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Raichu Master
February 5th, 2005, 7:53 PM
A New Threat

In a forest, unknown to Hyrule, a dark figure waited in anticipation. Its muscles, or the outline of what appeared to be his muscles, twitched several times. Adrenaline now rushing through his veins as he came upon the world of Hyrule, to him it was just another land to conquer another pathetic civilization to command. Come, came the figures voice, a dark menacing masculine voice, which seemed to send fear into the other shadows behind him

Yesyesyes came another voice, it trembled out of fear. The voice seemed to be feminine, probably a female slave.

Quit struddering! the figure roared, as its arm came across hard on the minions face, sending the poor thing flying into a tree. The others gasped as if they werent expecting the random act of violence. I said come! I never commanded you to answer! You will not disobey me again wretch! he scolded, his rage mounting with every word spoken.

With that the figure headed out of the forest, revealing his figure. There stood a rather tall, masculine man, probably about seven feet from head to toe. His pitch-black hair was long and pulled into a ponytail, his eyes were as black as coal. Many would tremble in fear, with just a glance from those haunting eyes. His skin was as white as paper, as though he lived his whole life in the shade of the forest, and his muscles appeared as though he lifted mountains for a warm-up exercise. He wore a black tonic, which complemented his hair and eyes. On the lower part lay a triforce that was embroiled in red, gold pants stretched tightly against his thighs and tucked into half-calf leather boots; his cape held the same symbol that was on his shirt.

* * *

Little did this new menace know, but a new hero was born unto Hyrule, who bared the same name as his predecessor. The child would prove himself to be more than a match for this new evil, and would eventually come face to face with him, when the time came.

This is the tale of the boy, who grew into a man, and saved this world. The boys name? Link.

Raichu Master
February 5th, 2005, 7:54 PM
Please be advised that there is alot of gut stabbing, beheading violence in this post. If you're eyes and imagination is sensitive to this stuff, please do not read this, because this isn't for you.

Chapter 1
In the Complete Safety of Hyrule Castle

In the complete safety of Hyrule castle, millions of people gathered around to see the newborn child as the king stepped onto his balcony. Anticipation ran high, this was to be the next hero of time, and this was the 50th anniversary of the day that Link saved Hyrule. People of Hyrule! he shouted as he held up his hand to silence the loud noise of his people, as he held his baby in the other. I present to you, Prince Link! he roared as he held his child high in the air. Everyone stared in amazement, although he was born only a few short hours ago, he resembled the hero already. Then an outburst of applause erupted, cheers that could be heard from miles and miles away. This was a day to celebrate.

This is remarkable, one of the kings advisers observed as he looked over the boy. The boy had the triforce on the back of his right hand, although only faint and hardly noticeable, a blessing indeed this was.

Then let us celebrate the birth of our savior! the king roared with excitement as he charged down his thrown room, overly joyed by the news. He rushed out to the balcony, where his people waited to hear if the Prince was truly the hero of time.

We shall celebrate! the king announced, and once again the gigantic crowd cheered happily.

* * *

Little did the people of Hyrule know, but their worst nightmare was wading in the crowd, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. He had a plan, he had to admit, that having a hero born into the world was a setback, but only a minor set back.

As night drew, and the celebrations heightened, a shadow loomed in the shadows, growing closer to the unsuspecting castle with ever step. He would find the castle empty, and the only guards present were the ones protecting the babys nursery, and of course the mother of the child, so it made finding a way in too easy for the mysterious figure.

The man took out his Claymore, carefully stocking up to his prey. But the soldiers ears wear more aware than he had anticipated. Whos there!? the soldier commanded. When no answer came, the soldier shrugged his shoulders and went back to talking to the other guard.

In a split second, the soldier found his head rolling on the floor, and before the other one could respond, the villains sword found its way through his heart. He had successfully taken down the kings best soldiers, now his only obstacles were the mother and the baby.

Who are you!? the mother exclaimed as she saw the dead bodies behind him, and the blood dripping from his blade. She then made a break for her baby, successfully making it too him and shield him with her body.

You wont live to tell. So Ill tell you my name, woman. My name is Cendron, the man cackled as his evil voice rang through the empty halls.

What do you want!? she shrieked as Cendron made his way over to her.

Your baby will die tonight, Cendron answered evil. He stopped at the womans feet and looked down at her, a smile, a wicked and nasty smile, spread across his face. Nothing could have satisfied him more than see a woman trying to protect her child.

I wont let you! She protested, and soon found that it wasnt possible, to stop him.

Get out of my way, woman! he roared angrily. His large hands grabbed her face and lifted her up like she was a feather. You disgust me, you filthy wretch, he growled and then flung her against a wall. Then he lifted the baby up gently.

It is a shame that you have to die, youd make a fine warrior I can tell, he mused to himself as he took Link and walked over to the window. As he opened it he looked at the baby and the pointed to the celebration below. Look carefully at those people, you little brat! For its the last time youll ever see them again, its the last few seconds of their freedom!

As he gripped the little baby by the throat, planning to squeeze it until it was dead, he felt someone tackle him. It wasnt its mother, for this shove came from a strong full-grown man. Turning around he saw the king pinning him down, sword raised in his hand. Looking back at his hand that had the baby in it, he looked in horror and then in satisfaction. Youre baby is dead! he roared in laughter. The baby had been flung out the window when the king tackled him. And so are you! Cendron roared as he punched the king off of him.

Before the king could counter, Cendron already had his Claymore through his stomach and worked it up swiftly through his body, until it exited through the kings skull. Then he threw his oversized sword at his wife; the woman didnt even have time to scream, for the sword lodged into her brain. When Cendron went to look at the damage, he grinned in satisfaction, because the sword went right through the Queens head straight into the wall.

Not bothering to dislodge his sword, he picked up the kings crown, putting it gently on his head. He walked slowly over to the window and roared so loudly, it was said to have been heard through all Hyrule, I am king!

* * *

If Cendron would have been more careful and checked if the baby died, he wouldnt have been so happy. For the spot that the baby should have fallen to his doom, the baby was no longer there; there wasnt even any sign of the baby even hitting the ground. Good luck was upon the baby this night, for mysterious figure caught the baby in mid flight.

Who this mysterious figure was? I do not even know for myself, but one story sticks out in my mind, which I like to favor. It said that Link himself saved the baby boy, it is told that the goddesses had brought him back from the grave to rescue his great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great (ok you get the point) grandson. There have been rumors of a person that looked like the Hero of Time was wondering around, that when he was asked who he was, he only showed them the triforce engraved in his hands and walked on.

But back to the baby, if it was Link or if it happened to be a Sheikah but it doesnt matter, the baby had been relocated. He was dropped at the doorstep of the familiar Kokiri Forest, left to be cared for by Kokiri. Which reinforces the theory of Link rescuing him, for why would a Sheikah bring him to the small forest village to be raised?

February 5th, 2005, 7:57 PM
lol it's great! it has great description and uses a lot of emotion (and it's really described so the reader can really feel his rage) the only thing that bothers me is that you added the fact that he had huge mucles very often, you might want to dim that down a bit, otherwise plz continue it's great!

February 6th, 2005, 2:25 AM
A fan-fic about Link? Nice XD, what you did so far isn't too bad but something you should have done is add a PG-13 rating if its going to deal with stabbings and a baby almost perishing, I'll add that for you.

As for the storyline, you have the basics explained that the majority of it is going to be about Link jr., and you used an interesting method in explaining how he just escaped death, something I could see being done in a the next Zelda ^^.

The descriptions could use a bit of work though, when you introduced the villian you didn't really give much details about him such as facial expressions, the way he looked, and also by the surrounding area.

But aside from everything else, the plot already seems to be impressive and not really cliqu in terms of fan-fic writing, hope to see more ^^.

February 6th, 2005, 1:20 PM
A New Treat

In a forest, unknown to Hyrule, a dark figure waited in anticipation. Its (Its) muscles, or the outline of what appeared to be his muscles, twitched several times. Adrenaline now rushing through his veins as he came upon the world of Hyrule, to him it was just another land to conquer; another pathetic civilization to command. Come, came the figures(figure's) voice, a dark menacing masculine voice, which seemed to send fear into the other shadows behind him.

Yesyesyes came another voice, it trembled out of fear. The voice seemed to be feminine, probably a female slave.

Quit struddering(stuttering)! the figure roared, as its(its) arm came across hard on the minions face, sending the poor thing flying into a tree. The others gasped as if they werent expecting the random act of violence. I said come! I never commanded you to answer! You will not disobey me again wretch! he scolded, his rage mounting with every word spoken.

With that the figure headed out of the forest, revealing his figure. There stood a rather tall, masculine man, probably about seven feet from head to toe. His pitch-black hair was long and pulled into a ponytail, his eyes were as black as coal. Many would tremble in fear, with just a glance from those haunting eyes. His skin was as white as paper, as though he lived his whole life in the shade of the forest, and his muscles appeared as though he lifted mountains for a warm-up exercise. He wore a black tonic, which complemented his hair and eyes. On the lower part lay a triforce that was embroiled in red, gold pants stretched tightly against his thighs and tucked into half-calf leather boots; his cape held the same symbol that was on his shirt.

* * *

Little did this new menace know, but a new hero was born unto Hyrule, who bared the same name as his predecessor. The child would prove himself to be more than a match for this new evil, and would eventually come face to face with him, when the time came.

This is the tale of the boy, who grew into a man, and saved this world. The boys name? Link.

Ooh, this is a wonderful Prologue. ^__________^ I'm sorry, I'm in such a rush I don't have time to review chapter one yet, but I'll get to it as soon as I can. ^^

Anyways, the spelling/grammar errors I found are noted above for you. ^______^ It seems you are just experiencing a problem with the word 'its'. Now, don't worry, this is an easy mistake that many people make.

But, you only have the apostraphe in "it's" when you're refering to "it is". Otherwise, you'd just leave it as "its" even if you're showing possession. ^^

I really loved this intro. I adore the Legend of Zelda games, so I'm sure this will be a fascinating read. ^________^ I love the beginning with that menacing figure, a very nice start. Great job so far Raichu Master! ^______^


Raichu Master
February 6th, 2005, 1:52 PM
Ooh, this is a wonderful Prologue. ^__________^ I'm sorry, I'm in such a rush I don't have time to review chapter one yet, but I'll get to it as soon as I can. ^^

Anyways, the spelling/grammar errors I found are noted above for you. ^______^ It seems you are just experiencing a problem with the word 'its'. Now, don't worry, this is an easy mistake that many people make.

But, you only have the apostraphe in "it's" when you're refering to "it is". Otherwise, you'd just leave it as "its" even if you're showing possession. ^^

I really loved this intro. I adore the Legend of Zelda games, so I'm sure this will be a fascinating read. ^________^ I love the beginning with that menacing figure, a very nice start. Great job so far Raichu Master! ^______^


You'll like Chapter 1 alot better. I'm horrible at introductions I don't know why I even add one, I should just combine my intros with my Chapter 1. Chapter 2 is also really good, although it's not as dark. But I've said enough already, I'm only a quarter the way through it.

Raichu Master
February 6th, 2005, 2:30 PM
Chapter 2
A Mysterious Guardian

What do we have here? a boys voice inquired as he stumbled upon the abandoned child. A baby? he further inquired to no one in particular as he picked the baby boy up. The baby cried out at the touch of a boy, wanting his mother.

Jacob, what are you doing!? came a girls voice from somewhere behind him. You know you arent supposed to be this far from the village!

I was just going for a walk! No need to worry about me, Jacob countered as he turned around to show her his discovery. If I didnt come out here, then this baby would have been left out here to die.

Hes so cute! the girl cooed and she took the baby from Jacobs arms and started walking back to Kokiri forest.

Hey! I found him, Jane, I should be the one that gets to carry him! he complained as he followed right behind Jane.

With your luck, youll probably drop him! Jane countered as they came to the forest village.

Fairies flew freely through the air, giving the look of the small village a dreamy look. The houses were carved into trees; elfish children in green tunics inhabited the whole village. A crowd quickly grew around the two as they entered with the baby. Where did you find him? How did he get here? Where did you find him? Who would abandon a child? came the questions, seemingly shouted all at once.

He was in the forest, and we dont know anything less about it, Jane said pointedly, her purple eyes looking cautiously at the others, holding the baby close as if it was her own.

Lets ask the Deku Tree what we should do. I mean Im sure wed all love to claim custody of the child, came a voice somewhere in the crowd.

Good idea! Jacob exclaimed before Jane had a chance to protest. Besides, he might want to see the boy. Its not a good thing to hide things from him, Jacob added as he saw Jane huffing. She still didnt like the idea, but she knew he was right, and quietly followed behind the group, allowing Jacob to take the baby to the Deku Tree.

* * *

What have we here? the tree said as his eyes rested on the babys blue eyes. A baby?

Yes, Deku Tree. I found it when I was taking a walk through the forest, Jacob explained as he stepped closer to the giant tree for him to examine.

Flashbacks came to the Deku Tree; he had seen the baby before, a very long time ago. Those blue eyes and what seemed to be, blonde hair looked very familiar. Then it clicked; he had seen this scene before, but with a different person in front of him. After a moment of thought, of what he should do with the baby, he said, Jane will raise him.

A long sigh came from the audience, and Jacob slumped over. It wasnt fair to him, he should be able to raise the boy, and after all it was him who found the baby. Seeing the distress on his face, the Tree then added, Jacob shall help her.

Jacob gave a big grin; he always wanted a little brother, now he could have one. Then he looked down to look at the baby, and he was gone! He spun around and saw Jane walking back to her house with it. Whats its name, I wonder? Jane said as she closed the door and sat the baby on a chair, as if on cue, a knock came from the door.

Come in she said absentmindedly.

Jacob came in and said, The Deku Tree said his name was Link.

I wonder how he knew that? Jane inquired, but Jacob just shrugged his shoulders.

* * *

Link! Link! Follow me! Jacob called out, his voice rushed; there was obviously something wrong. Quick! Jane needs your help! He yelled.

This got the boys attention, and he rushed out of his house, jumping off the ledge of his house, falling down to the ground. He came down hard on the ground, but he soon got to his feet, his sword, and shield in hand. It was amazing; he resembled the Hero of Time exactly, from his blonde hair all the way down to his brown boots. What is it? he called as he sprinted over to Jacob.

Janes in danger! We were walking through the woods, and some strange men have a hold of her! he said trying to calm himself.

Where are they? Link asked as he tightened his grip around the hilt of his blade. The blade and shield he wielded was a gift from the Deku Tree, it said they both belonged to a hero long since dead.

At the entrance, we were out walking, and we normally go to the entrance and come back. We were ambushed and I managed to escape, Jacob said, but before he could say anymore, Link was sprinting down the dirt road that led out of the village.

Stay here! Ill be back! Link called back as he stopped before exiting the village.

* * *

Let her go! Link yelled as his lounged at the men. He took time to examine his opponent, as he charged at them, they were cloaked, so you couldnt see any of their features. The only thing that was prominent was that they carried a long sword with them, and one of the three had Jane in their hands. She struggled, but he didnt hear anything, Link figured that they had gagged her to shut her up.

Links blade made contact with one of his opponents arms, causing the mans arm to bleed. You little brat! screamed the black cloaked man, and he swung his long sword at Link, but it didnt have much impact, because the cut was deep enough to render his right arm useless with the two handed sword.

Link raised his sword to block the blow and swung his sword low under his shield, slashing the mans leg. A blue cloaked man lounged at Link, both hands raised on his sword. Link rolled out of the way and came back and sunk his sword into the mans shoulder blade. The black cloaked man tried to take the upper hand and attack Link while he was busy, but Link just jumped up and smashed his shield off the mans face as he twist around in a 360 degree spin, following with his sword.

While Link was fending off the two men, the last one tied Jane to a tree limb, and unsheathed his sword. He charged up to Link, his footsteps were silent, and Link never had the chance to notice him coming. Right before the man could strike, a figure jumped from a nearby branch, hidden by the trees canopy, and blocked the mans downward slash with an old Hyrulian shield. Then came back and sank his blade into the mans chest. The scream surprised the child, and he jumped sideways to view his surroundings, finding a tall man, dressed in green standing before him. Link recognized the blade he held as the legendary Master Sword.

