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July 5th, 2012, 5:37 AM
Hey PokeCommunity,

I've had a look at the rules regarding this section, and I suppose you could call this me offering my services as a scripter and a web developer.

I posted this message on PlanetDev and DeviantArt.

Have you seen the 3DS XL? I want it, and I'm half way to affording it.
I figured I could make the rest of the money by launch day if I offer my services for a variety of "Codes".

I can code in: RGSS, RGSS2, RGSS3, PHP, HTML, CSS (and I can do MySQL, but I wouldn't count it as a language)

My target is £60, if I can raise this i'll be extremely happy!

I'm operating on a "Pay what you think the code is worth", but please, take it seriously (I won't like doing codes for 10p )

I will script anything (To a degree) that you want for your project, and will even code things for Pokemon Fan Games and the like. Any codes that you buy will be available for sole use by you, and anyone you give the script to in Commercial games, and Non-Commercial games.

I also do Web Development, so I can help you with your sites. I work extensively with Joomla as my Day Job, and can code sites from scratch if desired (See PlanetDev for an example of a completely custom coded site)

Well, I hope I get some bites out of this, I really want that 3DS XL!

Quick note to moderators, I apologise if this is either in the wrong place, or doesn't belong on the site at all, I couldn't find anything against it in the rules.

July 5th, 2012, 5:46 AM
What would you charge for a PvP pokemon battle script? (For a game that's using RMX-OS and essentials)

July 5th, 2012, 6:17 AM
I'd probably have to decline on that one i'm afraid, I haven't worked with RMX-OS at all, and i'm not experienced at all with Server-Client transferring. Client-Web Server(MySQL) I can do fine.

Sorry about that one!