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January 3rd, 2013, 3:03 PM
Okay guys, I love dragon types, my current black 2 party is

I have played every generation and, though very sad have a full fourth gen pokedex! On Fire Red, my other current game I am testing out an eevelution party, any advice?

January 3rd, 2013, 5:00 PM
Heeey Ra, welcome to PC! Have any nicknames or anything you'd prefer to be called? :3

A dragon type fan? You're in luck! :D We have a cool dragon type fanclub right here (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=292286) in the Pokemon Clubs section, so if you're a fan you should definitely join up. Just make sure to read the rules of the club so you don't make any mistakes, though they're easy enough to follow. There are a lot of other dragon fans participating in the club so I'm sure you'll enjoy discussing the type with fellow fans, yeah?

If you have questions about FireRed/LeafGreen, I think the best place to ask would be in the Advanced Gen Games section (http://www.pokecommunity.com/forumdisplay.php?f=164) since it's dedicated solely to FR/LG and R/S/E. You can use the Simple Question thread at the top of the section for questions and the What's Your Team thread right next to it to list your team in the game. A pretty great place on the forum if I do say so myself. =D It's quite popular too, so get involved in some of the discussions going on there if you'd like; I'm sure the regulars there would love having another member there discussing the games with them. There's also the Battle Center (http://www.pokecommunity.com/forumdisplay.php?f=234) for all things team-related including getting team help, so use that to your advantage since you can get both competitive and ingame teams rated there (it's a lot better than asking in a new user thread, too). We have pretty much everything here, so don't be scared to explore and make some posts! PC's a wonderful - and very active - community.

Hope that helped out! Enjoy your stay on PC and may you have a good 2013. <3

January 3rd, 2013, 5:46 PM
Hey there Raaa99 and welcome to PokeCommunity. My favorite type of Pokemon also happens to be Dragon types. Though I don't see a Salamence in your team, what's up with that? D:<

Joking aside, as Cirno mentioned above, you should stop by the Battle Center (http://www.pokecommunity.com/forumdisplay.php?f=234) for advice on team building and finding other users to battle. My personal recommendation for an Eeveelution team would be to have an Espeon with a Modest Nature in your team. You should stop by the Competitive Team Help (http://www.pokecommunity.com/forumdisplay.php?f=250) or the In-Game Team Help (http://www.pokecommunity.com/forumdisplay.php?f=236) Sections for more in depth help and information. Also, if you are interested in raising competitive Pokemon, stop by the Trade Corner (http://www.pokecommunity.com/forumdisplay.php?f=161) for tips on how to breed awesome Pokemon. Make sure you read the rules though, you don't want to break any on accident.

January 3rd, 2013, 6:14 PM
Well, I did try to get Bagon on soul silver, but I need to wait another few months in the safari zone!

Starlight Wind
January 3rd, 2013, 6:35 PM
HI Raaa99! Perhaps you might be interested in Fourth Generation Games (DS) section? SoulSilver is covered there too. So enjoy your stay!

January 3rd, 2013, 9:34 PM
Raaa I'm just so happy that you made a thread here again. <3 Also that is a pretty badass team, Haxorus, Kyurem, Gyarados, Charizard and Salamence (you mentioned Bagon so I assume you like its final stage in the line, haha) all get my vote. (b'')b

Everyone else has been very helpful in linking you to some awesome PC sections, so I'll just be here to support what they say and encourage you to check out each and every one of them. :3 There's probably a sticky atop each section that you have to read first, so don't forget that! It's gonna be a lot more fun if you don't mess up, because believe me, I learned that the hard way back in 2008. u_u Also why are you very sad with having a full Fourth Gen Pokédex? I think that's pretty awesome!

