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March 29th, 2012, 6:03 PM
Duel Monsters is a Trading Card Game based on the popular anime Yu'Gi'Oh. By using powerful monsters, grand magic, and tricky traps, you crush your opponent. It's a game that takes cunning, stratagy, and The Heart of the Cards.

Duel MonstersEnthusiasts</span>
1: All Pokecommunity Rules Apply</span>
2: Respect others opinions
3: All responces to a users created cards must be at least 10 words in length, and be constructive.
4: No inappropriate nick names.
5:This Club encompasses all media associated with Yugioh (Manga, TCG, Anime, and video games).
6: Have fun, and enjoy the club

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Red-Eyes Blackness Metal Dragon
The Unforgiven

Current Members;
The Unforgiven (REvan342 club founder)