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Dragon Man
December 4th, 2003, 11:28 AM
Chapter 1: Spencer's First Pokemon
In a far away town there lived a boy named Spencer. He lived in Bell Tower Town which was a small town with rolling hills and the sun seemed to be shining all the time. When Spencer turned 10 years old he would be able to recieve his first Pokemon from Professor Gutterman the local Pokemon expert. On the day of his 10th birthday he was very excited. His parents wished him well on his journey and told Spencer they loved him very much. Spencer left his wood house and headed through the garden and down the dirt road to Professor Gutterman's lab which was situated on the peak of Ridge Mountain. Spencer had to walk for 30 minutes until he knocked on Professor Gutterman's lab. Professor Gutterman oppened the door.
"Hello Spencer" she said.
"Good morning Professor Gutterman" said Spencer nervously.
"You've come for your first Pokemon haven't you Spencer?" said Professor Gutterman.
"Yes ma'am. Please" said Spencer politely.
"Well you'll have to wait for five minutes so the other kids can get their Pokemon also."
After five minutes was up there was a knock on the door. Professor Gutterman opened the door. A boy Spencer's age came in. He was wearing baggy blue jeans and a green windbreaker and black boots. He had blue eyes and short blond hair.
"Hello Spencer" said the boy smugly.
"Hello Farrell" said Spencer a bit nervously.
After ten more minutes a boy and a girl arrived at the door. The boy said his name was Dean and the girl said her name was Josephine. Dean had black spiky hair and was wearing red sneakers, red shorts and a red sweater. Josephine had long blue hair and brown eyes. She was wearing a blue jeans jacket and brown cargo pants with blue sneakers.
"Now that you are all here it is time for you to choose your Pokemon" said Professor Gutterman.
"What are the Pokemon Professor Gutterman?" asked Dean.
"There is a Magnemite, a Machop, a Slugma and a Phanpy" said Professor Gutterman.
"I want-" started Farrell but Professor Gutterman cut him off.
"Hold on Farrell" said Professor Gutterman "we will pull names out of a hat to see who will choose first."
She divided a sheet of paper into four parts and wrote each of their names on one sheet. Then she put them in a hat and shook the hat.
"The person who chooses their Pokemon first will be...Farrell" said Professor Gutterman.
"All right" crowed Farrell "I choose Slugma."
"The next person to choose will be...Spencer" said Professor Gutterman.
"May I please have Phanpy?" asked Spencer hopefully.
"Sure Spencer" said Professor Gutterman smiling.
Josephine's name was pulled next and she chose Magnemite and Dean got a Machop. Spencer congratulated everyone on their new Pokemon.
"I've registered all of you for the Emerald League" said Professor Gutterman "There are ten badges to collect. The nearest city with a gym is Cornblue City. Here are your Pokeballs and Pokedexes."
Farrell got a black Pokedex, Josephine got a blue Pokedex, Dean got a green Pokedex and Spencer got a red Pokedex. Each trainer recieved 5 different kinds of balls to catch Pokemon with. Each trainer got two Pokeballs, one Grassball, one Waterball and one Flyball. Spencer was very excited. He couldn't wait to start his adventure the next day.

December 9th, 2003, 12:14 AM
a bit too short but its ok.

Spencer- Phanpy
Farrell- Slugma
Dean- Machop
Josephine- Magnemite

am I correct?

Dragon Man
December 9th, 2003, 9:19 AM
Yes you are correct about the Pokmon they each recieved. Chapter 2 will come in the next post. Do you have any suggestions for this story? More details? More dialogue? More writing?

