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Gokey Shuckle
February 9th, 2005, 10:31 PM
Pokemon EX: Fury Card List

1/176 Dark Azumarill (http://img41.exs.cx/img41/4959/n8ldarkazumarillcopy.jpg) Done!
2/176 Dark Blaziken (http://img159.exs.cx/img159/2850/furydarkblazikencopy3tl.jpg) Done!
3/176 Dark Delcatty (http://img159.exs.cx/img159/2861/furydarkdelcattycopy7ai.jpg) Done!
4/176 Dark Manectric
5/176 Dark Metagross (v.1)
6/176 Dark Metagross (v. 2)
7/176 Dark Nidoking
8/176 Dark Nidoqueen
9/176 Dark Piloswine
10/176 Dark Salamence
11/176 Dark Sceptile
12/176 Dark Swampert
13/176 Delibird
14/176 Hitmontop
15/176 Latios
16/176 Latias
17/176 Light Blastoise (http://img11.exs.cx/img11/1816/lightblastoise7fj.jpg) Done!
18/176 Light Charizard (http://img11.exs.cx/img11/5383/lightcharizard2js.jpg) Done!
19/176 Light Clefable
20/176 Light Exploud
21/176 Light Medicham
22/176 Light Pidgeot
23/176 Light Porygon 2
24/176 Light Raichu
25/176 Light Ursaring
26/176 Light Wigglytuff
27/176 Light Venusaur
28/176 Light Vileplume
29/176 Mewtwo
30/176 Regice (http://img188.exs.cx/img188/2900/regice8xq.jpg) Done!
31/176 Regirock (http://img54.exs.cx/img54/2502/regirock5ze.jpg) Done!
32/176 Registeel (http://img230.exs.cx/img230/3708/registeelcopy4wg.jpg) Done!
33/176 Roselia (http://img234.exs.cx/img234/5277/roselia4wn.jpg) Done!
34/176 Snorlax
35/176 Dark Armaldo
36/176 Dark Cradily
37/176 Dark Foretress
38/176 Dark Metang (v.1)
39/176 Dark Shiftry
40/176 Dark Slowking
41/176 Farfetchd
42/176 Hitmonchan
43/176 Hitmonlee (http://img103.exs.cx/img103/8285/hitmonlee6vx.jpg) Done!
44/176 Light Bellossom
45/176 Light Crobat
46/176 Light Donphan
47/176 Light Golduck
48/176 Light Ludicolo
49/176 Light Parasect
50/176 Porygon
51/176 Sneasel
52/176 Aipom
53/176 Anorith
54/176 Clefairy
55/176 Corsola
56/176 Dark Cloyster
57/176 Dark Combusken
58/176 Dark Crawdaunt
59/176 Dark Granbull
60/176 Dark Grovyle
61/176 Dark Marshtomp
62/176 Dark Metang (v.2)
63/176 Dark Nidorina
64/176 Dark Nidorino
65/176 Dark Ninetales
66/176 Dark Nuzleaf
67/176 Dark Sandslash
68/176 Dark Shelgon
69/176 Dark Slowbro(v.1)
70/176 Dark Tentacruel
71/176 Dark Xatu
72/176 Jigglypuff
73/176 Light Arbok
74/176 Light Charmeleon
75/176 Light Gloom
76/176 Light Golbat
77/176 Light Ivysaur
78/176 Light Lombre
79/176 Light Magneton
80/176 Light Octillery
81/176 Light Persian
82/176 Light Steelix
83/176 Light Slowbro (v.2)
84/176 Light Pidgeotto
85/176 Light Swellow
86/176 Light Ursaring
87/176 Light Weezing
88/176 Light Whiscash
89/176 Lileep
90/176 Minun
91/176 Qwilfish
92/176 Phanpy
93/176 Pikachu
94/176 Plusle
95/176 Seviper
96/176 Skiploom
97/176 Smeargle
98/176 Tropius
99/176 Absol
100/176 Azurill
101/176 Bagon
102/176 Barboatch
103/176 Beldum (v.1)
104/176 Beldum (v.2)
105/176 Bulbasaur
106/176 Castform
107/176 Charmander
108/176 Chimecho
109/176 Clamperl
110/176 Cleffa
111/176 Corphish
112/176 Ekans
113/176 Electabuzz
114/176 Girafarig
115/176 Growlithe
116/176 Heracross
117/176 Hoppip
118/176 Igglybuff
119/176 Kecleon
120/176 Koffing
121/176 Lapras
122/176 Lotad
123/176 Magmar
124/176 Magnemite
125/176 Mawile
126/176 Meditite
127/176 Meowth
128/176 Misdreavus
129/176 Mudkip
130/176 Munchlax
131/176 Murkrow
132/176 Natu
133/176 Nidoran (Female)
134/176 Nidoran (Male)
135/176 Nosepass
136/176 Oddish
137/176 Onix
138/176 Paras
139/176 Pichu
140/176 Pidgey
141/176 Pineco
142/176 Pinsir
143/176 Psyduck
144/176 Remoraid
145/176 Sableye
146/176 Sandshrew
147/176 Seedot
148/176 Shellder
149/176 Skitty
150/176 Slowpoke (v.1)
151/176 Slowpoke (v.2)
152/176 Smoochum
153/176 Snubull
154/176 Squirtle
155/176 Sudowoodo
156/176 Swinub
157/176 Taillow
158/176 Tauros
159/176 Teddiursa
160/176 Torchic
161/176 Torkoal
162/176 Treecko
163/176 Tyrouge
164/176 Vulpix
165/176 Whismur
166/176 Wobbuffet
167/176 Wooper
168/176 Zubat
169/176 Arcanine EX
170/176 Gorebyss EX
171/176 Huntail EX
172/176 Jumpluff EX
173/176 Jynx EX
174/176 Mr. Mime EX
175/176 Stantler EX
176/176 Yanma EX
177-190..What could they be? Only I know.

