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April 5th, 2013, 8:01 AM
I realize that there already is a favorite TV shows thread floating around somewhere, but since I couldn't find it in the recent threads listing (aka the threads that have had posts in the last month) I figured I'd start a new one! This is a tiny bit different in that it's a lot bigger/wider topic.

Instead of just listing your favorite shows, you can also list shows you watch/like and shows you've seen in the past that have either ended or are still running. And then, you need to provide a reason for like/watching/favoriting or something, every show on the list. It's quite simple really, here's a basic format which you can play around with:

Favorite Shows
Show 1 Reason for it being a favorite.
Favorite character and why.
Favorite thing about the show.
Show 2 Reason for it being a favorite.
Favorite character and why.
Favorite thing about the show.

Other Shows
Show 1 Reason for liking/watching it.
Show 2 Reason for liking/watching it.


I'll go first:
Favorite Shows
Supernatural Reason for it being a favorite.
I could easily call this show my all time favorite. The suspense, the amazing plot-lines, the subliminal messages, it all just makes it better and better. All the characters have revealed back-stories and deep character and personality. The focus of the show on supernatural entities and beings. I just love everything about it!
Favorite character and why.
Crowley. Definitely Crowley. His scenes are funny, he's smart, intuitive, creative, fun and just down right lovable! Every scene with Crowley is a great scene for me.
Favorite thing about the show.
The grand plot-lines! I just love how the show takes small problems and spreads them into global-scale catastrophes.
The Vampire Diaries Reason for it being a favorite.
Vampires and characters' ingenuity. I love vampires, I love everything about them! And it definitely helps that every character in the show has their own personal way of dealing with things, has their own deep personality and purpose. I also like how no one in the show is a saint! They all do wrongs, make mistakes and derail every once and a while, and that makes the show so much more real!
Favorite character and why.
Definitely Damon. I love his charm and what would be called SWAG except I like to think I don't use that word because I have a little self respect. Not to mention, he enjoys life and still does everything in his power to protect the people he loves, even though he doesn't show that love much.
Favorite thing about the show.
The characters! Each one is amazing in their own way and I can really appreciate a show where there's focus on everyone!
White Collar Reason for it being a favorite.
Woohoohoo. White Collar is an amazing show! I've probably said this a lot, but the characters in the show are simple astounding! I mean I wouldn't expect any less from USA Network, their slogan is 'characters welcome' after all. And they got that slogan because of how off beat their characters are. Sure it's mostly unrealistic characters, types of people you won't see in real life, but that's the fun of it! Overly charming and greatly determined characters are all what this show's about!
Favorite character and why.
Neal Caffrey. Because style, looks, and brains. Also, care. <3
Favorite thing about the show.
The humor! I love how even in the worst situations, the characters on White Collar still manage to crack a joke. Gets me every time heh.
NCIS: Los Angeles Reason for it being a favorite.
Because spies. Ok. Spies. The undercover work done in NCIS LA is just amazing! I mean sure it's all acting that they're acting, but still. I love a good chameleon.
Favorite character and why.
Marty Deeks. Mostly because he's funny as hell yet talented as well. That was an unintentional rhyme. But no seriously, this guy can take on anything with a smile! He's also the funny member of the team, every one of his jokes makes me break into laughter.
Favorite thing about the show.
The personal plot-lines! Every season ends with a huge cliff-hanger relating to a personal case for one of the team members, and it's great! I also like how there are a lot of personal cases in the main run of each season.
Arrow Reason for it being a favorite.
I love the plot of the show. Yes it's that simple. The idea of a millionaire philanthropist lost on an island, coming back home with mad skills and justice on his mind. Heh, material for greatness.
Favorite character and why.
Oliver. Because badass.
Favorite thing about the show.
Everything really. At the moment I'm in this craze phase (unintentional rhyme right there) for this show. It's new and it's amazing so sue me.
Lost Reason for it being a favorite.
I realize this show has long since ended, but it was definitely one of my favorites back when. The mystery, the suspense it was all just so overwhelming in a good way! I loved the characters, the plot-twists, the plot itself. The basis of the show was also great! Stranded on an island with weird crap happening all over.
Favorite character and why.
John Locke. Because he's a badass who came out of wheelchair and proved himself by taking power and protecting people.
Favorite thing about the show.
I love how this show started off as a normal non-fiction series and then started skewing towards the paranormal. That was a great surprise to me! Also, my dad hated that. We actually watched the premier together and he liked it. We watched the first season together and when s*** started getting weird he pulled out, because parents don't like fiction apparently :/
Prison Break Reason for it being a favorite.
The genius of the show. The escalation of the story-line. The depth of character. The reality behind character demise. This show was too beautiful to describe really D:
Favorite character and why.
Alexander Mahone. I loved this character because he was smart, intuitive, and because he changed sides to help those who were innocent and ended up sacrificing his freedom and career for them. That's loyalty.
Favorite thing about the show.
Character Development! It's just so great in Prison Break. A quick example would be this. In seasons 1, 2 and 3, escaping from prison and running from the authorities were things that required thought, precision, planning and meditation. It was new to them, being criminals, so they were scared, careful... etc. By season 4, because of all the running they'd done, it just comes naturally to them! While they're working for DHS (Department of Homeland Security), the DHS turns on them and decides to take them in instead of offer them their freedom in return for Scylla. They find out through a text message from a team-mate who gets ambushed first. The second they get the text, Michael stands up without flinching or thinking for even a second and runs and yells: "We gotta go they're coming after us". I laughed so hard.

Other Shows (I love these shows too)
NCIS Reason for liking/watching it.
Hell, this show is the top show in America when it comes to rating and viewers! It's just awesome! Funny yet exciting, enjoyable yet serious! Everything about this show is great! Plus I love all the characters so...
Burn Notice Reason for liking/watching it.
Because USA Network! The characters in this show are great, off beat, weird yet amazing! Not to mention that the premises of the show is really cool too, a rouge spy out to help those in need and get back at those who betrayed him!
Hawaii Five-O Reason for liking/watching it.
Because it's a friggin show about the best cops and detectives in Hawaii coming together to solve major crimes! I mean, pffft. It's funny and cool at the same time, and the characters are all so lovable!
Fringe Reason for liking/watching it.
The nature of the show. Science fiction is something I'm very interested in, and to see it in action, especially the way it is in Fringe, was really fun for me! This show ended a couple months back though, damn.
Heroes Reason for liking/watching it.
Mostly the idea behind the show. I would give anything to get Heroes back, it was so great. People with genetic super powers trying to save lives is quite a cliche, but Heroes makes it works. Or more like, made it work u_u
The Mentalist Reason for liking/watching it.
It's just a very suspenseful show really! All the crimes are creative, the detective work is inspiring, and the premises is really cool. Plus I can't wait to find out who Red John is so COME ON CBS HURRY UUUUPPP.
The 4400 Reason for liking/watching it.
Again the idea behind the show. People with super powers being on the opposite side of the law is something pretty cool to be honest!
Friends Reason for liking/watching it.
Funniest. Show. Ever.

Ok now you guys gogogo. I really wanna see what you have to say (: