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December 10th, 2003, 8:24 PM
This is the second fan-fic that I am writing, and it takes place many, many years after Dragonball GT, with interesting plot twists. Enjoy!

Chapter 1: Keep Trying Young one....


"Your going to have to to better then that son!"

"Twisting Thunder!!!" The teenage lad screamed.

The small boy struggled and produced a ball of thunder floating above his right hand, and violently threw the thunderball towards the man who was standing camly.

He easily swatted it away, and was getting ready to punch the now exausted child, but stopped just in front of his face.

"You did a good job Shen, your really comming along." The man said.

The man who seemed to be of greater strength, had wild black hiar that went in all directions, and a medium built body. He had lime green wrist bands, and was wearing a traditonal white Karate uniform, with no sleaves and battered pants.

"Thanks dad....... I've been training twice as hard." The young boy said.

The young boy was wearing something simular to his father, but he was wearing a red, battered Karate uniform, with matching wristbands and white bandanna over his forehead. His black hair was sticking upright, and had the face of a true young warrior.

"But your training is lacking endurance, you must train until exastion if you even want to think of becoming a great warrior, you should follow the steps of your friend Sakura, she has twice as much strength and dousen't even have a sensei of her own." His father said.

"Yes dad....... from now one I will train even harder." Shen said still very breathless from his last Ki attack.

It was still the middle of the day, and the sun was hidden behine the thick dark rain clouds, the wind was calm and it was perfect for meditation in the sandy desert that they were in.

"Alright now, I'm going to try and teach you a new move, I call it......... the Kamahaha wave, its a enegy blast that takes alot of power to pull off but its well worth it when in need." His father said.

"Hmm...." Shen mumbled ready.

"First you have to steady your mind and charge your body with its inner power, just enough to preform this attack, but for you..... you might have to power up the best you can."

Shen concentrated then powered up his body, causing the ground to rumble a little.

"Err..." He yelled more while powering up.

"Yes more Shen, you can do it." His dad said.

"Ahh..!!" He yelled even more with his scream rising more after each secound. A light grey aura was starting to form around his body.

"What!" His father said in surprise, not knowing his son had so much power.

"Ahhhh!!!!!" Shen screamed more with the ground under him shaking as if it was a earthquake, the dirt under his feet was actully spiltting apart!

"Ok I think thats enough." His dad said.

Shen didn't hear him, and continued to power up even more!

The aura grew even higher, but suddenly he stopped and was struggling to stand up, he collasped on the soft dirt, due to putting his body in overdrive.

"Heh heh heh... my little warrior....... let's go home" His father chuckled, before lifting him up on his back, walking home.

Further away there was some sort of creature standing up on a cliff laughing quietly to itself, but it was too far to see who it was.

Who is this mysterious creature? Find out in the next chapter.....

February 11th, 2004, 7:55 PM
Chapter 2: The end of new beginnings

"Shen wake up, its time for us to train again." His father said sturnly.

"Huh... what..... already?" Shen said half awake and confused.

"Remember, your going to fight Sakura tommorow to test your strength, and you need to brush up on your skills before you battle." His father explained.

"Sakura......" Shen said to himself.

Shen had a flashback to when Sakura and him used to play fight in the fields just for run, and he always remembered him beating her easily. But two years later after both her mother and father were killed, by a very strong creature that went by the name of Sytraset, the father of the even stronger creature who was called Sytan, a being so strong that he only reveals himself to the most strongest fighters. After her parents were killed, she self-trained herself to fight properly not wanting aid from anyone else, and swearing that she will destroy Sytraset when she's at her peak. And because of her very harsh self-training methods, she is the strongest warrior in the land of Shenron.

"Yes Sakura, and you know that you you have to do your absolute best to win, now eat your meat and let's go outside." His father said boldly.

"Alright father." Shen mumbled while putting his fighting clothes on.

Shen remembered the times when him and his father used to play around and always have fun, until his mother died of a disease while he was at a young age to even have good memories of her. Now Shen's father is strict about everything and senses that his father is still very hurt after so long.

After finishing his hardy breakfast for the day, he stepped outside his fairly rundown house, and saw his father standing in the wind, blowing his wild black hair over his face.

"Ok the first thing you need to remember to do the Kamehameha wave is to focus your body and spirit into one, and just let the energy flow." His father said, "So let's start off by...."

Shen looked at his father and saw that he was stunned and his eyes went completely white, he started to gasp and hit the rocky ground face first, when Shen approached him he saw that the was a small hole that went through the back of his head to his forehead..............Shen's father had been killed.

