View Full Version : [Tutorial] How to edit RUBY and SAPPHIRE Voicegroups

December 22nd, 2012, 11:43 AM
Go open your favorite song in anvil studio and make a copy of it.
Now you will have the original and the edited one.
In sappy, go to any song where you like the instruments and under the name of the song, you should see the bar with a check mark, the words location, del, and note.

Location is the offset where the track is stored and is playing from.
Del is short for delay and it represents the time before another section of the track will play.
Note just is the note being played each second.

Now you need to click the arrow on that bar and the sections of the song will be displayed.

First, take note of the voicegroup above where it says voices. The song you replace MUST be on the voicegroup if you want these instruments to play.

Open your song you will edit in Anvil Studio and where it says instruments, look at the instruments that will be

In Sappy, under the location of each track should be a number. It should be zero before the song
plays. Turn on the song and the number indicates the instrument being played.
Your replacement song must have these instruments or else an annoying beep sound will just keep on playing instead.

In Anvil Studio, click on the first instrument of your midi song and a tab will pop up listing the instruments and numbers, but these numbers are all wrong!
The number that represents the instruments in Sappy PLUS ONE is the instrument in Anvil Studio. Change each instrument to the ones playing in Sappy. Save and drag your edited midi onto the MID2AGB.exe program and you will get a .s file in your folder.

Now we insert!
In Sappy go to the song you wish to change and click assemble song.
Where it says Voicegroup offset, type the number of the Voicegroup you took note of before.
Type the voicegroup number in after the 0xXXXXXX. Choose the .s file you made.
Where it says base destination offset, type in an offset where there is A LOT of free space.
In my case, I put 0x80383C in the base destination offset. Now you just need to assemble that
ugly thing and click yes when the pop up pops up. If it does not play in game, follow Magnius'
Guide to Pokemon Music Hacking.
Happy voicegroup hacking!