Plus regarding your FireRed / LeafGreen team, you can always check out the In-Game Team (www.pokecommunity.com/forumdisplay.php?f=236) Help sub-forum to get the best advice, because most of the really skilled users who will know what they're talking about regarding team building don't really go here, they just wait for people to post there. ;D But I'll still give you some quick advice with the little that I know: I think it would be a lot better if you stick with one STAB move for each, because I noticed you had two with Umbreon having Dark Pulse and Payback, and with Espeon having Psybeam and Psychic. Perhaps you can even put a coverage move there, to not have to rely on switching so much. Also if I remember correctly, aren't Dark Pulse and Payback moves from Fourth Gen? Maybe you can switch strategies if there aren't good Dark-type moves yet, or at least replace it with something like Faint Attack. But yeah, that is what I think!

Anyway, welcome to PC, Raaa! See you around. :D

January 3rd, 2013, 10:01 PM
Hi there! Time to tell you a few things about myself, too!

I love the color pink
I also love the colors purple, and blue!
I love greeting new users like yourself, to help get you better situated within the community, and I'm willing to do what it takes in order to get there. :3
I also would want the power to fly over the power to teleport. I mean, the exhilarating feeling of flight is something that really can't be described, and I want to feel that someday.

And I'm also a huge fan of dragon-types as well! I've always been fond of Dragonite, as well as Salamence. Heck, when it comes to competitive teams, Dragonite is usually my top pick to be included in one, and I also consider Hydreigon. As overrated as some dragon-types may be, they're that way for a reason, as they have such crushing power once utilized to their full potential.

And as far as Fire Red is concerned, may I suggest Vaporeon as a main eeveelution? I don't know what it is about Vaporeon, but it has always stuck out for me in games that I've played it in(mainly Pokemon Battle Revolution, omg so proud of that thing), but yeah, Acid Armor can really save you in a good pinch. n_n;

Last but not least, I'd like to welcome you to the community again, and should you need anything else, the mods are always here for you! :3 You can also PM/VM me if you want to talk, too!

Rainbow Arcanine
January 3rd, 2013, 11:14 PM
Hey Raaa <3, welcome to PC! Ahh, I admire you greatly for playing every generation, I've only played the later ones XD;, although it'd be brilliant to play some of the older ones and see how Pokemon was back then. A full 4th Gen Pokedex? I could never do that, I don't have the games required to catch some Pokemon and it'd take a lot of effort and since I can get rather slack sometimes that sort of task would be almost impossible for me XD;, so I tip my hat off to you!

Everybody's already directed you to some amazing sections <3, I suggest you check the guidelines thoroughly before posting. The In-Game Team Help section, a sub-forum of Battle Center, will get your team rated and improved to its fullest potential by some of our experienced users, who are friendly and always ready to help :3. I think you'll love it there!

Also if you ever need help filling out any other Pokedexes, you can check the Trade Corner for some amazing fair offers. I promise you it isn't any unfair trades like a shiny Kyurem under Level 9, you'd be stunned <3, so if you wanted a Bagon early or some other Pokemon that's your one stop :3!

You can call me Rainbow if you like :D, I'm always open for a chat so if you want to talk feel free to drop a VM <333. Have fun at PC and I'll see you around alright?

January 3rd, 2013, 11:33 PM
Hi Ra, and welcome to the PokeCommunity!

When I saw this thread, I first thought it was going to end up locked like your last thread, but thankfully you included a proper introduction this time so it didn't happen again. PC is a big forum, and is one of the forums I browse a lot. You'll meet loads of cool members here, some who may share an interest with you. And we happen to have a Dragon-type Club in Pokemon Clubs if you're interested in checking it out.

And yeah, some things about me: I love blue things, anything cute, stalking and being very amusing in general (my profile is really hilarious when you look at it). My fave Pokemon is Oshawott, and you'll probably know why if you talk to me about it. Everyone's probably directed you to the Trade Corner and Battle Center for all stuff relating to trades and battles. There's a chatroom in TC, and a fun Pokemon Showdown server in BC which you'll easily find the link to. I hang out there as Hikari10 or OshyHikari if you're looking for me over there. And nope, Trade Corner won't do any illegal offers like the "Level 9 and under Zekrom" on the GTS so you're guaranteed to get whatever you're requesting!

Have an awesome time here, and feel free to ask me or a mod if you need help!

- Hikari10

January 4th, 2013, 9:25 AM
Thanks everyone for welcoming me to the community!