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April 19th, 2012, 6:20 AM
It is a shame when i returned to the forums i didn't see a single sprite comic, but have no fear..i shall revive it with my very own sprite comic

I have not made one in years and my previous ones..well sucked so here it is
Pokemon Bio hazard

Story- The evil team Bio hazard is secretly creating something using the DNA of legendary Pokemon. They just captured Deoxys and now they need just one more Pokemon...Mew

Our Hero No-name ( i haven't thought of a name yet) is on a quest (haven't decided yet) Team Bio-hazard just learned that our hero has a Mew (that's lucky) and they will stop at nothing to achieve their goal.

Chapter 1 BioHazard

I do not have much sprites in my comic yet as i haven't sprite in years so i am a little rusty. If you like to be in my comic just fill out this implication.

Deuteragonist & Tritagonist ( 2nd and 3rd main heroes
Trainer sprite: front/back overwords
Pokemon: front back overwords

your trainer must not exceed more than 6 Pokemon, you are allowed to capture Pokemon in my comic except for legendary (my mew is an exception)
you are also aloud to add your own scratch Pokemon i just need more details on it

Allies (Trainers that help the heroes when they can)
Trainer sprite: does not need back but needs front and overworld
Pokemon: front and overworlds

Antagonist (Villains)
2nd in command team biohazard (i will be changing your bottom clothes but your pose will stay the same)
Trainer sprite: front and overworlds
Pokemon: your Pokemon will only be toxic related

Bio hazard lab man
Trainer sprite front and overworlds (must have a lab coat

random trainers
Trainer sprite: front and overworlds

other trainers
these trainers will be in reserve as i might need them later as i decide on the story
i might use them for gym leaders if it comes to that or i might use them for something else after biohazard

If there is something that you think i need to change in my comic like speech bubbles ect ill review my comic and change in future chapters

credit goes to kyledove for the tiles

April 19th, 2012, 12:34 PM
It looks good, but I think you should put credit of where you got the sprites and tilesets...

Who's Kiyo?
April 21st, 2012, 7:38 PM
Your spriting skills could a bit of touching up and the image is kind of small and a tad blurry.

I have a feeling you need to flesh the plot out a bit more because this seems awfully like a generic evil organization who's out to steal Mew.

This has potential, but I don't think you're using it. :/

I haven't seen any sprite comics in forever here, so I'm curious how this one will fare.


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