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July 31st, 2012, 10:27 AM
So I just joined PC and saw that Notice at the top saying I could introduce myself here. Well and that's what I did.

Pokemon Jade

Who am i?
I'm just another high school student that wants to make his own Pokemon game.

Why did I come here?
Well like I said, I want to make my own game. I have everything covered up and I'm sure I can handle it all from ground up in C#, except for the graphics. I'm not going to use Nintendo's tile sets no matter what. I also don't want to use tile sets that someone made and put into public. I want to make a group here and make tile sets that haven't been taken from outside the group. The same way real game companies don't take resources from fans(Fan made tile sets).

Ground up?? WTF are you crazy? Nintendo makes a Pokemon game once every two years! How long will it take you??
You ****** I can handle it. Like I said I came here to make a group. I'm not going to be the only one coding, hopefully. Also It's not like I got nothing done before coming here. :P I already programmed the default movement(WASD), collisions, layers(This means you go under a bridge and you go over it. This is unique since I don't remember something like this in previous 2D Pokemon games), running, one way collisions(The name says it, its one way. Like a ledge, you jump over it from one way, but it collides with the player from another way), and finally some tiles(Well I don't intend to use these since they're from other Pokemon games. All I did was repaint them, with snow and stuff).

I'm a helper/coder/pixel artist. Can I help?
I don't know, can you help?

For Helpers:
If I make a few Pokemon, and make a Pokemon Editor(Edits Stats), will you be able to use that editor I made and make Pokemon(Not new Pokemon, the same ol' Pokemon). THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE BLACK/WHITE POKEMON(If you want to argue against this you can do so in the thread I make in the Game Development forum).

For Scripters:
After the maps are made, the scripting will began! It will be easy.
A sample Script:
Message.Show.(Welcome to the Pokemon Center.)
Do.Units.2.Run.Right (Each unit will have its own ID - 1,2,3,4..)

For Coders:
We will work together to make additions to the game. Some will be:
Battle System - I've done this before in Vb.net but since I'm using C# now, I'll have to remake it.
The Attack Moves - This will take long. It's each attack. (Pound, Tackle, Blizzard, Growl)

For Pixel Artist
Yea make tile sets and units(Player(Male/Female), Fisherman, Professor, Old Man, Karate Kid, Ace..)
Can also make the maps. P.S. The helpers can help with this too.

So you just want us to do work for you..
No, your not working for me. We(the group) are working for each other. If you get tired and leave the group, your name will still be on the credits list(If you actually did something).

Please don't do this. Read Below
1. What I don't like is people make a few tiles and leaving the group. I don't want to put all those names of people in the credits that only made a few tiles.
2. If you already have made some tiles, and posted them on the internet for others to use, please don't post them here. I understand you made them, but like I said I don't want everyone to have the same resources used in the game(I'm sure eventually will happen from rippers).

Enough with Making the game, now explain the game itself!
Yes, I was getting to that. This is my idea, also feel free to post your own ideas.
[Story Line]
My idea is that you start in a medium sized town with a PokeCenter and PokeMart. And not to far from the start of the game, you come to a point where you have to pick between two people. On your right is the evil Team (Name) and on your left is the god Team (Name). You get to pick and make your own story line(Kinda). In all the previous Pokemon games you fought against the evil team, and you always won. How about for a change you get to pick your team.

Pokemon Trading. I know for a fact that we can make Pokemon trading and Battles. But the question is will it be from Ip to Ip or will it be all players connect to a host(one of the game makers) and select your opponent from a list. This will also have a chat box.

[New ways of transportation]
So we have Pokemon, walking, running, swimming(on a Pokemon), flying, sub way, how about riding a Pokemon that goes faster then running?

[More places to explore]
Now this sounds interesting.
You get to pick your starting region(Kanto,Johto,Hoenn,Sinnoh).
And the story progresses differently for each region, but eventually comes to a point where you meet people from each region(Red,Cynthia..)
So you go to other regions.

