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January 16th, 2005, 6:51 PM
The server that hosted the Digital World was running out of space. To make space, it unleashed it's X-Program to sweep the lands of the Digital World, deleting all Digimon who were not strong enough to survive. The X-Antibody was able to appear in those Digimon's Digi-Cores, rebirthing them into Digimon able to handle the X-Program without deleting.

The X-Antibody magnified the Digimon's abilities, and with that changed their appearance. Digimon who have the X-Antibody are called __mon X. (ie, Agumon would be, Agumon X.)

Because the X-Digimon are no longer effected by the X-Program, the Royal Knights (13 in all) were hired to hunt Digimon down who carried the X-Antibody, and destroy them.

Now, the Digital World has been devided into three layers.

Yggdrasil is the host server housing the Digital World. It has experimented with artificial lifeforms, creating Digimon. It didn't expect the large amount of data though!

Every Digimon has a Digi-Core inside of them that holds information which gives that Digimon life and its characteristics.

A Digimon is born from a Digi-Egg, and will grow up to evolve after battling or eating. When Digimon die, they return to a Digi-Egg to start the process all over again.

X-Digimon Information...
These X-Digimon were moved to the "New Digital World" where they lived fear-free of the X-Program.

The "New Digital World" was devided into three layers; the Past, Present, and Future layers. The Past layer houses Digimon of ancient types. The Future layer houses Digimon of artificial existance. The Present layer is where all Digimon are born. The three layers are known as the "Chronicle Layer System".

The "XAI system" is an item which displays the status of the X Antibodies.

The Royal Knights (13 of them) were hired to destroy Digimon with X-Antibodies, since the X-Program couldn't.Yggdrasil then sent the Royal Knights to delete all Digimon with the X Antibody, as to exterminate it. There are 13 Royal Knights total, however, the only Digimon known to be Royal Knights at this time are Omegamon, Dukemon, Magnamon, Dynasmon, Rhodo Knightmon, Alphamon, and Alforce V-Dramon.

ok i got this story-line from a site talkin about the 5th season of digimon
since no one knows what will happen we'll just make our own ending and beginning, ok i really dont know much about it so we'll play it like this

Since there are 13 knights then there should be 13 players (well those are my hopes so far but i'll understand if just 5 knights sign up)

right now i know there are 3 characters the story center arounds (the story centers around the knights 2)


Kouta is the traditional google boy. Not much is know right now as to how he came to the Digital World, or became partners with Dorumon


Shinji seems to be Kouta's rival. Not much is know right now about him. It also seems his partner Digimon may be Omnimon X.


Yuuji looks like a younger Shinji. Like the rest of the characters, not much is known. His Digimon is Ryuudamon

so there are only 2 people left that already have a existence in the rp not like if somebody just started a new rp and everybody has just entered the "new world" i'm picking kouta so there are 2 (like i said) ppl left with an existence already in the digital world
Shinji seems like the bad guy
and Kouta and Yuuji seems like another matt and tai
i'll only allow 2 or 3 more people to join and create thier own character as shown below
Character: (if still available, knights including)

Form: 2
Digimon: (rookie level)
RPing EX: show an example of your role-playing skills

Form 1:
Kouta is the traditional google boy. Not much is know right now as to how he came to the Digital World, or became partners with Dorumon

paige pelletier
January 17th, 2005, 5:58 AM
Name: Paige
Age: 12
Gender: female
Personality: her personality varies she keeps to herself
description: long dark purple hair pulled into two pony tails (her hair in down to here ankles) light purple eyes baggy jeans a tshirt (black) black fingerless gloves (pale skin) black shoes and a black back pack (the shoulder kind) long finger nails (not in a creepy way) and a black witchs hat
Digimon: wizardmon (if anyone knows please tell me his other forms)
RPing ex: I stared in horror at the sight before me...... My home my town all gone no one was left.... Not even me!

January 25th, 2005, 1:56 AM
It's not the 5th season! It's just a mini manga that you get when you buy a Pendulum X. IT IS NOT THE 5TH SEASON!

Oh and, I do know the ending of the 'Season' so you can PM me if you want the ending. Oh and its 11 knights needing to sign up, Alphamon is Kouta's.

Name: Kite Kuya
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Personality: Brave, likes to step out unexpectedly. he is very quiet.
Description: A red and black cap worn backwards, A Red T-shirt with a black logo (The triangle symbol of Culumon and GUilmon). Baggy black jeans and with red flames.
Digimon: Guilmon X- Growlmon X- Metal Growlmon X- Medieval Dukemon X- Dukemon X [not crimson mode... o_O]
RPing EX: Kite heard sounds in his head. His room rocked back and forth, he grabbed onto his silver laptop and closed his eyes.

Kite woke up. Bright Yellow eyes were staring deep into his.

"Jari!" A small red creature bounced up and down. Kite was... amazed.

hehe. Kite's outfit was designed to be like Guilmon, all red and black.