The mysterious man did a twisting front flip to land in front of two henchmen. He held his sword back acrossed his body, and the blade began to glow a steady bright blue. Then he released it into a spin, knocking Link on his butt by the surprise and beauty of the spinning blade.

The men were cut in two, their bodies unable to withstand the blow. Then the man stocked over to Link, and helped him off the hard ground. You might want to check on your friend, the strange said calmly as he sheathed his shield and blade.

Link was too amazed at the seer force of the warrior to say anything and he just merely shook his head in agreement and turned to help Jane off the tree. Once she was safe on the ground, untied and ungagged, she slowly gained conscience. What happened? she asked rubbing her head.

I came to your rescue, but you should really thank him! Link said turning around to point t o the man who had helped him, but he was gone, seemed to vanish into thin air.

Theres no one there, Link, she said trying to see what he was trying to show her.

I could have sworn that he was right behind me Link muttered to himself, trying to figure out how anyone could disappear that fast and unnoticed.

February 8th, 2005, 2:08 PM
yay that was so good! great improvement, but i found a lot of spelling mistakes you made, you might want to edit your post ;) i like how you described the action, although i got really confused at the beginning:
This got the boys attention, and he rushed out of his house, jumping off the ledge of his house, falling down to the ground. He came down hard on the ground, but he soon got to his feet, his sword, and shield in hand.
which did he do? jump off the house or exit it? XD

Cyber Link
February 9th, 2005, 2:33 PM
yay that was so good! great improvement, but i found a lot of spelling mistakes you made, you might want to edit your post ;) i like how you described the action, although i got really confused at the beginning:

which did he do? jump off the house or exit it? XD

This fanfic requires basic OoT knowledge...Link's house has a porch... with a long ladder leading down to the ground. so he skipped the climb, and jumped down.

Alot? I'm using spell check! I might just type fast and ended up just typing a wrong word or something though...I'll check into it...

Cyber Link
February 9th, 2005, 2:42 PM
Chapter 3
Friendships and Loyalties

LinkLink! Janes voice came; it seemed something else was wrong in the small peaceful village.

Link, who hadnt taken any notice of Jane, had spent the last few weeks trying to figure out whom that man was, and why he looked so much like himself. Finally he snapped back to reality, and turned, and asked What is it Jane? noting the distress in her voice.

Jacob is gone! she panted as she stopped to catch her breath. Link didnt make a move, but just shrug; he didnt seem overly concerned. Jacob has been gone longer than the few minutes hes been missing. Link figured he just got lost in the Lost Woods or something.

So? Hes been gone longer Link sighed as he returned to his meditation, he was on the verge of discovering who the man was, he could feel it. There was just one piece of the puzzle missing, a big gap in the puzzle he was trying to put together.

He was outside the forest. He was dared to explore the outer fields. You know him, all it took was the others mocking him and he set out. Hes in trouble, I can feel it, Jane said, stressing her voice, because she was still out of breath.

Did you talk to the Deku Tree about it? He probably knows what happened to him, Link suggested, sill not a care in the world, he was too obsessed with the man that he saw earlier to care about anything else.

If you would stop interrupting me, and let me finish. The Deku Tree sent me for you. He also senses something is going horribly wrong in the world beyond the forest. He wants to see you, Jane said, but couldnt even finish the sentence before Link was half way to the giant tree. He realized that maybe he would have the missing piece of the puzzle and help him figure out who the man was.

* * *

Im here, Link said as he slowed his pace down as he neared the enormous tree.

Jacob has been slain, the tree said flatly. By cloaked figures, simpler to the ones you have fought.

Do you know whos controlling these beast? Link asked, more in a demanding tone.

Yes, there is a great evil rising too power. He is the evil king of Hyrule, the land outside of this forest. His name is Cendron, and he had sent those cloaked men to assassinate you after he found out you were still alive, the Deku Tree said, his voice still calm and wise.

Why me? Im nothing more than a Kokiri, Link protested, confusing thoughts whirled around his brain, he felt like he would collapse at any minute.

You are not a Kokiri. You are a Hyrulian, which is the race that inhabits the outside world. You are the hero of us all. You are said to be a reincarnation of Link the hero of time, the Deku Tree started. Now that I see you standing before me, as the hero of time once did, so many years ago. I can see now that the rumors are true. You are the only hope this world has of survival.

What must I do? Link asked, this all seemed so surreal, and he didnt want to believe it.

You must go, go unlock the seal to the Master Sword, and remove it from its pedestal as the hero of time did so many years ago. We have talked long enough, I am afraid. The world is on your shoulders, and standing here isnt doing it any good. So go and do what you must do, the Deku Tree said.

Link nodded and with a bow, walked away, looking back at the tree, as if not sure that he could do it. The Deku Tree smiled at him, reinforcing his decision, and with that, Link started off one his quest. Through all of the speech, the words, Jacob has been slain echoes in his mind. There was only one thought was on his mind as he came to the entrance to Hyrules great fieldsrevenge

Link had no clue where to go now, as he started off into the wide fields. Soon coming across a dead Kokiri body. He immediately recognized it as Jacobs and rushed over to it. Link let out a snarl as he found a note that was left on his dead friends body, stuck there with a knife.

You shall die Hero of Time! The note read as he held it close to read; the words were hard to read over the blood stained parchment. I see youve found the note, boy, came a voice from behind him. His eyes widened, he had heard that voice before, somewhere from his past. He whipped around and looked straight into the cold stare of Cendron.

Cendrons strong jaw-line, raised cheekbone, and rough beginnings of a beard, caught Link off guard. Instinctively he raised his shield to defend any blow, and readied his sword for a counterattack. I should have made sure you were dead years ago, Cendron said taking a few steps toward him. But no matter, Ill just get rid of you now! he continued as he whipped out his long Claymore sword.

Links knees began to quiver and he took two steps back for each one Cendron took. He knew there was no way he could even hope to win against an opponent that large. As Cendrons sword came down in a wide arc, he, once again, heard the ring of metal against metal. Looking over the edge of his shield, he saw the man that had fought by his side the last time.

What!? Who are you!? Cendron roared as he did his best to fend off the incoming jabs as the quickened in pace and in randomness. His eyes widened as he saw the blade the young man wielded, then he jumped back and panted, what was he doing here?

Take this, and go east to the river, and follow it south to a waterfall. Youll know what to do once youre there, the man said tossing him an ocarina. Now go! the man yelled as Link just stared back at him with the ocarina in hand. Link nodded and ran as fast as he could from the fight, looking back over his shoulder to see the two fighting in the open field again.

* * *

Upon arriving at the waterfall, he looked down at his ocarina and then back at the waterfall. What did he mean? Link asked, but he knew no one would answer him. Just as he had given up hope, a melody began to play in his head, he had heard that somewhere before, he had remembered a woman playing it to him, although he didnt know who the woman was.

Raising the ocarina to his mouth, he instinctively began playing Zeldas Lullaby. As if on cue, the waterfall split open, and showed the entrance to what appeared to be an underground water system. He thought of turning back, but the mans words echoed in his head and drove him to jump from the ledge he stood on over the gap. He then cautiously began his decent into the cavern below; unaware of the creatures that lived there.

After just a few seconds, Link began to hear some kind of language echo off the walls of the corridor he was walking down. On impulse, Link rolled behind a near rock to look around the corner. His eyes let up at the amazing underground city, it was like nothing he ever saw before; he had entered Zoras Domain. He tiptoed out from behind the rock, being careful not to make a sound, but when he looked back to see if anyone was following, he bumped into a slippery leg. Link jumped back and yelled out of surprise, which also startled the Zora as well.

Link was quick to react, unfortunately out of instinct; he unsheathed his sword and lounged forward to attack the demon. The Zora was faster; he sidestepped out of the way, and brought both of Links arms behind his body. The Zora muttered something in his own language and started off calmly, taking Link as his prisoner.

Soon Link found himself in a holding cell, the bars to the cell, were not iron, strangely enough. But it seemed to be some sort of enchanted bone baring. The bars were made out of bone, but when Link tried to break out, he just bounced back. At that moment, two Zora entered the room, and unlocked the cell. Both grabbed onto either side of his arms, and carried the unarmed prisoner away, through what seemed like an unending corridor.

Soon he found himself face to face, with another Zora. She was a rather older looking Zora, but her beauty was still prominent, and she only looked older, when put up next to one of the younger woman. Greetings, she said, a sudden calm came over Link as he heard her simple greeting, and to his surprise it was in human tongue. Link went to return her greeting, but he found that a Zora poked his neck with a sharp object, he didnt dare look back to see what it was, incase the Zora thought he was being hostile and decided to kill him. So he kept his head forward and his gaze on the woman.

Why have you come to my domain? she asked, this time in a demanding and in command voice, realizing that she had the power, and that this puny human didnt have anything to defend himself with. As she gazed into his blue eyes, she found a familiar flame in them. She recognized the look Link was giving her immediately, she had fallen in love with a similar human before. She waved the guards away from the boy, and then stood intently near the entrance of her throne room, and two others stood on either side of the woman.

A man sent me here. Im not sure what I need to do here myself, Link replied, relieved that the guards had backed away.

I see she answered thoughtfully, wondering if the man Link was talking about was whom she thought. Where do you come from? she asked suddenly, suspecting something.

Kokiri Forest, maam, Link answered, but he couldnt figure out the reason, or the importance of his answer, if there was any.

Do you know where you are? she then asked sitting down, on top of the edge of a small waterfall, finding herself charmed by the boys innocence.

No, I came here, because someone told me to come here, Link said repeating what he had said earlier, to him this was beginning to get repetitive.

You are in Zoras Domain. Home of the Zora, which are the beings that inhabit this place, she said calmly, not knowing where her questioning was going, but didnt stop. Are you on a quest of some sort? she asked, trying to help him remember what he was doing before he came here.

I was looking for a way into the Sacred Realm, the room that is said to hold the Master Sword, Link said flatly, beginning to become annoyed, and if she werent about to help him, hed leave.

Then you need the three emblems to get in. I have one, the Deku Tree has one, and the great king of the Goron has one. Youll need to get them from the three of us, she said with a mischievous smirk on her face.

So then, how do I obtain the emblem from you? Link asked bluntly, more worried about what happened to the two men fighting in the field just outside the waterfall.

Ill tell you what. Ill give you it, she said calmly. Then without further comments, she summoned the sapphire to her call, and presented to Link. Now go. You now know your course of action.

Link nodded, and left, intent on getting out of the place as quickly as possible. The place was truly remarkable, but he felt extremely uncomfortable being the only human in the underground city.

Wait! came a voice from behind him, as he was about to jump back onto the ledge. Turning around, Link saw a little Zora girl, roughly the same age as himself.

How may I be of service? Link asked sarcastically, knowing that she could probably be of more help to him more than he could to her.

My mom lied. The Deku Tree doesnt have an emblem, and neither does the Goron, the girl said in a matter of fact tone.

Link chuckled and bit, and said, And how do you know this?

Well I saw a man coming from the mountain with the ruby emblem. And you obviously dont have the emerald emblem, so therefore the Deku Tree doesnt have it.

I havent seen your kind in the fields, you must not come out of your Domain often, in fact I would dare to say, that your kind dont come out at all, Link said, trying to trip the little girl up, and catch her at some sort of game.

True. But I play along the river bank all the time, without my mothers, or anyone elses knowledge, The girl countered calmly. The man that had the ruby pendant, was a scary looking man, the girl said again, guessing at Links next question.

Cendron Link whispered under his breath, he then remembered seeing a ruby and an emerald strapped around his belt, and figured the man in the field was Cendron.

I thank you. Now I know my direct course of action, Link said turning around without so much as a good bye.

I can take you into the castle, there is a secret entrance in the sewers, the girl said before he had a chance to leave.

Link stopped, and thought about it. Then he realized that he didnt know how to get into the castle. He sighed reluctantly and said, Fine thenif youre coming, lets go

Arent you forgetting something, Mr. Im a great hero? the girl giggled.

Links eyes widened and his face redden with embarrassment; he forgot his weapons. But he sighed when he found that the girl had them in her hand. Whats your name? he asked as they walked along the waters edge.

Kuru. Whats yours? Kuru asked curiously, realizing she didnt really know his name either.


* * *

What!? Link yelled as he turned around, realizing Kuru wasnt following him anymore, as he was about to enter the sewers at the wall.

You thought you escaped me, did you? Cendron inquired as Link realized who had a hold of Kuru.

Let her go! Link yelled as he whipped out his sword and shield.

Youll have to come get me first, Cendron said with a twisted grin, and with that Cendron was gone, along with Kuru.

Another inner rage was building inside Link, on top of the rage he had already felt. Now he had two reasons to go in to the castle after Cendron. One, to retrieve the two emblems, and two, to rescue Kuru.

February 10th, 2005, 7:18 AM
i'm sry about before, i think i only saw grammer mistakes, not spelling -_-;; anyway the only thing that needs correction is "rising too power." it should be "rising to power" your story was great! it keeps getting better and better, i hope you continue it soon ^_^

Cyber Link
February 10th, 2005, 12:21 PM
Yeah I was typing to fast, if I don't watch out I type too instead of to, and I don't caught it, I'll be more careful! ^^

I'm glad you like it, I think it's coming along great myself.

February 10th, 2005, 12:25 PM
lol evil Sora XD well great job you make each of their charectors very diffrent so it's easy to distinct between two ppl, by the way: how did Link know Cendron's name?

Cyber Link
February 10th, 2005, 12:34 PM
lol evil Sora XD well great job you make each of their charectors very diffrent so it's easy to distinct between two ppl, by the way: how did Link know Cendron's name?

I believe I had the Deku Tree tell him about it. And he guessed that's who he was, just turns out that he's a good guesser.

Cyber Link
February 18th, 2005, 1:48 PM
Chapter 4
Blessed Courage

A horrid stench filled Links nostrils, which made him recoil from the entrance of the sewers. Whats in there? he muttered under his breath as he held his breath and started into the darkness. Soon Link found the source of the smell, unfortunately it wasnt something that died. He lit a torch to take a better look at what he was facing, and he grimaced as he saw what stood in front of him.

The monster leapt out; its razor sharp claws coming at Link. Instinctively he threw the torch into the water and took out his shield and sword. Link had no trouble seeing the monster, for even though it was black, its beady red eyes peered through the darkness. He raised his shield to block the giant sewer rats attack, and countered with his sword lodging itself in between the rats eyes.

The rat fell dead to the floor, without so much as a screech. Link knew that there would be a lot more to come, as he headed down the twisted sewer, the only sign of light was the red eyes staring at him. Link kept his cool, hoping that they didnt see him and he could escape unnoticed.

AH! Link heard himself yell, as the walkway ended and he made a big splash into the water. As if on cue, two sewer rats were on him, Link still had enough control to land on his stomach, and has the rats land on his shield. The only trouble with that was, he was left trying to get to the surface. Soon he felt his strength slowly fadehe was drowning. Soon the weight of the rats and the need for air consumed him, and he shut his eyes, his mind then blacked out.

* * *

So you didnt survive my trap? Cendron cackled as he looked at Link through the prison bars.

Im here, arent I? he spat back. What was he doing in the prison cell? He wondered, but soon his mind caught up with him. The rats were sent by Cendron to capture him, Cendron was playing games with him.

You know what I want, Cendron went on to say.

And you know what I want, Link countered, his face completely void of any sign of what he was feeling. He managed to hide the anger, managed to hide the want to lounge out at him, even though he was shackled to the back of the prison cell.

That I do, boy. Im willing to strike a deal with you. You give me your emblem, and I set the girl free, Cendron said in a diplomatic voice.

Forget that! Im getting what I want, without you receiving anything in return, Link said defiantly.

We shall see, Cendron muttered as he exited the prison, at the basement of the castle.

