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Mystical Mewtwo
December 2nd, 2003, 8:39 PM
My first fanfic. Enjoy!
I dont own Pokemon; Im not making any money off this, etc.

Part 2 is coming soon!

Oh yea, this "" is normal talk and this ' ' is mind talk (like Mewtwo and Lugia do)


Mewtwo swished his tail back and forth. He floated a few feet above the ground on a cliff facing the water.

What is taking her so long? thought Mewtwo.

It was a dark day, cloudy and rainy with the occasional clasp of thunder and flash of lightning in the distance. Perfect for hiding.

A flash of color in the distance told him that she was coming. He looked to the distance to see his little friend fly towards him at amazing speed. In her small paws was a half eaten apple. As she finally came to a stop a few feet away from him, he could see that she was chewing on the apple. He looked at her as she took another bite.

What took you so long? he asked his smaller companion in mind talk.

I was hungry, she answered simply, taking her last bite and teleporting the apple core to a garbage. After doing so, she landed on his head. What are we doing again?

Mewtwo smiled at this. After five years in her company, his heart and softened greatly. You know very well. Now, get off my head and lets begin.

Mew flew off his head with a giggle, covering her mouth with her small paws. She then took a deep breath, as did Mewtwo and began to call all her Physic energy and flow it into Mewtwo. They did this for a few minutes before their goal was achieved.

Out of the water few Lugia, and met there height up on the cliff. Mew and Mewtwo landed with a sigh.

That was quite annoying, Mewtwo. Please dont do that. Lugia spoke in mind talk.

How else am I to get your attention? I cannot swim, replied Mewtwo. Mew flew over to Lugia and landed on his head.

Good to see you too, Mew. Why is it that you have called me?

Mew pointed her tail at Mewtwo who said, I am here to invite you to a council. The council is made up of Legendary Pokemon. This council is used to keep peace. Over the past few years, we have seen doom to the earth a few time.

Lugia restored, You were the cause of one of these dooms

I have changed. Together, along with many other Pokemon, we can prevent such doom.

Does it have a name?

Yes. The Legendary Council.
I accept. He was about to fly away when he turned back and said, Do any humans know, or will know, about this Council?

One, but I dont think youll mind.


Ash Ketchum.

Any replys are loved!
Hope u liked Part 1

oni flygon
December 7th, 2003, 5:04 PM
You need to make your fanfiction longer. Sometimes, readers may get bored soon if it get shorter and shoerter. Try using a good vocabulary. Psychics have to have good vocab. ^^