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March 10th, 2012, 8:09 AM
I don't know if this is the right place to put this, but oh well.

The title says it all. You make your own Pokémon Leaugue. Use only exisiting Pokés that aren't Legendary.

Elite Four:

#1-Zane (Electric)
Magnezone lvl 55
Lanturn lvl 54
Galvantula lvl 55
Stunfisk lvl 54
Ampharos lvl 55
Emolga lvl 56

#2-Maura (Rock)
Rhyperior lvl 57
Magcargo lvl 57
Relicanth lvl 60
Gigaltih lvl 58
Probopass lvl 58
Tyranitar lvl 59

#3-Zephyr (Flying)
Yanmega lvl 62
Gliscor lvl 62
Drifblim lvl 61
Skarmory lvl 61
Mandibuzz lvl 60
Braviary lvl 60

#4-Grace (Grass)
Carnivine lvl 62
Cradily lvl 65
Exeggutor lvl 64
Ludicolo lvl 63
Ferrothorn lvl 63
Cacturne lvl 62

Champions Emma and Kasey (Ghost and Dark) (They are like preschoolers, But have their own tricked out sprites)(Double battle)
Spiritomb lvl 68
Houndoom lvl 68
Weavile lvl 68
Hydreigon lvl 68
Golurk lvl 68
Jellicent(F) lvl 68

The first Pokémon sent out will change every time you battle each member of the League them, so you don't what is coming. And the same thing for all of their other Pokémon. As for our twin champions, Emma and Kasey, who are both only four years old, they both share their Pokémon, so there will almost always be 2 Pokémon on the field.

March 10th, 2012, 12:48 PM
#1 - Richard (M) ~ Psychic types

Alakazam - Level 50
Gardevoir - Level 52
Chimecho - Level 51
Grumpig - Level 54
Lunatone - Level 56
Solrock - Level 56

#2 - Sienna (F) ~ Steel types

Steelix - Level 55
Bastiodon - Level 56
Forretress - Level 55
Probopass - Level 56
Scizor - Level 57
Bronzong - Level 58

#3 - Glenda (F) ~ Ice types

Jynx - Level 58
Weavile - Level 59
Dewgong - Level 58
Walrein - Level 58
Frosslass - Level 60
Cloyster - Level 62

#4 - Teresa (F) ~ Grass types

Jumpluff - Level 60
Bellossom - Level 60
Tangrowth - Level 61
Cherrim - Level 63
Breloom - Level 62
Victreebel - Level 65

#5/Champion - Claudia ~ Flying types

Fearow - Level 68
Pidgeot - Level 69
Pelipper - Level 69
Unfeazant - Level 71
Altaria - Level 70
Swellow - Level 73

Well that was fun :3!

Mr Cat Dog
March 11th, 2012, 1:29 PM
We'd start off with Lyra, the mistress of Electricity. Her team would consist of a Normal Rotom, Lanturn, Emolga, Magnezone and her prized critter of Eelektross.

After that, Aquione would follow. An ex-beauty queen who's fallen out of the modelling industry and into the Pokemon League, her Water critters are an attempt to prove her legitimacy in this field. Her tearm would consist of a Rotom-W, Swampert, Gyarados, Milotic and her prized critter of Ludicolo.

Firenze would come after Aquione. A professional MMA-fighter who moonlights as an Elite Four member, he's got mad skillz when it comes to Fire. His team contains a Rotom-Fire, Infernape, Chandelure, Houndoom and his prized critter: Ninetales.

The final E4 member would be Graham. A landscape gardener in his spare time - he's the master of Grass. His team's all about a Rotom-G, Cradily, Torterra, Whimsicott and his prized critter: Ferrothorn

The Champion would be Thomas: lover of Rotom. His team would consist of ALL THE ROTOMS! (So, Normal Rotom, Rotom-W, Rotom-Fire, Rotom-G, Rotom-I, Rotom-Flying)

That was fun! :D And yes, I have a thing for Rotom.

March 11th, 2012, 2:22 PM
First, there would be Charlotte, who specializes in Normal types.

Next up would be Cosmo. He would be an expert of Dark-types.

Thirdly, I would probably have a guy named Hakeem and he would prefer Ground-types.

And the last member of the Elite Four would have to be Dimitri and is a Bug-type master...

