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February 1st, 2005, 10:00 PM
This is where you post your submissions for the Valentine's day contest only, if you want to make feedback and have discussions you can post in this thread:


Please use this format when submitting poetry:

ex. Dedicated To: [Insert person's name]

Signifigance of Poem: Love, admiration etc.


February 1st, 2005, 10:03 PM
I shall be the first... Mwahaha... *hacking cough*

(Notes - I wrote this in like... 5 minutes? o.o; Anyways... I hope it meets the standards and rules for this contest... n_n; )

Dedicated to - That guy who I have a crush on in real life...
Significance - Wistful thinking...

My Ideal - Miyu-chan

I look into your eyes

Passionate, emotion, love.

I fall into your arms

Warm, safe, irresistible.

I taste your lips

Sweet, intoxicating, alluring.

I touch your hair

Silky, soft, smooth.

I realize that this is

Idealism, fantasies, dreams.

When will you

Gaze, touch, kiss?

February 3rd, 2005, 3:35 PM
Coldest Form of Life
Dedicated to: The love of my life "Suicidal Wings"

Once a loner now a goner,
I fell for lifes most wicked joker,
You took me in I thought you dumber,
As time went I couldnt help feel sick of these feelings that I used to feel and I thought Id forbidden,
You cast a spell and you made me yours in a heartbeat,

At first I felt like no one else in the world had this feeling,
And hoped someday both you and I could beat these dealings,
Day after day all I looked forward to our meeting at our secret cult,
Now it feels as if all you said was just to cope
You used to pick me up and carry me away,
Now you plunge me into the very depths of hell,

Feeling more anger than love,
You throw spears of pain,
I throw arrows of hate,
Our war ever lasting, our love ever hoping,
Countless hours of sorrow,
A lifetime of spears and arrows,

You threaten with deaths desire,
I threaten with my end,
I stop time in my mind and think,
We let ourselves be lead astray from what we sought,
Leaving death, pain, sorrow and hate victorious,
I weep and shudder to think, Will this be our fate?

Rome wasnt built with one mans sweat,
Noahs storm was not caused by one raindrop,
When Pagans were chased they were not erased,
Why let this beat us?
The road may be long,
The path hard to see,
But with you, my love, by my side none of hells circles shall conquer us

February 3rd, 2005, 4:46 PM
i'm writing this as i come up with it. it's more of a song "let's get through today" dedicated to whoever i'll be falling in love with soon. the significance of this poem is sticking with love through the ups and downs.

now i've been hurt by love,
if you know what i speak of,
then this should be so clear.
I've been shattered and split
my heart torn into bits,
yet i have never shed a tear.
because all that changed,
when you stepped my way
you erased all of my fears.
and i'd do anything.
for you this song i sing,
i'm so glad to have you here.

we may laugh and smile,
then not speak for a while.
but my love has never changed.
when had that fight,
you know, the other night.
i'm so glad that you stayed.
i'm lost without you,
wouldn't know what to do
if you ever went away.
and sometimes it may hurt,
but we'll make it work,
first let's just get through today.

February 3rd, 2005, 5:35 PM
It may not be good but I though of this,
I rebember your face
I always dreamed of
seeing it agian everyday

I rebember your graceful smile
It always kept me bright

You were once my true love
But times has changed
I wish to be reuinted with you agian one day

In my heart I searched
desperately for you
You were the one who always made my day

I always though I was meant to exist
because of you
But one day I will find you
and have our memories restored

But for now that's just a
dream of the past
But one day I will find you
in the future,Because you
are the true love I seek
to meet agian one day
and love will never keep us away.

February 5th, 2005, 11:26 AM
I wrote this in..a minute..or..I dunno. X3 I'm not the best at poetry.

Dedicated To: my pair up =]]]

Significance of Poem: Simplicity (is that considered one?)


