View Full Version : Nixon's weekly polls no.1: Batman or Thor?

Richard Nixon
August 19th, 2012, 6:05 AM
Welcome to Nixon's weekly polls. Each week I'll post a a poll which will obviously last for 7 days. If one option gets a higher result then the other then it wins.If they have the same score it's a draw. First one: who's better, Batman or Thor?

Shining Raichu
August 19th, 2012, 7:55 AM
Uh, no you won't :P

Firstly, you'd need mine or sammi-san's permission to start a 'weekly event' type thing. I really love your enthusiasm, but that's the sort of thing you have to get cleared if you're going to do it.

Secondly, 'this or that' polls aren't allowed in OVP, which is why something like this is not already being done. As stated in the rules:
Expand your poll options as much as possible. "X or Y" polls usually can be tweaked a bit to allow for more possible answers. That way, there's more options for people to work with. ("Red or Blue?" into "Favorite Color?") Also, "Do you like X?" polls can usually be tweaked as well, especially if it just requires a simple yes or no answer. ("Do you like soda?" into "Favorite Drink?")This is because a simple question of 'this or that' will result in very low quality answers because there's nothing more to say than "this" or "that"... or in this case, "Batman" or "Thor". A better question to ask would be "Who is your favourite superhero and why?" because it allows for more options, more thought and more expansive answers. We tend to shoot for quality responses, not one-word answers.

Thirdly, this poll in particular is about superheroes - works of fiction - and therefore belongs in Culture & Media. But please don't go re-posting it there, because they frown on "this or that" polls there for the same reason we frown upon them here.

Finally... Batman vs Thor? Seriously dude :P. It would be Batman vs SUPERMAN if anything, gosh! When you put Batman and Thor together they're just two random superheroes who have nothing to do with each other. How are you even meant to compare them? :P (that's not a reason this thread isn't OK though, that's just my own nerding out haha)

So anyway yeah - great idea in theory and love the enthusiasm, but it's not something I can allow.