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January 27th, 2005, 2:23 AM
The Secret Within --- The Ash and Misty Pairing club's fic

Authors' Notes: This is the chain-fic of the Ash and Misty Pairing Club (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=8137). Its highly AAML with a little BrockxMay at the end. We hope you will like it.
The seperate posts on which parts of the story was written are seperated into paragraphs for easier reading. Read on through the story and give us your comments!!

It was one day that Ash secretly left Brock, Max and May at the camp and headed for the nearest town, Lilycove. He had a secret reunion with the person for whom his heart squeaks and creaks and makes weird noises. It didnt take him long to get to the town and into the cafe where she was waiting. Who do u think? OF COURSE ITS MISTY WATERFLOWER!!! Problem was as soon as they saw eachother... out of Ash's backpack came out Pikachu... their too much shouting to eachother from across the room had woken him up.

So she comes over and says "It's been such a long time..."
"Well, not really, I just saw you 2 episodes ago..."
"Don't spoil it!"
"I didn't mean to!"
And so the two decide to go out.

They decide to go out that night so they both go off to prepare. Misty goes shoping and buys a greenish blue dress(like the color of her eyes) the hem of it goes to just above her knee and white strapy sandles.She gets her hair curled outward at the bottom. I can't believe the day has finally come, this is going to be perfect!! She though.
Meanwhile:Ash goes to rent a tuxedo.He began to get nevous.Oh my gosh I haven't made any plans!...I've got it I know the perfect place to take her...

And so Misty ends up meeting in front of the Lilicove Art Museum, and Ash was at the Pokemon Center...
"Where has he gone?" Misty wondered...
"Where has she gone?" Ash wondered also...

"Hmm...I think I need to call him to see if he left", thought Misty
"I wonder if she left her wherever she went yet?" thought Ash
Ash went one of the Pokecenter's phones and try to call Misty's cellphone...

...But Misty didn't answer! It was turned off because she did not want any interference that night. Just as Ash decided to leave, Misty walked through the door, determined to call Ash and find out where he is,
"Ash!" she cried,
"Misty!" the too hug, and thus begins their night of terror.

Ash said, "so what do u want to do first?"
Misty told him, "i dunno... whatever u wish...".
Ash: cmon. tell me. we can do anything to nite. Ash stuffed pikachu inside the bag and closed it. pikachu was sleeping again.
The two decided to go to the lil festival at the cove of town. Ash won misty to squirtle plushies by winning at a "throw the pie" contest.
after hours of fun and dancing the two sat down at a cafe eating icecream...

They then go to an Aquarium and look at all the water pokemon.It was getting late but they didn't want the night to end so they decide to go and see a movie.

The next day, Ash and Misty left the hotel room they stayed at, and Misty got a suggestion,
"Ash! Why don't we have a battle? If I win, I..." she stopped to think, "I get your Pikachu!"
"No way!" Ash yelled, "Well...how about this. If I...When I win," he noticed Togepi wasn't there anymore, and she didn't have any other pokemon she was really attatched too, "I got it! If I win-" (Author tries to think up something a guy would dare a girl which is appropriete for PC..) "You have disown yourself to the Cerulean Gym Badge!" Misty grinned,
The battle began, and Ash chose Pikachu, "I almost feel sorry for you Misty." he said,
"I knew you'd choose Pikachu! Corsola, go!"

Ash said,"I'll let you go first."
Misty,"Corsola spike cannon," tiny spikes shot out of Corsolas horns
Ash,"Pika chu quick dodge it and use quick attack!"
Misty,"Corsola quick use spike cannon on pikachu!" but the spike cannon kept missing because pikachu was moving so fast and Pikachu attacked a few seconds later
Corsola fell Misty yelled,"Corsola are you ok?"Corsola weekly got up,"Corsola use recover." Corsola glowed for a second and then it was better again.