And for the Champion... her name would be Francesa and she would be various, because she's the champion.

March 17th, 2012, 3:04 PM
I don't feel like remaking a whole new elite four, so I'll make a side champion (kind of like red).

Distortion Cyrus

Houndoom lvl 90
Crobat lvl 90
Gliscor lvl 90
Honchkrow lvl 90
Weavile lvl 90
Gengar lvl 90

Story: After 13 years of living in the distortion world, Cyrus's appearance has completely changed. His sprite looks like he's pulling an empty void open with his hands like he's ecaping from another dimension. His face in completely black, except for his glowing red eyes. An order to open the Distortion World to battle him, the Griseous, Lustrous, and Adamant orbs must be the first through items in your bag (in any order).

Blue Nocturne
March 17th, 2012, 4:33 PM
This looks like fun!

#1 - Leblanc, master of Normal Type pokemon. Following her recent admission to the Elite Four, Leblanc has developed an arrogant, self-centred attitude. Have fun smashing her team to oblivion!
- Snorlax
- Lickilicky
- Porygon-Z
- Braviary
- Slaking

#2 - Sven, master of Rock types. A man with a wealth of experience when it comes to battling. He is extremely well prepared and knows his weaknesses, making him a difficult opponent to simply charge into.
- Cradily
- Rampardos
- Aggron
- Archeops
- Kabutops

#3 - Laguna, master of Water types. He is a combat pragmatist, and understands the tides of battle far better than most. Despite his laid back and welcoming demeanour, Laguna is constantly plotting his next strategy, and unless you can work out what he's running, you'll need a lot of luck to beat him.
- Jellicent
- Milotic
- Ludicolo
- Slowbro
- Gyarados

#4 - Tesla, master of Electric types. A volatile woman who sets up high-risk, high-reward strategies to sweep the battlefield clean. If you don't take her down fast, her team will annihilate you.
- Lanturn
- Magnezone
- Galvantula
- Eelektross
- Electivire

April 1st, 2012, 11:46 AM
This is soo cool!! :) Okay here's mine:

Saria (F) - Flying Type

Sean (M) - Ice Type

Maxi (M) - Fighting Type

Taki (F) - Dark Type

Alura (F) - Fire Type

November 6th, 2012, 3:45 AM
Here is my Elite Four:

1. Elite Four Chelsea (F)
Water Type Type
Gyarados (L55) – Ice Fang, Aqua Tail, Earthquake, Giga Impact
Lapras (L55) – Rain Dance, Thunder, Blizzard, Hydro Pump
Milotic (L57) – Ice Beam, Dragon Pulse, Surf, Bulldoze
Ludicolo (L55) – Rain Dance, Hydro Pump, Giga Drain, Ice Beam

2. Elite Four Sparky (M)
Electric Type
Ampharos (L55) – Thunderbolt, Cotton Guard, Signal Beam, Focus Blast
Lanturn (L55) – Ice Beam, Surf, Thunderbolt, Rain Dance
Raichu (L55) – Iron Tail, Grass Knot, Volt Tackle, Volt Switch
Electivire (L57) – Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Fire Punch, Earthquake

3. Elite Four Gustave (M)
Ground Type
Donphan (L55) – Thunder Fang, Stone Edge, Earthquake, Giga Impact
Gliscor (L55) – Earthquake, Thunder Fang, Fire Fang, Night Slash
Whiscash (L55) – Earthquake, Sandstorm, Zen Headbutt, Waterfall
Rhyperior (L57) – Hammer Arm, Earthquake, Stone Edge, Megahorn

4. Elite Four Damien (M)
Dragon Type
Kingdra (L55) – Flash Cannon, Dragon Pulse, Ice Beam, Hydro Pump
Dragonair (L55) – Thunder Wave, Thunderbolt, Dragon Pulse, Aqua Tail
Crimgan (L55) – Revenge, Brick Break, Outrage, Rock Slide
Haxorus (L57) – Swords Dance, Dragon Dance, Dragon Rush, Brick Break

1. Heracross (L59) – Stone Edge, Megahorn, Close Combat, Night Slash
2. Snorlax (L59) – Earthquake, Rest, Zen Headbutt, Crunch
3. Gallade (L60) – Psycho Cut, Stone Edge, Close Combat, Leaf Blade
4. Milotic (L59) – Ice Beam, Surf, Dragon Pulse, Aqua Ring
5. Dragonite (L63) – Outrage, Iron Tail, Aqua Tail, Stone Edge
6. Volcarona (L60) – Quiver Dance, Bug Buzz, Flamethrower, Hurricane


