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King of legend
December 8th, 2003, 5:19 AM
Hi everybody!!! I have been searching Hoenn 4ever to find Jirachi. Then i finally found out how 2 find him, The Wish Tag. Does anybody know how 2 get it? The sapphire description: A voice of purity will awake the wish pokemon every 1000 years. Ruby description: Place a tag on all star points on the rock then the sleeping pokemon will awaken.
Is the wishtag real? Is there a gameshark code?Please tell me!!!

Deoxys is a pokemon from space, i have not found a description 4 him.
Is there a way 2 get 2 space? If there is, how? Does the guy from gamefreak in Lilycove motel give you the ticket 2 go on if you catch all the pokemon? Please tell me!!!

And did you ever notice that togepis triangles are juss like latias and latios's?

December 8th, 2003, 7:50 AM
There is no Wish Tag in the game. You cant get it with the Gameshark, or without. Deoxys and Jirachi must be obtained from alternate sources, like E-Reader Cards, Nintendo Promotions, and Pokmon Coliseum. There are a lot of Wish Tag topics around, and so people usually get upset at their creators. Im going to close this to spare you that, take a look around for some of the other Wish Tag topics.

You're welcome to make a thread about the spots on Togepi though. ^_^;