"Good job Corsola!! You're not so arrogant now are ya Ash?" Misty smirked.
"Ha! This battle isn't over yet, Misty!" Ash retaliated.
He looked at her for a moment. The joyous, friendly look of determination in her aqua eyes was beautiful. He stood transfixed for a moment and Misty, upon noticing his intense concentration on her blushed slightly. She recovered quickly though and called out to her pink and white coral pokemon.
"Corsola! Use Bubblebeam!" Misty shouted.
"Dodge it Pikachu!"
"I dont think so Ash, Corsola get in front of it and use BUBBLEBEAM!"
Corsola jumped forward and sprayed a powerful jet of bubbles into Pikachu's face temporarily blinding it. Pikachu shook its head trying to get the bubbles out of its eyes.
Ash grimaced...this battle wouldn't be as easy as he thought.

Ash sighed, "I guess I'm just going to have to finish you off!"
Misty laughed, "How are you going to do that?"
"Pikachu! Iron Tail!!" and hit Corsola...hard!
Corsola was just about to faint, when Misty sighed,
"I guess I'm all out of choices...I'll use the secret technique, Self destruct!" Corsola nodded, knowing that the battle would be a tie, and used the move...

pikachu once again went with its secret own spring jump. it used its tail and "sprong!!!"
as corsola self-destructed (corsola can use that?) and fainted, pikachu slammed down on the ground. it was weak so it couldn't land properly. but it got up and ash had won.
"wooHOOOO!! sorry about that misty, but..." ash picked up pikachu and walked close to misty.
misty picked up corsola and went towards ash.
"well, that means if i give the gym back to my sisters, i can stay with you without having to go back!!"

Misty and Ash were once again without a thing to do...
"How about we get Lunch?" Ash asked,
"Ok! How about we go to the Port?" Misty said.
Ash and Misty went to the Lilicove Port, and saw Gary there researching Lilicove Pokemon!

"Whats up twerp and twerpette?" Gary said
"What do u mean by that??" ash said
"Late as usual.." Gary said
"For what?" misty said
"the anual lylicove fossil finding competition!" gary said

And so the contest began!
Ash and Misty went together, while Gary went alone to search in the Safari Zone.
Suddenly, they find a mysterious looking...

...tree was in front of them. it was huge and had a large shape of a face on the treetrunk.
suddenly ash had an idea.
"hey misty, why dont we leave that kid to research and win? he's gonna think we're in the contest so hes gonna work his head hard and when he see's we're not here to be impressed or bragged at..." ash said
"he's gonna get a facefall! cmon lets go have some REAL fun somewhere. im scared of that tree anyway.." misty said.
so hands in hands then walked back to lilycove, laughing like anything.

And suddenly, the tree began to follow them!
Inside the tree, Max, May, and Brock watched nervously,
"Do ya think there's a way to bring him back?" Max asked. Brock grinned,
"Ash is living my dream! The little kid's grown up with a girlfriend!" Brock said jealously,
"I don't care!" May said for what seemed to be the 1000th time, "I don't care about Ash! Let's just leave him here with his new girlfriend!"
"No way May! Ash is loosing sight of his dream to be a pokemon master over that girl!" Max said, "We have to bring the REAL Ash back!"

But as Max, May and Brock began to follow them, the lost sight of the two.
"Where did they go?" Max said in his... stupid babyish voice thats identical to my pesky lil brother...
"I dont know... BUT WE HAVE TO FIND THEM!!" Brock said. "Or else I cant take any pictures..." he rubbed his camera....
"I REALLY dont care now can we go? I saw a Salon up ahead that i wanted to see!" May started
"GO!!" Max and Brock shouted!!
"YAY!" May shouted back and ran off to the salon.

Brock and max continue following and then they see Ash and misty busy before a lake with each other. Seeing that Max mumbles saying misty as a serpent who is there to sneak away his sister's love that is no other than Ash.
Accidently Brock hears it and says to max that Misty has been behind Ash since the begining of journey and Ash has wanted her so she can't be said the one who ids trying to steal instead by the correct judgements may would be the one who is guilty.Hearing that max becomes furious nad says to brock as a slave of girls who knows nothing. Then they start to quarrel over the matter who is better and stop only to find out that Ash and misty have already moved somewhere else far away from their pitiful noise.

