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May 16th, 2013, 7:47 AM
My name is Brandon and I go by my Pen Name bigC94.

I'm new to PC; I've never tried a forum out before so PC is going to be my first go at it! I'm an 18 year old fan of Pokemon who grew up with Pokemon and love it to this day. Now, I write Pokemon fan fiction in my free time. I posted the first chapter of one of my stories entitled "Adventures in Acirema" to the Fanfiction and Creative Writing sections of PC and I'm hoping for some helpful criticism. I like to hear what my readers think regardless of whether those thoughts are good or bad. I write for the fans so I take what they say into consideration no matter what.

Checking out this forum to form new friendships and find some creative counterparts to share ideas. My story already has a decent following on fanfiction.net, but there's always room for improvement and growth; no one is perfect after all! So, if you're interested, check out my story "Adventures in Acirema" on Fanfiction.net. Or, if you just want to chat, leave me a reply!

May 16th, 2013, 8:28 AM
Heya Brandon! Your avatar is adorable; Bulbasaur is one of my favorite grass types.

New to forums, I see! It'll probably be a little tough to navigate a site as big as PC at first, but some people learn faster than others. All I can really recommend is to read the main forum rules and individual section rules posted in every section since they're a must-read to get an understanding of how things work. It's great to see you dived into the News Users' Hangout already - that's a great area to make some friends. :D Meeting people is inevitable on a community of this size so you'll definitely run into and meet people during your stay here, and they'll likely have similar interests with you since PC is a creative community. Lots of us draw, write, hack, and so forth.

Ohh, it's great to hear you're a writer too. I have some stories lined up to read so I'll try and make room for yours. It's been ages since I wrote a Pokemon fanfic.. my last one was based on traveling through the Unova region but I never made it past the first gym leader city and never did publish it either. :( Since summer is coming up that might be a worthwhile project to pick up again! Good luck with your fic and I'll try to leave some comments when I can; you'll probably get some feedback from others in the section as well as a lot of the regulars there are quite talented.

Hope you stick around for a long while! You can delve into some of our Pokemon clubs if you're interested in chatting with people who like the same things as you when it comes to the franchise, or maybe post in the trivia boards. :D All are great ways to meet people as well! Try out whatever catches your eye.

I'm always around to talk if you're interested, though it's probably better to do so via profile messages since I notice them quicker! Leave a message there anytime if you'd like and perhaps we can become friends. :3 Have a great time around PC!