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September 1st, 2012, 10:25 PM
Pokemon Ash Gray Walk-through
When you first enter the game, you will be asked by Professor Oak, if you are ready to own a Pokemon, if you say yes, you play as Ash, If you Say No, Well...You become Leaf, who doesn't have an anime counterpart(If you play Beta 3.6.1) Okay, now that you have Selected and named The trainer you will play as and your rival's name, You will Appear in A newly Designed Bedroom!

Episode 1, Pokemon I Choose You!:

1. watch the TV! It's The Pokemon League match! Nidorino VS Gengar!
2. Walk towards the Staircase!,Your Mom will come up and Yell at you to go to bed!
3. walk over to the poke ball by your PC And change into your pajamas!
4. Walk into the bed and face the sheets. Hit A, You will go to sleep and dream about your first Pokemon!
5.When you awake you will run downstairs, talk to your mom and she will tell you you overslept!
6. No time to change! Run out of the house and towards Professor Oaks lab on the hill to the right of where you are!
7. When you get to Oak's lab, You bump in to none other than your rival, Gary Oak! he already got his starter Pokemon! after bragging a bit, he walks off, go into the lab, to the top right is a staircase, go up it and then go to the left! 8.Talk to professor Oak and then go to the poke ball closest to him! This Pokemon is Squirtle, open it and it will be empty,That's too bad! next go to the southernmost poke ball! This one is Bulbasaur's poke ball...Well, it WAS! Finally, go to The final poke ball, this one WOULD be Charmander if you hadn't overslept!
9. Go back to Oak, and go through his dialogue, say yes to his question, he will give you a Pokemon, PIKACHU! He also gives you 5 Poke balls and a Pokedex!
10. Leave the lab and your mom will be waiting. She will give you running shoes, A Town Map, A fame checker, insult Pikachu, and to top it off, embarrass you by telling you to change your underwear, EVERY SINGLE DAY! Now, go past your house and north, To Route 1!
11. Continue up route one till you get to an opening, a Wild Pidgey will appear! You send out Pikachu and it yawns and goes up into the tree, the Pidgey then leaves, walk to the tree and hit A while facing Pikachu, Then, Out of nowhere, a wild Spearow attacks Pikachu!
12. Best not to Bother with growl, because Pikachu will pretty much refuse to attack! Just keep spamming thundershock, It will take two successful hits to Beat Spearow
13. Once you beat the Spearow more show up, blocking the path to Pallet! Run to the northeast to a set of stairs, go up them and then go east till you get to water! Jump in by hitting A, you will jump in and automatically swim to the north then west!
14 You will get out of water next to Misty, she will tell you to head to viridian city Pokemon Center, You then steal her bike, And it will start to rain and flicker lightning, Cool effects! ride east over a Ledge, to find more spearow blocking the path! You Return pikachu to it's pokeball, and pledge to defeat and capture *Cough* All Four *Cough* Of them, Pikachu Jumps out of it's pokeball and zaps the Spearow! You then see Ho Oh flying overhead, And then can walk down the steps and to the north to viridian City! Save Here, You just completed Episode One!
Episode 2, Pokemon Emergency!
coming Tomorrow!

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