1. Chelsea – Water Type
Gyarados (L70) – Earthquake, Waterfall, Ice Fang, Stone Edge
Lapras (L70) – Thunder, Ice Beam, Rain Dance, Hydro Pump
Milotic (L73) – Ice Beam, Recover, Surf, Toxic
Seismitoad (L71) – Earthquake, Sludge Wave, Muddy Water, Drain Punch
Ludicolo (L71) – Rain Dance, Giga Drain, Ice Beam, Hydro Pump
Vaporeon (L71) – Shadow Ball, Surf, Ice Beam, Acid Armour

2. Sparky – Electric Type
Raichu (L70) – Volt Tackle, Grass Knot, Quick Attack, Iron Tail
Eelektross (L70) – Acrobatics, Wild Charge, Flamethrower, Dragon Claw
Lanturn (L71) – Ice Beam, Surf, Charge Beam, Signal Beam
Electivire (L73) – Ice Punch, Cross Chop, Earthquake, Wild Charge
Ampharos (L71) – Thunderbolt, Power Gem, Signal Beam, Cotton Guard
Luxray (L71) – Wild Charge, Ice Fang, Night Slash, Giga Impact

3. Gustave – Ground Type
Steelix (L70) – Dig, Iron Tail, Thunder Fang, Sandstorm
Whiscash (L71) – Amnesia, Waterfall, Earthquake, Zen Headbutt
Donphan (L70) – Thunder Fang, Earthquake, Stone Edge, Giga Impact
Rhyperior (L73) – Hammer Arm, Megahorn, Stone Edge, Earthquake
Mamoswine (L71) – Earthquake, Stone Edge, Avalanche, Body Slam
Claydol (L71) – Cosmic Power, Calm Mind, Psychic, Earthquake

4. Damien – Dragon
Kingdra (L70) – Ice Beam, Dragon Pulse, Surf, Flash Cannon
Garchomp (L71) – Brick Break, Earthquake, Outrage, Stone Edge
Flygon (L70) – Earthquake, Fly, Dragon Claw, Flamethrower
Hydreigon (L73) – Focus Blast, Dark Pulse, Dragon Pulse, Surf
Haxorus (L71) – Dragon Dance, Outrage, Rock Slide, Earthquake
Dragonite (L73) – Thunder, Blizzard, Outrage, Iron Tail

Skarmory (L75) – Steel Wing, U Turn, Spikes, Fly
Lucario (L76) – Aura Sphere, Iron Tail, Earthquake, Psychic
Aggron (L76) – Dragon Claw, Metal Burst, Stone Edge, Avalanche
Bastiodon (L75) - Iron Defence, Rest, Stone Edge, Metal Burst
Metagross (L78) - Psychic, Meteor Mash, Earthquake, Shadow Ball
Empoleon (L76) - Ice Beam, Hydro Pump, Flash Cannon, Shadow Claw
*Steven replaces Palmer and become the new Champion, Palmer goes back to Battle Frontier.

Will post up Challenge Mode soon

Choice Specs
November 6th, 2012, 8:27 AM
Here's Mine: Mine takes place in the Hoenn Region 20 years later. May is the new professor of the region.

Cam: Psychic type-
Exeggutor lv 46
Xatu lv 47
Slowbro lv 46
Slowking lv 46
Medicham lv 48

Roxanne: Rock type-
Golem lv 47
Rhydon lv 46
Aggron lv 47
Bastidon lv 47
Probopass lv 50

Collin: Electric type-
Electivire lv 48
Rotom lv 47
Zebstrika lv 49
Electrode lv 49
Manectric lv 51

Penny: Bug type-
Vespiquen lv 49
Heracross lv 48
Yanmega lv 50
Butterfree lv 50
Volcarona lv 53

Champion May- Yes the professor also doubles as the Champion-
Wailord lv 55
Camerupt lv 55
Swellow lv 55
Sceptile lv 58
Blaziken lv 58
Swampert lv 58