If you're reading this,
chances are
it won't be mushy
it won't come far

it'll be simple
not like before
not too many words
no less or one more

if you're reading this
chances will be
I won't put descriptions
(it's too vague for me)

if you want hundreds
and thousands of words
and wanted me to write
you must've misheard

as I had said once
I'll keep it simple for you
'love' needs no word
to express what is true

if you're reading this
chances will be
you'll think of one word

February 6th, 2005, 5:28 AM
Dedicated To: Person I like in Real Life.

Signifigance of Poem: I dunno. Love?


As I walk down the memory lane,
I see roses flying everwhere
They're floating down like a crane
There was nothing else, the sky was bare

I see others, with a rose
Seeing others confess their love
Some others propoves
Like God Above.

I regretted those days,
Love is a tragedy.
I can pray and pray
For only you and me

It never worked out,
You went out on a date
Without a doubt
With someone I really hate.

I don't really want to be
And I've asked you time and time,
Will you go on a date with me?
And be my Valentine?


February 6th, 2005, 9:35 PM
Always in my heart
Dedicated to my first love~~

Once in a world of hatred
Under the protection of heaven
A soul was born to a daring man
As it was dedicated to an angel
And as years passed
Chances come and go
They never got together
That I'm asking why
My darling

Why didn't you want me
Why did you break your promise
Where had your heart gone
Where was it left to rot
When I asked you
When you had felt alone
How could you be so happy without me
How could you have let me go

I don't feel hurt anymore
I don't cry when I hear your voice
I was not shocked when you confessed
But I will always love you
No matter how you hate me
No matter how you fake your kindness
I know how you truly feel about me
In my mind is a dark cloud gathered up

From many years
When you promised to me
I am always trying to please you
Even until today
Nothing has changed
That I understand
In this life my darling
You are forever in my heart....

Mr Cat Dog
February 7th, 2005, 8:13 AM
Compared to the poems we have here, I probably won't win... but I've got nothing to lose XD The person shall remain anonymous, and you'll find the significance if you read the poem itsel ^_~ Enjoy:

I love you

My heartstrings play a violin solo
When you walk into the room. My
Stomach becomes filled with little
Butterflies, flying around, filled with
Bittersweet emotion.

The hormones rush through me, and
My face turns red, blushing even at
The sight of you. My beating heart
Thumps against my feeble ribcage,
And yearns to be let free.

You're enchanting, encapsulating,
Dazzling, delightful. You are my
World, and everything in it. You
Light up the sky in daylight, and
Fill it up with stars at night.

But, you don't feel the same way.
To you, I am but a simple, yet
Solitary friend. The shy, unspoken
One, of whom love has never touched
With her gentle kiss.

But she has kissed me, and with
Cupid's arrow pointing to you, I'm
Never going to stop loving your
Radiance and brilliance. Yet, I can't
Utter those simple words:

I love you

February 9th, 2005, 2:06 PM
If you dont mind, I would like to submit something...
This isn't about my love to someone, and I hope this is okay...it's relating to it, so I hope I'm allowed to post it...

This is dedicated to anyone who had really stupid relationship issues...
I was inspired by a stupid fight that shouldn't have happened.

Poison of Love

There's a reason why I choose stay,
Away from love, and its terrible ways.
I've seen it good, but mostly bad,
It wreaks destruction, in its path.
It turns people into monsters, and tears them apart,
Leaves them alone, with broken hearts.
But why must love leave them so fast?
Shouldn't love forever last?
Why can't they think about the good times they had?
And just move on, forget the past.
And I could have stopped tragedy,
But I failed in agony,
And I started it all,
And I watched them fall.
I should have been there, to stop the fight.
And I should have been there, to show them the light.
And trickling down, drops of blood,
'Tis the poison, the poison of love.

February 9th, 2005, 4:58 PM
dedication:to timmy lee
title:wo ai ni

I love you with all my heart since very young.
After all these years of hate from you I finally told u what
wo ai ni is.
You were in love and hate you hated the fact that i loved you,
But u like the fact that it is true
If i were to take back the words of wo ai ni would we still be
Friends or would we both die form sorrows of our heart
You said you loved me once
Yet when u find out that I love you
You have resent and hated me
but the last words of my sorrows are these..

wo ai ni...

