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May 2nd, 2013, 2:19 PM
# * Difficult Modes - by FL (Credits will be apreciated)
# This script is for Pokémon Essentials. It allows a easy way to make difficult
# modes like the ones on Key System in BW2.
# You can set difficult levels that change the opponent parties to others that
# you can define and/or multiplier the levels of the pokémon and/or change
# the money earned after the battles. This script doesn't affect wild pokémon,
# but affects partner trainers.
# To this script works, put it above main.
# In PokeBattle_Battle script section, before line (use Ctrl+F to find it)
# 'oldmoney=self.pbPlayer.money' add line
# 'maxlevel = DifficultModes.applyMoneyProcedure(maxlevel)'.
# In PokemonTrainers script section, change line
# 'def pbLoadTrainer(trainerid,trainername,partyid=0)' to
# 'def pbLoadTrainerDifficult(trainerid,trainername,partyid=0,procedure=nil)'.
# Change line 'level=poke[1]' to
# 'level = DifficultModes.applyLevelProcedure(poke[1],procedure)'.
# You can see instructions for how to use in the 'def self.currentMode'.
# There two default difficulties already defined in this method,
# Easy Mode and Hard Mode, just follow the models.
module DifficultModes
# Variable number that control the difficult.
# To use a different variable, change this. 0 deactivates this script

def self.currentMode

easyMode = Difficult.new

# partyid (six parameter) number for trainer than can have other party.
# Trainers loaded this way ignores the levelProcedure.
# IN THIS EXAMPLE: If you start a battle versus YOUNGSTER Ben team 1,
# the game searches for the YOUNGSTER Ben team 101 (100+1),
# if the game founds it loads instead of the team 1.
easyMode.idJump = 100

# A formula to change all trainers pokémon level.
# This affects money earned in battle.
# IN THIS EXAMPLE: Every opponent pokémon that aren't found by idJump value
# have the level*0.8 (round down). A pokémon level 6 will be level 4.
easyMode.levelProcedure = proc{|level|
next level*0.8

# A formula to change all trainers pokémon money.
# This is the last formula to apply.
# IN THIS EXAMPLE: Multiplier the money given by the opponent by 1.3 (round
# down), so if the final money earned is 99, the money will be 128.
easyMode.moneyProcedure = proc{|money|
next money*1.3
# You can delete any of these three attributes if you didn't want them.

# The Hash index is the value than when are in the VARIABLE number value,
# the difficult will be ON.
# IN THIS EXAMPLE: Only when variable 90 value is 1 than this changes
# will occurs
difficultHash[1] = easyMode

hardMode = Difficult.new
hardMode.idJump = 200
hardMode.levelProcedure = proc{|level|
next level*1.2 + 1
hardMode.moneyProcedure = proc{|money|
next money*0.8
difficultHash[2] = hardMode

return DifficultModes::VARIABLE>0 ?
difficultHash[pbGet(DifficultModes::VARIABLE)] : nil

def self.applyLevelProcedure(level,procedure)
return procedure ?
[[procedure.call(level).floor,MAXIMUMLEVEL].min,1].max : level

def self.applyMoneyProcedure(money)
difficultSelected = self.currentMode
return difficultSelected && difficultSelected.moneyProcedure ?
[difficultSelected.moneyProcedure.call(money).floor,0].max : money

def self.loadTrainer(trainerid,trainername,partyid=0)
trainer = nil
procedure = nil
difficultSelected = self.currentMode
if difficultSelected
partyid + difficultSelected.idJump) if difficultSelected.idJump>0
procedure = difficultSelected.levelProcedure
return trainer ? trainer : pbLoadTrainerDifficult(

class Difficult
attr_accessor :idJump
attr_accessor :levelProcedure
attr_accessor :moneyProcedure

def initialize
@idJump = 0
@levelProcedure = nil
@moneyProcedure = nil

def pbLoadTrainer(trainerid,trainername,partyid=0)
return DifficultModes.loadTrainer(trainerid,trainername,partyid)

May 2nd, 2013, 7:10 PM
Very cool. I will test this when I get a chance

May 7th, 2013, 4:16 AM
I got an error when I loaded up the game, I got this error: Script 'DifficultyModes' line 75 SyntaxError occurred. I'm not sure what I did, but all I did was renamed hardmode to Maniamode, I'm not sure that I was supposed to do that.

May 7th, 2013, 7:26 AM
You will have to change all DifficulyModes in each script to Mainamode.

The reason you are getting an error is because the script is pointing towards DifficultyModes and since the resource is not there you are getting an error. So if you are going to change a little part of the script you will have to check and change all of the components.

Hope that helps...

May 9th, 2013, 4:09 AM
*I deactivated the second attribute because I do not want to have low levels.

Normal/Easy Mode: Rapidash lv59
Hard Mode: Rapidash lv73

*It without any trainer adds to the PBS with the team 101

Is not level change too much?

May 11th, 2013, 11:29 AM
*I deactivated the second attribute because I do not want to have low levels.

Normal/Easy Mode: Rapidash lv59
Hard Mode: Rapidash lv73

*It without any trainer adds to the PBS with the team 101

Is not level change too much?I guess that is ok, remember that your pokémon earn extra EXP for the others trainers. Regardless, you can freely change the formula. Change line 'next level*1.2 + 1' to 'next level*1.15 + 1' or even 'next level*1.1 + 1' to lower the gain from hard mode.