The wind blew and Shen was feeling something inside........but didn't know what he was feeling.

Suddenly a Red creature appeared to the left of Shen that had bright yellow eyes, with a heavily bulit body and black small horns, between the bones in his fists. He also had a long tail that was wrapped around his waist. Shen knew tha the creature that is with him is Sytraset.

"Hmm... I see that your father is much weaker then I thought, its such a shame though I thought I would be able to have a good fight today.... I guess I was wrong. Sytraset said in an evil booming deep voice.

"M-M-My father...... you k-killed him!" Shen screamed.

The rage that Shen was feeling was indescribable, and he began to power up vigerously.

A grey aura surrounded his body and after a while it then turned to dark grey, then finally to a light black.

The area around him was shaking as if an earthquake was taking place with his own house collaping into rubble, and the bright sunlit sky turned to dark grey clouds. Even about a mile away, with Sakura meditating she felt a great power, that shocked her because it even exceeded her's!

Shen's white eyes turned to black beady onces with his tremendous increase of power, and his muscles were even starting to be more buffed out.

"Enough of this!" Sytraset yelled before getting ready to punch Shen in his face with his Horned- knuckles.

Shen then started to remember his father's last words and said......"Kame....me...ha...me..." Shen started to say.

Sytraset was getting nearer and nearer towards Shen.

"Ha!!!" Shen screamed before unleashing a powerful blue beam towards Sytraset.

"Wha!!" Sytraset yelled.

Sytraset was directly hit in the stomach by the powerful beam, and it caused his tail to unravel that was wrapped around his stomach. This seemed to have some sort of defence for him and did not take much damage, how ever his tail was badly battered and decided that it became a nuisance and just ripped it off and through it on the ground.

"Err..... just for that, you will join your father!" Sytraset said before forming a red ball of energy in his right hand and letting it grow more and more.

"No I won't let you!" Shen yelled, before charging towards him tryng to knock him out.

"What do you think your doing..... take this!" Sytraset screamed before throwing the red energy ball that was as big as a basketball, towards Shen's face.

Shen didn't have enough time to get away and had to suffer the full effects of the attack.

He was badly hurt and just clinging to life, as he took deep breaths.

"Foolish kid, if your still alive, fight me when your strong enough...... I'll be waiting." The deep booming voice said before disappearing in the strong winds.

"Uhhhh..... I;m going to need help to avenge my father.... I'm going to need...... Sakura." Sam said to himself, before blacking out.

February 11th, 2004, 10:08 PM
ummmmmm liguid thunder i would change the name becuase dragonball x is a porno site so yeah just warning ya

February 12th, 2004, 5:22 PM
Thanks for the tip XD, I changed the title just now though.

February 26th, 2004, 2:12 PM
Chapter 3: A Myth Or Is It?

"Ugh.." Shen moaned to himself still very hurt on the ground, tears were starting to go down his eyes and he siad to himself in a low voice, "My father...... after everything he taught me he's gone.....even it it kills me I will avenge your death!!"

Shen managed to ge enough strength to stand on his own feet, but was stumbling around, "Time to see Sakura now...." Shen thought to himself.

Luckily, Sakura didn't live too far away from Shen, and he arrived at her small house that was left by her dead parents. She was already in the small backyard doing basic martial arts and focusing her mind.

She heard faint moans that broke her concentration, she went to investigate and saw that Shen was badly injured.

"Sakura....." Shen faintly moaned.

"What on earth happened to you?" Sakura said.

Sakura had cut short brown hair to make it easier for her to fight, with a red Martial arts shirt, and black pants that were dusty and a pink belt by her waist. She was very pretty, but that didn't seem to mean anything to her.

"I was in a battle....with Sytraset." Shen explained slowly.

"Sytraset...." Sakura said with a disgruntled look.

"Yes he killed my.... father." Shen said.

"Your Sensei.... your parentless now huh?" Sakura said.

"I guess thats what it seems like now." Shen said feeling a bit better, "But one thing is for sure is that Sytraset will get his in the end, even if it kills me."

"Shen......... I may be the strongest fighter in Shenron, but even I know my limits and I can't do this alone." Sakura said, "Thats why I need your help I know your strong, but you just need to know how to release your power and I also must destroy Sytraset.... there is no way I can live with myslef if I don't so this seems like the only way."

"But when I fought Sytraset, he had tremendous power and my power is nothing compared to his, and we will definalty need to train, even for us full blooded Saijins" Shen said.

