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Dragon Man
December 3rd, 2003, 1:35 PM
Which gym leader in Ru/Sa gave you the most trouble? (Not that they give you much trouble but which one was the hardest to beat) For me oddly it was Winona in my Ruby game. It took me 3 tries to beat her. I kept losing. :dead: In my Sapphire rom I used a rare candy cheat but Norman was kind of hard. The other question is which gym leader was the easiest to beat. In Ruby it was Wallace because I started with Treecko and in Sapphire it was probably Wattson because I had a Graveler.

December 5th, 2003, 3:42 AM
Norman and the twins, took me three times to defeat them.

December 5th, 2003, 8:24 AM
Norman was easy for me; an Aron ploughs through Normal types so easily. But hardest? Um Wattson. His Magneton's Shock Wave kept defeating my Pokmon [the fact that my Ninjask was no longer a Ground type didn't help], so I had to think up of a strategy. Well, it worked, eventually good thing I had Save States. Easiest was probably the twins, I forget what they were called. Gyarados's Dive and Lairon's Iron Tail [and the fact that the Lunatone was Calm Minding while getting hammered by a hard tail instead of attacking helped] ran them down quickly.

December 5th, 2003, 8:37 AM
I had a couple of hard ones because of the pokemon i selected. Lets see, Watson, Twins, and the girl who uses the Flying types( it was that stupid Altaria). The easiest was Norman cause i had a Aggron with me. The trainers you had to beat to get to him were even harder then Norman.

December 5th, 2003, 8:47 AM
Lol, yeah. I can't imagine how difficult it would've been if I didn't have my trusty Aron.