Ash and Misty weren't far off when they heard Brock and Max arguing.
"What are they doing here? Man they are loud." Said Ash
"No kidding." Said Misty
"I am glad we are far away from them." Said Ash
"Yeah, me too." Said Misty
"Mist...I got to tell you something" Said Ash
"What Ash?" asked Misty
"Well here goes nothing..." Thought Ash
Brock and Max are still arguing.

Ash took a deep breath,
"Misty..." (Here goes nothing...) Ash thought, "Misty...can I trade my Corphish for your Corola????"
XD Either that's what he thought from the beginning or he just couldn't bring him to it!
Max and Brock cont.
"May is Ash's Age!!!"
"But Lancelite says that shipping is funner when the boy's younger than the girl! EVEN THOUGH IT'S WRONG!"
"...Who's Lancelite?"
<shrugs> "I dunno."
<awkward pause>
"May's hotter!"

"IS TO!"
"IS TO!"
"IS NOT!!!!"
"made u say is nnooott!!" Brock told Max.
"Im going to find May!"
"Im going to find Ash and Misty and tell them about May! Then Both of them will hate her!"
"Me too! .... Cept May will hate Misty!"
"Im gone already!!" Brock's voice sounded far away and he was not there.
Max was all alone in the dark behind a tree when suddenly....
"AAAAAAARRRRRRRR!!!!!" Max shouted at it becoming very scared.

"Wha...t??" Misty said, all surprised. "Not exactly what I expected...." she thought ( ^_^ )
"Can I?" Ash asked..
"I think... i mean... NO WAY!!! thats my favorite pokemon on my team.." Misty said.
"You really should not part her from her favorite Pokemon Ash.." a tall handsome guy with blond hair and brown eyes said.
"Who the heck are you?" Ash said surprised.
"The name's Lance, Lance Lite. I've been hearing you were nearby this city so I decided to look for you. I'm here to challenge you to a normal battle. Heard you are pretty good. But lets see." The guy said.
"...uuuh?.... wow..." Misty said looking at Lance.
"You okay?" Asked Lance.
"mmhmm..."Misty answered.
"HEY!!!" Ash shouted! "You cant steal HER from ME!!"
"Im not! Guess I cant stop HER from deciding who she like ^_^; " Lance said.

Max was grabbed by two metal thingy's from two sides. And then he heard something like "hey quit pulling from the other side" and "i got him and you let him go".
Max recognized the voice. "i dont have pikachu mr. and mrs. team rocket!! its with ash!!" he said.
James, Jessie and Meowth jumped from behind the tree. "how did u recognize us?" meowth said.
"aww you guys are just too boring too cause trouble... uh oh..." max said.
At the word trouble the two team rocket member's ears twitched. they said their weird motto thingy.
"our plan this time is to hold you hostage til they give us pikachu!!" jessie said.
"and to make sure u dont get away.." james tightend the grip on the metal grabber thingy.
"ur squeezing me!!!" max said
"oops.. sorry" james said and loosened it.
"GOTCHA!!!" max shouted and made a ran for it from the lose metal thingy. "BROCK MAY HELP!!!!!!" he shouted.

"That is Max!" exclaimed May
"We got to save him!" said Brock
"Okay let's go!" said May
"We are coming Max." thought May
"Ha I knew I will win!" said Ash
"Oh Ash, my hero!" said Misty
Okay its now or never, Ash Misty....
"Ash, Misty, Max is in trouble!! He got captured by Team Rocket! We got to save him!" said Brock
"Oh, no okay Brock lead the way" said Misty
"Coming Ash?"
"Yeah..." said Ash *Dang, I was so close to admit my feelings, sigh. I will confess my love to Misty*
And so Ash, Brock, May, and Misty went to save Max.

Max was trapped one the metal things. Team Rocket let out their Cacnea and Seviper, ready to battle.
Ash and Misty was led to the place Max was last seen by May and Brock.

