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April 25th, 2013, 10:24 AM
That sounded sexual.
Hello trainers all alike.
For basic info,
I'm a huge pokemon fan. I've been playing since I was five years old.
As a kid, my parents never approved of me liking Pokemon because it looked too demonic?
It was hard since I really enjoyed the franchise, but now at 20 I'm old enough to make my own choices.

Pokemon Blue Version was my first game. Charmander was my first pokemon( I loved his scratch attack above squirtle and bulbasaur).
I then played Red Version (with a squirtle)soon after, never played Yellow(Always wanted to), moved to Johto on Pokemon Silver Version(Never played Gold) my starter there was cyndaquil, played Crystal Version after Silver(chose tododile).

I wasn't alowed to buy Pokemon Ruby even though it killed me to see it in stores when it came out. Thought Groundon was the most new badass pokemon Ive ever seen. Thought HOENN pokemon in general were pretty fresh and cool for the series.
I did, in one way, eventually play Ruby and Sapphire choosing Torchic and then Mudkip(see the pattern there? I'm a Fire type trainer after all. Who knew?).
I bought Emerald When it came out(had it in a cool shiny box too, but then it got stolen at school along with my new SP Light). ....That still bums me out.
I bought Fire red later at a swapmeet and thought it was the coolest game ever.

I evolved to Pokemon Diamond Version when it came out.
Thought Dialga was waaay cooler than the pink Palkia. Never owned Pearl.
I gave up on Pokemon briefly(manly because of the tv series after AG) but then, for some reason came back once Platinum Version was released. I remember asking myself, "Why did I just buy this game? I don't need it." Oh! and my starter was Chimcar because, c'mon, it's a monkey! How can no one like that? On Platinum however, I chose Turtwig because Torretera is awesome looking.
I then went back, and bought Soul Silver(Heart Gold 2 years later). I personally consider Soul Silver to be one of the best Pokemon Games there is only because Pokemon frreaking follow you. What more can you ask for?? I was able to see my team out of their pokeball, literally going with me on my journey. That's love. Props Game freak.

Once Black and White came out, I chose Black first, (I thought Zekrom was going to be in Black that's why. I like Zekrom And also because I liked how it was more connected to a City than Nature like in Pokemon White). My starter in Unova was Tepig, or as I like to call him, Pokabu(as in the japanese name. Pokabu sounds sooo adorable and c'mon people, it's a freak piglet! How much more do you need in the cuteness of a Pokemon?? I thought Snivy was horrible looking. My five year old sister can draw it. Never liked much of oshowott or Piplup.

I did buy Pokemon White 2(only because of the fact that some caves are fire and not electric.
Although I don't have money right now to buy a 3DS, I'm hoping to at least buy Pokemon Y when it comes out. I have no idea why people like pokemon X more. Haven't we had enough legendary deer shaped pokemon? I find it a little bland. My opinion, but c'mon, verzion and those three gen 5 pokemon, arcues, and the second form of shaymin? C'mon, it's getting old to make legendary pokemon in a deer form. I'm starting to hate it.

Thaty's my whole intro, who read that???

Anyways, I joined just to be a part of this fellow pokecommunity.
I watched the tv series since Season 1 through the start of DP. Haven't seen much, if any, of DP, or BW. The plot is getting boring to watch. The graphics, oh my goodness, i hate it. Cartoons arent meant to look so high tech and digitally enhanced. I hated, HATED, the way the designers made the pokeball look in DP. They went from a Bright red pokeball to a Dark Maroon red. It feels horrible to watch. I hope I'm not the only one that notices this.

I do love the first three generations, somewhat of the forth, and all of the fifth with some exceptions. Growing up with Kanto and Johto series, I have to say I like them the most. I can't lie there. By the time Hoenn came along, I thoght I was already well experianced in pokemon. The fact that Pikachu lost to some basic pokemon, like the fight in the second gym, made me a little anooyed as a kid. The series spiraled down since then, but I still keep in touch every now and then.
I do have an original perspective of what pokemon is, I think anyone growing through 1998-2000 can relate. The original pokemon was diffinetely like a whole new world compared to pokemon after Johto, or even movies and episodes at the end of Johto.

