up learning many things about the folklore of the Unova region and has grown accustomed with the theory of an alternate universe where there exists an Unova region much like his/her own but different in many aspects. The young trainer comes to the theory that the two worlds must have existed together at one point and wishes to unite them once again.

The young trainer’s first step is to Striaton City to seek out the infamous Professor Fennel where he/she wishes to harness the power of the dream mist to accomplish his/her goal of uniting the worlds. After meeting Fennel the trainer discovers that the power of the dream mist is insufficient and they will require the aid of the powerful psychic Caitlin of the Elite Four. Of course having a meeting with a member of the Elite Four will require the eight gym badges of Unova as Caitlin never leaves the Pokemon League except to take the throne in the Pokemon Castle at the Sinnoh Battle Frontier.

So the young trainer sets of on a fetch quest to gather the gym badges so that he/she can meet with the elusive Caitlin of the Elite Four. Along his/her journey, he/she arrives at the Dragonspiral Tower where an unnaturally large thunder storm is clouding over it and with his/her curiosity to seek out the hidden truths of the world he/she sets out to scale the tower. Arriving at the peak of the tower a Zekrom infused Kyurem appears before the young trainer to offer help achieving his/her burning ambition to unite the worlds.

With the new found help from Kyurem itself, the trainer sets off to Opelucid City in hopes of defeating the gym leader there. The trainer soon discovers that the Dragon Master Drayden has left the city and went on a journey temper his skills as a Pokemon trainer after he failed to defeat the Elite Four. After defeating the current gym leader Iris the trainer sets off to Victory Road to reach the Pokemon League and seek out Caitlin.

Having his drive to challenge the Elite Four being fired up by Kyurem’s essence the trainer now not only seeks to ask for Caitlin’s help but to also defeat the Elite Four and the Champion Alder. After defeating them and becoming champion the trainer then asks for the aid of Caitlin who agrees to help but outside the Pokemon League waiting is Drayden with a Reshiram infused Kyurem.
Drayden being the leader of Opelucid City has inherited the ancient secret about the two worlds as joining them together will create a distortion in space causing the Distortion World to collapse into their own. After hearing of the exploits of the young trainer Drayden has come to put a stop to this, however having the Zekrom infused Kyurem driving his/her ambition the young trainer is unwilling to listen to the words of Drayden and so Drayden is stuck with no choice but to fight him and even if not defeating him/her at least he can calm both the trainer and the Zekrom infused Kyurem down enough to listen to reason (It doesn’t matter whether the player wins or loses in this fight, the plot will forward much like the first match against your rival). After the fight ends Drayden succeeds in his goal to stop the trainer and the credits roll and the player loads the game afterwards for some post game material.

I hoped you enjoyed reading that as much as I enjoyed writing it as ridiculous as it may seem.

March 8th, 2012, 2:24 PM
Well here's my entry. ^^

The story starts off with the hero, a few months following the events of B/W, walking home from a walk on Route 1. When the player gets to their house, they knock into a Team Plasma grunt, who kidnapped the player’s Pokeballs, which they left in their room! The Plasma grunt then runs away, and you walk into your house to see everything fine, with only your Pokeballs gone. Your mom is at Undella Town, having a vacation at the beach, unknown of what has happened. So you go to Professor Juniper, who gives you a special Pokemon—Larvesta. Your job is to track down the Plasma grunt, and find out their true intentions. Your rivals Bianca and Cheren help you too.

As you travel through the region, you meet some interesting characters. Cynthia, whom you met in the last game, shows up to help battle the Plasma grunts you encounter in Accumula Town. When defeated, the grunts reveal that they were only looking for the Pokeball which contained Reshiram/Zekrom, whom you have caught in the last game. Their intentions are to revive a single Pokemon named Kyurem, using the combined strengths of Reshiram and Zekrom, meaning that N has returned once again, to use Kyurem’s powers for reasons unknown at the time.

Cynthia then takes her leave, and you encounter Alder a little later in Castelia City. There, he talks about your starter Pokemon Larvesta, and how it used to be originally a legendary Pokemon: Volcarona. Long ago, Volcarona was a single Pokemon, but then there was a time when Reshiram and Zekrom were destroying the region, and darkness came to the land. The only way to restore light was for Volcarona to sacrifice its powers, which miniature it to a smaller Pokemon, Larvesta. Afterwards he takes his leave, telling the player that he will look more into Pokemon myths, trying to find out what Pokemon Reshiram and Zekrom will revive.

Traveling to more cities and towns, the player finds out that Pokemon League members can take on a harder challenge, the Stadium challenges replaced by the Gym challenges normal trainer get. Stadium challenges are when Pokemon League members are challenge, in which they fight secret trainers that disguise themselves as a normal person. When defeated, the secret trainers reveal to you the emblems (replacing badges), which you collect to fight the Final Champion, who you wonder who it is. (This is a sidequest, replacing the gym challenge system.) The player also fights their rivals in some cities and locations too.