* * *

After Link made sure Cendron was gone, which took several hours of patience, he looked around to see what was at his disposal. Cendron did well with making sure he left nothing behind, for his cell was void of any object but himself and his shackles. There was no escape for him, he realized that his adventure was over before it even got started.

Link closed his eyes in defeat, and as if on cue, the prison door slid open. Links eyes shot open, hoping it wasnt Cendron, and hoping it was the man that he came to trust as his guardian. Instead he found little Kuru, at the door, with both of the emblems around her neck, and the keys swinging loosely at her hips.

I thought Cendron might have had you locked up in a pool, Link said, not being able to resist the sarcasm.

He did, but Zora are smarter and more resourceful that he obviously thought, Kuru said shrugging off the sarcastic remark.

Well Im glad youre here, lets get out of here. Youre starting to wrinkle. How long have you been without water! Link asked as he noticed that Kurus smooth rubbery skin was now in tight wrinkles.

Cendron never had me in water, he wanted me to suffer to try and reveal key locations of Zoras domain, Kuru said, her voice raspy, and she was showing signs of fatigue.

You should have never come here, Link scolded as Kuru unlocked his shackles and he clasped his wrist to check the damage.

Some one had to show you the way in, she protested as she handed him to emblems.

Link looked around, he decided they could either go back into the sewers, but there were probably more rats waiting for them, and even if they could beat them back, it would be pitch black, so the couldnt see anything anyway. They could also find some other way out, but Cendron would be waiting for them. He realized they were trapped and they couldnt escape. Taking one more look at Kuru, he knew what they had to do.

Back into the sewers, Link said trotting over to the manhole cover and lifting it out of the way. Sure enough he heard the noises of the rats below. With one more look back Kuru, he knew if he didnt get her to water shed die, and jumped down the hole, shield first. Kuru followed with a lit torch, knowing that Link would be greatly aided with a light source.

Sure enough, the rats lost their advantage and their lines were being cut through like a hot knife through butter, as they made their way out.

* * *

Thank you for the adventure, Kuru said as they stood at the entrance of Zoras domain. I appreciate you letting me join you, if just for a moment.

With that Kuru disappeared into the waterfall, leaving Link to decide his path. He now had all of the emblems needed to go into the Temple of Time. Did he really want to do it though? That was a foolish thought though, one that he should have never put into his mind. He quickly decided that Cendron needed to be stopped, and that he was ready for the trials ahead of him.

* * *

It was near dusk when Link came to where the river forked left and the way to the castle turned right. He only took two steps to the right, when he noticed a huge swarm of, what seemed like, knights charging his way. These knights were different though, their bright and shining armor were replaced with black armor, and black cloaks hiding the armor, except for the fact that they were fluttering in the wind.

This was Links final challenge, the last obstacle that stood before him and the Temple of Time. Could he overcome this task? Or would he be destroyed in the charge? Could he be brave enough to stand against this menace? Or would he turn and run?

All of these questions were answered when he charged forward sword raised, and shield at his side. He figured there were about 50 of these black knights, but the odds didnt matter now, he had fought off the last remaining ounces of his fear, and now he charged fearlessly. All of Hyrule was on his shoulders, and if he ran away now, Cendron would surely win.

His sword sliced into the exposed neck of one of the taller guards, his shield blocked three others, as two jumped over the falling body to attack Link. Links sword was still lodged in the body, and his shield was too busy defending off three knights, while the others still charged forward toward him.

Somewhere behind him, he heard something whistle passed him, hitting the one knight from above. In a matter of seconds, a bright fire filled the sky, failing about 20 of the surrounding knights, including the ones at his shield.

Not hesitating, Link, charged at the remaining 30, still out numbered, he wasnt worried. The arrows coming from behind him seemed to be friendly fire, for the enemies around him were falling quickly at the will of the arrows.

Soon he found himself, yet again, face to face with Cendron. As he gave a drawn out cackle, Link slid under his legs and made a break for the castle. Only turning around to see if Cendron was following, again Cendron seemed to be busy with another fight. Link found himself wanting to turn back and get another look at the man that had been following and protecting him, but he kept running faster and faster toward the marketplace.

February 20th, 2005, 5:40 PM
Omg that was so good, I like how you described Kura's pain with no water and you made it easy to understand what was happening in battle, which is a really hard thing to do, ^_^ it's getting realy exciteing, I can't wait to see more, my only problem is when you wrote about the rats, you said they were monsters, and then later said they were rats, it was a little confuseing, but overall I understood what you meant, you might want to describe the rats as soon as Link lays eyes on them, but anyway Great job ^_^

Cyber Link
February 20th, 2005, 5:43 PM
Omg that was so good, I like how you described Kura's pain with no water and you made it easy to understand what was happening in battle, which is a really hard thing to do, ^_^ it's getting realy exciteing, I can't wait to see more, my only problem is when you wrote about the rats, you said they were monsters, and then later said they were rats, it was a little confuseing, but overall I understood what you meant, you might want to describe the rats as soon as Link lays eyes on them, but anyway Great job ^_^

That's because they're monster rats (AKA giant sewer rats) XD

But I'm super glad that you enjoyed it. I was alittle slow in getting it up, but I'm glad that my Fanfic didn't die. From the look of the views I'm please to find that the fanfic seems to be appealing to alot of people.

Cyber Link
February 20th, 2005, 6:45 PM
It's shorter than my others, but I think it's my best yet. Please enjoy! ^^

Chapter 5
The Hero of Time is Reborn

Link stood there, in front of the huge temple, in awe of its beauty and its magnificence. Never before had he laid eyes on such a well-decorated building. His anticipation continued to climb as he pushed the wide stone doors open, to reveal the inside of the structure. The starch white walls and floor almost blinded the young boy as he stepped inside, as the door slowly shut tight behind him. He paid the door no heed; too engulfed in the majestic enchantment the building seemed to put on him. After he regained his composure he found the three pedestals from which to place the emblems. Slowly, Link started to approach the seemingly holy pedestals, anxiety settled on him, and doubt gripped him. What happened if he couldnt open the seal? What happens if Cendron broke in at the last moment and killed him?

Through all of his doubts, a single voice seemed to call for him, a voice that he well recognized as his own. Telling him that there was nothing to fear, and that he alone could conquer the evil. He then reached the pedestals and placed each one on its color-coded mount.

A loud rumble came forth, knocking Link on his butt, and sent him scrambling for his weapons out of instinct. Then he saw that the wall behind the pedestals opened up to reveal a single room, with another pedestal. The sword was missing from its pedestal! It took Link only a moment to see the dark figure standing in front of it, with sword and shield in hand. Link got to his feet, and began to walk over to the figure. Fearing that it was Cendron, he prepared for the worse, and prepared to die.

Coming into the room, Link noticed the only light source was from a sky light far above his head, and of course from the light from the outer room. He felt his body jerk back and lounged at the entrance, for it was closing behind. At last he was left alone to deal with this menace, he drew his sword and shield and lounged at the figure.

The Master Sword slapped hard against the childs own blade, breaking it in half. The figure stocked forward, as Link backed up, shield raised to defend him. Whowho are you? Link managed to stutter as he was forced against the wall of the room, the same wall that closed on him.

The figure backed off into the sunlight, his features being lit by the light. Link went slackjawed as he stood in awe at what he saw. Standing before him, washimself

All you need to know is that I am known as the Hero of Time. Nothing more, and nothing less, The man replied, his voice sounded like Links own, except more matured and aged.

Youre me, Link pressed dumbfounded by the discovery.

The man just shook his head and corrected, That I am not. We may share the same features, and fighting style. But we are not one and the same. I am not from the future.

Then youre THE Hero of Time. That meanswe share the same name? Link asked, he knew the answer, he just wanted to confirm his suspicions.

I am the one and only Hero of Time, and Savior of Hyrule. We do share the same name. It has been prophesized that you, would be the next hero, my equal. So you were given my name, Link said evenly.

The one thing that shook Link was that the man in front of him, showed no expression on his face, reading him was like reading a blank book. Link couldnt tell if the man was proud that he was filling the Hero of Time shoes, or if he was mad, or anything else, there was no hint in his voice and features. Youre dead, Link then realized, for the expression on his face was a seriousness not possible in the material world.

That I am, I have been resurrected to protect you, and to make sure that you were guided to this very spot, the man replied in the same dead even tone as before.

So why couldnt you just do my job? Link asked, questions began racing through his mind, and he wanted them all answered.

Im bound to you, I fought your battles, but only til you were safe from the enemy, then my life force weakened and I died. Resurrected each time to protect you. I was not sent here to save this world, just to guide the next generation onto the same task, the man answered truthfully.

What must I do? Link asked, he still had thousands of questions to ask him, but he didnt want to keep his ghost guardian from returning to his otherworldly life.

Take my sword, the man answered simply, a smile, a warm trusting smiling, kept across his face, lighting up his dead complexion. Then I will be no more, and aloud to return to my rightful place, the man said, his voice was sincere and gentle, comforting.

Link only nodded, his eyes widened as his hand gripped the sword. The man began to glow a steady golden color, like an angel sent from heaven above. Links eyes slowly shut, and the last thing he felt was a warm sensation and the cold marbled floor.

Link knew his destiny and knew that his guardian now dwelt in him knew that when he awoke, he would become the Hero of Time and Savior of Hyrule.

* * *

Links eyes slowly opened, revealing that he was in the same room that he had fallen asleep in, and in the same spot. That was some crazy dream he complained as he rose to his feet, and rubbing his head.

WHAT!? he exclaimed as he looked at his leather gloved hands. He turned around, and the wall that had held the exit, he realized, was a mirror. His eyes widened in satisfaction, as there stood the man he had met, the well muscled, hansom guardian that had helped him through his trials. He was now that guardian.

Taking out the sword that he now wielded, he looked at his mighty sword. He now wielded the legendary Master Sword, the sword above all swords. It was now in his hands, he now possessed the power to save the world.

His eyes shot up as he watched as the doors open to reveal the room that he had left. With sword and his new Hyrulian shield in hand, he proudly walked out of the temple. His body slumped over once more, during his slumber, the marketplace and the surrounding place had died, nothing was left of the once prosperous city, except for the haunting building left, long since abandoned and half destroyed.

Before he had time to mourn, Cendrons henchmen had surrounded him. Who are you? he heard one hiss from behind him.

Link clenched his sword and shield in rage and turned to face the man who asked the question. He stood tall and proclaimed; I am Link. The Savior of Hyrule, and the Destroyer of All Evil!

The group around him broke out in laughter, which was there mistake. Before they had a chance to protect themselves, Links sword beheaded all but one of them, destroying them all in a single 360-degree spin. He slowly stocked over to the last one; the man was trembling in fear on the ground. Link grabbed him by the cloak, raising him high into the air, raising him off of his feet. You will not live, you will die. Soon youre master will too, Link muttered in a deadly tone. With that he drove his sword through the mans chest straight through his heart.

Dropping the man to the floor, he turned and started off toward the castle, only to find that it was a floating castle, with no bridge to get across. What am I supposed to do? Link asked to himself. His mind then went spinning, into memories, not his own, but of anothers. He watched as a brave man battle through temple at a time and collecting medallions, which at the end created a bridge to connect the castle to the main land. Link soon understood that this man was his guardian, and that he had given Link his memories to help guide him to the final battle.

Link then disappeared from the long dead marketplace, to find hope once more; the fields beyond seemed to be more prosperous then he remembered he silently hoped that the city surrounding the castle was the only thing affected thus far. The memories still flashing through his mind told him otherwise.

February 22nd, 2005, 11:39 AM
very cool ^_^ I think you need add Link's thoughts, describe his anger, and why he is angrey, that'll really made the reader feel what link's (or any other charector) is thinking. The only mistake i found was "Which was there mistake" it should be their there is like: he's over there, their is like: their dog bit me. Great job on the last one, it really is a great story, can't wait to see more ^_^

Raichu Master
March 24th, 2005, 7:42 AM
Chapter 6
The Mysteries of a Woman

Sohe is back!? roared Cendron.

Yes master a shaking voice said, standing in front of him, kneeled on one knee. It was the same woman who he had punished when he first came to Hyrule. The woman was uncloaked now, her brilliant bright red hair slowed down her shoulders as she looked up to see her masters rage only heighten. She was of a slender build, very beautiful by any means. Her firey red eyes seemed like they could burn through the toughest steel, except her master. Her eyes, though, where not cold, although from the way the look they looked like they did. It was only a mask; there were hints that told of gentleness and kindness that had never been defeated.

Get off your knees! Cendron growled as he lounged from his throne to the ground, landing right in front of the woman. He grabbed her by her neck and rose her to eye level. What are you doing here! I want you to go out and kill the boy!

The woman just stared back at him, her plan was to say silent, hoping that her silence would show her obedience. Then she blurted, out of instinct, That cant be done

Why cant it girl! You tell me why it cant! Cendron said shaking her violently, she only seemed to be making him angrier by the second.

The boy is no longer a boy. He is a man, a very strong man. He defeated some of your strongest minions, that were guarding that Temple, she countered, still staring back at her masters eyes.

The news came to Cendron like a cold bucket of water being splashed in his face. He went slack-jawed and sent the woman slowly back on the ground, then proceeded to walk over to the window. There he just stared out of the window, hoping that what the girl said wasnt true. If it wasthen that means the only other people where him and his top guards. He swung back over to the girl with an evil grin. Cendron had a plan. Fera, dear. I have a plan,

The woman did not like the way he used her name, and the grin that followed. And what would that be, master? she asked, half-afraid that she was going to be used. She even had an idea of how Cendron was going to use her, and she did not like the thought.

Youll kill him, Cendron chuckled. Its a brilliant scheme! Youre beautiful and young, you can distract his eye, gain his trust, and then kill him!

I hear the young lad isnt one to trust anyone, Fera said, trying to talk her master out of the thought. She did not like deception, she rather kill up front, than to backstab someone.

Dont worry, dear Fera. Im sure hell find it easy to trust you, Cendron said with his characteristic grin.

Fera swallowed hard, she had no choice but to follow through with her masters demands. Yeyeyes master she said in a low whisper, barely audible.

But it seemed Cendron hear her because he replied, Good girl.

* * *

Link looked around, not knowing which way to go; by now the memories that had been running through his mind, where no longer there. Dark had begun to settle, and he needed some sort of shelter, yet he was in the middle of a vast field with no shelter within miles. It seems I cant stop and rest for the night he sighed, he wasnt used to the weight of the sword he was carrying and he found himself tiring easily.

So this is what a hero is like? I always wondered how it felt he thought lamely as he began to slum over and began dragging himself through the grassy field.

His head perked up suddenly, and one thought came to mind, Whos that!?

There was a slender figure coming casually toward him, the only thing that worried him was the figure was cloaked in black, Link had every right to distrust the color by now. Link sighed heavily and lifted the Master Sword from its sheath, which was located on his back. As he straightened himself and walked slowly to the incoming figure, he hoped that he wouldnt have to fight, he would probably die, he knew he couldnt hold his own, being this tired. He shrugged his shield of his back and stopped, letting the figure come to him, mentally preparing to fight.

The figure stood before him, quicker than he anticipated. As a result he jumped back, although not as high or as fast as he normally would. He readied himself to lounge forward, as the figure also jumped back, although more out of alarm at the young warrior than willingness to fight.

Link took that as his cue and he lounged forward, with a sudden speed burst. Raising his sword above his head, he was ready to fail his opponent in one fast movement. Link then, in a sudden desperate attempt, throw his weight upward, giving him an extra boost of height, and flipped over the figure. His eyes looked down at his hand; he had almost slain a woman, and something he thought hed never do.

Who are you? Links said, realizing that nothing could be trusted anymore, not even this beautiful woman.

My name is Fera, she said steadily, her head was now uncloaked, apparently at the right time, because Link would have killed her if she hadnt.

What do you want with me? Link said, hesitantly. He didnt like Feras cold eyes and dangerous posture.

