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May 17th, 2012, 9:16 AM

Creatures of Gaia needs help. Do you wanna assist?

CoG is tactical turn based browser game currently in development since beginning of the year. There, you can raise creatures, evolve them, breed them, and battle with them, which is the main emphasis in the game, with a deep gameplay. It's inspired from elements of poxnora, pokemon and others, with the twist that creatures are "breedable" and nearly unique.

For a better description of the game, please check it out:

http ://

And to see a few old screenshots of the game in progress:

http ://

I'm mostly looking for a Spriter, to team up with me and handle the graphical side.

After several months of work, it's finally starting to take shape so that the coding side should be ready by end of June to deliver a demo online. However, the graphics are very lacking and definitely requires some effort in that area. In order for the demo to be nice, it also has to look nice! Then, the plan is to gather feedback, go on kickstarters, etc...

Currently, it is just me (a 29 years old pro developer), and I would welcome everything, from a short little help like a single creature sprites to a long term partnership.

Just to give you an idea, what is needed are:
- creature sprites (moving and attacking)
- magic/spells special effects
- hex tileset
- improved web layout
...and many other things.

Of course, any comments about the game idea itself is also welcome.

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May 17th, 2012, 9:21 AM
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