While in Icirrus City, you go to the Dragonspiral Tower, in which you discover an underground part of the tower. Throughout the journey, you fight Plasma grunts once again, who keep getting in your way. The deeper you go, the colder it gets. At the most bottom floor, you fight a member of the Shadow Triad, who has picked up a special stone which you want also. The member reveals themselves to be Eris, a lady who used to reside in the Hoenn region, being an electric user. You defeat her and pick up the special stone, the counterpart of the Light and Dark stones—the Shadow stone. You then take your leave.

You pass by to Lacunosa Town, and find out that Team Plasma’s headquarters were underground of the city. You manipulate another one of the Shadow Triad’s members, whose name is Apollo, a fire user. He shows you the pathway to the HQ, which was hidden under a bush at the back of the small town. You go down under the town, and fight grunts. At the end of the HQ, you fight yet another member of the Shadow Triad, whose name is Auriga, a user of ice type Pokemon. Once defeated, Auriga displays his whole scheme, with Alder, Cynthia, Bianca, and Cheren coming right when Auriga begins to explain.

Using the Shadow stone, their plans were to use the stone’s powers to transform Reshiram and Zekrom into manifestations of Kyurem, the original being. Eris and Apollo then secretly stash your Shadow stone, and summon Reshiram and Zekrom, who are reacting to the Shadow Stone. They then transform to manifestations of Kyurem. Auriga explains because now that they have both Kyuram (Reshiram manifestation) and Kyurom (Zekrom manifestation), if summoned at the Giant Chasm (an illusionary chasm where Kyurem was first brought to Unova), they can summon Kyurem, its original incarnation. Using Kyurem, Kyuram, and Kyurom, Team Plasma plans to reshape not just Unova—but the whole earth under Ghestis’s ideals.

At the Giant Chasm, the player then fights Kyurem with Auriga, while Cynthia and Alder fight Apollo with Kyuram and Eris with Kyurom. Cheren and Bianca battle Anthea and Concordia, who try and assist Team Plasma. The player ultimately wins the battle, and so does the rest of your company. Looker than comes into the scene, and arrests the remaining members of Team Plasma, but says that Ghestis has escaped prison. Looker also gives you back your Pokeballs. After everyone leaves, Kyurem, Kyuram, and Kyurom fade off, leaving only the Light, Dark, and Shadow stones, which the player collects. The player then goes back to the Dragonspiral Tower, who then meets Ghestis at the top of the tower. Ghestis explains that he tricked N into giving back Reshiram/Zekrom in which he has brought with to a different region. The two then battle, and Ghestis is defeated once again, and staggers backward, who ends up falling off the tower, dying below.

The player gets to travel to this certain region N resides in, called Avonu, using the pathway made by the three stones. It is a region which is the complete opposite of Unova, where there live few people who use Pokemon. N tells the player that he has no interest in reshaping the world like Ghestis, and is glad to hear that he is gone. He only gave Ghestis his Pokemon because he threatened to invade Avonu with Team Plasma grunts. The player then gives N the three stones, in which N scatters into the deep blue sea.

March 9th, 2012, 12:02 PM
I'll give this a try.
I haven't read any of the posts accept for the very first one giving instructions.
So, if my post seems similar to somebody elses post, it is a coincidence.
You are N.
You released Reshiram or Zekrom after the events at your castle.
You return to Accumula town to ponder everything you've learned over the past weeks.
You decide to start over.
You release all of your Pokémon and head over to Nuvema town to beg PROF. Juniper for a Pokémon.
When you get to Juniper's lab, you find that it is empty.
There are three Pokéballs, so you go ahead and take one.
Through out the game, you will have many battles with your former team, Team Plasma.
Ghetsis seeks revenge, and thinks he knows just how to get it.
He catches Kyurem!
What happened to Juniper?
How far will Ghetsis go for revenge?
Can you stop him?

I don't have a word processer, so I don't know how long that was.

Well, I have notepad, but I don't know if that's a word processer.

March 9th, 2012, 7:30 PM
Okay, this is my first reply, so I decided to go with this:

