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May 18th, 2013, 9:19 PM
Hi! I am kosuke. I'm new here. I love Pokemon, and I want to make friends with all of you who also loves it. :)

Well, since this is an introduction, i would tell something about myself.
I am a Pokemon fan since I started to watch the anime. It was so cool that I wanted to be a Pokemon trainer too (haha). So, i started to play the games. The first game that i played was Pokemon Emerald and I liked it. So i played the other Pokemon games (gen1, gen2, gen4, gen5, some spin-off games, and some fangames) and i also liked them. Every game of Pokemon has their a new adventure and feature, and that's why i like them.

I hope that i'll have a good time here. That's all! ^^

May 18th, 2013, 10:25 PM
Hey there kosuke.

Welcome to PC! I'm SNOR(es)LAX, most people here call me snores/snoreslax.

I'm pretty sure that most of us started liking Pokemon because of the anime and most of us have also dream of being a Pokemon trainer one day. (even me)

Its great to see that you have played almost every single gen games and even the spinoffs. My first game was Pokemon Red, ahh... those times when you first played Pokemon and didn't knew what to do, those were days...

I definitely hope that you will have a good time here in PC and drop me a VM if need someone to talk to.

Nakala Pri
May 19th, 2013, 12:47 AM
Awesome! Nice to meet you! My name is Rozu, or Super Rozu. I LOVE Pokemon, I have since I was four. Seven years ago... wow, that makes me seem old! xD Need anything, just ask!

May 19th, 2013, 1:13 AM
Hello Kosuke, and welcome to PC!

I'm Hikari10, although I just get called Hikari. I'm a 20yo Australian who has been into Pokemon since first watching the anime, then I got into the games when I started with Pokemon Ruby. I have only played everything from 3rd Gen and on, except FR/LG. I love 5th Generation best and also I love Water-type Pokemon, especially Oshawott!

You might want to check out the various Pokemon gaming boards, since it appears you've played every generation. We have every game covered so go check them out if you can, and we also have a Pokemon Anime section here where you can discuss the anime. There's also the various clubs you can check out if you want to get interactive with fellow members on a particular interest.

Have fun here, and feel free to contact Cirno or another staff member if you ever need help, or just send me a visitor message!

- Hikari10