Dragon Man
December 9th, 2003, 10:19 AM
Chapter 2: Trouble at the Bell Tower
Spencer thanked Professor Gutterman and wished Dean, Josephine and Farrell good luck.
"Humph" Farrell snorted "luck is for losers."
Spencer opened the door and stepped outside into the cool air. He just stood at the edge of the hill for three minutes hardly believing that he had his first Pokmon. He threw the Pokball that contained Phanpy. The Pokball opened and Phanpy got out of its Pokball.
"Hi Phanpy" said Spencer "I'm very glad to see you. How are you feeling buddy? We're going to be great friends."
"Phanpy, Phanpy" said Phanpy happily.
"Let's go to my house" said Spencer.
"Phan?" asked Phanpy curiously. Spencer and Phanpy walked back down the hill and into Bell Tower Town.
"This is the general store, next to it is the fishing store and that is the market" said Spencer to Phanpy pointing out the stores. After some walking down the dusty high street the pair came to the clock.
"It's a quarter to noon" remarked Spencer to Phanpy.
"Phanpy" said Phanpy happily.
"We're going to leave town tomorrow and head toward Cornblue City to try and win the first badge from the gym leader there" said Spencer excitedly.
"Phanpy, Phanpy" said Phanpy also very excited. Suddenly there was a loud noise and Spencer and Phanpy turned around. The noise had come from the Bell Tower on the edge of town. There was smoke billowing from the tower's top. Spencer ran toward the tower with Phanpy right behind. When Spencer got to the tower he saw Farrell, Dean and Josephine running toward him.
"What happened Spencer?" asked Dean.
"I don't know. Come on let's hurry to the top and find out" said Spencer "Phanpy return."
"Phanpy" said Phanpy stubbornly.
"Ah you want to help" said Spencer "Alright!"
The four trainers and Phanpy ran up the stairs to the top of the Bell Tower. There were four masked men standing there in green pants, green boots, green robes and green masks. As the trainers approached the men turned around.
"Who are you?" asked Farrell.
"We are members of...the Green Team!"
"What's the Green Team?" asked Spencer scratching his head.
"Who cares?" said Josephine "go Magnemite!"
"Go Machop!" yelled Dean.
"Slugma go!" shouted Farrell "Ember attack!" Slugma opened its mouth and shot a burst of flame from its mouth.
"Phanpy Rollout!" shouted Spencer. Phanpy curled into a ball and shot toward the four masked men.
"Go Scyther!" shouted one of the men and threw a Pokball "Slash attack!"
"Slugma Ember!" yelled Farrell.
"Magnemite Thundershock!" yelled Josephine.
"Machop Karate Chop!" yelled Dean.
"Phanpy use Rollout!" yelled Spencer.
The Ember hit the Scyther and Scyther fainted. The Thundershock hit the four men who got electrocuted. Machop used Karate Chop and the men ran backward toward the stairs to avoid the Karate Chop. Rollout hit the four masked men right on target and they fell down the stairs and landed in a heap.
"Yes!" shouted Spencer "good work everyone!" All of a sudden Police Officer Jared came running up the stairs and so did the Mayor of Bell Tower Town, Mr. Harris.
"What happened?" asked Mr. Harris.
"These four men were trying to steal the bell" answered Josephine bravely.
"Well done, Farrell, Dean, Josephine and Spencer" said Police Officer Jared "you've caught four wanted crooks."
"Well you have earned a reward" said Mr. Harris "I'll give each of you two TM's which contain moves that you can teach Pokmon. You each get a Rock Slide TM and a Flamethrower TM."
"Thank you Mr. Harris" said all of the trainers together.
"You have earned the town's thanks" said Police Officer Jared "you might get a reward from the people of the town."
"I'm going home" said Spencer "let's go Phanpy. Bye Mr. Harris and Police Officer Jared." Spencer walked down the stairs and onto the high street.
"Great job Phanpy" said Spencer "you're the best!"
"Phanpy, Phanpy" said Phanpy happily. Spencer and Phanpy slowly walked off toward Spencer's house.