This will take too long.. And it wont work out
*Sigh* I wouldn't have came here right now if it weren't for my *.png file. So after I worked hard to recolor A LOT of tiles to use in game, i saved my *.png file. When I open it the next time, I find out that it is 'Corrupted'. DAMNIT! That's why I'm here because I can't afford the time to remake all of it.

I want to see your game. Can you add some screen shots Pl0x?
No I'm terribly sorry I can't add screen shots.
But even better, you can check out my game it self!!
Press Space in the game to change the season(Winter/Summer)
It's in attachments

Time to end the post.
Oh and I was hoping we can make seasons, day and night in the game.
The day and night will be easy since it will just be dimming/tinting the map's image. Seasons will be a bit harder since we will have to make each map snow y / green.


Note: I still haven't made the game that advanced. All you can do it run around(Hold X) and press space. But I thought ill share it and get some helpers.

Note: When you go south towards the dock, if you try to go on the doc from the top block, it will send you back.(This was a script i was testing).

Want to join?? Answer this:
What I can do: I can make tiles and help with the maps.
Timezone: UTC-5
Contact: [email protected]
How long: I'm sure I can help at least half hour a day, though not every day. I'm sure we can arrange this when we talk.

Well I guess that's it.:)

-You gonna love this one!


July 31st, 2012, 10:44 AM

P.S. Whats good is that the maps, the units, the Pokemon, everything is serialized into Binary. This way not only does it take up less space, but also is faster, and safer. The save games will also be serialized into binary once I get that far.

P.S. This was programmed in C#.

P.S. The different layers are cool. Try going behind a house, the house comes on top of you. But you go on top of the house if you go in front of it. Whats cooler is that you can go over and under the bridge!!

Don't just come and go, leave a comment!

July 31st, 2012, 11:22 AM
Sorry, sir, but the application can't even run for me...
Good luck though.

July 31st, 2012, 12:08 PM
Yea I just remembered. You need to have installed xna redistributable, made by Microsoft. I think it's like 40mb. If you want you can try it.

July 31st, 2012, 6:29 PM
Hello, I'm just a regular High School student just like you too!

I just tested your game. The movement and collision system looks good, but the layer system is bugged.

When I climb up a set of stairs my sprite disappears and then the bridge appears and vice-versa, this is most likely due to an error in the code. Assuming that the bridge is on layer 2, the the player visually stays on layer 1 while he physically walks on layer 2 because he disappears when he gets close to the bridge.

The buildings are cut off at the top, this is an error with the layer system too. I don't have a screenshot of the errors.

Since I don't know much about C# I can't help you much. I only know Java/C++ and I'm still a beginner at those. If you could tell me where you learned C#, I could possibly be of some assistance.

Dragonite Ernston
July 31st, 2012, 9:13 PM
Okay, so as a developer of my own Pokémon game engine (which I also started as a high school student), I have a few questions to ask you about your project.

1. When I open your zip file, everything is a binary file including all the resources, which are stored in "xnb" files which I assume are "XNA Binary" files. Are you deliberately trying to hide your resources? If so, I ask you what good you think will come out of it. Are you training yourself to use in-program file systems for easier resource loading? Or is it simply out of a mindset that you don't want others to "steal your work"?

You also mentioned that you don't want to have any official or already-released resources in the game itself, as if you want people to create tilesets specifically for your game. What makes you think that people will want to do that?

Creating tilesets costs time and work, and if you want to make like a "real game company", you would be paying people good money to do these tilesets for you (or "for us", as you say). Are you willing to pay hundreds and thousands of dollars to people to have them create tilesets for a game that they'll get credit for, but don't have the same passion as you do for it?

If you aren't, another way to get people to do it is to get them passionate about your game and think that the work really is worth their while (which is what most people usually look for). That's a pretty long shot at this point, though, and I'll show you why in the next few questions.

2. Do you plan on ever making this into an original game? Again, if you wanted to make like a "real game company", you wouldn't be using any of Game Freak's assets, including the Pokémon themselves, in the finished result.

Otherwise, if this really is just a fan game with completely original tilesets, all you'll have is a great-looking game that you can't really do much with and that is at the complete mercy of Nintendo's IP team, which will hang over your head like the Sword of Damocles. And that's only if you manage to get the team to make those tiles you want in the first place.