"Yes we will, but first things first is that you really need to recover you seem badly injured." Sakura said, "Once your back to normal we can train to become stronger."

"Ok then." Shen said

Shen knew that Sakura always knew what was best and he followed his word to recover first before fighting.

"I made a special mixture of poision Ivy, and treebark. If blended together well it removes the effect that Poison Ivy gives and adds strength from the tree bark. It should hear you right up in a matter up minutes." Sakura explained.

After going inside Sakura's house, do get this medicine Shen felt much better and bandaged up his wounds. They both went outside and began thier extensive training, with Sakura acting as the new Sensei for Shen.

"Shen I want to show you something... look." Sakura said.

Shen was amazed to find that Sakura was actully floating just a few metres up in the air!

"I think that learning how to fly will become neccessary for us to succeed, especially for you of course." Sakura said obnoxoiusly.

"What that suppose to mean?!" Shen yelled bit upset.

"Ah nevermind, but first I want you to clear your mind of everything and just try your best to leave it blank." Sakura said calmly.

Shen took a deep breath and tried to get everything out of his mind, he concentrated and the only thing that he saw was barkness and the sound of the wind.

"Now listen carefully, I want you to feel like your raising up in the air while still concentrating your best."

Shen listened and imagined himself rising up in the air while still staying focused. It didn't seem to do anything but when he opened his eyes he saw that his feet weren't even touching the ground!

"Excellent, seeing how you know advanced Martial arts, I see that it was very easy for you, now just try to float around and you'll get it." Sakura said happily.

Shen began to raise a bit more and within minutes of trying to balance himself in the air he finally got it and was able to control himself fine.

"Ok the next thing we do is......"

"Hmmm ha ha...." a deep voice laughed, "Ah I see that the 2 strongest fighters in Shenron are together, easier for me to destroy!"

A red beam was fired at the ground near Shen but Shen jumped back to dodge the attack.

Both Sakura and Shen looked up and it was Sytraset, without his tail and his hand pointing towards Shen.

"Waht do you want from us?" Sakura said in an angry voice.

"I thought that you learned by now, that I will be the new ruler of Shenron and nobody including you and that little weakling friend of yours is going to stop me in the least." Sytraset explained in his evil deep voice, "And seeing how you two are together thi is the perfect chance for me."

"If you can actully get me down that is!" Sakura yelled before launching herself towards Sytraset."

She tried to punch Sytraset right in his face but he ended up reversing it and Sakura then recieved a blow in her chest, then Sytraset went and kneed her in her face.

"Foolish kid!" Sytrset said before throwing her to the ground.

Sakura was hurt quite bad, but was still had her fighting spirit in her.

"What a trooper...." Shen said to himself.

"And you!" Sytraset turned to Shen and say, "You and I have some buisness to take care of, and this time you will bee joining your pathetic weak father of yours.

"Pathetic father?!" Shen yelled before the rage he was feeling overwhelmed him.

"Err!!!" Shen screamed before his eyes went white.

The sky quickly turned black and lightning was beginning to appear in the sky, the ground was shaking as if a level 8 earthquake was taking place.

Shen's body was pysically getting bigger, as he had a increase in muscle size. The word "Pathetic father" echoed through his head which just added to his anger, his eyes were still very white and you could not see his pupils, Sakura didn't know what on earth was going on when suddenlt Shen's hair was starting to go golden blonde!

"Could Shen be a legendary Super S...." Sakura started to think to herself, "No theres no way its just a made up myth."

Sytraset could feel the explosive power level upgrade that Shen had, but didn't look too concerned.

Shen's hair turned completely golden blonde and he then had green eyes.


"Huh? no not again!" Sytraset yelled.

"Me... ha..... me" Shen continued.

"Oh no you don't!" Sytraset yelle in deperation.

"Ha!" Shen finished before sending off a beam two time bigger then the last one he fired. While Sytraset was trying to stop Shen, he left himself open for attack and got striked right in his chest. He was sent flying bakc into a nearby bolder that he shattered with his body.

"Ahhhh!" Sakura gasped, "Shen knows the Kamehameha, passed down to only true fighters, if his father was Master Goten, then his father must have been the super warrior Gok....."

"Arhhh! Sytraset yelled, "I don't know where you got all this access power from but you will pay!"

"Tiger ball!" Sakura yelled.

With that yell Sakura sent off a blast that she used with both her hands and it went right through Sytraset!

"Ouhh......." Sytraset yelled in pain, "I will be back, its not over for either of you!" He yelled before doing some sort of teleportation technique.

