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January 4th, 2013, 2:20 PM
Hello to anyone who reads this presentation.
My name is Joseph, but you can call me Seppy. 22 years old, i'm from Italy (but speak and understand pretty well english), and i'm a pianist (not the best indeed, but good you can say).
Talking about pokémon, i'm actually a fan of the videogames more than the animated series. I watched the series when i was a kid, just the first season, so i don't remember a lot about it. About the games, i started with Pokémon Blu, still play it on my gameboy color while i take the train, and i have played until the last one that came out for gameboy advance (i think it was emerald, not sure). Non the nintendo ds type, so i haven't tried the new ones, neither on the emulator, so don't blame me if i don't know some new generation pokémon, still i'm not one of those old generation fanatics: if a new pokémon is done well, then it's good.
But, what most i like about pokémon is even the reason i came here: the hacks. I've tried one in the young days and thought that it was pretty awesome, so i tried another and another, and now i can say that i love playing them a lot. Maybe because after playing the same original ones for years sometimes you like a change in the maps, the story, and even some pokémon. I'm sort of a good tester for the games you can say, enjoy them and judge them is fun, there are some that are really majestic that i can say i love.
So, to cut this short: hope to be welcomed in the forums, not sure i'll be posting everyday or everywhere, but i'll be around. Hope to make new friends, i love meeting people from different parts of the world and chat on msn or skype.

January 4th, 2013, 2:26 PM
Welcome, Seppy...to the PokeCommunity! Great to see ya here, and I'm fascinated by the fact that you are from Italy! :D I've always wanted to visit there one day, it's such a beautiful country. :)

Yeah, I am also a fan of the games too, more so the classic games (the ones back where you play on the Game Boy...yeah those. xD). Don't worry if you are not much of a fan of the new generation Pokemon, most members here aren't. So you might want to take your time getting used to the new era, and take all the time cherishing the best of Pokemon!

I agree that it's the hacks that bring the best of Pokemon. :D Visit the Emulation section if you are willing to learn more about ROM Hacking, and how to hack your own ROM game. There's a lot (I mean, a lot!) to do when it comes to hacking. Be sure you get all your questions answered before getting started. If you need the tools or the tutorials, we have them all here! No worries!

Well, hope to see you around the forums and be sure to read the rules! Have a fantastic stay here at PC. :D

January 4th, 2013, 3:39 PM
Seppy is a really adorable nickname, so I'll call you that! Welcome to the forum sir and great to meet you. :D Like Leaf Storm, I also think it's pretty neat that you're from Italy, especially since it's one of the places I just have to visit in the future. Awesome~

So you've mostly experienced playing the older Pokemon games, I see, in which case the Metal/Color Games (http://www.pokecommunity.com/forumdisplay.php?f=36) and Advanced Gen. Games (http://www.pokecommunity.com/forumdisplay.php?f=164) would probably be fantastic places for you to check out. I started with Blue too and got Red for Christmas in 1998/1999 or so, so it's awesome to see other old-time fans join! So you don't have plans to try the newer games sometime? You might be interested in HeartGold and SoulSilver since they were pretty good remakes of Gold/Silver. The addition of the Pokeathlon made it a really fun game to play, I think, and it's always fun to see how Pokemon has improved over the years. But I'm just rambling on and on now about my suggestions haha; it's fine if you're not into the newer gens, since everyone has their own personal preferences. The earlier gens were all aweeesome anyway, especially Crystal and Yellow. <3

Hacks are... well, they're really addicting. PC became very well known for its Emulation section and amazing games so it's no surprise to hear you're into them! Having these fanmade games available to us helps keep people interested in Pokemon since playing the same few games can get a bit tiresome, as you said. I'll always be a fan of ROM hacking since without them, I wouldn't have Googled and found PC. ^^

You definitely seem like a great person and I was thrilled to see you made such a long intro. You'll fit in perfectly here, so enjoy your stay!

Gideon Jeremiah
January 4th, 2013, 4:48 PM
A fellow Italiant-speaking painist who is trying to improve his grasp of English!?

Benvenuto amico!
Godetevi la vostra tempo qui! :)

January 5th, 2013, 4:16 AM
Thank you very much for the welcoming.
Yeah, Italy is a really nice place if you like food, art and the fashion of old style towns and villages, still built like centuries ago. Unfortunately, youngsters these days find art so boring, or otherwise the old fashion really sad, so they hate their native country and wish to live in big places like America.
x Cirno - As i said, i don't possess a nintendo ds, and the emulator on this old computer consumes a lot of energy, that's the reason why i haven't played a lot about the new games. Not because i think the old ones better, simply because don't have the resources to play the new ones, even so somethings i have learnt thanks to pokémon fan friends that keep me informed.
x Leaf Storm - Actually, i'd like to try and make a hack, but i'm not so good with programming, the only things i could do is make the story, and edit the pokémon stats, evolution and location. I could make a team, but i'm not the guy that likes bothering others, so i prefer being a gamer of the hacks, giving suggestions for future games or new versions.
x Gideon - Technically, i don't need to improve my english, since i grew up in Australia, i'm just a little rusty sometimes because here in Italy not many people speak it or understand it, so i can practice writing and speaking only with my dad (that lives in England now) and on forums.
Thanks again for the greetings, if you want to have a chat and be friends just contact me and i'll be glad to make new friends.

January 5th, 2013, 6:19 AM
Your username reminds me of the Italian tennis player Andreas Seppi

Anyways Seppy, welcome to PC!

Don't worry if English is not your first language, but we're glad you got skills from your father. I don't know much about the earlier generations game-wise, given I started playing late in the franchise but you should get a DS if you can so you don't miss out. I've been enjoying Black and Black 2, both are such awesome games and have great characters.

And you spent part of your life in Australia? What was it like? I'm an Australian myself. A Sydney girl in fact. Cirno has already directed you to the Metal and Color/Advance Generation Games, located in GPGD. There's also Pokemon Gaming Central to discuss the Pokemon games in general.

I'm Hikari, and feel free to ask me or a mod if you need help.

- Hikari10

Starry Windy
January 5th, 2013, 6:56 AM
Hi Seppy! As Hikari10 said, you could check Pokemon Gaming Central section if discussing Pokemon gaming. If you want to discuss about Pokemon but not limited to gaming-wise, Pokemon General (http://www.pokecommunity.com/forumdisplay.php?f=17) section is great for you! So welcome to PC!