She let out a small chuckle, now it was time to act like a helpless and seductive damsel. Nothing, I was just passing byits a dangerous place out hereI am in need of a strong protector; someone like you, she said, placing her hand on his chest, and looking at him, seemingly interested in the young man. In the back of her mind, Fera was acting; she was cursing herself with every word she spoke.

Link took a step backwards, and hesitated. He had no clue what to do. Did this woman really need a protector? Or was she just playing with him? He wasnt that caught unaware, he did notice the way she stood, she didnt need help, and she was quite capable of protecting herself. Her eyes said differently, so Link was caught. SorryermmaamIm not into the protecting business

Fera wanted to scream out loud, this warrior was more modest that any she has come across. How was she going to get him to fall for her? This was going to be hard than she though. But, sir, you dont know what horrors lie when the sun goes down, she said regaining some of her mind. She pointed to the sun, which just disappeared behind the mountains.

What do you mean? Link said, but his question was answered when the ground began to shake. Skeletons of long since dead heroes, that had tried to free Hyrule while he was slumbering. They were still armed in their armor and weaponry, as they began to stock over to the two. Oh come on he sighed deeply, this was the last thing he wanted to do. He wasnt up to fighting a giant army of undead skeletons.

What is this!? Fera exclaimed. Then she realized that Cendron must have had some hand in having them meet here. She was just joking when she was talking about when the sun went down, there were really no dangers out in these fields aside from the few stray animals.

Stay back! Link ordered forcefully, as he charged forward, chopping the skeletons down, one by one, but they began to surround him. Ew! Come on! Im tired! he yelled in frustration as he found himself unable to deflect all of their attacks, they soon found their way to his flesh, leaving gashes and cuts everyone where on his body.

Some hero Fera muttered as she whipped out her twin rapiers. She gracefully slid under the skeleton legs, and came to the little area that Link had managed to keep open. Need some help? she said in a sarcastic and put out voice.

Just a little bit of help, he grunted as he found it harder and harder with each swing to lift his sword. He then stopped in awe of his partners skills, he was right that she could protect herself, but her swordplay was unlike any he had seen before, it was like a dance, both hands worked in unison, he couldnt find any holes in her defense, or offense. She was a perfect fighter.

Link then came back to reality when the cold hard still of a mace hit the side of his face. Link stared in anger at the skeleton, although he was being bombarded by attacks, he didnt notice or care, he had his eyes set on that one. For it was more decorated than the others were, it had to be their leader, and once the leader was gone, they would all die. He could feel his magic swell up with in him, and he smirked silently, finding enough strength to finish what he stared.

Link jumped in the air, flying over the others, and landed right in front of the skeleton. Youre mine! he yelled as his sword glowed a stead violent red. Then he moved, as if in a flash, in the next moment his sword had slid through the skeletons rock hard armor and in between his ribs. Link lifted the helpless creature into the air, and the smashed him into the ground, which shattered into a million pieces.

Nice job, she huffed in sarcasm as the others fell to pieces.

As if you could do any better? Link countered, letting a chuckle escape his lips.

Fera, whose muscles tighten, she knew he was mocking her and she wanted to kill him right then and there. Then she thought twice, Cendron had a plan, and she respected it, even though she didnt like it. Well if I didnt come in when I did, there would be no more hero of time! Fera countered him.

I had it, Link said stubbornly.

When link said that Fera couldnt help but let out a chuckle. She walked passed him and patted him on his broad chest, Yeah yeah, I believe you big guy.

Where are you going? he asked curious with Fera, there was more to the elegant woman than met the eye.

We need shelter dont me? Well thats where Im going. Are you coming or not? After all it seems that I was wrong. It seems that youre the one that needs protecting! Fera said, playing off his pride.

It was working; her words stabbed a hole into his pride. He huffed and stood there defiantly. A loud howling noise came from behind him, which shocked the tired warrior. Wait for me! he yelped as he followed quickly behind the woman.

* * *

Seems my plan is working perfectly! Cendron said happily. Although I thought Link would fall for her looks. Seems there is more modesty in that young lad than I thought.

That boy is deceptive in deed, a voice said, which came from behind Cendron. Cendron chuckled and turned around, there stood a slender man, more of a rogue than a fine knight. He wore the clothing of a Sheik, but they were died black, and his eyes were even blacker.

It seems to be that way, Jason, Cendron said as he went back to his prying mirror.

Jason looked around at the throne room; it was large and well decorated more graceful and beautiful that anything he ever laid sight on. The prying mirror stood in the farthest corner of the room, normally hidden under tapestry, it was now revealed. You should have sent me and not Fera. I have a feeling that she has a weak spot for the young man.

Thats why youre here. If she gets too attached, she wont kill him when it comes time, so youll just have to kill both of them, Cendron said, as though he had already planned to have Fera killed, which would be true.

I figured. You always have all your options on the table, and never take chances, Jason said in slight disbelief of his father.

Asura Nirosuki
March 24th, 2005, 9:04 AM
Very good you did a Plot,advanture everything a stroy needs here you go a rep point!

Raichu Master
March 24th, 2005, 9:08 AM
Very good you did a Plot,advanture everything a stroy needs here you go a rep point!

Well obviously. A story is made out of an adventure and a plot. It wouldn't be much of a story without it...

To be honest, Chapter 6 was my most rushed. I should have taken more time to improve the length and description before I posted it.

Raichu Master
March 24th, 2005, 8:36 PM
Chapter 7
The Morning that followed

Link woke up to a roaring fire and the smell of eggs. Where did you get the eggs? Link asked absentmindedly forgetting where he was, even who he was with. He rumbled his eyes and realized that he had slept the morning away and it was about lunchtime. While youre answering thatwhat time is it?

A warrior always comes prepared, came a sly answer. Links eyes widen; he then remembered his surroundings. He whipped around to meet the beautiful woman Fera, face to face. He noticed that she was on one knee, and a little too close for comfort. As for the time, it seems to be middayI also just awoke, so it seems we both needed some rest after last night.

Link nodded in agreement, he liked having someone to talk to, and he wasnt too fond of being alone. Where are you headed now? Link asked, also remembering the womans fighting skills. I mean I dont really careIm just wondering he added quickly, in a childish sense of insecurity.

Fera shrugged, and got back up to her feet. Taking the eggs off fire she sat the pan down beside Link and sat on the other side. They both than began to seemingly search for something within the fire, when in reality they were each trying to figure out what they were going to do. Well Fera said, being the first to speak in quite sometime. I say we partner up. You need a travelling buddy, and wellI need someone for reasons that Ill keep to myself.

Link, who continued to stare at the fire, began to think of the possibility; he didnt really know the woman, but having her skill on his side would prove useful. Just as it seemed to Fera that Link didnt hear her, Link replied, I need to know where to find the forest medallion. Do you know where I can find it?

Maybemaybe not Fera said, she wasnt about to give out all her knowledge willingly. Not even for this cute stranger, who she was supposed to kill.

Then I have no use for you, Link said, Fera may have had the looks, the skills, and even the knowledge, but Link knew a trap when he saw one. Link got up, and began to dust himself off; Fera tried to grab for him, but Link already started walking away. If you arent willing to give me what I want, then I have no use for travelling with you, its that simple.

Then where will you go? she called out after him, worried that Link knew her secret. Could I have underestimated him? Did he set me up? He wasnt really tired! she realized as she slowly began to piece together Links own counter deception.

Ill go to someone who will be of some us, Link called back, smiling at the expression of bewilderness on the womans face. She may be beautiful, but she sure isnt the brightest star in the sky. He commented to himself as he turned his back to her once again and started off, soon disappearing into the distance.

* * *

What!? Cendron exclaimed, as he watched the scene unravel.

What is it, father? Jason asked as he walked up to his father, who was looking into the prying mirror.

It seems our little friend is more perceptive than we first thought, Cendron said in frustration as he punched the wall, leaving an indent in the wall.

Hes a fast learner. I wouldnt be surprised if he knows what youre trying to do, Jason taunted, he knew his father wouldnt lash out at him, even though Jason had no hope of defeating his father. Cendron still had a soft spot for him, and planned to have Jason take his spot when he died.

He knows. He knows that Fera is out to get him, at leastour only hope is if Fera can find another avenue, and gain his trust another way, Cendron replied as he looked out the mirror, his violent eyes trying to find something to destroy.

* * *

Jane? Link exclaimed as he walked into the village of children. Is that you? he asked again. The little girl ran in fear of the large man, the only other time that she had seen someone that tall was with the incident where Link saved her. Its me Link! Dont you remember me? he asked, realizing that he didnt look quite the same as he used too, in fact he than realized the other children were armed and ready if Link too one false move.

LLLink is deadyou cant be him Jane stuttered as she poked her head out from behind a rather large root.

Link let out a loud laugh, not to taunt her, but because he found it extremely funny that Jane thought him dead. After the short outburst of laughter, Link grew serious again, If I was dead, then I wouldnt be fulfilling my promise to revenge Jacobs death. Jacob died on the fields of the outer world, I tried to save him, but it was too late. I vowed to revenge his death. By me dyingwould be disgracing that vow. Youve known me longer than anyone, Jane. You know I dont ever break a promise.

Jane, who was convinced that the tall man was Link, wasnt sure how he got so tall and mature, that worried her. She wouldnt take chances, not this time. Well take you to the Great Deku Treehe can tell us if you really are my long lost friend.

With that, Link willing followed her; he looked around, taking in the sights, glad that this part of the world was unchanged. A sudden happiness came over him when he found that the Deku Tree was still standing as magnificent as ever.

Who is this? the tree demanded as Jane, as with all the inhabitants of Kokiri Village, led Link into the large clearing.

This man claims to be Link! a child said speaking up first, not giving Jane a chance.

Hmm the Deku Tree said as he gazed into Links eyes.

Link could feel his mind being pried, but even if he wanted to stop it, he couldnt, the force was too powerful for him to resist. He didnt even try though; he wanted to be accepted into the only place he felt was home, he wanted to return home to his ordinary life. Even as that thought crossed his mind, he knew it was impossible, he had changed too much, and there was no way he could fit in. He would finish this quest and then leave the Master Sword to rest, and then return home.

Suddenly his mind went flying into his passed, scene by scene flashed through his mind, from early childhood to arriving in the small village. Some scenes caused a great swell of anger to build up, and others caused him to relax. To his surprised one of the scenes he found relaxing was the ones with Fera in them.

Yes, this boy is indeed Link, the Deku Tree announced, a mixture of excitement and worry was evident in his voice. It was obvious that he was grateful for the young lads return, but he wasnt sure why he came back, although he had a feeling what it was.

A cheer eruption abruptly at the news and they all gathered around Link, wanting to know of all his adventures thus far. Im sorry, I cant stay long, he admitted, which immediately shushed the crowd.

He turned to the Deku Tree, who just stared back at him, with his all-knowing gaze. Do you know where it is? Link asked, hes voice was serious, but his eyes told differently, he was hoping, longing to finally end this journey. Seeing his fellow Kokiri so happy to see him again broke his heart even thinking about leaving.

Yes I do, the Deku Tree replied sincerely.

Can you tell me where it is? Link asked, this time letting his hope get to his voice also.

* * *

He was deceiving this whole time, Fera said in amazement as Link disappeared. What gave it away? Fera wondered, it bothered him a lot that she had been tricked when she was the one who was supposed to be doing the tricking. The scenes ran through her mind again and again; each time she tried to pick out her mistake. I wouldnt have been forced to fight, if Link wasnt tiredhe was tired even before I arrivedso he must have been expecting me

I finally found a man whos hard to figure out. Hes modest, hes loyal, hes intelligent, and hes bravehow can that be? He has to have a weakness of some sorthe cant be perfectthere is no way Fera told herself as she put out the fire, and started to pack her equipment. Any other person could have told her, that her eyes gave it away. There was innocence in them, that kept him from killing her, and there was an evil within them, that told of deception and danger. From her perspective though she had no clue. Her stance gave it away too, only one of extreme skill could stand as proud as her, which gave away her experience. But how could he know that she was coming? That was the only thing that boggled her mind.

He couldnt have been faking his wearinesshe slept as long as me, she realized. If he was as tired as he let on, though, he fought very well, she added, a shiver ran down her spine at the thought of what the hansom young man could accomplish with skill alone.

Maybe we all underestimated our enemyfrom all the information Ive gathered hes human yet godly in awaymaybe the gods are on his side Fera concluded, this thought sowed a seed that would continue to grow; seed of hope, something that had been missing from her life for a long time.

* * *

So Link escapes from Feras grasp, Cendron said in cool voice.

Seems so, but if I know Fera, she isnt down for the count yet, Jason said, as he noticed the direction she was headed in. It seems shes on the right trail though.

Cendron looked at the prying mirror to see what his son was trying to say. Shes headed back to her birth place.

Link and our dear Fera must have been raised in the same place, Jason concluded thoughtfully.

Id have to say so, otherwise Fera wouldnt know where Link met, Cendron added, as he gave a great sigh, he was indeed tired from the days events unraveling.

You should get some sleep, father. Ill keep an eye on the mirror, Jason suggested, he himself was tired already but his father had been up all night keeping an eye on the two.

No, Ill stay here. I need to make sure he doesnt get the medallion Cendron muttered as he walked over to his chair and sank into it. Soon he found himself in a deep slumber, unable to keep himself awake.

Jason just shook his head and chuckled. His father was getting old, and Jason knew that Cendron would come to depend on him to do his dirty work. Jason was fine with the thought though. He would serve Cendron as a faithful servant; it would only gain him experience and discipline, not to mention the strength gained from each task. Jason looked forward to the role he would play in all this in the future.

Raichu Master
March 26th, 2005, 9:34 AM
Chapter 8
The Forest Temple

I sealed it away in an ancient temple. It is protected by a fierce guardian, the Deku Tree answered.

Tell me the way, Link said bluntly, he had no time to talk.

Jane will show you the way, the Deku Tree said in agreement.

Jane stepped out of the crowd and nodded in acceptance. Follow me, Jane waved as she led Link away from the crowd and into the forest.

So youre back? Why? Jane said once they were deep within the dark woods. I mean its been so many years, why would you ever want to return?

There are somethings that I must receive here, the medallion is one of them, Link said, in a not so friendly voice. He had endured dangers beyond his little friends imagination and this is the thanks he gets for returning alive.

I was just asking, you didnt have to get so mean, Jane replied equally unimpressed with the grown warrior. She had waited years to see her friends face again, she had often dreamt of it, but to have him return matured never crossed her mind. Why did you change? she asked almost as if it was a random question. Was it just because of the medallion? Or is there another reason?

Ill agree, there is another reason I have returned. After being gone, one gets tired and homesick. I returned t make sure that you all were alright, Link said with a slight smile. How much farther? Link said abruptly, he didnt want to become attached to any part of his childhood, for it would make leaving that much difficult.

Jane, who didnt understand his motives, just shrugged, We should be there any minute Jane said, being cut short, Links shield was out and he jumped in front of her. Anxiety began to take hold of her and she forced herself to look around her protector. She fell backwards and sat on the ground in fear; Link had saved her from the long rapier of a black cloaked figure.

Out came a second rapier in the other hand, and all Link did was smirk. I was wondering when youd be along to kill me.

The cloaked figured said nothing. Suddenly the figure shifted its weight to on foot and jumped into the air, both swords raised. Links shield easily deflected the blow, and he came in with an attack of his own, his master sword whistled through the air, faster than his opponent anticipated. The sword cut through figures ribs, and it fell to the ground. You seriously thought you could win by that cheap trick, Fera? Attacking my friends are only going to make beating me even more impossible, Link said, there was no cockiness, or sarcasm in his voice, he was dead serious with every word spoken.

The figure uncloaked itself, revealing that it was indeed Fera. The look on her face was priceless; she had no clue what hit her. She was so sure that she could beat the young hero, what went wrong? All Fera knew was that she was defeated and bleeding badly, if she didnt receive help she could surely die.

Take care of her, Jane. Ill find the temple without you, Link said gently looking back at Jane, who was cowering in a corner.