February 11th, 2005, 2:04 AM
It's my submission. It's about a real person. Do you want a name aswell?

You are familiar with it (if you ever read my poems that is.)


How does it feel?

Does it feel nice?
Does it feel cold?

It feels like gold.

That precious feeling.
My heart, is what you are stealing.

Your love is what I desire.
Your smile is what I admire.

You love me on the inside,
But hate me on the outside.

Why does it happen?
Why is it there?


February 12th, 2005, 11:49 AM
Dedicated to: I'm not going to say. LT, if you would like to know you may PM me.
Signifigance of poem: Lost love
Why Aren't You Shaken?

Why aren't you shaken?
I'll still be here.
I thought you loved me,
now you don't shed a tear.

Why aren't you shaken?
I thought this was just what you wanted to hear.
I really loved you,
now I am just waiting...

Why aren't you shaken?
This isn't what I want to hear.
You said you're leaving,
I don't want to wait here...

I'm chasing my dreams,
unable to comprehend.
Why aren't you shaken?
Why aren't you shaken?

Wherever you go,
I would follow,
I'd be right there.
So why aren't you shaken?

Why aren't you shaken?
You see me just standing here.
Why aren't you shaken?
You don't even shed a tear.

I'll be right here now,
I'll be right here...
So why aren't you shaken?
Why aren't you......

2/12/2005 ~origin

February 12th, 2005, 3:19 PM
Ooooh! Let me submit one, pwease? ^.^;
Deditcated to: Kat (My pair. ^^)
Signifigance of Poem: Love...Duh. :P

~I love~
Sweetie, I gotta tell you
You're the person I truely value
I love you more than life itself
I would give up all the riches and wealth
I would do that just to see you smile
Cause you make the day all the worth while
You bring the joy and love into my life
You make the day feel all right
You make my spirits fly in the clouds above
Sweetie, all I can offer you is my love
I want to be with you
Forever through and through
I love you ever so
I can't bare the thought of letting you go
I think about you every single day
I love you more than anybody can say
I don't care about the different we may be
Because I love you and you love me

oni flygon
February 13th, 2005, 9:46 AM
To: Alisha

Signifance of the poem: Just a small thank you for renewing our friendship. Even though I know you couldn't read this, I always wanted you to be the best you can be and not let other mislead you...

My Beloved

The first time I saw you
I was a fool and I was just so stupid
You were just one of my best friends
Until my heart was struck by Cupid

Everyday I would treasure your smile
At the same time I kept my guise as a friend
But I just know within myself
That forever, I cant always pretend

Every time you throw your arms around me
I could feel your heart close to me, beating
Every breeze that blows through me
I could see those bright eyes, shining

No star could outshine those bright eyes
No sweet melody could match your beautiful voice
Your rosy cheeks, I just wanted to kiss
Oh your beauty made my heart rejoice

You were just the kindest person in my world
You cheered me up even in my deepest woe
Even when everything seems hopeless
In my darkness, you just continued to glow

Deep inside, I want to say those three words
I want to shout them out so the world could hear
My voice would reach the highest mountains
I love you, I say them out loud and clear

You just dont realize who you are
Youre so caring, so cheerful, so nave
Youre such a good person at heart
And that I will always believe

I want to be near you all the time
Every night, I long for your embrace
Every day, I just hope to see you again
I want to see that beautiful face

But then that one day came
When I couldnt make up my mind
Those words just slipped out of my lips
The right words, I couldnt find

I waited for the response
Your eyes have a glint of concern
Im sorry but I cant love you
Im sorry but your heart, I must return

You hugged me again and apologized
I told you that its alright
Solemnly, we hugged for a long time
Your embrace was just so tight

If what you think that fairy tales end in happy endings
You are wrong, my friend very wrong
Life is cruel and harsh and will never give you a chance
I realized that when I couldnt get along

She seems so distant these times
Her once bright eyes were so dull when Im around
And yet she laughs and goes along when Im not
Suddenly, she wasnt there when I was down

I wanted to mend our friendship
But I seem to turn things for the worse
Suddenly, I thought that whether meeting her
Was a blessing or a curse