Shen dropped to the ground and his body, hair and eyes went back to normal.

Sakura rushed by him to see if he was ok.

"Are you ok Shen?" She asked.

"Yes I fine but my head hurts so much what happened?" He asked confused.

"Oh nothing let's just saying something that would happen once in a blue moon.........."

February 27th, 2004, 8:59 PM
I'm guessing Shen will turn into an Oozaru next... Good Job, keep it up. BTW, I found this fake picture of Goku SSJ5. Cool... Shen turned SSJ1 already.

February 28th, 2004, 3:30 AM
No theres not really any plans for Shen turning Oozaru ^^. Shen didn't know it already but he is already a SSJ, but has no idea what it even is or how to control it, or when he went that way for that matter. And thanks for the feedback and pic Omega-Brendan.

March 1st, 2004, 6:31 PM
Nice fan-fic, I like the overall story.

May 22nd, 2004, 11:56 PM
Finally, I have time to write a new chapter ^^;.

Chapter 4: So it is True.....!

As Sakura was tending to Shen's wpunds, she coundn't help thinking about what happened with the fight with him and Sytraset. "Could it really be?....." She thought to herself, "My head really does hurts, what really happened?" Shen asked groaning.

"Uh... Sytraset knocked you in the head hard thats all." Sakura struggled, couldn't bare to tell him the truth, "Let's just train some more."

"Okay, but don't go too overboard with me." Shen said while standing up from the ground.

"Here I come!" Sakura charged.

The training bout began, with simple punch and kicks that were blocked by both fighter, seemly fighting at the same level. Sakura turned it up a notch and was moving faster and faster, but somehow Shen was moving at the same speed.

"Tiger Punch!" Sakura yelled.

Shen backflipped out of the way, nearly missing the attack.

"Ahhh!" Shen yelled throwing a kick in the air that struck Sakura in her right hip.

Sakura dropped to the ground and quickly got up, to deliver a damaging blow to Shen's stomach, but yet again missed with Shen countering with a block punch combination.

"Huh?" Sakura wondered to herself in disbelief

"I thought you could do better then that...." Shen said a bit cocky.

"Oh don't worry, I'm just getting started." Sakura respinded with a smirk on her face.

She kept her right arm dangling by the side of her body when almost instantly a gust of gust of wind blew, sending Shen back a bit.

"Ahh...." Sakura concentrated, while Shen stayed focused on what he was doing.

"Tornado Slash!" She screamed with even more wind blowing by her. She swiped her right arm infront of her making a small Tornado, then quickly swiped her left arm making an even bigger Toronado that was bigger then Shen and Sakura together!

As the gigantic visible wave of wind came ever closer to Shen, he first positioned himself so that he could make a nice esacpe by spreading his feet in the dirt, then bakckflipped once, the attack was about to hit Shen when his hair was glowing a slight yellow.

"Huh!?" Sakura gasped by surprise knowing what was going on.

Shen swiftly jumped in the air, landing right in the middle of the attack! His body was being slightly hurt by the rapid moving wind, and positioned his feet once again in a charging stance. He powered up his body and let out a howl, that destroyed Sakura's attack.

Shen's hair went back to normal, and he seemed exausted.

"But how.....?" Sakura said to herself, with her voice slightly breaking.

She ran off leaving Shen on his own, wanting to be with herself.

After Shen got himself together, he went looking for Sakura and found her siitting by a pond with her legs crossed in a meditation way. When Shen looked in her rosy red eyes, it looked like she was in pain.

"Whats wrong Sakura?" Shen asked a bit concerned for her.

She took a deep breath and said calming, "When you were fighting Syatrset...... you were handing yourself like a true warrior out there..... and the only reason you survived is because you somehow must be a legendary Super.... super." Her voice breaking even more. "A Super Saiyen....."

"There no way your way stronger then I am." Shen said boldy.

"Not anymore, I think the death of your father is what gave you that huge burst of strength, its just a theory, but think thats what did it."

"But how could I, thats only a legend." Shen said.

"It might be, but its true all right, I didn't want to accept it but its really true." Sakura said, a bit more calmed down," And I think your father might be he son of Gok....." She stopped.

"What?" Shen asked.

"Forget it, but since you know about this now it seems you can't control this immense power." Sakura said trying to change the subject.

"I still don't really beleave this is true, but since you say it is, I have no choice but to go by your word. Shen said.

She smiled at Shen and said," Come on let's go back and train..........."