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January 17th, 2005, 8:38 PM
Well I just finshed my '"vacation" from PC.I finshed my Global History homework which was actual quite interesting.It was about the Bubonic Plaque that swept Europe and some of Asia.Anyways,I wanted to started Rping in Pc again(That was all I every did).So I thought heck,why not?I mean somepeople would get interested,right? :\

Abit of Knowledge
*The Bubonic Plaque was a diease that had swept much of Europe and Asia.It was a very powerful diease that was spread by the fleas that rats had.Back then,Rats werent cared to much about.They were every where;in ships,homes steerts,even the houses of the rich.The infected would have big black bruises from where they were biten.They would sweat greatly,convulsive coughing.They spat blood stank terribly and died in agony *

In 2012 the had been rumors that there would be a huge comet that would destory the life on Earth.It was rumored to be in Bible code(I forget what it means).All the population of Earth were in a state of fear.The were serect projects launched to make it so that it was possilbe to live in domes in space.In 2010,there had been a new from of leadership.A leader was asigned to each continet.These "Leaders" were put in competion to see who would make it of Earth first.in November,11,2011,the continet of North America made it out, taking much of south America with it.South America's leader had been assianated and cotrol was sent to his Sister who dubbed the Space Continet Neo America.At 11:00 o clock on December 31 2011,the only contient left were Austrlia and AntArtica.All the other 5 wer gone,leaving hese people to grow mad.Finally in the month of Janury there was no comet.It was all a hoax.Or was it?The end of the world was near,that was for sure.The Black death or Bubonic Plaque had took the space conlies,who had not many rescoures,by surprise..................Many people feared there was no Hope until Neo America decided to make a savoir.There was blood extructed from the purest,healist person to make a suitable clone.The other colony decided to the the same.These clones were unable to be infected by the Black Death and were suppose to help with a cure.the clones ,who matured quckly to a suitable age,rebeled to go under more experiments and fled to earth.They captured and trained the pokemon there and fought anyone who wanted themsevles.They can either help stop this Plaque or not care and wait for a newer race of people to ccome out after the plaque............(Well I gave it a shoot)


Name: (Try something new.For example,I used the name Terresnce in many RpGs,I not going to use it now because it dont rember Terresnce being a clone.......)
Age: (Try not to be to old or to young)
Clone of: (Think of any one who might live in this werid world)
Pokemon: ( Have 2-4 pokemon.Rember you just caght and trained SOME pokemon)
Description: (um not much to say)

If you dont understand what this has to do with pokemon
*the people in the Rp have pokemon t which they use to prtect themsevles from whatever is on the Earth that was desserted.Basicly they can either by experiment on like an alien to find a cure or not care and see if the plaque will die out.See?Its that simple*