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Shikon no Tama
January 23rd, 2005, 6:21 PM
This fan club is dedicated to those very cute, colourful and endangered species of birds called the macaws. They are parrots, and are in danger of extinction in Brazil. I just thought I'd make a club to show how people care about these birds.
In this club we can talk about Macaws, the pets we have that are related and so forth. I will try making a banner with a very close relative of the parrot soon. Everyone who joins will be added to the list of members on this post.
First person to ask or post is the co owner. I have attached a banner that members can use.


No insulting anyone or starting fights.
Only talk about parrots and the macaw.
No posting in this club unless you're joining.
The topic is: parrots and macaws.


Moonlight Dreams (owner and founder)