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April 21st, 2013, 8:15 AM
hi all ,new to this site have collected before just getting back in to it

April 21st, 2013, 8:45 AM
Hey theeeere! :) Good to meet you Pokemardan! That is an awesome avatar~

Ooh, so you're a card collector? That is cool since there aren't that many around PC right now, it seems. I loove the Pokemon TCG but mostly for the pretty pictures since I've never actually played the game with anyone. Closest I've gotten was the Pokemon Trading Card Game for the Gameboy Color. xD; The card layouts have changed so much since then so a lot of my cards look completely different. Still have most of my cards from when I was a kid and compared to the cards now.. they're just so, so different. @[email protected]

Anyways, hopefully you keep on posting around and have a great time here! What else are you interested in besides card collecting? You play the Pokemon games as well, right? What game is your favorite and when did you start playing? Just curious since I'd like to get to know you more! Pretty sure the other members would too, since it gives them more to reply to. And the big question... what do you think of X and Y so far?!

But yeah, enjoy your stay on PokeCommunity all right! If you need any help, just drop me off a private message if you need help! Can contact any of our other staff members too, so never be shy around here~