Dragon Man
December 9th, 2003, 3:05 PM
Chapter 3: The First Battle!
Spencer awoke the day after he had recieved his first Pokmon. He checked his alarm clock.
"6:45 in the morning" groaned Spencer. Then he fell back asleep. When he woke up again it was 9 AM. Spencer ran to the landing and slid down the wooden banister.
"Good morning Mom and Dad" said Spencer.
"Good morning son" said Dad.
"Did you sleep well?" asked Mom.
"I woke up once but then went back to sleep" said Spencer "oh wait I forgot something." Spencer ran up the stairs and saw Phanpy sleeping by the side of his bed. Thinking he'd let Phanpy sleep, Spencer ran back down the stairs and had some waffles with maple syrup.
"Well son today is a big day for you" said Dad.
"Sure is Dad" said Spencer "I can hardly wait." After he was done eating Spencer ran upstairs and woke up Phanpy.
"Phanpy, Phanpy" said Phanpy happily.
"Today we start on our quest for the 10 badges in the Emerald League" said Spencer excitedly "we will leave at noon sharp." Spencer brushed his teeth, showered, gave Phanpy food, got his Pokdex and different sorts of balls for catching Pokmon out and changed into black jeans, a white undershirt, green and black striped shirt, blue baseball cap and black boots. Then he put his balls for catching Pokmon into his pocket and his Pokdex in his pocket also. Spencer said good-bye to his parents and headed off toward Cornblue City along the road that led to Wood Town. Spencer and Phanpy passed some Oddish and some Igglybuff and some Jigglypuff and some Wigglytuff. Finally Spencer spotted a Pidgey hopping around looking for food. Thinking he would add it to his collection of Pokmon, Spencer got out his Pokdex.
"Pidgey the small bird Pokmon" said a voice "Pidgey is half flying and half normal type. Its attacks include Gust, Sand-Attack, Quick Attack and Whirlwind."
"Go Phanpy!" shouted Spencer "Rollout attack!" Phanpy curled into a ball and rolled toward the Pidgey. As Phanpy was about to roll into Pidgey, Pidgey suddenly disappeared.
"What happened?" asked Spencer.
"That's my Pidgey" said a man's voice. Spencer looked up to see a man of about six feet with short brown hair and a green plaid shirt and brown sweatpants and pink sneakers.
"Sorry" apologized Spencer quickly.
"Yeah right" said the man "my name's Joe. Joe the Bird Master and I challenge you to a battle."
"Okay" said Spencer "but I only have one Pokmon."
"Too bad for you" said Joe "I've got three Pokmon and they are all strong."
"Phanpy do your best!" called Spencer encouragingly.
"Go Spearow!" cried Joe throwing out a Pokball.
"Phanpy use Swift!" cried Spencer.
"Dodge it and use Peck!" yelled Joe. Spearow dodged the Swift and sped toward Phanpy.
"Phanpy use Takedown!" called Spencer. Phanpy shot toward Spearow and used Takedown. Spearow looked weak.
"Don't give up Spearow!" yelled Joe. Spearow wobbled around apparently dazed.
"Phanpy use Rollout!" shouted Spencer. Phanpy rolled toward Spearow and the attack hit Spearow right on target. Spearow fell to the ground and fainted.
"All right Phanpy!" shouted Spencer happily.
"Go Pidgey!" shouted Joe "use Gust now!" A gust of wind sped toward Phanpy and hit Phanpy. Phanpy skidded backward.
"Don't give up Phanpy!" called Spencer encouragingly "use Swift!" Lots of stars shot toward Spearow. Spearow managed to dodge about half but the other half hit Pidgey.
"Pidgey use Sand-Attack!" yelled Joe angrily. Pidgey kicked up sand that hit Phanpy in the eye making it harder for Phanpy to see.
"Phanpy try Tackle attack!" called Spencer. Phanpy used Tackle on Pidgey who immediately fainted.
"Great work Phanpy!" called Spencer encouragingly.
"Meet my star Pokmon" shouted Joe "who will crush your Phanpy. I choose Taillow!"
"Phanpy hang in there!" shouted Spencer "try your Swift attack." Taillow flew into the air and dodged the Swift attack with ease.
"Taillow use Wing Attack!" commanded Joe. Taillow hit Phanpy with its wing and Phanpy started to look dazed.
"Phanpy use Tackle!" shouted Spencer.
"Taillow use your Peck!" shouted Joe. Taillow flew toward Phanpy and pecked Phanpy fiercely. Realizing that Taillow was very good Spencer decided to teach Phanpy the Rock Slide TM. Spencer got out the Rock Slide TM from his Backpack and gave it to Phanpy.
"Your Phanpy has learned the Rock Slide attack" said Spencer's Pokdex.
"Phanpy use Rock Slide!" yelled Spencer. Rocks flew threw the air and some crashed into Taillow who fell on the ground.
"Now finish up this battle with Takedown!" yelled Spencer. Phanpy jumped up in the air above Taillow who was on the ground and used Takedown.
"Tai....llow" said Taillow as it fainted.
"Great work Phanpy!" shouted Spencer "you were amazing. Nice battle Joe."
"I'm sorry for accusing you Spencer" said Joe "I enjoyed battling with you. Good luck on your quest in the Emerald League."
"Thanks Joe" said Spencer. Then Spencer and Phanpy continued walking down the road that led to Wood Town.

