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January 22nd, 2013, 12:51 PM
I was fortunate enough to know what I wanted to do with my life from a very early age. When I was ten, I began experimenting with digital audio. Recording notes, editing grooves, layering patterns, fooling around with sound effects... I was instantly attracted to the level of creativity and attention to detail it required; not only the musical aspect but the technological one as well. I received my first copy of FL Studio when I was twelve. I'll admit, I was intimidated at first. All the fancy knobs and sliders; I didn't even know where to begin! But I made one of the smartest decisions of my life and began teaching myself anyway.

I still use FL to this day, though I'm obviously quite a bit better at it now. I used to see a lot of negativity directed at it, and I wouldn't say it's the best DAW out there by any means. But as far as I (and my wallet) are concerned, it's good enough. I still have much to learn, but the fact that I have the same desire to master the program as I did when I started out says something, to me anyway. I would link to some of my work but A) that's not what I intended this thread to be, and B) I've made like 5 posts and I'm still unable to insert links.

Anyway, my question to all of you is this: are there any members of this forum who also share the same passion for producing digital audio? What program(s) do you use? How long have you been going at it for? Do you plan on making a career out of it or is it more of a hobby? I'm sure if we all just sort of congregate in this one thread and discuss techniques, ideas and goals, we're sure to learn something from one another.

As for myself, I'm in it for the long shot. I can't picture myself doing anything other than this. I'm literally in love with it lol.