Do you know this woman? she stuttered unable to believe the speed and accuracy of her friends thrust.

Of course, otherwise I wouldnt have spared her life. Now could you please take care of her for me? Link said equally kind and gentle.

Whats keeping her from slaying me once youre gone? Jane countered, wanting some proof as to why she was getting drug into helping this young woman.

Simple. She doesnt want me on her tail. Shed rather be the one hunting. If she kills you, she knows her death isnt that far away, Link said simply with a little chuckle, he admired his friends cautiousness. Perhaps he should be more cautious towards Fera, but he knew that she was smarter than most assassins were, and knew that Link made for better prey than predator. And besides you do a way better job treating injuries than I do. Never did learn how to tie a knot. This drew a fit of laughter from the both of them, and with that, Jane was left with Fera.

* * *

This is the temple, aye? Link said as he walked up the crumpling stairs to the main doors. From the outside of the Forest Temple, it looked like nothing more than an ancient and rotten temple. From the looks of it, it would seem that getting the medallion would be easier than the Deku Tree made it seem.

This should be quick, Link said as he opened the rusted door, revealing that the temple was bigger inside then it appeared outside. Inside it looked like a mansion. The place was so huge that it made the temple of time look dwarfish and inexpensive. Although covered in cobwebs and old deteriorated artifacts, the main room had a short of elegance to it.

This must be the elevator down to the floor that holds the medallion Link observed, as he noticed the elevator, surrounded by a larger square with four lanterns, one on each corner, placed in the middle of the room. Stepping into the elevator, the floor began to shake, it felt as though the temple would come crumpling down at any minute. Then a sudden stillness shrouded the room, and four purplish lights floated around the room.

I dont like the look of this he muttered himself, as he armed himself with both sword and shield. Four ghost-like figures appeared and Link slashed through each one instinctively. Turning around he found that none of them were effected. He then went down on his knees, attacking the ghost appeared to zap his energy. What? What am I supposed to do? he said, but then his mind went spinning into memories again. An image caught his mind; it was of a man, probably Link, shoot arrows at the ghost-like monsters, destroying them on the spot.

Where am I going to get a bow? Link wondered as he went shifting through the memories, but to no avail. He was left there, on the floor with no clue where to start. Getting to his feet, he realized that there must be some sort of weapon hidden in the temple as well. Link exited the room, and found himself in a stairway, with stairs leading upward.

* * *

Sit still! Jane demanded as she began to wrap Feras chest.

Why are you doing this for me? she countered as she gave up and just sat still, wincing whenever Jane went over the wounded rib.

Link told me to, she shrugged absentmindedly, not really thinking of an appropriate answer.

Why would you do it because he told you to? I mean Im the enemy! Fera said, she realized there were more selfless people than she once thought.

You underestimate Link. Hes still the Link I once knew. He sticks to his honor, and never has let me down before. Why would he start now? Jane said pulling the bandage tight, causing Fera to gasp in pain.

How can you trust a person like that? Youre in a very dangerous situation. What makes you so sure hed come after me if I killed you? Fera said, trying to gain control of the situation, she was at a disadvantage, with the young girl. If she continued to let Jane have control, shed be disgracing herself, and she would never allow it.

Jane smirked; she too realized what Fera was trying to do. Link is strong than you think. He could have ended your life right then and there. In fact, the cut isnt as deep as I thought; hes done you a favor. You owe him your life.

I was ready for him, he couldnt have possibly killed me if he wanted to, Fera huffed, her pride had been wounded and Jane was only making it worse.

Obviously you dont know how compassionate Link is. His strike was faster than you anticipated, any faster and you would have died. He missed your heart by an 8th of an inch, Jane said, she couldnt help but smile, Feras eyes were wide and she went slack-jawed, obviously she had no clue how fast Link could have ended her life.

Then why did he spare me? Fera asked, not expecting an answer, all she did was look back at her wound, and wondered. He must have been a very fine swordsman, for the cut was so clean that he didnt damage anything, not even a rib. It slipped in between two of her ribs, by passing her lungs and stopped right before her heart, not even hitting any major arteries.

Jane shrugged; she was wondering the same exact thing. All I can say is your lucky.

* * *

Here it is! Link exclaimed as he walked into a well-lit room. There sat a huge treasure chest, no doubt it was the bow he had been searching for. As he walked toward it, something tapped him on his shoulder. Link turned around and found a sword, which almost sliced through him, if it wasnt for Links quick reflexes.

Who are you? he asked, when he saw a sheik dressed in black, at the other end of the sword. Link had heard of these warriors, they were nothing to mess around with, and Link didnt plan on to.

You need not know. Youll be dead, the sheik replied. He raised his sword again; Link found it unusual for a sheik to be carrying a sword let alone a rapier. It was a simpler rapier to Feras, Link noticed, which led Link to suspect fool play.

Well see about that, Fera, Link replied, before lounging forward.

Fera? You think Im that runt? the sheik laughed out loud, before dodging Links sword by the skin of his teeth. The man, who was shocked at the speed and agility that the young hero wielded, didnt let it show. My name is Jason, youll come to know that name well!

Hopefully, I wont! Link replied as his sword cut downward as his shield rushed in forward. Jason dodged Links sword easy enough, but found his heavy shield in his stomach.

You dont know who I am do you? Jason chuckled in pain, as he doubled over onto the ground.

Should I? Link countered as he raised his sword to finish the job.

Im Cendrons son! Jason cackled. Link stared in shock, which gave Jason enough time to roll away and recover.

Link shook his head; he needed to stay focus. So this was Cendrons son? It didnt make him any harderor did it? Link smacked his sword off his shield and shook his body loose. Link then jumped to the side, dodging the mans sword by a mile, then came back with a reverse spin, hoping for his sword to meet Jasons face.

At last, it only cut through the air, making Link wonder if Jason had tripped. A yell cut through the air, telling that his opponent was in the air. Link had no time to react, and found Jasons sword in the side of his shoulder.
Link yelled out in pain, dropping his sword to nurse his shield arm. Jason had rendered Links arm useless! Quickly recovering his sword, Link deflected a blow that would have been fatal. Dropping his sword again, Link had time to unstrap his shield from his arm, relieving the arm of the weight. Link then found Jasons sword in the side of his other shoulder, leaving both useless.

It seems you die here! Jason said, taking time to savor the pain on Links face.

Dont count me out yet! Link said bringing his head up hard against Jasons stomach. Jason took five steps backward, grabbing at his stomach in pain. Link then got to his feet, and brought his knee to Jasons face. Kneeling, Link swiped Jasons feet out from under him, knocking his head hard against the floor.

It doesnt matter if you kill me or not! Youre nothing without your arms! Jason cried out in victory.

Theyll heal. You didnt do enough damage to render them paralyzed for long, Link said, this time it was his turn to laugh. For Jason quit laughing when he saw Links fingers twitching and his arms bending slightly.

Jason rolled away and got to his feet, blade in hand. Jason rushed forward thrusting his sword in head of him. Jason then was left dumbfounded as Link caught his blade with one hand. Link jerked the blade forward and brought his fist to meet Jasons stomach, once again.

Link then grabbed at Jasons neck, lifting him off his feet. Why do you guys have to keep underestimating me? With that Link threw him again the wall, and thrusted his own sword into Jasons heart

Back to what I was doing, Link sighed as he turned around and unlocked the chest. Revealing a bow and quiver of arrows.

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March 26th, 2005, 7:22 PM
Chapter 9
Hidden Loyalties

Returning to the main room, Link found himself surrounded again. Im ready for you this time! Link said to the ghost-like monsters. Raising his bow to eye level, he strung it and pulled it back hard. Say good night! Link added, and with that he let four arrows fly, one right after the other. Each hit their mark and a loud chiming sound bursted through the darkened room. Link jerked his head toward the elevator, it appeared to be vibrating, obviously it was working again.

Looking around, Link found no other distractions so he proceeded into the elevator which promptly began to lower. Link took deep breaths, anxiety had settled on his nerves; this would be his first big battle. He had always gotten off easy since he had a guardian to protect him. Now with no guardian, he had to face this now present threat by himself without any help.

The doors of the elevator opened, revealing a huge pitch-black room. Stepping out of the elevator, Link heard the elevator close, looking behind him, he saw the elevator begin its climb back up to the first floor. It looked like Link would have to find a different route up.

Link then turned his attention to the middle of the round room. By now, dim lights began to light the room, feeling its circular shape with a faint bluish light. There stood a huge, seemingly extremely well muscled figure. Link couldnt make out who or what it was, for the light was not as bright as he wanted it to be.

Are you the guardian of the medallion that is hidden within? Link asked, calling out to the creature, in hopes of gaining communication.

No, came an eerie, yet familiar dark voice.

Then who are you? State your name? Link demanded, this new discovery frightened him. If it was who he thought it was, then this would be no mere guardian battle.

You know who I am, we met many a time when you were younger! the voice said again, this time in a harsh yet amused tone.

Show yourself? Link replied, his voice trembling as his own memories were restored. He remembered the powerful monster that he had been hunting; now here he was, standing in front of me.

The blue lights than turned to a whitish flame, filling the room with a brilliant white light. Link scrambled to the opposite end of the room, shield raised and sword at the ready. There stood Cendron, in all his glory. He must have been waiting for the young hero.

I have the medallion, boy. The guardian is dead, and you are mine! Cendron roared. If you want it, youll have to come and get it! he added equally loud.

Link silently wished that his guardian was back, fighting Cendron instead of doing it himself. Cendron began to walk toward Link, cackling happily that Link was so afraid of him. Taking out his huge Claymore from its sheath, Cendron raised it ready to kill Link. So much for the Hero of Time. Some hero you turned out to be! Cendron taunted.

Take that back! Link demanded, his voice was more pleading than demanding, but his resolve was firm. Link got to his knees, shaking in fear, yet he managed to jab his sword through the air. Cendron caught stopped Links pathetic attack with one finger, which was at the tip of the blade! Cendrons hands were so callused that not even the hair splitting sharpness of the Master Sword could cut through it. Cendron then grabbed the blade with the same hand and flung it easily out of Links hands.

Grabbing Link by the collar, he dragged him off his feet and into the air. There Cendron raised his sword, ready kill Link. STOP! came a voice from behind Cendron. Link knew that voice; it was Jane! She jumped onto the mans huge shoulders and tried to wrap her tiny fingers around Cendrons tree trunk of a neck. Get away from Link! she demanded, realizing that Cendrons strength far out ceded her own.

Get off you little brat! Cendron roared as he dropped Link to pick up the Jane. You miserable little girl!

Dont you hurt her! came yet another voice. Link also knew this one; it was Fera. Her twin rapiers slapped either side of Cendrons face. Cendron instinctively threw Jane against the wall, hard enough to possibly kill her. Cendron then turned his attention to Fera; he grabbed her neck, and held her high in the air, choking her as hard as he dared without killing her.

You betrayed me! No you will die with the rest of them! Cendron roared as he smashed her into a wall, leaving a huge indentation in the stone.

Link sat there, not able to absorb what was happening. His best friend, the truest friend he had ever known had been possibly killed. The beautiful woman, who he expected to be the one to actually kill him, was no dead, even though he didnt like the thought of dying, Link thought it would have been fun to be on the run, testing his skills every time they meant. The rivalry ended as soon as it began. Link rose to his feet, with tears streaking down his face. His hand were trembling out of control with rage, not only had this man had killed too many people.

Stop it! Link growled as Cendron turned around to look to see what Link was up to. Before Cendron had time to know what hit him, Link had gathered his sword and had rammed it into Cendrons stomach. Youll pay! he cried out as he jumped back, then proceeded to lounge forward and kick him in his face before he had a chance to topple down in pain.

Links follow through was just as unforgiving as he came down with his sword again, tip down, ramming hard into the same hole he had created in Cendrons stomach. Why youyou Cendron stuttered as Link jerked his sword out of the hole. Cendron rose to his feet, and Link stepped back surprised that Cendron took all he had and kept on coming. You think you can defeat me? Youll never defeat me! Youre too weak! Cendron yelled in rage. He tightened every muscle in his body and a faint yellow light outlined his figure. The hole that Link had left was getting smaller and smaller. He was healing himself!

Youre mine! Cendron said as his sword whistled through the air, coming down hard on Links shield that was able to successfully distribute the force so that it didnt seem that hard. Link then countered by thrusting his sword forward, but Cendrons hard hands caught his sword again. Cendron lifted Link into the air, again, this time by his sword, and flung him hard against a wall.

Cendron became dumbfounded as he saw how quickly Link had rebounded. Link caught himself; right before he hit the wall, and sprang back, using the force of the impact to propel him forward toward Cendron, faster than Cendron had flung him. Link dived to the ground and broke into a roll, stopping at Cendrons feet, where he swung his foot, taking Cendrons legs with him. Then Link broke into a low spin, bringing his sword up behind, as red magic surrounded his blade. The spin attack hit home, and sent Cendron flying into the wall.

That last attack took more out of Link, then he had expected. He needed to finish Cendron off before he had a chance to heal. At last, it was too late; Cendron had already begun the healing process. In a desperate attempt, Link lounged at the small pouch at Cendrons hip right hip. Link felt the medallion within the pouch, and yanked the pouch away from Cendron, before he could do anything about it. Suddenly Cendrons healing stopped before it even began taking affect.

NO! Cendron shouted as he noticed the pouch was missing. Give me that medallion back! Cendron pleaded.

Link took the medallion out of the leather pouch and slipped it into a pocket. Nope, but you can have this back! Link said grinning from ear to ear as he flung the empty pouch back at Cendron. Link then grabbed his sword back in his hand. Raising it for one last charge; Cendron wouldnt live to see the light again. Before Link could plant a solid hit, Cendron had pulled on of his cheap disappearing acts, and disappeared from the room, reappearing back in the safe sanctuary of his floating castle.

When Link was sure Cendron was gone, he took the coin back out of his pocket. So this is how he was healing himself Link said, remembering how Cendron stopped healing after the medallion was stripped away. Looking at Jane, he remembered that he had two near death, if not already dead, allies. Walking over to Jane, it was evident that she was still alive, because her chest was moving up and down. Link held the medallion up to Janes forehead, and she began to glow a steady gold. After the light faded, Janes eyes slowly opened. Link? Wheres that man? Did I die? Jane asked, none of it really made sense, but Jane was close to death and she had no clue what to say after being almost resurrected if Link would have been 5 seconds later.

Yes its me, Link said lifting her in his arms. The mans name is Cendron. You dont have to worry about him. Lets just say he wont be bothering us anytime soon, Link said nodding over to the smoldering wall where Cendron had been. Cendron wasnt dead, not even close. The burnt marks were from Cendron trying to teleport too quickly and not doing the charm right. The affect was from his burning clothes, but Jane didnt need to know that, it was best if she thought he were dead.

Wow she remarked looking at the burnt spot. Then she caught sight of Fera. Link you have to help her! she yelled as she wiggled out of Links arms and ran over to Feras aid.

Is she even alive? Link asked, not too sure that he could bring back a dead woman.

Yes, there is a faint pulse. Do something! Jane pleaded as she held her head to Feras chest to make sure that her heart was beating and it wasnt just Jane feeling her own pulse.

Fine fine Link said, seemingly not too concerned with whether she lived or died.

Following the same process as he used with Jane, he completely healed Fera to full health. Her eyes fluttered opened and Link greeted her with a sarcastic, Good morning sunshine!

Fera blushed slightly as she noticed that Link was the hero this time, so she couldnt very well snap back at him. Thank you Fera said silently as Jane helped her to her feet.

Dont mention it, Link said with a sly wink. Now how to get out of this room.

Just use the elevator Link, Jane said as she whistled. As if on command, the elevator came down and waited to be boarded.

* * *

Returning to the small Kokiri village, Jane said her farewells to Fera and Link as they made there way back to the plains.

So what are you going to do now? Fera asked, she had also come to trust this hansom young warrior. She even found herself throwing her own life away to try and save him. I mean you got one of who knows how many medallions!

