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February 8th, 2005, 6:32 PM
The Pantheon Trilogy

Author: JasonResno

A/N: I do not own Pokemon, nor do I claim to. This is a series based on Jason, and those he meets on his adventure to become the best.

EPISODE ONE: A series of unfortunate events

It was a bright, shiny day; there were birds chirping, young pokemon running about, and residents bent on spending the day doing exactly as they wished. Unfortunately this glorious afternoon was lost on Brayberry, a town snugly hidden away from the world in the rough mountains.

His back bent to his work Jason pedaled his bicycle as if the devil were on his tail. As it were, this wasnt the case; fortunately for him something good was chasing him. His future. If there was one day in the year that could inspire a man to undertake any challenge, this would be it, his tenth birthday.

His bike hit a particularly rough patch of scree; a little unf was all that Jason had time to utter, as his bike went twisting out beneath him. A path of dust rose in his path as the world suddenly began to spin, and than all was quiet.

Unnnn, what happened? A wary, bruised, and exhausted Jason awoke rubbing the back of his head. To be honest, he felt like he had been in a fight with a Ryhorn, and lost.

He ran a hand through his short brown hair, and grimaced when he felt gravel in his hair. Another viewing revealed to him that his neat dress khakis and favorite shirt were ruined. He brushed himself off a bit and stood up, judging by the sun it was about 10:00 in the morning, still a few hours left until his meeting with Professor Hemlock.

With a nonchalant shrug he jogged over to his mostly mauled bike and picked it up. A test of its weight furthered the fact that it would be useless; with a sigh he tugged it to the side of the mountain path and set it against the rocky cliff.

As he turned to walk away a gleam on the ground caught his attention. Jason kneeled down to survey this mysterious item when he was met by a most unsettling sound, a deep rumbling. Immediately he was on his feet, living in the mountains you learn that there are earthquakes and all sorts of cave ins, that was the first rule in Brayberry, know what to do.

What was I always told?
Jason felt the first hints of panic when he gave a wild eyed look around and saw nowhere to run. To his immediate left was a straight drop, he didnt know how far it was, but he knew he wouldnt survive it. To his right was the unfriendly, hard gaze, of the mountain.

SOMEONE COME HELP ME! Jason yelled out as a last resort.

As if to answer, the ground gave a shudder and enveloped Jason in darkness.

For not the first time that day, Jason felt completely disoriented. The only difference this time was, Jason was afraid. As he came to he immediately felt up and down his body to see if he was all there, as if expecting a missing arm or nose he gave a sigh of relief.

Jason looked around and was greeted by the almost complete darkness. He gave a dry, humorless laugh, and stood up. He was pretty scraped up, but the thing that got him the most was his thirst. One usually does not realize the greatness of something until he or she doesnt have it. Water seemed a precious commodity to the ten year old in the twenty-foot grave.

Just my luck, Jason muttered under his breath.

Another sigh, another ragged parched breath, and Jason began to think of an escape route. The opening, and only source of light, was too far for him to climb or jump without some sort of handhold or equipment. His only option was to go into the darkness. And so our hapless adventurer did.

His original plan was to trudge forward until he came upon a wall and keep in a straight line. No such luck, as all the darkness around him sort of melded together. Regardless he trudged on, arms outstretched, feeling blindly for what he knew was his life.

After what appeared to be hours of groping his hand managed to skim across a dirt wall, and this was merely luck as he was throwing his arms up in frustration. Truth be told, hope had abandoned him a while ago, and this mere feeling of dirt filled him up like a car filling up with gasoline.

Doing the only thing he could think of Jason put both arms out in that direction and grabbed on for hell or high water. He than started to walk slowly, making sure every step was measured and his arms never strayed away from the wall. Eventually a spot of luck greeted our most hapless adventurer. What seemed like am hour or so of squinting Jason finally managed to discern that what he saw was real, a glow of light directly in front of him and to the right.

Whether this was an exit, or something else, Jason didnt care. Anything that would break the monotony of this mindless groping seemed great to him.

Hello, is there anyone there! Jason shouted hoping for some response.

The light swiveled and seemed to turn in his direction.

Ello, iz anyone there? A distinctly French voice responded, with a slight tinge of fear. Zubat, help out whoever iz there.

Jason heard the distinct sound of a pokeball being thrown, and a brief flash showed that between him in the light were a small streamand some angry looking Geodudes. His face paled and his blood chilled. From what he had learned in his life at Brayberry, sleeping rock pokemon did not appreciate being awoken by intruders.

Zu, Zubat? Bat? The bat like pokemon inquired.

Straight ahead of uz is a lost child, try to find him and guide him over to me, zen we can get out of here before awaking the geodudes.

A nod of assent and Jason heard the flap-flap of wings coming in his direction. What a wonder pokemon were! This Zubat would be able to pinpoint him just by using its natural abilities, how cool would that be. Decided that he wanted to make it easier for the Zubat, but not wanting to awake his new sleepy friends, Jason softy patted his ripped khakis. This seemed to aid the Zubat as it immediately switched directions and zoomed towards Jason.

Jason grinned inwardly and jumped slightly as he felt the Zubat graze his arm with its wing. Jason couldnt help but be impressed as it lead him slowly over towards the trainer, going slow enough for Jason to keep his hand lightly on its tail. Judging from the distance they had traversed, Jason was sure they were passing through the crowd of angry Geodudes, he held his breath the entire time.

The trip was over before it began as the trainer started to come into view, holding a lantern up near his face Jason caught the immediate features of a born Frenchman. He had a sharp chin, a sharp curved nose, piercing black eyes and a shock of black hair that fell lightly over his eyes. He wore black windbreaker pants and a vest. He roughly looked 14, but one can never tell.

Thank you so much sir! Jason all but shouted, and he quickly received a shh! and fell quiet.

First thing child, oo are you? Second, why are you down here? The French kid gave him a piercing gaze, which made Jason feel immature and foolish.

In a whisper Jason responded, Im sorry, and Im Jason. There was a quake of some sort and I fell down here, I need to get out.

The trainer nodded his head, as if reassessing the situation, Im Jacque, and I will help you.

That was the best news of the day.

So how was it? This was more or less to introduce the two main characters of the story, and try to show some character out of them. The story will start to pick up a lot more in the ensuing chapters, and Im sorry if this bored you. I live on reviews, so they are much appreciated.