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April 21st, 2013, 2:28 PM
Hello, everybody, I am UnkwownType, according to my username. I am a big fan of Pokemon in general, and I like all the generations, but Generation 3 is my favorite. I hope everything works out, as I have been part of other forums in the past.

April 21st, 2013, 2:56 PM
No worries, I know everything will work out just fine. The members here are nice and amazing, so you don't have to worry about rudeness and other behaviours from members. : )

Welcome to PC, btw! Everyone here in the community loves Pokemon as much as you do, no matter how old everyone is. I'm 22 and I just simply ADORE Pokemon. :3 So, it's easy to make loads of friends here. :) I recommend you to visit the General Pokemon Gaming discussions board, where it houses most of the generation sections that may be your favorite (especialy the 3rd gen!)

Have fun, and feel free to send me a message if you wanna talk! See ya!

April 21st, 2013, 5:14 PM
Megan is totally right - everything will work out! I can understand being intimidated by this place since I was too at first, but if you just stick around and explore the board you'll settle in fairly quickly. Welcome! (and hey, an unknown type Pokemon has appeared. Better get my Master Ball ready! :D)

Liking all the generations instantly makes you that much more awesome. Pokemon is too awesome to have generations you dislike.. even if some people don't like some of the regions or Pokemon, it's still an awesome franchise in the end, right? The third gen is of course an amazing gen though, and one of my favorites as well. n~n I spent about 300 hours on Sapphire and probably around that much again when Emerald came out. Which starter did you piiiick?! Brownie points if it was Treecko.

But anyway, just kick back and enjoy your stay. Like said, you can pop into the Pokemon gaming discussion boards and discuss your favorite games, which includes the ever-so-awesome Advance Generation section (where you can discuss FR/LG as well as R/S/E). If you ever need anything, just private message one of the staff or post in the Questions & Feedback section right above The Welcome Lounge.

Really, don't be scared to contact one of us. We'd love to help! ^^ See you around and great meeting you!

April 21st, 2013, 5:29 PM
Hello there, UnknownType! Pretty interesting username there, but welcome to that awesome place known as PokeCommunity! I used to be very scared when I was once a noob here myself but I stayed dedicated to the forum and became the friendly girl I am now. I hope you eventually overcome that noobishness and stay as an active member.

Being a fan of all generations, I guess you have been really dedicated to the Pokemon franchise as a whole. I have been a fan since I was just 7, and now I'm 20 and still play Pokemon because it's a series you can't let go of! The 3rd Generation was the first I played as far as the games go and it's a true classic that still gets loads of fans. I'm more of a 5th Generation person though since I liked the Pokemon and the Unova region but we all have favorites here and there. I actually picked Mudkip when I played Ruby for the first time, and mine was a rare female too. Cirno and Megan both recommended the Advance Generation Gaming section for you, but feel free to browse and see what other sections might interest you.

Anyways, have fun here and if you ever need assistance feel free to contact any moderators (like Cirno over there, or her partner Cid) and they'd be glad to assist you with any questions you have. I'm also open for a visitor message anytime, and I won't bite!

- Hikari10