View Full Version : How's the weather up... down... wherever you are?

November 12th, 2012, 4:38 PM
How is the weather where you are at the moment?

Just a while ago it started downpouring out of nowhere for 2 minutes and then it went away. During this brief downpour it was sunny. This happens a lot here...

November 12th, 2012, 4:50 PM
It was very foggy yet somewhat warm today.

November 12th, 2012, 7:21 PM
weather now is cold here and sometimes it rains but i like that weather better than the heat!

Captain Fabio
November 13th, 2012, 7:17 AM

Seriously though, it is pouring down today in Bristol, UK. :(
Yes, we are known for our bad weather, but it isn't normally this bad.

Overlord Drakow
November 13th, 2012, 8:17 AM
Just had grey weather over here in Windsor today. I think the Captain kindly decided to take my fair share of the rain upon himself.

Kikaito plush
November 13th, 2012, 9:47 AM
Here in my part of scotland it is rainy and windy. if anyone wants it please feel free.

November 13th, 2012, 12:36 PM
It's cloudy and cold where I am right now.

November 13th, 2012, 1:57 PM
Meanwhile at my house it is currently 81 F and Cloudy! It'll go down to the 60s at least during night, which is a typical fall thing for Florida to do. I kind of can't wait for another cold front but at the same time I'm comfortable with that is currently going on. Warm enough to go out without having to pack on clothing in the day time and then cold enough to wear nice pajamas in the night. And our house is nice enough that unless you're going outside you don't have to worry about getting too hot the next morning in said PJs.

November 13th, 2012, 2:44 PM
Overcast, really cold, miserable.

You know, the usual :(

November 13th, 2012, 6:10 PM
It's cold...but it's not like "it's gonna snow" cold, but rather "I live in the desert lolol" cold. :P

Temperatures are supposed to drop, and it's supposed to rain on my birthday (hope THAT happens!)

November 13th, 2012, 6:57 PM
Typical Auckland weather, really. When I checked this thread 20 minutes ago, it was sunny and cloud-free and just positively charming, no bad weather in sight. Ten minutes ago, the first gust of wind came. As I'm typing this, the clouds are gathering and I can already feel in my bones that it's going to be a rainy night together

There's a storm coming, Mr Wayne.

November 13th, 2012, 7:22 PM
Right now in Melbourne, it's bright and sunny outside. A few clouds in the sky, but is nothing compared to a few hours ago - almost completely cloudless with brilliant blue sky. Temperature about plus minus 20 degrees Celcius. Relatively little wind as of now. Gosh, I feel like a weather reporter LOL.

November 13th, 2012, 8:19 PM
The weather is beautiful over here.
It usually is during this time of year, though, as it doesn't snow. Its that "I feel like sitting outside to gaze at the stars kind of weather."

November 13th, 2012, 8:21 PM
I think I might melt under the sun with this heat. The weather's so-so.

November 13th, 2012, 8:25 PM
Ugh, terrible. Must not snow where you are.

November 14th, 2012, 12:16 AM
Not too bad, just rainy. Not too cold, not too hot either.

November 14th, 2012, 3:17 AM
All I know right now, is it's dark and relatively cold. I heavily dislike the cold, so oviously it's not my ideal weather. However, I'm inside nice and warm so it doesn't really matter haha.

November 14th, 2012, 12:23 PM
Southern England.. so.. cold, rainy, damp.. and pretty crummy overall.

Seriously I'm freezing my butt off all the time.

November 14th, 2012, 12:28 PM

It's 40 (Fahrenheit) today, but it was about 10 degrees lower a few days ago, then in the mid-60s a few days before that, and this weekend is going to be in the low 50s. Wtf, Indiana.

November 14th, 2012, 12:43 PM
Aside from a few warm days where it was almost 20 degrees a few days ago, the weather's been hovering right around 0 (32F). Doesn't really go below that so we haven't had snow yet, but a nice day is typically only around 5 degrees now.

No complaints here! I love this kind of weather. Means I get to wear scarves again. :> Would like it to get a bit colder so that it flurries instead of rains all the time, though. We've seriously had such a ridiculous amount of rain in the last few weeks. I'm sick of it.

November 14th, 2012, 1:17 PM
We've had cold, rainy days here for about the past week- except for today. Right now it's mostly sunny with a few clouds here and there, and the temperature has finally gotten above 10 C/50 F. I'd much rather have this than having that cold rain, but just not quite cold enough to snow.

von Weltschmerz
November 14th, 2012, 1:39 PM
It has been VERY cold. VERY cold. I know we had a cold front come on.. but I don't know if it's over or not. This cold weather sucks... but it is a nice break because the weather here has been EXTREMELY bipolar. It's nice knowing what tomorrow is gonna bring so you don't wear shorts and a tank-top when it starts to rain or you aren't decked out in that new fur coat with matching thermal underwear from Granma when it's a hundred degrees out. It also started raining a lot more... much to do my dismay. The rain is cool and all.. but there is nothing fun about walking home two miles in streets that are practically swimming pools... Ironically enough, actually... on the week of Halloween... it was clear skies everyday except for you know... Halloween.. the day people are actually gonna be walking around town... :s The temperature and other weather has grown into a routine... but the rain is now extremely bipolar and comes and goes throughout the day randomly. It'll rain for like ten seconds and then stop... then it'll rain for a few hours and stop. It bugs me very much @_@ I just want some goddamn consistency in the weather .-.

o Pikachu o
November 14th, 2012, 1:39 PM
It was -15°c (5F) with snow last week. Now it's around +2°c (35.6F) and it's sunny. It's gonna get colder in December but I'm going to be in Florida for a while.

Ven Bloodia
November 14th, 2012, 5:18 PM
Well the weather's been pretty sunny today but it was only a week ago that it felt so cold that I started to see my drinks freeze right before my eyes in the middle of the night while in my game room, wouldn't be surprised if that happened again anytime soon.

November 14th, 2012, 6:37 PM
Its going to be a cold night. Its going to be clear. I miss the clouds.

November 14th, 2012, 6:44 PM
Here in Alabama the weather is always messed up. I think that it's finally getting colder like it's supposed to.

November 14th, 2012, 8:14 PM
It was raining, about 60 degrees yesterday, and now it's about 80-90 degrees, and will be for about a week.

Ugh. California needs to stay rainy sometimes. Maybe I should just move to Oregon.

November 15th, 2012, 11:15 PM
Today in Seattle, it was clear but very very cold - mid 40's F. I stayed in bed for most of the day, under the covers.

My Pico
November 16th, 2012, 2:58 AM
It's training cats and dogs here yo that I had to put an umbrella at the top of my monitor!! :O

November 16th, 2012, 7:03 AM
It's just way too hot here. The weather is just crazy here, and unpredictable.

November 16th, 2012, 1:47 PM
it's a soccer match between warm in the noon and cold in the evening...weather is playing right now...when one of those win..i'll make sure to tell ya!

November 16th, 2012, 2:03 PM
It's been very, very windy here lately.

Shining Raichu
November 18th, 2012, 6:39 AM

It's night time, but it's fine outside with a quite strong and rather random wind.

November 18th, 2012, 6:50 AM
It's been getting colder and colder. ._.

Elite Overlord LeSabre™
November 22nd, 2012, 12:04 AM
It's a bit warmer than it has been the past few days, though still not really comfortable. It's been cloudy with the sun peeking out at times, but there hasn't been much rain for quite awhile.

November 22nd, 2012, 5:08 AM
Just clear skies for now. Although we are expecting some snowfall tomorrow.