Well, the Deku Tree said to head to Death Mountain. Which lies northeast of here, Link answered thoughtfully as they reached the edge of the forest. What will you do now?

Fera shrugged, she didnt really know what to do. She had betrayed her master, and now shed be hunted down, just like Link. Probably try to evade Cendron for as long as I can.

Well you knowI need a companion, Link said, grinning, yet again, from ear to ear.

Feras face lit up like kid at a toy store. For the first time, her eyes let out its brilliant scarlet color. No longer was its kindness hidden beneath a layer of evil. Her smile seem to make her even more beautiful. Whatever burdens had been weighing her down, seemed to disappear at the hands of this young man. Can I? she asked, thinking she sounded like a little child, but she didnt care.

Link pretended to think hard and finally said with a wink, I suppose sojust dont get me into even more trouble than Im already in! With that, the two-friend set off toward Death Mountain, ready to take whatever fate may throw their waytogether.

* * *

It seems Link has left some on finished businessfor back at the forest temple, at the treasure room where he found his bow. A corpse lay spread out on the floor, but if he had looked closer, he would have noticed that the corpse as still alive. Jason was still alive.

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August 7th, 2005, 5:53 PM
Chapter 10
Road to Death Mountain

Get out of here! Cendron boomed as he grabbed one of his black cloaked henchmen by the cloak. With the other hand still grabbing at the whole in his stomach, Cendron threw his henchmen had against the grey stone wall of the interior of the castle. No doubt the warlord was perplexed by how he could have been defeated by someone so puny. Was he truly meant to lose against the Kokiri? Did he truly have the power to even kill him? Cendron dismissed the thoughts as a surge of pain filled his body as he turned his attention to his wound.

You! Cendron snapped as he pointed his bloody finger at a wizard standing in a dark corner. Trying to steady himself as he knelt to the floor in agony, Cendron tried to reach out for the man. He was dying, and he needed someone to help him.

Yes, sire. One moment! the wizard, dressed in a silky blue robe, said as he scampered over to his fallen master. Putting his right hand over the wound, the wizard chanted a quick incantation, and Cendrons wound began to heal. Cendron could feel his strength return to him as he watched the whole in his abdomen close; it felt like a cool bath as he felt his fingers tingling with relief. It was time for revenge and to stop this menace, once and for all.

All done, master, the wizard said, getting to his feet and dusting off his robes. The wizard had sapphire hair that had grown to shoulder length. His icy lavender gaze was just as threatening as the dark sinister set staring back at him. The man was, by far, older than Cendron, and each wrinkle in his skin seemed as old as a thousand-year-old tree trunk. The mans once nose, that resembled more of a hawks beak more than a humans nose, was now missing the whole right side, coming to close to dying at the hands of Cendron before swearing loyalty. What do you suggest we do? the old wizard asked, as he took a few steps in retreat as Cendron go to his feet.

Get the finest soldiers in our army! We shall kill this boy once and for all! Cendron roared as he motioned for the guards in the room to rally his elite army of undead soldiers. It is time that we show the Hero of Time what messing with Cendron is all about! Cendron said with a queer smirk on his lips as he concentration fell on some sort of strategy to overwhelm the hero.

I should give it a try. Jason is still alive, and with his help, I will succeed, the sapphire-haired wizard cackled with a deadly grin of his own. The old man was indeed old, and probably ready to die in a few years, but he was no weakling when it came to magic. He was a world-renowned archmage, and he still had quite a punch left in him.

Cendron left out a hearty chuckle; he liked the old mans spunk and had no doubt that what the old man said was, in fact, true. Fine, Lergan, go to Jason; heal him; then bring that miserable brat to his knees, Cendron ordered, sharing the old mans smirk.

* * *

Wake up, came the old sorcerers voice as it echoed through Jasons mind. Wake up!

Huh? the young sheik asked as his eyes fluttered open, surprised that he was actually alive. Lergan? Jason asked, as he sat up, feeling suddenly dizzy by the blood rushing to his head.

You didnt think Cendron would actually leave his own son to die, especially when youre still useful to him, Lergan smirked, as he leaned on his long oak staff. Now come, we have work to do.

Jason nodded, as he jumped to his feet. Unsure of what the wizards intentions were, Jason proceeded cautiously, his rapier was replaced by a slender and well-craft scimitar. Lergan grabbed the young mans hand and with a wave of his staff, they both disappeared.

Shaking his head and looking at his surroundings, Jason found that they were somewhere in the Hyrulian field. What are we doing here? Jason demanded, hoping that Lergan had a logical explanation for his actions.

Wait and see. Are you healthy enough to battle? Lergan asked, dodging Jasons question, which further agitated the man.

I suppose so, but what battle are you talking about? Jason asked, wanting answers and wanting then now.

Always asking questions. Be patient and youll know what Im talking about, Lergan hushed him, and crouched down, more to take a rest from standing than to scout the area.

* * *

Were almost there, Fera promised as they neared Death Mountain. Its only a short ways away now.

Link shrugged, he didnt really care how far they were from Death Mountain, he was well traveled and knew exactly where they were, traveling the planes of Hyrule for quite sometime. I know, Link mumbled as he kept his eyes in head of him, and not bother to looking at his new partner. The night before, he was glad to have a partner with him, but he was still leery of Fera, even though she saved his life, she was only repaying a debt.

Fera looked at him, quite confused as to why Link had suddenly grown cold. He had saved her life twice in one day, and was sure that he would continued to do so as long as they remained companions. She just shrugged it off though; pretending that she really didnt care as to what he thought of her.

Watch out! Link yelled as he pushed Fera to the ground, and strung his bow. Pulling the string back, he let an arrow fly, soaring through the air and intersecting a fireball. The arrow passed right through the flaming ball of magic, and directly to the castor, lighting on fire as it passed the inferno. Link danced away before it made contact with him and prepared another arrow to fire.

Meanwhile, the arrow missed its mark as both Lergan and Jason sidestepped, out of the burning arrows way. The wizard yelled something inaudible from the distance Link and Fera were from the pair, but the man on the right of him charged forward, scimitar raised high.

Link let an arrow fly, with two others following in succession. All three ripped through Jason like a hot knife through butter. With a wave of Lergans hand, Jasons wounds were healed, and he continued his charge. Link put his bow away, and drew his sword and shield, and looked over at Fera to see if she was all right.

Understanding who was attacking them, Fera got to her feet and summoned both of her rapiers to her hand. Fera stood by Links side, as she caught sight of the wizard behind him. Link Fera whispered as she twirled her rapiers as warning to Jason, but knew that that little show wouldnt stop the manhe wanted revenge

I know, you take the wizard, Ill take care of him, Link said as he stepped in front of Fera, signally for Fera to make her way to Lergan. Fera dashed to the right, trying to out flank the wizard, while Jason was focused on her counterpart. Meanwhile, Jason came in hard at Link, his scimitar flashing left then flicking to the right, to circle back down in a wide arc downward at Links head. Link easily blocked the first with his sword, but was too slow to maneuver to block the quick jab to the right, so his shield compensated for his lack of mobility. Then came the over head thrust which sent Link diving into a roll, leading him to the left of his opponent; jumping to his feet Link assaulted Jason with a combined effort of sword and shield. First he came in fast with a quick jab, which Jason dodged to Links satisfaction. Following through strong with his shield, Link shoved it into Jasons side, knocking him down and knocking the wind out of the warrior.

Lergan had begun to weave several spells in succession to try and build up enough magic to finish the young hero off. Two flashes of silver light cut the mage off, as he flipped backwards with amazing grace for his age. So we meet again, fair Fera, Lergan said as he took a bow.

Shut your filthy mouth, I dont work for Cendron now! she snapped back as her ruby eyes narrowed and bore into the old man like icy knives.

Lergan with a flick of his wrist, two ice balls flew towards Fera with amazing speeds. Feras blades proved to be sharper, as they cut both ice incarnations in half, and she proceeded to lunged forward with equal speed. Her blades came within two inches of cutting him through, but stopped abruptly. You cant hurt me! Lergan cackled as he pushed her to the ground after sending her flying several feet.

Lergan then fell dead as a doorknob, being cut short of his little cackling fit. But I can! a voice came from the other side of Lergans now fallen body. It was a rather feminine voice, which confused Fera greatly, did she know anybody who would come to her aid besides Link.

Looking up, Fera found an elegant female Zora standing dignified as she looked down at the woman. Who are you? Fera asked as she found herself in awe of the beauty, an awe she had for all Zora alike.

* * *

Meanwhile, Jason had the advantage as Fera dealt with Lergan. He was now on the offense, striking as rapidly as he could trying to knock Link even further from his guard, hoping to a hole in the mans mighty defense.

Link had lost his sword after trying to strike Jason when he had knocked him down. Jason disarmed him the moment Link swung his sword downward, and the proceeded to kick it into the nearby river. It was him and his shield, trying to fend off all of Jasons blows, who seemed never to stop the relenting attack.

Link took the short break in between Jasons thrust into a large arc to jump backwards high in the air. In one swift motion he flipped backwards at the same time drew his bow and strung it. Letting loose another set of arrows, this time 4 consecutive arrows were fired. While Jason fended them off, getting hit by the last one out of surprise, Link took the opportunity to dive headlong into the river, in an attempt to find his blade.

The last arrow hit Jason in the shoulder, lodging its deep within almost making through to the other side. While he carefully dislodged the arrow, he found Link missing in action.

Rapiers went flying towards Jason as soon as he heard another splash. Jason was on his feet now, defending himself against Feras brutal attacks. Swinging low with one, then spinning, following through the off hand, she came in hard again, slapping him hard on both sides of the face, edge first. Jason stumbled back, as he stared blankly in surprise, for the first time ever; Fera was besting him in combat. This break served as his downfall however. When Fera lunged to finish off what she started, when the tip of a familiar blade jabbed through Jasons stomach. Then the blade had disappeared, leaving Jason to fall to the solid ground quite dead.

Link! Fera shouted as she rushed up to Link and embraced him tightly, she though she had lost him, when she arrived and he was no where to be seen. She decided to rest her head on Links damp chest, she didnt care that her face was now turning several different shades of red at a time, they were safe, and the enemy had been defeated.

Link just stared at her in embarrassment; this sudden show of emotion caught Link off guard. Although he didnt withdraw, for fear of upsetting Fera, he just looked over at the Zora, who had had his blade along, and had retrieved it to kill the mage. Thank you, Kuru, Link mouthed and the Zora nodded. He then blushed wildly at the knowing glance the Zora had given Link.

We will meet again, she mouthed back before she dived back into the river, headed back to her home.

Fera then let go of the soaked hero and looked at him skeptically. Who was she? she asked, a hint of jealousy that she was trying to keep out of her casual tone.

An old friend, no need to worry, Link said with a wink before he started off toward Death Mountain, it was getting late, but he pushed on stubbornly. If they hurried they could make it there by night.

Where do you think youre going!? Fera asked, insulted by how Link had just acted. Even though Fera did open herself up to Link, Link didnt feel the same way about her. How could he? Sure she was beautiful beyond belief, she could fight with the best, she was smart, and she cared about him. But there were enemies a few short days ago. He still didnt quite find it in him to trust this ally yet. He truly didnt know if hed ever be able to see passed what they once were.

Im headed to Death Mountain. If we hurry we can make it by day break! Link yelled back, a mischievous smile spread across his face, seemingly forgetting what just happened.

Wait up! Fera said, grinning as she chased after her partnerher hero

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Chapter 11
Link's Folly

Fera sat beside the windmill, her legs dangling off the brick wall that separated the graveyard and the village, that overlooked Kakariko Village. They had been there for two days, trying to gather information on Death Mountain. The first day they arrived there, Link turned inward with his thoughts, and wouldnt talk to Fera at all, which worried her immensely. Did her show of emotion come too early? Did she scare him off?

The second day answered her questions, Link was the first one up and was more than willing to talk to Fera, he was actually the one doing most of the talking for once. Whatever his problem was, it was now settle, to her relief. She now sat there watching Link rush in and out of the buildings of the village, as Link went building to building looking for information or anyone that could help them.

Link also found himself in helping others frequently, anywhere from rounding up chickens to carrying pales of water for the villagers. It amazed Fera that Link would bother helping these people, even though he knew none of them, he just simply lent a hand wherever he could without expecting anything in return.

Fera, many times over, found herself admiring Link for his love for life, and his willingness to help others, no matter how small the favor. Every time someone would offer him pay, Fera watched him wave it away, and never took a cent for any of the labor.

She brought her legs to her chest as she followed Link with her eyes everywhere he zig zagged. Her thoughts also turned inward, and there stood her downfall and her disappointment, for she knew, as it now stood, that she had no chance of becoming his.

* * *

Meanwhile, down in the rather large village, Link was busy carrying a pale of water for a young girl he saw having trouble. His thoughts were also turning inward, replaying the image of two days ago over in his head. He had closed himself off to Fera for reasons that he did not wish to admit. He didnt rightfully know how he felt, there was the woman who was desperate to kill him only a few short days ago, and nowwellhe didnt really know what now really was.

After he helped a few more citizens do various tasks, and objectives, he started the long climb to where Fera sat watching the sunset. He hadnt seen her all day, only the few times he could stop and watch her watching him, which quickly made him self-conscious and he quickly found something to keep him busy. When he came to level footing, he stood there, completely thrown off guard. She had changed out of her previous clothes, probably finding a good tailor, and some place to wash up. She wore a tunic almost identical to his own, but her chosen color was that of a deep violet, he neglected a the cap that Link wore, but the rest of the attire she wore was exactly like Links, right down to the padded leather gloves and boots. The only other change was that the tunic shaped well to her body, showing off her feminine figure quite well. She looked remarkablylike a Kokiri

Find anything? Fera asked, not needing to turn around and look at his expression. Or have you just been there staring at me? she teased, still not turning around.

Before he pressed the Kokiri issue, Link just chuckled lightly, and put his hands comfortably on his hips. You could say both, Link admitted sheepishly and joined Fera on the side of the wall, and dangled his feet from the ledge.

Fera shifted her scarlet eyes over to Link in surprise; his comment had set her off guard indeed! She just smiled warmly and turned her brilliant dark eyes back to the falling sun. And what is that? she asked, deciding whether she should start moving closer to Link, or just stay there.

Death Mountain cant be entered without protection, Link said evenly, turning his own blue eyes to the heavens as well. The medallion is definitely in there, I just need a way of getting in there, Link contemplated, as he purposely didnt look over to Fera to see her uncertainty about how she should act.

This is what she found most annoying about Link. He never let her know what his intentions were, keeping her guessing his every move, making sure that he was always at the advantage incase something were to happen. She knew he didnt trust her fully, knew also that Link wasnt sure how he felt. Was he inviting her? Or did he didnt look at her because he was afraid that he would find her rapier in his skull? Giving a sigh, Fera offered, Maybe we should take a visit to the Goron.

That would make sense, they live closest to the volcano, Link agreed seemingly interested in the roof of some distant house as he searched inward to try and find a solution for his dilemma. Link, who knew Fera knew his thoughts well enough, felt uneasy about her second-guessing him. Would this lead to his ultimate demise if she figured out what he was going to do before he did it? Would she finally kill him? Did she really love him? Could he return the filling after this insecurity? Was it all happening to fast?

These questions seemed to impede on his progress all at once, as he tried to answer them all and answer some other questions as to his quest. He had no real questions, to many doubts, to many worries; he couldnt possibly overcome all these obstacles. Still more questions forced their way into his thoughts as he sat there next to Fera. Was he, indeed, overreacting? Could he get over this foolishness? Should he trust Fera, she was his companion in this adventure? Could she be trusted? Everything seemed so confusing to him all of a sudden.

Fera had been asking the same questions to herself, except she began to doubt herself instead of Link. She started to say something, anything, anything at all to break this awkward and uncomfortable silence, but Link intruded on what she was about to say, when he asked, seemingly all of a sudden and seemingly without a purpose, Are you a Kokiri?