"YOU!! CANT YOU LEAVE US ALONE AT ALL???" Ash shouted at TR.
"No twerp. And this time we want your pikachu!" Jessie said.
"You always wanted it... SO WHATS SO SPECIAL ABOUT A MEASLY PIKACHU ANYWAY???" May shouts.
"Hey they're right.... what is so special about it?" Meowth says.
"U GUYS TAKE THAT BACK!!!" Ash says and sends out .. Pikachu.
"Ya'll going down!!!" Brock sends out Mudkip.
"TAKE THAT BACK ABOUT MY ASH'S PIKACHU!!" Misty shouts and sends out Politoed against May.
"What? YOUR ASH??" May sends out Combusken.

Lance showed up and said,"You won't get away with this team Rocket."
Ash glares at him," what are you doing here?"
Lance,"I heard that there was trouble and decided to help."
After heariing the word trouble,once again,Jessie and James ears started twitching and...
Jessie:"Prepare for trouble"
James:"and make it double"
"We already did that!"Meowth said while scratching there faces.
Lance sent out his first pokemon which was...


"Hey... are u that same Lance as that other Lance from Elite Four?" Ash asked
"No way... he's a weakling I can easily defeat. Dragonite use DRAGON CLAW!!" Lance shouts.
Dragonite just claws at team rocket and their balloon and it goes the Blasting Off Again thingy.... another claw just releases Max.
"Wow.. he's strong.." Brock says.
"We have another problem... Misty and May" Ash said.
"let them fight over this one." Lance said.
"what? why?" max asked.
"I have a hunch this will be an excellent match."

*western showdown music plays*
"This Ash ain't big enough for the two of us," May said in a gruff voice.
"I rekon not."Misty said.
May yelled,"You can't just decide to show up after not traveling with us for a year and a half and steal Ash from me!"
Misty said in a semi-cocky tone,"How can I steal something that you never had."

"COMBUSKEN GO!!!" May sends out her pokemon. "Lets have this one on one!"
"Hehe.... YOU'RE SQUASHED!!" Misty shouts and sends out her Corsola.
Brock steps in suddenly as the referee , as if they needed one.
"One on one love battle between May and Misty's Combusken and Corsola belonging to them respectively! BEGIN!"
"COUNTER IT WITH YOUR BUBBLEBEAM!!!" Misty shouts to Corsola
The bubblebeam attack hits combusken as one of its legs hit home. but the other fails as combusken is forced backwards by the bubbles.
"Good job corsola! use your acid armor now and follow with barrier!" Misty shouts to Corsola who ups its SPDefense and NormalDefense.
"Aargh...." May groans.. "YOU'LL HAVE TO TRY FIRE BLAST!!"
As combusken fire blasts the gym trained Corsola counters it with Water Gun.
The water gun washes through the flames and his Combusken head on. Combusken slams against a tree and falls but Corsola's attack does not end. That was until combusken jumped up again.
"Double kick!!!"
Combusken's first kick misses as Corsola dodges and uses barrier. the next lands on the second barrier and breaks it.. but cannot pass through the next.
Watery bubbles hit Combusken at FULL force and it is slammed back on the ground. it doesnt move for 5 seconds and..
"MISTY IS THE WINNER!!!" Brock shouts raising one hand towards misty.

May,"Cumbusken,return."then she fell to her knees and began to weep for a minute but then was filled with a sudden burst of furry,she jumped to her feat with her teeth clentched she heads towards Misty...

May began to run towards Misty in fury and attempted to punch her. But then..
"DONT YOU DARE HURT HER!" *play the anime version of the gym-music from the games here*
Ash had run into the path of the Running May and slammed against her. May toppled off on the ground and Ash ran to Misty. Misty held ash tightly in a sudden hug.
"You okay May?" Brock ran over to may and helped her up.
"Er... i think... uhh..." and may broke into another crying-weeping-sobbing spree on Brock's shoulder.