November 6th, 2012, 5:56 PM
#1 Brian - Master of Steel
Shining Metagross - Lv 63
Excadrill - Lv 62
Bastiodon - Lv 62
Bronzong - Lv 61
Bisharp - Lv 61
Skarmory - Lv 60

#2 Kaitlyn - Master of Water
Swampert - Lv 65
Jellicent - Lv 63
Gastodon - Lv 64
Shining Floatzel - Lv 66
Milotic - Lv 64
Gyarados - Lv 65

#3 Billy - Master Dragon Tamer
Dragonite - Lv 68
Salamence - Lv 67
Shining Haxorus - Lv 69
Hydreigon - Lv 68
Altaria - Lv 67
Druddigo - Lv 66

#4 Ayla - Master of Eeveelution
Shining Glaceon - Lv 72
Leafeon - Lv 70
Jolteon - Lv 71
Flareon - Lv 69
Vaporeon - Lv 70
Espeon - Lv 71

#5 Champion Alexander
Umbreon - Lv 72
Garchomp - Lv 72
Arcanine - Lv 73
Braviary - Lv. 73
Empoleon - Lv 74
Shining Charizard - Lv 75

Yes I know,a little too high in levels,but this is my Elite 4 haha.

November 7th, 2012, 10:08 AM
First up is Silva, a former weaponsmith who specializes in Steel Types. His team consists of:
Metagross Lv. 58
Aggron Lv. 58
Magnezone Lv. 57
Klinkklang Lv. 57
Skarmory Lv. 57

Next up is Roxxy, a geologist and Pokémon reasearcher who rocks Rock types. Her team is:
Tyranitar Lv. 60
Golem Lv. 58
Sudowoodo Lv. 57
Magcargo Lv. 57
Gigalith Lv. 58

Up next is Ellen, a women dedicated to proving women are powerful, and she'll go to shocking lengths. Her team:
Lanturn Lv. 59
Electivire Lv. 62
Eelektross Lv. 61
Jolteon Lv. 60
Manectric Lv.60

Next is Joe. He's an average guy, but his Pokémon are anything but! His team:
Slaking Lv. 63
Stoutland Lv. 61
Blissey Lv. 60
Snorlax Lv. 61
Zangoose Lv. 59

Kage, the Champion, is a man shrouded in mystery...
Gardevoir Lv. 64
Kingdra Lv. 64
Arcanine Lv. 64
Venusaur Lv. 66
Magnezone Lv. 64
Zoroark Lv. 64

November 20th, 2012, 8:06 PM
this is my pokemon leaugue. i'm not using other people from the pokemon games i'm making up my one elite four and champion they are

Elite Four

Elizabeth - Psychic Type
Alakazam Lv.52
Slowking Lv.52
Gardevoir Lv.52
Gallade Lv.52
Gothitelle Lv.54

Andrew - Steel Type
Magneton Lv.54
Steelix Lv.54
Forretress Lv.54
Aggron Lv.54
Ferrothorn Lv.56

Blaze - Fire Type
Magmortar Lv.56
Darmanitan Lv.56
Camerupt LV.56
Rapidash Lv.56
Charizard Lv.58

Torrie - Dragon Type
Dragonite Lv.58
Flygon Lv.58
Salamence Lv.58
Garchomp Lv.58
Haxorus Lv.60


Michael - Various Types
Raichu Lv.60
Tyranitar Lv.60
Chandelure Lv.60
Empoleon Lv.60
Sceptile Lv.60
Emboar Lv.62


Elizabeth - Psychic Type

Musharna Lv.62
Slowking Lv.62
Gardevoir Lv.62
Gallade Lv.62
Gothitelle Lv.64

Andrew - Steel Type
Steelix Lv.64
Magnezone Lv.64
Aggron Lv.64
Metagross Lv.64
Ferrothorn Lv.66

Blaze - Fire Type
Magmortar Lv.66
Darmanitan Lv.66
Camerupt Lv.66
Charizard Lv.66
Blaziken Lv.68

Torrie - Dragon Type
Flygon Lv.68
Salamence Lv.68
Garchomp Lv.68
Haxorus Lv.68
Hydreigon Lv.70


Michael - Various Types
Eelektross Lv.70
Tyranitar Lv.70
Chandelure Lv.70
Empoleon Lv.70
Sceptile Lv.70
Emboar Lv.72