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June 5th, 2012, 12:51 PM
Hi all

I'm agdragonrider and I'm a BIIIIG Pokémon fan :D (like, Giratina-big or Abomasnow-big :))
Right. Where to start...?
What about my favourite Pokémon.
OK, joint first place has got to be Typhlosion (evolved from a lil Cyndaquil on HeartGold) - or Vindaloo as mine is nicknamed in the games. Also joint first is Torterra, evolved from a humble Turtwig on my first ever Pokémon game, Platinum Version. I call him Fighter.
Then obviously there's Pikachu (it would be a crime not to like the Electric Mouse as a Pokémon fan, right?! And he's so adorable... <3)
And after that, I guess there's Zekrom - nicknamed DarkSpark, and then Samurott simply because it's my starter Pokémon on White Version (well, its pre-volution was), and Ho-Oh and stuff...
Anyhow, there's my mini-intro, so voila and I hope to start invading the site with my posts :D lol
Bye fellow Pokéfans

June 5th, 2012, 5:01 PM
Hi there!

So, you love lots of cool Pokemon?

The Pokemon Gaming sections are good places you should see.

There's General Pokemon Gaming Discussions which covers Generations 1-3 and Current Generation Pokemon Gaming which is Generations 4 and 5.

I started with Samurott in my Black Version, and he was awesome. I even started with Typhlosion in SoulSilver (mine had a beneficial nature too).

Don't hesitate to contact any staff members if you get lost.

- Hikari10, Pokemon Master who loves her memes...