But anyway, I hope I meet more people that have gone through the same journey since blue that I have. Whatever pokemon fan you are, I'll like you simply because we share a common interest. Just don't be an over rated teen boasting about Lucario, arguing how this guys "sweep" moves can ko this guy, or how this pokemon has stats that can wipe out this pokemon(STATS mean nothing in the pokemon world! It's not even Pokemon). You're just getting your game logic confused.
Also, people saying that Pokemon Darkai was the best pokemon movie ever in the entire series. It's not.. no.. hell no , what the hell have I been reading? Has the first movie never touched your cold heart?? But, I shouldn't go off topic. okay, okay, im done. I'm done. Please no pokemon fans like that. I hate running into those kinds of so called, "fans."

April 25th, 2013, 11:18 AM
No introduction is off topic! ;)

Welcome to the forums! I took the time to read your introduction and wow, you went through a lot of it when it comes to Pokemon, and as you're older now, you cherish those memories! Great to see ya here, btw!

I'm also anticipating on the arrival of Pokemon XY and I still don't know which version Im going to be getting XD. Pokemon is awesome, and here at PC, you'll be meeting fans like you and me! Its a large place so you'll find anything you might be interested in, as well as people with similar interests. :3

I hope you stick around here. Its nice to meet you, though! Be sure to read the rules, contact a staff member in bold if you have any questions, and i'll see ya around the forums, yeah?

April 25th, 2013, 12:15 PM
I read it all! ;P I'm a good reader, but not so much when it comes to schoolwork, ahaha. Welcome to PokeCommunity! Cyndaquil is one of the cutest fire types and an awesome Pokemon to name yourself after.

Oh hey, Blue was my first game, too! It's ridiculously fun even now and I really do miss it. Kind of wish it was available on the Nintendo eShop (it isn't, right?) so I can play it on my beautiful 3DS. The day that happens will be a happy day indeed. Oh my gosh though, you must play Yellow! Having Pikachu around and being able to interact with him to see how he was feeling was so interesting, especially back during the Kanto days. Even HeartGold and SoulSilver's following function can't compare even if that was an awesome feature on its own. On that note, I'm still somewhat upset they didn't keep it since it was a really fun addition to the games. I was so excited to have it again in Black & White but when it never happened it just... made me so sad. :( Maybe we'll see more of the follow function in the sixth generation, though! /crosses fingers

You have a point with there being a lot of deer-like Pokemon, though for some reason the color scheme and overall design of Xerneas appeals to me just a bit more. There's still lots of time to decide which version to get though, so perhaps by the time October rolls around I'll have changed my mind, since Xerneas is awesome as well. Which starter of the bunch do you like? :D

And definitely echoing Meganium - no intro is off-topic. To be honest this is one of the longest ones I've ever read and it really does help us get to know you more as a fan. You seem like someone who is very passionate about Pokemon and I do respect your opinions because of that. To each their own, right? We have something in common just from liking Pokemon indeed so we'll definitely get along well. Have a great stay on the forum~!

April 25th, 2013, 12:32 PM
Wow! Nice introduction! I enjoyed reading it :) Anyway, welcome to the forum! It's the best Pokemon community around, so im sure you'll love it here. Red Version was my first game, with Blue being my second. I also think HGSS are the best games so far. Johto is my favorite region, and GSC were my favorite games. So HGSS of course would be my favorites. I hope to see the return of the Pokemon being able to follow us soon, maybe in X/Y?

Well anyway, welcome to the forums :)

Nakala Pri
April 26th, 2013, 3:24 AM
Pro. O.O Wowza, talk about a long introduction lol. I looooooooooove Pokemon Conquest and Pokemon Black! Love 'em like as much as I like PC, have an awesome time, man.

April 26th, 2013, 3:39 AM
That's quite the intro there, I like it.
I'm rather new to the Pokemon series, starting with Diamond in 2007..it was one of the best games I've ever played, buying Platinum a few years later made it all the while better! You've had quite the Pokemon life, and that's really good n.n I thought the same way myself when I saw Diamond version and Dialga, I was just like "That thing. is. AMAZING.". Anyway, similarities aside, WELCOME! Glad to see you here :D Hope you have an amazing time here.