0-10 years after B/W

After Looker arrests all the seven sages, he needs to go to the next region to deal with crime there. With no form of police whatsoever, Ghetsis plots revenge. He decides to promote former members of team plasma into the new seven sages. Ghetsis is also deeply sad inside after his son left, so he becomes obsessed with catching a dragon and using it to take over the world. He, with the help of team plasma, succeeds in catching Kyurem and threatens residents of the surrounding towns that he will freeze them if they don't obey. He makes Black City/ White Forest team plasma castle, and freezes the bridges that connect eastern Unova to the rest of the map. Trainer, Cheren, and Bianca rush out to try and defeat Kyrem in a triple battle, but Kyurem is level 100, and your starters are only level 5. Ghetsis gives them a choice. They can leave Unova and go to the next region (hoenn) or they can stay here, under the rule of Ghetsis. Cheren and Bianca leave, but Trainer decides to stay. Ghetsis takes over all of Unova, throwing anyone who could oppose him (Gym leaders, Professors, etc..) into jail. After Ghetsis siezes Blackthorn City, Alder goes to the Dragonspiral tower to ask Arceus for help. Arceus responds by giving Alder's compainion back to him so he can beat Ghetsis in a battle. Unfortunately, Arceus explains that if Alder's companion continues to live, a human must replace him. Alder confronts Ghetsis, knowing this is his final battle. Alder sends out Rayquaza, which is SHOT DOWN by team plasma with 'plasma rays'. After Raquaza dies a second time, Alder is captured and thrown in jail along with the rest of the elite four. A few years later, a new trainer is born.

10+ Years after B/W: B/W2

You start the game in front of a wii u, upstairs in a house. You are called by your mother from downstairs. She tells you that your dad was just here, and he left you a gift. You open the box, and get to choose the starter. After the pokemon is picked, Your mother warns you that you are about to embark on a dangerous mission. She gies you a hug and a potion, and you run out the door. The whole town is similar to Black City. Bilboards are all over the place, pokemon centers are now 3-stories high. You are about to leave town when a plasma guard stops you. He asks you where your bike is, and since you don't have one, he engages you in battle. After winning, he leaves, so you can now go to route 1. Route 1 is covered in snow, but there is a bike road going through it. In the next town, team plasma will try to defeat you. Instead of trainers, you fight team plasma in this game. After defeating all the team plasma's, they will let you enter the town headquarters. In the headquarters, similar to gyms, you fight seven sage members instead of gym leaders.
Zinzolin: 3 Types
Gorm: Normal
Bronius: Bug
Gaillo: Electric
Ryoku: Ground
Rood: Flying.
Athena: Ice
Concordia: Dragon
After beating all headquarters, you travel to Black City, the headquarters of team Plasma. After getting to the heart of the headquarters, you find Ghetsis and the Shadow Triad absorbing energy from the Musketeer Quartet to make a new pokemon, genesect. After you intrude, The shadow triads help Ghetsis escape, while a team plasma admin battles you with genesect. After you defeat the headquarters, Getsis ressuructs N castle, re-naming it to Ghetsis Castle. After forging the castle, you arrive at the place you battled N of the last time. Here, you must battle the shadow triads, team plasma adim with genesect, and finally Ghetsis. After beating Ghetsis (he didn't use Kyurem) He calls for the ice dragon to kill you. Just then, N arrives with a pokemon for you. It is Zekrom(Reshiram). Now, the musketeer quartet, Genesect, and the three dragons are all in the same room, The dragons absorb the power to make themselves super strong. They all learn the special move, and you engage the Kyurem with N. After Kyurem is defeated, it will fuse with Zekrom(Reshiram) and Ghetsis will leave. Just before he can leave, the castle comes crashing down. After the rubble clears. you can see Alder on the back of Raquaza. Alder explains that he is the players father, and he gave you pokemon so you could defeat Ghetsis. At this point, Alder will drag Ghetsis with him as he flys up into the sky, never to be seen again. *Roll Credits*

March 10th, 2012, 1:56 AM
I hope I still have time!

You wake up to the sound of the TV. You go down and see that it has been hailing! You are about to go out of the door to see if it has been hailing in your town, but, before you get to, Professor Juniper knocks on the door! She runs in with Cheren and Bianca following.
"Hi <Name>, we need your help! We can't think what the cause could be, so you three can choose a pokemon and go to find out! Please will you help?" said the professor.
If you say No, she replies
"But Please! We need your help!" until you finally say yes. When you have said yes, you follow her to the lab. In the lab there is a choice of three pokemon in a box, Tepig, Oshawott or Snivy. You choose first, then Cheren chooses the one strongest to yours, and Bianca the weakest.

Your mum runs in and gives you your X-Trancsiever. She also gives you and your friends some pokeballs. She says bye to you, and you then walk up to the next road. When you get to Striaton City, you go to the Pokemon Centre to heal your pokemon from the battles in the wild. When you have got healed, Bianca and Cheren decide to stay and buy some items, while you walk outside. The gym leaders come running to you and say
"Team Plasma is back! They stole our prize pokemon! Please help us!"

You accept, and they tell you that they have to go to their gym to make sure nothing else gets taken. The one you should go against comes with you. You run down the next route and see two Team Plasma grunts. They are arguing.

"I took the pokemon, so I take them to Ghetsis!" says one
"But I deserve the award, so give me them!"

