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August 21st, 2012, 6:58 PM
I really wanted to make a whole Fourm out of it but really don't know how to post my own=(
So I was Hoping you all could help me out, and it does have to do with Pokemon Essentials so should still be ok... Now I have just recently come across the ABS Battle system for Pokemon Essentials 2003. If you look it up on the net or google just look up Pokemon Marcos Beta v.0.5, it is exactaly what needs to be done to make the Best Pokemon games while still keeping to its roots and making the player more involved with the game. And at first I woundered how the double battle and triple battle system would work and I think it would be pretty simple to write a Ally AI , and make it so you can switch from one to the other in double or tripple battels. I Honestly think this is the best Battle system I have seen yet for Pokemon. But what is sad is that its all in another language that I can not understand nor translate with google=(
So Can I get some Ideas on what others think or if someone with a Known name on here can Make a fourm on here about this so I can see If anyone Is willing to help make this type of Battle System^_^ that would be just great. I am a complete noob at programing and or scripting so If, anyone also would have suggestions on what Programming language would be best to write such a Battle system, as in C, C++, C#, java, Python, or Visual Basic? I see these seem to be the best that I have read about anyway... Alright now talk to me People^_^ please check out the link
http://youtu.be/XNPuaPBm6ss (http://youtu.be/XNPuaPBm6ss)