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January 20th, 2005, 2:57 AM
well, here it is. I dont know if i should continue it, so tell me what you think.

(btw, its slightly based on supevo if you know what that is :1)

He looked down once again at the pokeball in his hand, walking slowly to the bare grounds ahead. His eyes still held the same dark momentum they had contained when he had begun his journey to be the best so many years ago. Following him from behind was his partner, clutching a pokeball in a similar manner. They looked very similar; both had long dark hair and eyes that were black. The main difference was their gender, so the only real way to tell them apart was from their figure, and the clothes they were wearing. They had traveled far, becoming the champion and runner up, respectively, in all three of the regions that they had visited. Kanto, Johto, Hoenn.

Come on, lets get this over with

The male let his pokeball fall to the ground. Releasing a larger than average, jet-black Pidgeot. The female copied him, also releasing an almost identical Pidgeot in front of her. They looked at each other and nodded. Boarding their pokmon, they began to head to their next destination, the region of Magore.

Hey, wake up!

Chris opened his eyes, wiping them of sleep. He knew who it was. He took a moment to remember his dream. He could recall seeing two people, they had an essence of power, or darkness, he couldnt work it out. He looked over to his side at his clock. 11:43 AM.

MOM? What are you doing? I should still be asleep right now! ITS NOT EVEN NOON!

His mother looked down at her son. She tried not to laugh but he looked so funny when he was angry and a smirk crept through.

It seems there was a break in of some sort. It is assumed that Team Soul had broken into the lab next door, looking for something. Something they did not find. Some witnesses said that the grunts who did it mentioned heading towards the research archive two routes away

And how is that good?

It was then that Chriss mother realized that she was still smiling. She quickly wiped it off her face.

Oh. Sorry. The professor there asked for you to do something related to it. You better hurry up.

Chris waited for his mother to leave the room, and then started to get dressed. He didnt have many clothes so it was an easy choice to wear.

Grey shirt, black pants. Seems ok for today

He slowly headed to the lab. He didnt feel any rush, as it was probably just cleaning the damage that the professor had in mind. He looked at his watch. 11:56. The door to the lab still creaked like it had for the past three years, it was the small things like that, that caused Chris to hate the place.

Late again, Chris? I guess you think I want you to help clean up?

Yeah, why would today have any difference at all?

Because Im giving you your first pokmon


Chris was in shock. His parents had decided from an early age against him being a trainer, and the professor (I dont think he told anyone his name) knew that, but now he had a chance.

I know your mother is against it, but your father said you were getting bored and lonely here in this small town, so we agreed as long as you check out the research archive first, you can have a pokmon. You know what ones they are

Belid, a fire pokmon, evolves to the powerful Metagon, one of the most sought after pokmon in this region.
Magid, an electric/grass hybrid, although it is a nightmare to water types, it is also powerful to many others.
Penky, an ice/water hybrid, one of the cutest pokmon in the region, also has a fair strength.

Chris had thought of what one he would choose many times, and now he had the chance, he knew what one to get.

Ill choose

To be continued?

January 20th, 2005, 3:12 AM
got me interested continue continue!

January 20th, 2005, 2:23 PM
Oooh, interesting. Continue~! =3 I like how you opened the chapter up with a dream. n_n

Your first chapter was a bit short though... that's all. n_n;

January 20th, 2005, 3:01 PM
Who said it was a dream? it may have been a vision. (havent worked out what one yet, im making this story as i go)

And it looked longer on paper. I'll extend it a bit so its longer or something.

January 20th, 2005, 3:11 PM
when i read it i thought it was a vision

January 20th, 2005, 3:13 PM
You said it was a dream. o.o; Well, at least the main character thought it was a dream. n_n; *points*

Chris opened his eyes, wiping them of sleep. He knew who it was. He took a moment to remember his dream. He could recall seeing two people, they had an essence of power, or darkness, he couldnt work it out. He looked over to his side at his clock. 11:43 AM.

January 20th, 2005, 3:22 PM
yes, well if you had a weird vision when you were sleeping, what would you think it was?

I extended the start

btw, im thinking of haveing the first half of the chapter about the two people at the start, and the second half about chris

January 20th, 2005, 3:48 PM
good cliffhanger which one will he choose

January 20th, 2005, 5:00 PM
He flew along the coast on a Jet black Pidgeot. His partner flew very close behind. They had finally found their stop, a small town in western Magore. They walked up to the pokmon center and entered. No-one noticed them enter until they had reached the front desk.

Hi, would you like me to hea

A fear swept across the nurses face. She had seen them compete at the Hoenn league, killing all of the competitors pokmon, brutally. Their pokmon were too strong, so the officials could do nothing but let him through, most of his opponents, apart from the ones who thought they were invincible, ended up quitting before the match had started. The male looked over at the nurse, his eyes being darker than usual.

Just get it over with; I dont want to create a scene here.

Chris walked along the route to the next town. His footsteps were light and he held his brand new pokmon, still in its pokball, in his hand. In his pocket, 4 empty pokballs. He wanted to catch a pokmon, he had only ever seen the three starters , or the odd Culith that had entered the village, before. He scanned the bushes in a hope to find something. A rustle. He turned around to quick, and almost lost ground, but then he saw it. A small Furegal, the professor had told him it was the weakest pokmon in existence, but he had also been told that if trained right, it can become the most powerful.


The Furegal squeeled as it batted the pokball away with its strong tail.

looks like im going to have to battle it. Its not THAT weak. Gooo POKEBALL!

His pokemon looked happy, and had a look of determination on its face.


were going to try and capture it, try using leach seed and tackle it down.

maaaag agiid

The Furegal tried to dodge the leach seed but was too slow, and eventually got hit by multiple tackles.


here we go..