Dragon Man
December 9th, 2003, 3:07 PM
Could someone please give me some feedback or some constructive criticism? Sorry for Double Posting. Chapter Four will probably come out sometime tomorrow. I won't tell what it's going to be about though...

December 11th, 2003, 6:51 AM
I really love it, please write more !

Dragon Man
December 15th, 2003, 3:44 PM
Thanks! I wrote the next 3 chapters. I can't copy and paste because I'm on my mom's computer and the chapters are on mine but I'll give away the chapter names.
Chapter 4: Tobias!
Chapter 5: The Secret of Green Flow Town
Chapter 6: The Unfair Battle!
Chapter 4 is about a boy called Tobias who seems to be an incredible trainer...
Chapter 5 is about the mystery in the river that runs through Green Flow Town. It also reveals why Green Flow Town is called Green Flow Town.
Chapter 6 is about Spencer's first gym battle. I'll post the chapters all tomorrow.

Dragon Man
December 16th, 2003, 2:35 PM
Chapter 4: Tobias!
Spencer walked along the path to Wood Town and carefully observing the grass. Finally he saw a Charamander.
"Wow" said Spencer "Charamander's are really rare. Go Phanpy! Use Rollout!"
Phanpy came out of its Pokball and rolled toward Charamander who was looking in the other direction.
"Char" it said as Rollout worked. Then Charamander turned around and used an Ember attack on Phanpy.
"Phan" said Phanpy weakly.
"Don't give up Phanpy!" called Spencer "try a Swift attack!" Phanpy shot stars toward Charamander who got hit by many of the stars.
"Char" said Charamander angrily. Then it came running toward Phanpy and tried to use Tackle. Phanpy jumped out of the way at the last minute and then used a Take Down on Charamander.
"Go Pokball" shouted Spencer. The Pokball hit Charamander and bounced off.
"What?" said Spencer confused.
"Charamander return!" called a voice. Charamander was absorbed by red light and returned in to a Pokball held by a boy who looked about a year older than Spencer. He was wearing light brown boots, white cargo pants, a green polo shirt and his hair was orange.
"Sorry" said Spencer "I didn't know this Pokmon belonged to you."
"That's all right" said the boy "my name is Tobias and I'm traveling with my brother Silas."
"Hi" said Spencer "I'm Spencer. Is your brother Silas last year's Emerald League winner?"
"Yes" said Tobias "I'm traveling with him. I started my journey a week ago in Port City. I got a Bulbasaur as my first Pokmon and then caught a Squirtle near the Port City gym. I battled the leader and won. Then my brother's Pidgeot flew us to Mount Lava where I caught Charamander. Then we hiked to Mount Freeze and I won the Ice Badge from Johnny. Then we flew to Wood Town and started walking to Bell Tower Town to meet the famous Professor Gutterman."
"Wow" said Spencer "I only started two days ago and I'm traveling with my Phanpy." Suddenly a boy of fifteen with blond hair. He was wearing faded blue jeans, a pair of boots that had tape on them and a black shirt that had a picture of a lightning bolt on it. Spencer's jaw dropped. This was Silas last year's winner of the Emerald League. He had won the first four rounds with one Pokmon. In the fifth round only one his Pokmon fainted and then in the sixth and quarterfinal and semifinal round only lost two Pokmon out of six in each battle. In the finals he had battled Harrison Walker from Ridge Town. The match had gone down to the wire. Harrison was using Sneasel and Silas was using Golem. Sneasel had used False Swipe but Golem caught Sneasel's hand and used Seismic Toss.
"Hello Spencer" said Silas in a deep voice.
"It's an honor to meet you" said Spencer.
"Well we'd better go Tobias" said Silas "we want to see Professor Gutterman and get three badges in the next two weeks so we'd better hurry." But then there was a big explosion from their right.
"Let's go!" shouted Tobias running toward the source of the sound. The three ran to a large clearing where smoke was rising. There were five men in yellow boots, yellow pants and yellow robes.
"That's the Yellow Team" said Silas "they use Electric type Pokmon." The three snuck up behind the Yellow Team members. There was a trainer and his Jigglypuff and his Staryu in a deep hole.
"Hand us the Pokmon kid" said a member of Team Yellow.
"No way!" shouted the boy.
"Then we will use force!" shouted the Team Yellow member who appeared to be the leader.
"Go Electabuzz!"
"I'll save you!" shouted Tobias and he ran toward the Team Yellow members. They turned around.
"What's this?" said the leader clearly amused "an amateur wants to battle me?"
"Go Bulbasaur!" shouted Tobias "use Razor Leaf!" Leaves shot from Bulbasaur and hit Electabuzz.
"Electabuzz use your Thunderpunch!" shouted the leader.
"Dodge it and use Vine Whip!" shouted Tobias. Electabuzz tried to punch Bulbasaur but Bulbasaur dodged the attack and used Vine Whip. Electabuzz got caught in the vines.
"Now use Solarbeam!" Bulbasaur absorbed the sun's energy and shot it toward Electabuzz who fainted.
"Grr" growled the leader "you got us this time but not next time. It will be different!" The Yellow Team members activated their jet packs and flew away.
"Thanks" said the kid who was in the hole.
"No problem" said Tobias "Bulbasaur use your vines to pull him out of the hole." In a couple of seconds the kid was out of the hole.
"My name's Ricky and I just started my Emerald League journey so I was easy for Team Yellow to kidnap." The group walked back to the path. Then Silas and Tobias walked off toward Bell Tower Town and Ricky followed. Spencer ran toward Wood Town. When he got to Wood Town he saw all the buildings were made of wood. He went to the Pokmon Center and got Phanpy healed. Then he got something to eat and went to the PokMart where he bought three potions and two antidotes. Then he spent the night in the Pokmon Center. In the morning he ran down the path that led to Green Flow Town. After an hour he reached a sign that read "Green Flow Town-10 minutes to go." Spencer walked down the path and in seven minutes saw the small buildings of Green Flow Town.

