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May 13th, 2012, 7:37 PM
Hey everyone. I am obviously new here.

I grew up during the prime age of Pokemon. But grew out of the games after generation 2. I collected the cards until around 2007 however.

I was looking around for a reliable site to sell these cards, and this site popped up--despite finding out this site doesn't allow it.

I saw the thread about asking what cards are worth. I was going to post in there, but I have a lot of cards--most of which I don't know the series they are from. So if anyone has some time on their hands to look at some pictures and give me a rough estimate of their value--please pm me, or leave a reply here.

Hope to meet some cool people here.

May 13th, 2012, 8:31 PM
Welcome Jaylee! Well i'm not 100% sure if someone is going to be willing to price your cards for you(Since im new here also, im not sure what others do).

BUT! A quick Google Search of "Pokemon Card Price Guide" produced some very viable choices for FREE lists of pricing guides. Every set too! This way, instead of having to take on (What sounds to be) the most tedious task of taking pictures, uploading them to the computer, sending them over to someone, then waiting for their reply. You can just scan through of your own leisure and find what you need!

I hope i have helped in some way! :)

Again, Welcome to PC! Hope you make some great friends while your here!