My life plunged in misery
And I cried at night because I miss her
I wanted to see that smile again
I just wish were the way we were

No sorrow could describe my feelings
No greater pain could one withstand
I lay alone by myself in this dark corner
No one could understand

I forced myself to forget that girl
But in the end, her memory keeps returning
I wanted to leave her behind
But her beautiful smile keeps haunting

How I miss those times
The time I wanted to hold her close
In the end, I was miserable
She was happy and I was morose

How can she forget so quickly?
Those memories that Ive shared
I cared so dearly for her
But now Im just scared

I was afraid to see her again
The fear of rejection envelopes my mind
Im scared to see those eyes look away
Oh I wish I was blind

My insides twisted and turned
I felt like a man wallowing in mud
At night I felt bare and cold
At day, I just wish to shed my own blood

You mocked me with the laughter I used to love
Your eyes look away from my own depression
You just continue life as if nothing happened
Was I nothing in your life? I question

Deep inside, I couldnt let go of that person
Even though I tried many amends
I always ended up remembering her smile
The thing that I treasured when we were friends

Life is for living
The song goes that one morning
I just dont want to live it all alone
It made me stop my mourning

I felt alone and forgotten on the street
I just lay there, ignoring all help given to me
I just wanted her friendship back, I prayed
Of all my wishes, this is my most desperate plea

I let the rain fall on my face
The wind was cold like her heart
My heart aches every time I think of her
I guess its time to make a new start

Before I could move on and start again
I felt her warm hand hold my cold hand
I looked behind to see her smiling
She said Im sorry and I understand

It turns out that she was scared, too
Both of us were afraid of each other
We began to talk again like before
She hugged me again like her big brother

The sorrow was soon gone like the storm
And like the sun, happiness rose
Its like what she always did
In my darkness, she glows

I couldnt understand but it doesnt matter
Lets be friends again she said
Just forget what happened before
Lets just help each other instead

I hugged her once more and she hugged back
I embraced her tightly because I have her near
I dont want to lose her again like before
Near my closed eyes, you could see a tear

Deep inside, I still love her
But I dont want her to go away
So I kept this within my heart
I just want her to stay

A happy ending for the girl whom I love
The happiness in this miserable place
The gift I yearned for a long time
Was her friendship and her embrace

Her friendship I still treasure
Like always, she was present to smile
I never thought it would end this way
I thought my life would forever be hostile

What can I say more about the girl I love?
A boy could use words in his poems
In order to describe the girl he treasures
But some emotions and thoughts cannot be explained
Through mere words and sweetened language
Sweeter than honey, more beautiful than a rose
Meager letters and meager words are nothing
Compared to what a man can love
What is inside this heart of mine
I cannot fully express in this poem
My love for that girl
Is more vast than the ocean
Brighter than the suns light
And more eternal than the sky

Love can be so sweet and so warm
But it can also be so cold and so cruel
A lesson I also learned is that:
Any nave and sweet little girl
Is also like a budding rose
Her petals are closed so tightly
And yet she is so beautiful
So fragrant and so lovely
But if you dont wait before the petals open
If you immediately grasp the roses stem
You will be pricked and that rose
Will never bloom for you again

February 14th, 2005, 5:10 AM
Dunno how much of a chance I stand.... But I'm thinking.. "My boyfriend liked it, and cried... Might as well give it a try"...

Dedicated To: My boyfriend (whom shall remain nameless =P)

Signifigance of Poem: Love.. lots of it ^_^


Shining Happiness

I was all alone in the darkness,
The blade so close to my delicate skin,
Then your soft comforting words reached my cold ears,
And I instantly droped the weapon of death.

My eyes are filled with tears as I look into your face,
You hold me close,
And everything but us seems to dissappear,
"You will be okay," you whisper.

Suddenly my wounds start to fade,
Not the physical ones,
But the mental ones,
All because you told me you loved me.

You are my hero,
You are my only one,
You will always be there to help me,
And I will love you forever....