3. How many people do you actually have on your team? With a closed, NIH (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Not_invented_here)-obsessed development strategy like you seem to have right now, you'd better hope you have (or can obtain) a large enough team to be able to develop everything in a self-contained manner.

4. Do you know enough about programming this game engine that you'll actually know what you're doing when you make the battle engine and event manager (and possibly online trading)? And if you don't, are you willing to learn what it takes to actually make your dream game come true? What kind of paradigms are you going into this with?

5. How prepared are you for failure? Are you sure that, if something doesn't go right, you'll be willing to press on? And I don't mean stuff like bugs either. I mean suppose that something goes seriously wrong with your fundamental program, and you might need to demolish the whole thing and restructure it from scratch. Would you be willing to do it? I've had to do that twice with my own engine, and we're still going.

6. Do you have a detailed-enough knowledge of the Pokémon game mechanics that you could create a battle engine where currently usable strategies would still be usable? Could you tell me right now, for example, how you would code a move effect like Toxic or Perish Song? Or maybe weather effects like rain and Trick Room? Or how the battle engine would handle the ordering of moves?

You said you've already programmed a copy in VB.NET, so if I could see that, I might be able to help you with a few things (I have roughly 6 or 7 years of experience in VB, about 2 or 3 of which was VB.NET).

7. Why can't you post screenshots? Is it because you don't know how, or simply because you want to force people to download your game in order to experience any of it?

(Also, the name Pokémon Jade has already been taken by one of those Telefang bootlegs. You may consider choosing a different name.)

I don't want to discourage you from making this game, but I feel like you should be aware of a few things that might make you frustrated further down the road. This thread here (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=284350) was a good discussion on the subject. I'd highly recommend you read it and possibly provide your own input.

August 1st, 2012, 6:06 AM
Hmm, that never seemed to happen on my PC. I guess i gotta check it on my desktop before posting it online.

@Dragonite Ernston

1- The extension "*.xnb" are Xna resources. Once i load something into Xna and i compile the game, the images are also compiled into that format. And the binary files "*.JadeMap" i made myself in the map editor i made. This is because its faster then any other way i know.

2- Yes i know it will never be an original game since its Pokemon..

3- No idea on how much i need.

4- Yes i know how to make the game engine. Like I said I've made a battle system over a year ago for one of my 'Original Games(Not a copy of anything else)' but it was in Vb.net. So now that i'm using C# i need to remake it. You didn't read my previous post that clearly did you. :D Like I said I know how to make the server and client but i need a group to test it out. Testing it in my own internet isn't that great since its considered 'Lan'.

5- Yea i'm ready for a failure. I'm remaking this Pokemon Game, since the previous one was lost when i format my PC to windows 8. I think this one will come out better though.

6- Yea I know how to make it. Since i have one inheritable class 'Pokemon' and each Pokemon inherits it, that makes each Pokemon a class itself. So if it gets poisoned, it will set a enum in the class called 'Status' to 'Poison' and make a random number between 30-60(Might Change) as to how many steps you need to walk for it to be cured, if its health goes down to 0 before the steps are over, then there is a 40% chance the Pokemon will survive. Perish Song will be one of the 'TempStatus' in the class. These reset when the Pokemon leaves the battle or the battle ends, such as confusion. And there's also going to be a integer that counts down each turn until 0. Once 0 it will either die(Perish Song) or be cleared(confusion).
Note: 'Status' is an enum, and only has one value.
'TempStatus' is a list of integers. (1 = Perish Song, 2 = Confusion, ..)
If there is a 1 in the list it means the Pokemon has Perish Song affect on him. If there isn't means the opposite.

7- Alright i will post screenshots i just thought it would be better to see it your self. Look above for screen shots.

August 1st, 2012, 6:50 AM
I understand that you're new here and all, but this isn't the section to post your game in. You can start off by posting in the Beginner's Showcase (http://www.pokecommunity.com/forumdisplay.php?f=230) and wait a little while for a moderator to approve it. Before posting there, be sure to read the requirements (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=270871) to make sure your thread has a 100% chance of getting approved.