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June 4th, 2012, 2:40 AM
Good evening morning ^^

My name is Matthew, but I usually go by "Twice" or "Seraph". I am 19, and I am a Otaku and Pokemaniac.

To date I have played and completed:
Blue, Yellow, Silver, Crystal, Sapphire, Emerald, Gale of Darkness, Colosseum, Pearl, Platinum, Heart Gold, Soul Silver (loved dem gb sounds) and White.

Feverishly looking forward to Black 2 http://www.emotasia.com/wp-content/uploads/onion-head-emoticon-24.gif

My all favorite Pokemon are Gardevoir (for what I'd think to be obvious reasons), Latias (again, obvious reasons- if you are aware of her ability to alter her appearence via refraction of Light) and Volcarona (just a Boss)

If your wondering about my taste in Anime, here (http://myanimelist.net/animelist/Utnapishtim) is my list.

Oh! And in case anyone here is also from the Type-Moon Forum "Beast's Lair", I am "NZXT", aka SE.RA.PH. on there. Although, with the same avatar and signature, I would think that obvious.

Random Info:
My favorite Video Game for the PS3 is Valkyria Chronicles, my favorite Video Game for the PSP is Fate/EXTRA, my favorite Video Game for the Wii is Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces, my favorite Video Game for the DS is The World Ends With You, my favorite Visual Novel is Steins;Gate, and I love Touhou.
I am a student, currently pursuing a doctorate in Psychology.
During the Summer, I work as a cook at a certain fast-food restaurant (hint: Hedgehog) and during the fall, I work as a harvester of seasonal crops.

Well, I suppose that should suffice for an introduction.

June 4th, 2012, 3:04 AM
I tried coming up with a witty title.
And you did! Congratulations. :P

Good evening to you too over there, Twice. And welcome to the PokéCommunity forums.
Or do you prefer Matthew? Matt?

I think we have pretty much the same style of playing the main series games. Heh, get one of the pairs and the third. It's surprising how FRLG and HGSS aren't included in your list, though! If you didn't just forget, you ought to try them out in case you liked the old games. But yeah, for liking Gardevoir and Volcarona, you got my attention.

First and foremost! Black 2 and White 2! It's great that you're pumped about the games, and with that I highly suggest you check out the forum we have for that. It can be really fun to speculate with the rest of us, and the minute it hits shelves we'll all be sharing our experiences, too. And since you mentioned, taking up Psychology sounds cool, and I hope you do well.

Have fun here, yo. Oh yeah, TWEWY and your sig. Love them. <3

June 4th, 2012, 3:10 AM
Thank you ^^ And ah, my mistake. I did not play FR/LG, but I have played both HG/SS, I forgot to add them to the list ^^'

Twice is the Alias I usually use. Matthew is my birth name, and Matt is my nickname. Call me what you like.

June 4th, 2012, 3:11 AM
Hi Matthew, that's some nice interests you have there.

You can just call me Hikari btw.

Some call me "PC's Anti-Leaker Memetic Goddess" due to my humor and love for memes.

I love most 5th Gen Pokemon characters, I am heavily crushing on Cheren.

My fave Pokemon is Oshawott cos he's cute and his evos are cool.

I also put lots of effort into my avatar/signature themes, and I tend to put a little humor in the signature and/or usertitle.

You should check out the Pokemon Gaming sections to get started, maybe even Pokemon Clubs and the Trivia sections if you can.

I am a master of trivia, as some claim me to be.

If you want to chat, just VM me. You might even make a new friendship with a little chat.

Also, if you have any concerns, the staff are there to help you.

- Hikari10, "Assangeism"

June 4th, 2012, 4:07 AM
Hello Hikari, now to be referred to as the Pneumatic Goddess, and thank you.

I have well over a dozen nicknames and aliases, but until I gain one on here, one of the aforementioned will suffice.

Gen V is my third favorite (with II and III in the lead), I especially liked how it had a few mature elements to it, more so than previous installments in the series, and how the MC's were the oldest yet. Cheren was pretty cool, looking forward to see his role in BW2. I'm currently crushing (hard) on N and Homika.

Oshawott was my starter on my first play through. I had a Samurott named Musashi http://www.emotasia.com/wp-content/uploads/onion-head-emoticon-2.gif

The effort shows.

Thank you for the warm welcome, and I will be sure to direct all questions to the moderators.