Shikon no Tama
February 14th, 2005, 6:24 PM
Ok here is mine. I am just posting my thoughts of what love is.

Dedicated To: My crushie IRL (not revealing name)

Signifigance of Poem: My crush, and what I think love is about

Poem: The fragile Rose

A flower so beautiful as a rose,
May strike a beautiful pose,
Of love in your heart,
Oh, how the love never wants to part,
From my soul,
So when I look in your eyes,
It means I like you,
When I look in your smile I blush,
Because my heart could not help but flush,
At that beautiful smile of yours.

You may not love this way,
But today,
I feel this special way,
I feel alone without you,
Scared and afraid,
Sometimes when I go to sleep in my bed,
I smile and laugh when I think of you,
So please be true,
Do you love me,
Do you even feel the same way I do,
Because I still shall forver think of you.

February 14th, 2005, 7:38 PM
Dedicated to: My pair, Alex.

Significance of poem: An explanation of my feelings for him in verse. Also, another attempt for me at haiku.


Consider a flame.
Incarnation of chaos.
Perfection of love.

Lady Pearl
February 15th, 2005, 6:47 PM
Dedicated To: A great friend of mine who I never had a chance to say goodbye to. ;_;
Significance of Poem: Love, Betrayal, Imagination

What is such peculiar love?
The tunes of curiosity play their part.
Is it the heavens almighty from above?
A box of chocolates shaped as a heart?
Is it the friendship I am dreaming of?
The answer is nigh and my journey shall start.

My mind is befuddled and lost in its trot,
With contemplation of love and the purest of its reams.
Wonders develop into my imaginary spot,
Of beautiful fragrance and everlasting dreams.
Twas the only life that would never rot.
A matter of subject felt missing, it seemed.

A thoughtless whim flashed into mind,
My imaginary beloved with a heart for the earth.
I grinned of bliss at my amazing find.
The beloved was gorgeous by natural birth.

With vibrant wings of heaven for eternal flight,
In which we would soar with our undying might.
Golden, sleek hair and innocent, angelic eyes,
Shows the benevolent mercy and the feign of his lies.

Struck by love and your elegant charm,
Our relationship I devote and adore
Remains placid and precious with absolutely no harm.
Have no true sympathy against for whats in store.

In the tremendous fields of pleasant flowers,
You and I caress hands and hands.
Blithely lingering for prolonged hours,
Nothing can halt us, nothing that stands.

Sunlight departed, away from the eyes.
Moonlight approached, with the full moons despise.
The forests of despair had shed a tear.
The nocturnal beasts had everything to fear.

My beloved and I were gazing with delight,
At the stars appearing so mighty bright.
The chirping of mourn felt so close, so near.
The moment had come, I was penetrated by a spear.

No ordinary spear, legends say.
Twas the spear of loss and evil, cruel ways.
Hell has reigned my purified soul.
The hellions vexed my precious heart,
Which they subsequently stole.
The memories and dreams had left, disappeared.
I would lose my beloved, I sincerely feared.
I was too late,
The portal and I had sealed our holes.

February 25th, 2005, 4:19 PM
So er... Who won? I'm dying to know x.x

Mr Cat Dog
March 12th, 2005, 8:29 AM
That's what I'm wondering... It's been nearly a month. That's surely long enough to judge the poetry here, isn't it? o_O

oni flygon
March 12th, 2005, 9:34 AM
Liquid Thunder is busy so he can't pretty much judge things... v.v;;

March 12th, 2005, 9:44 AM
Hmm..how long will it be?

March 25th, 2005, 6:11 AM
I was coming here to see if the Easter Poetry competition was up... We're still stuck here. meep.

March 25th, 2005, 8:04 AM
I'm really sorry everyone, I truly am. --; It's a matter of having Lance online long enough for us to figure out a winner. I believe he's on holiday for spring break and won't be back for a while yet. <.<


April 7th, 2005, 5:32 PM
Still no results? This is gonna take a while.

May 9th, 2005, 4:41 PM
Well do to complications, it took MUCH longer then it should but its done now so go check them out! ^^


I'll just close this...