Then the first grunt sees you and battles you with the pokemon owned by the gym leader you are weak to. When you win, he'll give you the pokemon and they'll both run off. the gym leader will be so grateful, so he gives you the gym badge.
"I found this, but I don't think i'll have time to find out what it does. You have it!" he gives you an orb then runs off saying thanks.

When he's gone, you go back to town and battle Cheren. If you beat him, he'll run off home because he's forgotten something. You do whatever you want in the town, then go down the route. In the route you see a strange shadow and follow it. You see Kyurem. You thought it was just a myth.

The monster sees you and flies off, leaving an egg behind him. You go to the next town, and Nurse Joy sees you and asks you to come to the Pokemon Centre quickly. You see that the gym leader is ill, and you have to go to find the items for the medicine. She gives you a list, and then you show her the egg. She doesn't know what pokemon it could be, so you walk off and do the mission.

When you get to the E4, you have to battle some plasma grunts and N. Then you get to heal up and battle the E4.
When you have beaten them, You'll see Kyurem, Zekrom and Reshiram flying along, and two places open up to you. One is Mysterious Cavern, where on Mondays you can find Zekrom or Reshiram. The other place is a long route with a cave that you need strength to get to. That cave is hard, and you will find Kyurem in there.
(610 words)

March 10th, 2012, 6:23 AM
So, my earlier entry was too short.
I'm going to try again.
This is the storyline, but acctended and I go in to more detail.
So, here it goes.

You are N.
You released Reshiram or Zekrom after the events at your castle.
You return to Accumula town to ponder everything you've learned over the past weeks.
You decide to start over.
You release all of your Pokémon and head over to Nuvema town to beg PROF. Juniper
for a Pokémon.
When you get to Juniper's lab, you find that it is empty.
There are three Pokéballs setting on a table, so you take one.
Hey, that was how you were raised.
There's no chrime in that.
Once you return to Accumela town, you must make a desision.
Where do I go?
What do I do?
You decide that, since you skipped them your first journey through Unova, maybe you should battle the gyms.
You have a new rival named Stan, who seems to mostly train his Larvista, and barely train his other Pokémon.
Where is the hero/heroin?
Being champion, duh!
Where else would he/she be?
Where are beonka and the guy with the weird name (cheren)?
Beonka has joined PROF. Juniper, and is currently missing as well.
Cheren, disappointed at not being the champion, moved to Johto to try again.
You may see him once and a while when he comes back to Unova to visit his family and friends.
Will people forgive you for your actions in the last chronicle of Unova?
Some will, the hero/heroin has chosen to forgive and forget.
Will the rest of Unova be so kind?
What happened to Juniper you might ask?
Find out in June of 2012 if you are japonese, or automn if you are english, american, canadian, or whatever.
Fast forward about six gyms.
Ghetsis seeks revenge, and thinks he knows just how to get it.
He catches Kyurem!
but how?
Kyurem is no longer in the Giant casm or whatever it is called in your native area.
He has been captured by the hero/heroin of Black and White.
How far will Ghetsis go for revenge?
Will he steal the hero/heroin of black and white's Pokémon?
Well that's a no brainer.
Of corse!

The game's intro screen can't begin with N being crowned king, now could it?
Well, even if it could, it doesn't.
The intro shows the black white 1 hero/heroin sleeping in a special Champion living quorters in the Unova Pokémon League.
Ghetsis walks in, takes the Pokéball, but the hero/heroin wakes up, and you get breef glimpses of a battle, as all Pokémon intros should have.
The intro ends with the hero/heroin's last Pokémon fainting.
Ghetsis has won!
What happens next?
How does Ghetsis use his new power?
Can you stop him?
That's what we'll find out!

Hope that's 500 words, and I also hope you enjoyed it.
I also hope you think that would be a fun game.
See ya later.

March 10th, 2012, 9:53 PM
For this I pretty much went with what's more "likely" to happen rather than the craziest of theories (though I really enjoyed reading them all) and decided to pick the overall winners as members, rather than supporters, since they benefit from this the most. We'll get the stuff sorted with blogs later, but as for now the winners are...

Mainly because I really liked the idea overall, while it does seem unlikely, it seems more along the lines of what GameFreak are likely to pull on us than some of the other things people have mentioned, nothing against everyone else's entries though! But I definitely enjoyed reading it, and I'd love it if that happened. :)

While yours was kind of anime-like at the start, you made up for it by an interesting story as well as a post-game kind of thing - which'd have been better if you expanded sorta! There actually were a few things throughout it that you could've explained more, but overall I understood it, plus the extra add on about the characters helped me better understand it too.

Also, special mentions go to Elite Overlord LeSabre™ who I'd otherwise have picked if it weren't only members w/ the blogs.

Hope you all enjoyed speculating and hopefully some of what you all mentioned might occur in the real games. Oh yes, and if you want to expand more upon your theories, you're free to do so in our storyline speculation thread.