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January 13th, 2005, 5:42 PM
Only those who try, will truly succeed. Those who do not try, will only taste failure.

As Skye walked down the street to his house, he noticed his school. Empty, lonesome... Summer break was almost over, and Skye couldn't wait to get back in school. His main reason: To see Julia again.
After the first week of school, Skye planned to go on to compete in a new Pokemon league, the Platinum League. He had been dreaming of entering this League ever since he was a small child of 5. Although he did not have his own pokemon yet, he never gave up.
That afternoon, he took all the money out of his Piggy Bank, to reveal ten dollars. "That should be enough for a Pokeball or two..." he said to himself. The small sum of money was, in fact, enough for a Pokeball. "I will catch a Pokemon today, and show it off at School tomorrow!" he said to himself again.
"Bye mom, bye dad!" Skye shouted as he rushed out the door. "What was that all about?" Skye's dad asked. Skye's mom shrugged, and continued cleaning.
Skye opened the door, panting, and walked up to the counter. "One pokeball, Phil." he said to the man. He came back with a fresh-polished Pokeball, and handed it to Skye. "That'll be seven ninety-five please. So, you gonna try and catch a Pokemon, are you?" Phil inquired. "Sure am! I wanna find one I can really show off, one that's powerful and smart." Skye replied confidently. "Well, good luck." Phil said as he rang up the money. Skye walked out the door with a spring in his step, headed for the Youngstar Woods.
The forest entrance was welcoming, because Skye stood determined at the edge. He ran inside, expectations high. The first few Pokemon he saw did not interest him, but he finally cought glimpse of something that really made his eye sparkle. At the edge of a pond, sat a blue-tinted Pichu, sipping at the water.
'This is my chance!' he thought to himself. He threw the Pokeball. "POKEBALL, GO!" "Pi?" The pichu turned around, and was enveloped by the Pokeball. The pokeball shook for what seemed hours, although it was only about a minute. Suddenly it stopped, and the red light went out. A grin, ear to ear, split Skye's face. He picked up the pokeball proudly, and walked home.

January 13th, 2005, 6:36 PM
Nice beginning chapter DanielDude234.the opening line was interesting.I saw only a couple of problems.it was a little short.thats my main reason with my fics.eheheheh.other than that pretty good!I like it keep it up.