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April 21st, 2013, 6:00 AM
Hello, Pokecommunity! It is nice to finally get an account here on this website. I am looking forward to making new friends here and people to help me get my game on. So far I am working on a Pokemon game called Midnight Black Version (MB for short) and I can't wait when I'm done to post it! This website will be a big great help for me so I can get some help from some experienced Pokemon gamers (Even though I have been playing since I was 4, I can't say I am very experienced since I quit Pokemon for a few years and went over to Minecraft and came back last year) and/or Staff Members who I bet are experienced. :)

So thank you all here!

[P.S.]: I am sorry if my English is bad, I am more Irish than American

April 21st, 2013, 6:06 AM
Heya, IceFire, and welcome to PC.

I'm personally not involved that much in the rom department, but I'm sure there are a lot of people there who would help you out.

I personally have been into Pokemon since age 2, but I started playing the games at 4. Funny how early people start and then just get so attached, huh?

Hope you like it here!

April 21st, 2013, 8:57 AM
I'm pretty sure there was a member here named IceFyre before and I almost got you confused for them, hehe. xD; Welcome to PokeCommunity and it's great to have you here, yes!

So is your game a hack? The name is pretty cool and I'm sure it'll be wonderful! I really like Pokemon fangames - hacks or not - and they're what brought me to this forum several years ago. Since PC is so big on creativity we have a lot of tools for aspiring game-makers; you'll definitely find all of them helpful, I'm sure. :3 I'd love to know more about it so you can leave messages on my profile about the game whenever! Probably can't help you out though since I don't have much talent in creating fangames, but I can always lend an ear if you're looking for some feedback. That might be helpful on its own! But our Emulation and Game Development moderators are indeed very experienced (then again, so are the people that visit those two boards) so you'll probably be able to get some good pointers from them.

So you've been playing Pokemon since you were 4? That is quite a long time. I started when I was 8 and am almost 22 so I've been playing for a while myself. Since you just got back into Pokemon last year, does that mean you've tried Black & White and/or Black 2 & White 2? Those were really good games and were amaaazing. X & Y looks absolutely splendid too, though.

Minecraft is great too though; I just got a new laptop that can finally play it without any lag. :D It's a fun game! Have a great time on PokeCommunity IceFire, and see you around! No worries about your English, either - it's totally fine!