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Fallen Angel
December 7th, 2003, 4:40 PM
A distrubance of power in the pokmon world has occured. Two rare pokmon has been stolen, and if many think about it, and discovered. Mew and Jirichi have been taken by Team Shadow (my team shadow, not the video game one, but it sucks my idea was taken) and they are attempting to change their good nature to the evil of Team Shadow, which can ulitmately change the fate of the world, all of the rare pokemon (the Legendaries) have assambled to stop Team Shadow, after each attempt has failed the pokmon look to a 'relitive' to a legendary, Mewtwo's 'little sister' for help. She and 7 other's must help the legendaries save Mew and Jirichi from Team Shadow's evil grip, maybe risking lives as they do so.............


Name: Anna Hunter
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Looks: Girl in first banner
Personility: Sweet, Kind, and falls for any guy
Team: team in banner 1
About: Her DNA was altered at age 5 by TR to include Mewtwo's DNA, she is often called Mewgirl or Mewthree (usually by Minkai) and she is a super psychic. Is Minkai's twin sister.

Name: Minkai Hunter
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Looks: see mini sprite for some discription
Personility: Like Anna, but is like Brock when it comes to girl
Team: Kai (fire red Mudkip *should be Swampert*, Male), Squeekers (raichu, male), Charcoal (male back/blue charizard), SteelFlash (male, Skarmory), Abby (female Abra *should be Kababra/Alakazam*), Dragoon (male garados (sp))
About: Is Anna's twin brother.

Last char later......