Brock said,"Cheer up May,It'll be alright"
May"How can you say that.It won't be alright,I just lost the guy that I love to her *saying 'her' in an angry tone and a quick glareing glance at Misty*"
Brock."There are plenty of fish in the sea."
"but he's the only one for me."she says*tears still streaming down her face*
*flash 9 mounths foreward in time*
Misty,Ash,Brock,May and Max are sitting on a picnic blanket in the middle of the woods.
*Misty is leaning on Ash and Brock has his arm around May*
Max,"I'm glad that the bitterness between you girls is over and everything has turned out fine."
And so, this one battle has finished the unknown feud between the girls.


Water Pokemon Master
And all the other members of the club, for their endless support!!


Compiling and editing

Water Pokemon Master
January 28th, 2005, 4:31 PM
Yup. Good work LanceLite!

Lucy Lu
January 28th, 2005, 7:30 PM
YAY!! Great job Lance!! I love it. You put it together so well.

January 28th, 2005, 8:02 PM
Yay!!! ... but i wonder why nobody else read it.. or has the world been taken over by... AdvanceShippers??


January 28th, 2005, 8:05 PM
The worlds most definately been taken over by AdvanceShippers. ^_~ Hehe...just kidding ya. Or am I...? xD

Anyways, its very well put together. Although, it could use a little bit of improvement. It most certainly is long~! Keep up the good work. x3 Another thing I would like to add is the characters. o.o;; They seem kinda out of characters if you really think about it. They act like totally different people. You need to work on that a bit as well~


January 28th, 2005, 8:13 PM
Well.. er... i didnt write it... well i did small parts and others were by others..

January 28th, 2005, 9:21 PM
Not a traditional fanfic that I'm used to, but other than that, I'd say I'm very impressed. The characters were slightly off character, but nonetheless, very nice. (Of course, I'm obsessed with AAML, so I'd know a thing or two about Ash and Misty.)

Keep up the good work!

(sorry, but it sometimes does take some more fanfics to become popular around here)

January 29th, 2005, 5:31 AM
yea i know... but all of this is just about enough for all of us.. we just want ppl to see our work.

January 29th, 2005, 8:00 AM
I quiet forgot the story turned out like that. Very well put together. Good job, Lance!

Water Pokemon Master
January 29th, 2005, 5:53 PM
Lol. Of course they're out of character! Why write a fanfiction in character?
I like it when fanfics have OC, it hads humor and a little independicy on it. :D

January 29th, 2005, 9:00 PM
yea.. but many fanfics with characters in charactered ( o.o ) gets a little boring sometimes.. but dont u belive that they'll do something like that if it really happened?

Water Pokemon Master
January 29th, 2005, 9:33 PM
<shrugs> Well, I guess it couldn't be far from off.
Hey! LanceLite, how about you put that in Fanfiction.net? There's a bunch of reviewers there!

January 29th, 2005, 9:46 PM
FFnet is evil.. then again.. its a good idea so if someone tells me how i mite just go and post it...

Water Pokemon Master
January 29th, 2005, 9:57 PM
Oh. You just got to get an account. Then you save the fanfiction on a html document and upload it, then give it the proper ratings and catagorizing...(it has to be perfect or the mods there (who are REALLY harsh) will delete it.
Or you could just save time and trouble and let me put it on my account, of course, giving all the rights to all of us.

January 30th, 2005, 1:06 AM
hm... *pokes* r u a member of the Ash and Misty Pairing Club? o.o;;; well both Bring Misty Back club and Ash and Misty Pairing Club are virtually the same so.. why not...

dont forget to write down them credits and oh yea, make sure u put the link to the Ash and Misty Pairing club down there ^_^

January 30th, 2005, 12:29 PM
This fic is awsome! I'm a devoted pokeshipper, and this is the best fic I've seen in a while! Keep it up!

Water Pokemon Master
January 30th, 2005, 2:30 PM
Awesome. Don't worry. I won't hog ANY of the spotlight.
Ok, updating it now. What do you want me to title it?
Right now, the pending title is "Ash and Misty FOREVER!"

January 30th, 2005, 7:37 PM
o.o;;; wasnt it The Secret Within?? *pokes spotlights* ooo... shiny....

Water Pokemon Master
January 30th, 2005, 8:22 PM
^_^;;;; OH! I JUST got that! Sorry...