This question completely knocked her back on her heels. She didnt know how he could have guessed, or if this attire gave her away. She really didnt know what this mattered so, but maybejust maybe it would break the ice that seemed to have built up around Link. Yes, once upon a time, Fera answered sincerely. Cendron took me from the village when I was very young.

Then the recognition hit him; he had indeed seen her before! She was the Kokiri that went missing all those years ago. They were the same age, he was sure of it, so it all made sense. It made sense that this feeling that he knew who she was, it made sense why she resembled a Kokiri and why she chose the clothing. He was about 6 when it happened, about 4 years before this turmoil with Cendron began. Do you remember a blond boy, blue eyes, went around with two other friends? Link asked, a short time after the recognition hit him.

Vaguely, but I dont see what that has to do with Fera started to say, but then her voice trailed off, she finally caught on, and recognition also hit her. Although he memories were more vague than his, since he slept half his life away in a tomb and it only felt like 4 years to him, but to here it was almost a decade. It doesnt really matter though, Fera said, this time it was her time to close herself off. She had horrible and frightening memories in the past that she didnt really want to visit. You were friends with Jacob and Jane, I know, Fera sighed at length.

Link seemed to understand her concern and didnt push the issue, this was not the past, and he wasnt going to force her to a place and time she rather forget about. Beautiful sunset, Link commented lifting his eyes to the now fallen sun, only the shadow of what it once was remained.

Very beautiful, Fera said in a soft voice, that knocked the hero off his toes, but he took great care not to show it. Fera took this time to make the move she had wanted to make for the past few minutes. With one hand, she reached closer to Link and pulled herself right next to Link. Beautiful indeed she whispered. Before she knew it, and before she could registered the movement, he soft lips brushed Links cheek in a kiss. She then rested her head on his strong shoulders, as he proceeded to do nothing.

Link, his insecurity getting the best of him, just sat there unable to do nothing, to tell the truth, he wasnt really sure he wanted to do anything about it. The same questions as before rose in his head in rapid succession, but he quickly pushed them away, allowing Fera the pleasure of relaxing with the man she loved, or perhaps wanted him to think she loved.

* * *

The next day, Fera and Link headed out through the western gates that led to Death Mountain, their destination, Goron City. Fera was in a pleasant mood from the previous afternoon, and was still wearing the tunic that she wore before, letting her flamboyant red hair flow down her shoulders like a waterfall of lava. Link trudged along in the lead, he too was in a particularly good mood, but he really didnt know why.

Who goes there? a rock demanded as they scaled their way up the long windy trail up to the famed Goron City.

Link nearly jumped back in shock, not noticing that the rock had been a Goron sentry rolled up in a ball. The sentry really didnt look different from any other Goron; he was starting to wonder how they identified each other. Two wary travelers looking for some guidance, Link lied, foreigning ignorance and exhaustion. Fera knew from experience that Link was a superb actor, and it was likely that they would get passed this lump of rock without any real trouble.

You just started out of the human village. Play no games with me, Kokiri! the Goron threatened as he noted the clothing of the two wanderers.

I have played no games with you, Link said calmly and in a matter-of-fact tone. We are wary, and we are looking for guidance among your people.

Fera just looked on with admiration, wondering just how quick Link could bend a lie into the honest truth. The Goron, however, did not seem too amused with the bold hero. State your names! its stony voice called out, which sent a sliver of annoyance into Link as he wasted valueable time with this mere pawn.

Link and Fera, at your service, Link said, gracefully dipping into a low bow and recovered just as gracefully.

The Goron stared at Link for a long while, seemingly trying to find something in those blue eyes. Then he said slowly, Go. But be warned, anyone of us can crush you like a bug.

Link nodded and said, Well be careful, dont worry.

Impressive, Fera said when they were beyond earshot from the Goron, and had continued to travel up the long road.

Whats impressive? Link asked, his voice was innocent, but his expression showed differently, as he grinned and a mischievous sparkle shone in his eyes.

You! Back there, how you talked your way out of fighting a Goron, Fera replied, not taking note of his expression.

Link shrugged and countered, Wouldnt be so impressed if you knew me better.

Fera, again, was thrown off guard, which is another annoyance to her. He always had to surprise her with everything he said, she didnt like being fooled or tricked. Here I thought I had you figured out.

No one figures me out, Link said with a wink before he trudged forward towards the entrance that led to the city.

We shall see, Fera muttered to herself as Link took up the lead.

Inside Goron City, the two quickly noted the unique structure of the city. It was circular in shape, but layered into floors, with rooms and shops and other corridors on each. Link turned left as he found the staircase leading down, and followed it until he was on the bottom floor.

How do you know this is where we want to be? Fera asked defiantly as they stepped onto the floor that had a big urn in place.

Link pointed to the door just beyond that was decorated in old rugs and tapestries, highlighting the triforce in all its glory. Take a wild guess, Link said sarcastically as he walked over to the walled corridor.

Ok, smarty. How do you propose we get in there? Fera countered seeing that a stone wall blocked off the entrance. In truth, Fera was starting to wonder how they would ever find someone or something to help them survive the fiery dangers of the volcano.

Go buy some bombs, Link said evenly, as he examined the tapestry closer.

WHAT!? You cant possibly do that! Fera protested a little too loudly, drawing stares from nearby crowds of Goron and other races that were there to trade. Fera couldnt be hearing right; here was the man that ran around like a fool helping everybody at the drop of a hat, and now he stood here wanting to blow open a door, destroying private property.

Yes, I can. Now go get some bombs, Link said a little more forcefully as he continued to examine the tapestries. He threw Fera a little bag of coins and said, This sound be enough for about 5. Now please go and get them, were wasting time.

Fera caught the coins easily enough, still dumbfounded by what she was hearing. This is wrong, Fera muttered as she shook her head and went off to find a shop that sold bombs.

When Fera was gone, and Link was sure no one was watching him, he slowly slid his right glove off. Holding it close to the stone wall, Link found a small triforce symbol about chest high, which was centered roughly around the center of the door. Link then pressed his right hand to the symbol on the door, which appeared to do nothing until a loud rumbling noise shook the door. With a look of content, Link put his glove back on, the glove that hid his triforce on his hand. The door slowly slid open, and Link thanked the heavens that no one was around to see it for it made quite a ruckus.

Fera came rushing out of a nearby shop with a bag full of bombs when she heard the loud stone on stone noise that was coming from where she had left Link. I thought, you were going to Fera stuttered pointing at the bag and looking at Link and the open door. The bombs thoughyou were Fera continued in utter confusion.

What are you talking about? We needed the bombs, because Im sure well need some explosives to get passed some obstacles leading up to the volcano entrance, Link said evenly, smiling on the inside at Feras dumbfounded expression. He, indeed, had intended on convincing Fera that he was going to blow up the door without saying it. The triforce on his hand was a secret only few knew, those being Kuru, Jane, Deku Tree, and Cendron. Hed like to keep it that way for now, so he told Fera to go fetch bombs so he didnt have to show her his secret. Now come, we have someone waiting who can help us.

Fera followed, still dumbstruck and feeling foolish. What was he hiding from her? Why was he hiding it from her? When was he going to finally tell her? None of these questions she could answer as she made her way through the nearly pitch-black corridor, leading to a light source some distance away.

Who goes there? came another Goron voice, but this time it carried an air of dignity and superiority.

Prince Link. The rightful ruler of Hyrule. I have come to seek help into the volcano, Link said with equal dignity and superiority.

The Goron leader looked at him suspiciously, he knew the treasure that hid in the volcano, knew what it helped to do under these circumstances, but he doubted the young heros claim to being the Prince of Hyrule.

Fera never known Link to boast about his status in the fallen kingdom, didnt even know he knew. It surprised her a bit to find him gloating about it, but she kept her tongue, beginning to have different feelings about the Hero of Time, but wouldnt let them get the best of her yet. Link then proceeded to show the leader something, but Fera was behind Link, and his body covered what was being shown.

Whatever it was, the leader just nodded and waved them over to a stone wardrobe. Inside there were several tunics. Wear these, they will block the heat, but wont protect you from any fire attacks or fire itself. Just protects from heat, the Goron explained as Link and Fera took the tunics.

What did you show him? Fera asked as they walked out of Goron City, dressed in their new scarlet tunics received from the Goron, as well as a map that seemed to be heat proof as well.

Link looked at her curiously; wondering when she would quit asking questions. Nothing, Link said nonchalantly.

When Link turned around, Fera grabbed him by the wrist of his right hand, and spun him around. She was tired of being kept in the dark, tired of never being told what was going on. She wasnt stupid, and she wasnt nave, she was a warrior. Link just looked on, trying to hide his surprise at how strong the woman actually was. It had to be something. One moment the Goron doesnt believe you, and then next he is completely convinced! she accused as she made a move to remove the glove of the hand she still had hold of.

Link quickly unsheathed the master sword with the other, even though Fera had his sword hand; he had no doubt that he could still best the skilled warrior. Fera gasped and looked up at him, expecting anger beyond belief, but there, staring back at her, was Link pleading for her not to do what she was about to do. She was about to withdraw, cower from his pleading stare, but then the thoughts of her not being nave came back to her. With one swift motion, the leather glove was off Links hand and there, seemingly to shine back to her, was a golden triforce engraved in Links hand. Fera stumbled back and Link switched his master sword to his ungloved right hand.

Link now knew, Fera was definitely a spy. All she was here to do was to try and get close to him, and then figure out which of the three goddesses blessed him. He would not let Cendron have the information that Fera now possessed. He stalked a step at a time in Feras direction. Traitor, he accused with a snarl as he came closer and closer to his target.

Link, I dont know what youre talking about! Fera countered, trying to keep the crack of fear out of her voice, tried to seem dignified as she took a step back for every step forward Link took.

Dont act innocent now. Youre secret is out! Link shot back as he rushed in, his master sword held high and his shield in his off hand ready to guard.

Feras rapiers flashed out and started blocking all the attacks that Link threw at her. She was afraid, for the first time, she was truly afraid. The first friend, the first true friend, she thought she ever had, now turned his back on her and started assaulting her. Links Master Sword slipped in between Feras two rapiers and cut her heavily in the side. Fera went down on one knee, gasping for air, and looking up, pleading for Link to come to his senses. Link, in his rage, smashed his shield against Feras head, sending her sidelong into the ground. Fera blacked out and Link continued on without her, thinking her dead as a doorknob.

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Chapter 12

Link found out just how hot an active volcano is when he stepped into the cave entrance to Death Mountain. His expression was grim set as he walked into the dark cavern, his mind constantly replaying the look on Feras face as he started to attack her. His conscious told him what he did was wrong, that she was still alive, and there was still time to amend for what he did; it begged him, nagged him until he was ready to collapse on his knees, to go back to her. Link would not hear of such foolishness, what he did was done, and done with good cause. If he had not attacked her, she would have gone back to Cendron with knowledge of his weakness, the knowledge that the proud hero had a weakness. The fact that all three goddesses blessed him should render him invisible, but he, in fact, was indeed very mortal. Just because he had the powers granted by the three goddesses, didnt mean he always thought with a clear mind, he was far from perfect.

Laying a bomb near the boulder blocked entrance, Link dashed out of the cavern and rolled left and hugged the wall. The bomb successfully exploded, showing him the way to the Fire Temple, which was beyond a huge rope bridge. Link, then, fearlessly crossed the bridge only to stop in mid track to find a dark figure standing on the other side. The heat that rose from the lava flow below wavered the image making it seem more like a mirage rather than something real. Links first thought was Fera, but the broad shoulders and the wide stance of the object cleared that thought from his mind as he approached it, shield and sword in hand.

So the brat has no more allies, a wicked voice snapped at Link, followed by a sinister howl that echoed above the sound of rushing lava. Link stopped within yards of the man, it was Cendron in front of him, but what did he mean by that. Confused? Cendron taunted with another howl.

What do you mean? Link said, but his voice was soft, every bit weakened by the confusing news that Cendron brought.

You fool! Fera was with you! Not against you! Cendron replied, his voice amused at the young hero who didnt have a clue who he could trust.

No Link whispered, and turned on his heels, ran, ran as fast as his feet could take him across the bridge. Running towards Fera, desperation took him as he found that he was going nowhere. He had betrayed the only ally he had, and now she lay on the ground, just waiting to be attacked.

I dont think so, Cendron laughed as he immobilized the young hero from escaping him. You have your hands full at the moment, you wont be able to escape this place in time to rescue your lover, Cendron taunted as he let go of Link, who ran without turning back to Cendron. When he got to the exit, he found it non-existing. What trickery was this?

When Link turned around, he found Cendron standing just a few feet behind him. I have the medallion, he sneered as he held up the red coin.

Link just fell to his feet, what was he supposed to do? Cendron would win, how could he not? He was always one step in head of the hero, making sure that he didnt retrieve what he was supposed to. Fera, the woman who threw herself openly at him, the woman who put all her trust in him, was now gone, betrayed by the Hero of Time himself. To blind was he to realize what he had, until all was lost. Links shoulders slumped as he waited for Cendron to kill him; Cendron pleasantly obliged as he raised his massive Claymore.

NO! his voice screamed defiantly at Cendron as his Claymore came swiftly down. His shield flashed in his hand, which blocked the forthcoming blow, and his sword accompanied it, ready to strike out. A snarl crept on his face, as he realized that he could die, too many lives depended on him, and Feras included. If he chose to end his miseries now, there would be no one to defend against Cendrons reign. Cendron would surely win if he didnt do something to stop him.

So the good for nothing has some fight left in him! Cendron snarled as he came on strong, his Claymore slashing down from high over head. Link blocked this simple blow easily, although the strength Cendron put into the blow sent him back a few steps. Cendrons attacks didnt let up after that, swinging left then right, snapping his wrist he sent his blade skyward. He repeated this attack pattern, throwing in a horizontal slash, and diagonal attacks in the mix as he worked to get to Link and kill him.

For Link, there was no time to strike; he only had enough time to raise his shield to fend off the next blow. It was his turn to go on the offense; Link back flipped when Cendrons sword ricocheted off his shield from the last attack. Landing on the nearby wall, Link reversed his momentum by pushing off the wall with everything he had. Link closed the gap between the two in seconds; cutting the air in a wide arc, Link sent his master sword at Cendron in a fake slash. Link quickly withdrew his blade, landing directly in front of Cendron, using the momentum left; he slid in between Cendrons legs, and sprang up in a thrust of his sword.

Cendron turned quickly around and blocked Links move that should have done him in. Cendron tried to go on the offensive, but soon found that Links quick jabs, and quick feet rendered any attempts of winning impossible. With all the speed Link possessed, it still wasnt enough; Cendron matched him with every strike. Cendron then found his chance after a strike missed his head, and charged forward striking fast and hard. Links quick footwork sidestepped every jab Cendron made; his shield compensated for any missteps.

* * *

Get up wretch! a voice snapped at Fera.

Fera finally opened her eyes after gaining consciousness. What? she asked softly, not understanding anything that the voice said. Her vision sharpened to find Jason standing beside her; a smirk spread wide across his face.

Whats wrong? Jason sneered, Cat got your tongue? His scimitars appeared in his hands when Fera just gazed at him, not comprehending who was standing before her. No matter, youll die for your betrayal, Jason said in a matter of fact tone as he stabbed his scimitar down sharply, meaning to kill her. Something in Fera snapped her awake as the scimitar came at him, and she rolled out of the way. Grabbing at her still bleeding side, Fera got to one knee, hoping Jason would stop. So your man hurt you! Jason laughed as he lunged forward.

Fera, who was just now remembering what happened, just accepted what Jason was saying. Link was never coming back for her, so what was the point in living? She closed her eyes, waiting for Jason to run her through with his sword as he closed in on her. When nothing came, Fera dared to open her eyes to see what had happened. In a state of confusion, all Fera saw was what seemed to be Jason wrestling around with a rock. When Fera looked closer though, her sight revealed to her that it was the sentry that had stopped Link and Fera.