Dragon Man
December 16th, 2003, 2:53 PM
Chapter 5: The Secret of Green Flow Town
Spencer reached Green Flow town and immediately found the Pokmon Center. There he healed Phanpy who had been in five battles and won them all. He overhead a boy named Jacob and a girl named Maria. They were talking about why the river was green.
"Well rumors say that there's a bunch of Pokmon in the river that produce green light" said Jacob.
"I heard that there's a bunch of Grass Pokmon in the river and they produce the green light" said Maria.
"Hi" said Spencer "I overheard what you were saying. Do you want to explore the river?"
"No" said Jacob "I don't like water."
"I don't much want to explore" said Maria.
"OK" said Spencer. He walked to the nearest shop that sold scuba diving equipment. He bought the necessary equipment to remain underwater for three hours. Then he walked past the clock to the river which was located in the center of town. A cobblestone path on a stone bridge was the only way to cross the river. Spencer walked down the bank and put on the scuba diving equipment. Then he dove into the river. The water was in fact green just like Maria and Jacob had said. Spencer swam down to the bottom of the river and swam along the bottom. A green light was shining ahead of him and he sped up. Then Spencer saw a whole group of Grimer in the bottom of the river.
"That's why the river's green" said Spencer but only a bubble appeared "the Grimer have been polluting the river." Then Spencer swam up to the surface and told the police what he had seen.
"Just give me a net and I'll get the Grimer to the top of the river and set them free near the factory at the edge of town." The police gave Spencer a net. He dove back underwater and threw the net over all of the Grimer. Then using a Sharpedo he had borrowed from the police he hauled the Grimer up to the surface. From there he sent out the police's Fearow who flew with the net to the factory. Then the police's Aggron used Steel Claw and the net opened. The Grimer moved toward the factory. Then they all turned around.
"Grimer" they all said thankfully to Spencer.
"You're welcome" said Spencer. Then Farrell appeared behind Spencer.
"Nice work Spencer" said Farrell sneering "but you don't know why the Grimer survived do you?"
"No" said Spencer.
"Idiot" said Farrell "it's because the Grimer were trapped in some sort of underwater bubble that used to be the Blue Team's hideout."
"Thanks Farrell" said Spencer. The day after Spencer headed out of Green Flow Town with Phanpy at his side.

Flaming Torchic
December 16th, 2003, 2:59 PM
Hmm... you need to work on your story, first of all, it is pretty shor, and second of all, its in script, script isnt the greatest format to use in making stories, cause it provides less length and less description. You really need to make paragraphs, its not very easy to read a story that is all cramped together.