January 30th, 2005, 9:51 PM
^_^;;; btw, post teh linky to the FFNet fic that u posted.

wow.. i never knew FFNet had so many dudes there.... *pokes thru stories* how long has it been there?

Water Pokemon Master
January 30th, 2005, 10:21 PM
Yup. Tons and tons and tons of stories, but not all of them are worth reading.
Here's the link. I ask all the people who go to this link review the story they read!
And aye-yi yi there's a review here I believe I shall delete...stupid Advanceshippers. If yer curious, here's what he said since I'm gunna get rid of it right now:
ReviewerDateChapterTypeMISTY SUXS 2005-01-30 1 Anonymous (javascript:alert('review id: 27736238'))I HATE THIS STORY IT SUXS LEAVE! AND U SUK TOO MISTY SUXS 4 EVER!

He must have had a bad day...
Anywhoo...it was published January 30th, 2005.

January 31st, 2005, 12:02 AM
O.O;;; stupid advanceshippers... prolly was a weirdo from the AG series... i mean that this beardo started watching from AG.... idiotic freak....

o.o;; u named it Ash and Misty FOREVER o.o..... cant u change it?

and u forgot to put the link to the club...

and er.. u didnt put the author's notes o.o

Water Pokemon Master
January 31st, 2005, 5:24 PM
o.o;; u named it Ash and Misty FOREVER o.o..... cant u change it?
Sorry 'bout that :D Just some random title I thought mad and crazy AAML shippers would hop to. But I changed it!

and u forgot to put the link to the club...

I was supposed to? Sorry...

and er.. u didnt put the author's notes o.o

Author's notes?? It's a group made project :P. I actually just copy/pasted it. If you really really think it NEEDS to be changed I can strip it down and revamp and edit it for ya.

February 1st, 2005, 1:14 AM
that'd be good WPM. name it er.. i guess.... The Secret Within.... the same one.

In description write down this - An AAML story (STUPID ADVANCESHIPPERS DONT COME HERE!!!) made by the AAML Club of The PokeCommunity!!

and dont forget the authors' notes:

Authors' Notes: blahpity blahpity blah <insert AN here>

and teh Disclaimer.. *pokes PC's copyright disclaimer at the bottom of screen*

then post the whole story!!!

o.o just about a day in FFNet and i've got the hang of it..

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AN? What's AN? Aaand...where do you want author's notes, top or bottom?
Right. I'll go do all uh dat now boss

Mystic Flame
February 1st, 2005, 8:37 PM
Light will shine on you soon
~My Fortune Cookie from t3e store
anyways lol....
Nice fanfic
Story/Plot: 7.5
Mechanics: 10
Overall: B-

Water Pokemon Master
February 2nd, 2005, 4:07 PM
Eh. Never mind. It's been taken off due to improper use of grammer.
This is the second story on my account taken off...a few more and my account's flustered. :D Oh well! At least we achieved our goal: Honest reviews from hard reviewers. This is what some of them said:
From: Soft Flame Matthias ( http://www.fanfiction.net/u/699949/ )

Nice Plot but wish it was clearer. No need to dumb it down for your readers though. Please revise and Remove the author's notes in the middle of the story.

Aaand....that's the only one I got :D

Well, we got an honest review, and I think this one fits the bucket. Maybe, LanceLite, you should edit it a bit more, let me put it back, and see if their opinions are different?

February 2nd, 2005, 11:45 PM
k i'll change the stuff a little..

and u put the Authors' Notes in the middle? its ALWAYS on the top o.o

rite... i'll work on this from my machine and put it on html if i can... and i guess i can send it to u thru MSN.

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February 3rd, 2005, 6:16 PM
Whoa whoa Lancelite, I copy/pasted what you wrote. I made no edits what so ever. Whatever the problem was with the Authors notes was not my problem.

February 7th, 2005, 3:57 AM
o.o;; grammerical stuff is like evilizing my head... im currently halfway thru of -full- rewriting it up.... lets put my last three A-, A and A+ nerdism (more like nerd-influenced) marks in english story writing at school to test then....