Before the guard could smash Jasons head with his fist, Jason disappeared, leaving the Goron lying on top of ground. Getting to his feet he walked over to Fera and said solemnly, Youre friends in grave danger.

Feras first reaction was to jump to her feet and rush off after him, but then she remembered what he did to her, and how he felt. She shook her head and in the same tone as the Goron said, Theres no need, hell probably just cut me down.

So youre saying you arent going to aid him in his time of need? the Goron asked bluntly. The words struck home. When the rocky humanoid put it that way, it made Fera seem like the bad guy, but how could she go help him without him killing her? She made a move to get to her feet, but was quickly sent back on her knee from the pain of her wound. Here, the Goron said as he put his stony hand on her side; when he removed it, her wound was healed. Helps to know a bit of magic, the Goron explained as he helped her to her feet. Shall we go? he said as he started off towards the volcano at a near sprint, or at least what looked like a sprint for a Goron.

* * *

Will you just die! Cendron grunted in frustration as fatigue started to grasp hold on him, and slow the giant warrior down. He hadnt even come close to hitting Link, only a few times did he force Link to block with his shield, but mostly Link has been dodging the blows merely be moving stepping out of the way.

Likewise, Link found no opening in Cendrons defense, even as the big man tired. Link, however, didnt tire of this and could visibly go on longer than Cendron could fight. In desperation to save himself, to Links disappointment, Cendron opened up a magic gateway that connected to the castle, and vanished through the door, which closed before Link could get to it.

Cursing to himself, he started fuming even more when he found that the exit was still blocked like it never existed. Then hit him that Cendron still had the medallion! Or did he? Link wondered as a red gleam caught his eye. Followed the light until he came across the brilliant red medallion. Cendron had dropped it during their battle! This raised his morale, but then it quickly dropped when he remembered he still had no way of returning to the outside world.

Suddenly shadows surrounded him and quickly formed into the black hooded minions of Cendron. Of course there isnt an easy way to do this, Link sighed as he saw more and more gather around, it seemed like the whole volcano wall was made out of shadows just waiting for a chance to kill him. But for now, the 15 black robed figured that had appeared came at him, with swords raised high.

Surrounded Link noted gravely as more of Cendrons minions joined in to enclose him in a circle. Breathing heavily from the last fight, Link knocked the blade of the first one out of the way, following through with a stab that lodged his sword into the cloaked figure. It seemed to shatter, and the figure was no more. So thats the game you want to play? Link asked to Cendron, who obviously couldnt hear him anyway, as two more, took the place of their downed partner. The numbers never seemed to decrease, for as Link killed one two more kept appearing, seeming to be growing out of the wall itself. Exhaustion soon took him, his blade slowed drastically, and his defenses seemed to become more holy by the moment as he gained scratches from blades grazing his skin.

Just when he thought all was lost and he would die here trying to kill off an unending army, the entrance to the volcano blasted open again. Before the hero or the minions had time to register the movement, the Goron and Fera jumped into the fray, Feras twin rapiers hacking down every robed figure in sight, while the Gorons fist were enough to punish several minions at once. Link jumped over the heads of many of the black robed warriors to join his two saviors in combat. The Goron pushed on leaving the other two surrounded; the Goron didnt want to hurt the two humans so in order to fight to his fullest he needed a spot were he didnt risk hurting the others. There he tossed, punched, kicked, rolled, and wrestled his opponents, successfully taking out his fair share and then some.

The two warriors, who were left to themselves, were forced to fight literally back to back. Link found himself in awe of the womans fighting skills yet again, which sword worked independent of each other. While one fended off an intruder, the other defended off an intruder on the other side, it was like her mind was split it two, one for each sword. The number count for the opponent slowly started to decline to were more minions were being killed than could replace them until the three companions were finally fighting one on one with their own opponent. Finally the Goron took down the last one and the attack seemed to finally die off when Cendron sensed he couldnt win the battle.

You two are better than you look! the Goron said, rejoining the others.

Youre not bad yourself, Link commented between heavy breaths. Whats your name?

Biggrin, the Goron said as he looked at the two, Fera also shared her partners exhaustion. Biggrin asks if he can join you along your quest. He apologies for the way he treated you and would like to offer his services to you.

Fera and Link looked at each other for a minute. It would indeed be nice to have the boulder on their side, helping cast down evil. The Goron had saved both of their lives already; it was the least they could do. Nice to have you with us, Link said turning back to the Goron. The big rock reached over and embraced the Hero of Time into one big hug; his face lit with joy that he was going on a quest to save the world.

Biggrin has a present for the Savior of Hyrule, Biggrin stated as he pulled out a huge iron war hammer. It seemed to magically appear, but Link couldnt have been sure from the angle he was at. It is called the Megaton Hammer.

Link went to grip it like the Goron, with one hand. Link quickly learned his folly, and it took two hands just to wield the thing. Now I know how it got its name! Link said as he stared in awe when he raised it to eye level to gain some sort of feel for the hammer.

Fera laughed, and Biggrin left out a loud howl of laughter at his remark. It is, indeed, a very heavy hammer, Biggrin said with a wide grin on his face.

Link, what about the medallion? Fera asked, as she saw no sign of the medallion and a temple entrance before them. Link grinned as he laid the hammer down to move his sheath to his hip, and then placed the hammer where the sheath once was. To his satisfaction, the shield still fit nicely on top of the hammer. Link looked very odd at that moment, Fera realized, with the hammer and quiver of arrows on his back, as well as his shield, his bow placed around his body like an archer would keep it, and the master sword on his hip. Odder was the goofy grin on his face; Fera had no clue why he was smiling with all that equipment on him, until he tossed her a leather pouch. Opening it up, two medallions feel out, one greenthe other red. Fera, who had no time to think about what she was doing, threw her arms around Links neck in a hug, which Link returned ten fold, to her pleasant surprise.

As the three exited the mountain, Link found out just how difficult it was to climb down the mountain. Wielding the Megaton Hammer, Link looked over to Biggrin and extended his arms. As a token of our friendship, Id like you to have this! Link said with a warm smile on his face.

Biggrin thanks you, Biggrin said as he bowed once, and then took the hammer, knowing also that it was difficult for the hero to wield and carry. He watched on in satisfaction as Link replaced his Master Sword where it had been before he received the huge weapon.

Where to next? Fera asked when the walked back to the village below.

I say to Zoras Domain. Kuru has the medallion, and I doubt Cendron could ever get it from her, Link explained as they walked through the village, drawing stares since the Goron was now with them.

Fera looked over to the Goron and asked, Are Gorons afraid to swim?

Not at all, most dont like it, find it difficult to stay afloat, but Im a magic user, lets not forget, Goron remarked with a smile as they exited the village, there next destination? Zoras Domain.

Raichu Master
August 12th, 2005, 4:48 PM
Chapter 13

As the trio descended the rather long stairway, Link was insistent on making it out of the town, even if it was close to night. Are you planning for the Zora to join our party? Fera said, a hint of jealousy in her voice as she remembered the beauty of the feminine, yet skilled Zora.

Link chuckled amused that Fera had taken offense to the fact that he was on quite close terms with Kuru even after all these years. No, Link started, noting Feras relaxation, but all the same, if she offers help, and can find a way to protect herself from the sun, I will not decline her help. This tensed Fera up once again, even though neither Link nor Fera actually said how they felt, there was an unmistakable bond growing between the two. Link was slowly letting go of the fact that Fera was trying to kill him, and was more willing to start anew after seeing her fight so prominently by his side.

A Zora? Biggrin asked on the other side of Link. I didnt think Zora wondered outside of their domain.

This ones an odd ball then, Link said with a mischievous smile, which made Fera even more jealous of the Zora they were about to meet come tomorrow if all fared well. Before either of the two companions flanking him had a chance to reply, they stopped in mid track as they heard a loud crunch sound and what looked like skeletons rising from the grave.

All too familiar with this, Link looked from Biggrin, who ginned mischievously in returned, to Fera, who just laughed mockingly at Cendrons attempt. Link then gave his own loud laugh as the skeletons started walking mindlessly at the trio. He looked at Fera once more, to see her rapiers in her hand, and again at Biggrin, who twirled his hammer, ready for the battle. Unsheathing the Master Sword, Link charged forward, his sword hacking down the skeletons, one by one. Fera joined in right behind him, following his lead, as she split off and took the right flank. Biggrin just threw his hammer at the pile of skeletons that were building up, then recalled it back to his hand. Jumping in the air, the Goron curled into a ball and bowled over all the skeletons that were foolish enough to try and stop the rolling stone.

The battle was quickly won, which couldnt have made Link any happier, he was exhausted from the events of the day and wanted nothing more to rest underneath the open sky. Setting up a campfire along the river, which flowed towards Zoras Domain, they sat on their bedrolls staring at the fire.

Thank you, Link suddenly said, as the others seemed consumed by the dance flames. He turned his gaze from the fire to the Goron, whose face was lit by the fire, but his body was shrouded by shadows, giving him an almost haunted look.

For what? Biggrin asked as he, too, seemed to snap out of the spell that the flames had cast upon him.

I would have surely died if you and Fera had not come to my aid, Link said at length, it was clear that he had been contemplating this ever since they left Death Mountain.

Biggrin must admit that hes already heard tales of you. Quite the hero to us Gorons. When it was confirmed that it was indeed you who walked into the city, what was Biggrin supposed to do? He couldnt just let the Hero of Time die, he countered; he too was also contemplating what had happened on that mountain.

Why did you want to join us? Link asked, he didnt want to sound pushy or unappreciative, he had the thought on his mind as of late and wanted an answer to it before it drove him insane.

Cendron attack my family, Biggrin said flatly in all seriousness, leaving out the third person talk that his kind was known for, to further emphasize his point. When I was young. Him and his minions were after the medallion you now possess and my family stood in his way. He killed them like they were just pests needed exterminated. Our leader took me in, trained me, bid me to go with you, to seek vengeance on the fallen. He bade me to help the Hero of Time crush the menace that is Cendron. Link couldnt tell if it was just the reflection of the flames, but he saw an undeniable flame rise up in Biggrins eyes, it literally lit up his eyes as his expression grew darker, as the scenes of his parents death replayed through his mind like they happened yesterday.

Fera, who was in deep thought through out their conversation, said softly, I know how you feel.

Link threw a curious glance at Fera, but decided not to embark on trying to force it out of her. She would clarify in due time, if she wanted anything to be clarified.

* * *

Father, Id advice against it, Jason said as he walked up to his father, this time in his own private quarters that had been where he slain Links parents. Jason noted that his father was leaning over, staring into his scrying mirror, searching for Link and his companions.

Why is that? Cendron hissed at the man as he noticed Jason leaning against the doorway leading into his room. I can easily take the next medallion, and come back before anyone noticed, Cendron said, puffing out his chest in pride, but was dismayed to find that Jason just shook his head in disapproval.

The queen has already showed up once. She killed Lergan, when you sent us to fight the two. If you go after it, shell have an army of Zora waiting in your wake. You would surely die, Jason said flatly, leaving his face expressionless so his father couldnt read into what he was thinking.

Then Ill go to the shadow temple, Cendron countered, Jason well knew that Cendron had favored the temple because of all the undead that lay there.

Let me go. You already lost two medallions to the fool. I shall go and stop them, an army of undead behind me, Jason said, a fire blazing in his eyes, obviously he wanted revenge for all the defeats he suffered at the hands of the three heroes.

Very well, go there then, wait for Link and the others at the entrance. If you let them in, theyll diminish your army to nothing before you have a chance to use it, Cendron said, waving his son away, who willingly obeyed, leaving Cendron to his own evil thoughts.

* * *

The heroes took turns standing guard that night. Their shifts werent hard though, nothing came at them; Fera caught a few small rabbits for breakfast, and Link caught a few fish since they were camping near the river. Nothing would be foolish enough to challenge the experienced Goron sentry as he stood on duty.

They made Zoras Domain by midday, and found the waterfall open, obviously Kuru was expecting them. Stepping inside, the waterfall concealed the hidden door as the trio cleared the waterfall. Inside they found even Zora on edge, preparing for battle, the passage leading to Hyrule Lake had been closed off for defensive purposes. Wondering further they found that even the entrance to the lake that was huddled nicely on the other end of the Domain, blocked off. The only way in or out was through the waterfall entrance.

Good to see you, old friend, Kuru said with a warming smile, among the charming and beautiful Zora, she had grown into the most beautiful of her people by far. She sat down on her thrown, predictably the waterfall that the previous ruler had sat on.

Link bowed graciously, and came up wearing an equally warm smile, A sight for sore eyes. This drew a nervous twitch from Fera, who had already been mesmerized by this elegant Zora; she really didnt want Link to be falling so quickly for the woman when their feelings for each other just started to bloom.

I remember when you first came her, Kuru started as her guards blinked at her, unsure of why she was being so informal with this man, who they already wanted to throw into jail just for setting foot in the underground city at such troubling times.

An odd one you were indeed, Link teased with a grin on his face, bowing again. Even odder was I, when I accepted your help. More trouble than you were worth, Link added, still grinning.

Kuru huffed and appeared to pout at that comment, As arrogant as ever.

Pardon me, you did save me, Link said still wearing his pleased grin as he bowed once again.

You saved me as well, Kuru reminded him, still smiling warmly, she did greatly appreciate the company he was keeping for her, it had been forever since she got the chance to be this informal.

A human and a Zora, who would have thought? Biggrin piped up sarcastically as he noted the pleased expressions they both wore to see each other once again.

This drew a blush from both of them, and they prompt averted their gazes from each other in embarrassment, meanwhile Fera didnt seem too pleased with this at all. I think we better get that medallion, Link, Fera said at once, not bothering to hide her jealous.

And who might this be? Kuru said acting like this was the first time that she ever saw Fera. Although Link didnt catch it, Kuru smirked at Fera, knowing exactly how the red haired woman felt for the man, and was convinced that Link liked her better than Fera. Fera in return scowled harder at the queen of the Zora, but Link was too busy conversing with Biggrin about something to notice any of it.

When Link turned back to the women, Kuru painted the warm smile across her face. This is Fera, weve been travelling together for a couple of days. Shes saved me more than once, I owe my life to her, Link said and didnt miss the swell of pride Fera gained after he said that, like she was trying to best Kuru. And this big guy, Link said turning to face the Goron, is Biggrin. Hes been a steady rock for me ever since I met him.

How about I join you Link? Kuru said suddenly, and Link bowed his head in concentration, seriously contemplating her help, even as the guards began to voice their disapproval. This shocked Fera greatly that Link was even considering her offer.

You have your duties here as queen. Also the hot weather of summer will roast you. I do not wish to put you in any harm especially in these troubling times. Perhaps when it is all said and done, we shall find an adventure else where, Link said at length, which filled Kuru to the brim with joy, but not Fera, who just sunk lower at the last sentence.

That would be nice. A nice quiet adventure for the two of us, Kuru replied, seemingly to swoon at the very thought.

I wouldnt dream of leaving Fera and Biggrin out of it! What kind of hero would I be if I let my friends out of the fun? Link said with a chuckle, which made Fera smirk, and Kuru seemed disappointed.

Here, take this. I suggest you head for the Shadow temple, in the village below Goron City, Kuru said with a smile, recovering quite nicely. Handing over the medallion, Kuru watched the group depart.

You caused quite the upheaval in there, Biggrin whispered to Link as he walked by his side so that Fera couldnt hear them.

Link grinned and whispered back, As I have saw.

Why do you taunt and torture the Kokiri? Biggrin asked, as Fera walked in head, taking the lead.

Were both Kokiri, just a bit of fun, Link countered; a little unnerved that Biggrin didnt see the amusement.

Biggrin shook his head and said, She is. You arent.

Link knew what he meant and shrugged, simply replying, So Fera knows what Im turning down to have her by my side.

Biggrin just nodded, and said with a mischievous grin of his own, So you do love the girl.

Link sighed and then gave a soft chuckle as he thought about what Biggrin was saying. He then looked back at Biggrin, his finger up to his mouth as if to shut the big rock up, Just dont tell her that.