NOTE: Just to clear things up before hand, I did not copy anyone's ideas no matter what you think. I made this list 6 months ago, so yeah.

Update 2/9/05: Dark Azumarill is a card from the past, I made it as a preview card, but i couldn't change it since the virus I had wiped out all my PSD files. Dark Delcatty and Dark Blaziken will be the same way.

Update 2/10/05: 2 new cards added!

Update 2/16/05: Roselia is here! Plus, an important announcement.

Update 2/21/05: Regice and Regirock are finished!

Update 2/26/05: Regice is done! Another card later today!

Update 3/5/05: Blastoise and Charizard in Light forms are completed!

February 10th, 2005, 6:47 AM
Seems to be a Great Set~ Cant wait for it!

Gokey Shuckle
February 11th, 2005, 10:55 AM
Ah...added 2 cards i made previously. Before I get smacked in the face for the Illus., I made this card before Kyattsui made that rule, I can't edit it since my PSD files were deleted in a virus. Sorry.



I also made these cards before a definite set list was finalized as these cards were intended to be just a preview.

February 11th, 2005, 10:57 AM
I didn't like the Azumaril one, but the Delcatty is cute and the Blazikin looks cool too!

February 12th, 2005, 12:57 AM
Azumaril is good and ok for a Rare holo card!
Blaziken is not good enough for a Rare holo card.
Delcaty is thebest of three and realy cool I love it!
Oh and since you have decide for cards number you should put number of set at Dark Azumarill!

February 12th, 2005, 9:44 AM
sounds good! .... fire ambush on the blaziken should cost one less energy, because it isn't all that great.

February 13th, 2005, 10:08 PM
Dark Azumarill is by far the best out of the three (attack wise that is)

Poison yourself (ok 10 dmg eeks!) for doing 40 dmg (30+10 from dark energy) against the active, and an additional maximum of 60 bonus damage against bench Pokemon, all at the cost of 2 energy!? INSANITY! 2 energy means that the second Marill evolves, darkness consumes the world O.o; 10 damage on yourself to do such insane amount of damage... definitely a great deal. Energy efficient and a major power house.

Delcatty is just... Delcatty? 3 darkness energy on the same Pokemon is some insane risk so you'll most likely never use that attack... you're just left with 3 colorless for 50 dmg. It's decent? Not bad but when custom cards get involved, you can do a lot more stuff (not that simple attacks are bad in a custom card, but if you're thinking about how they'll get used if they are allowed in real decks, then most of the time a real card > custom card in terms of pure damage... custom cards are more usable for their original and unique side effects)

Blaziken is pretty unique... a stage 2 that won't be using fire energies (fire ambush just suck... the gold is in piercing scream. Sleep you can get out of it easily. 40 dmg to all opponent's bench is awesome). Unique but not useful... as I'll assume for now that Shuckle's custom Combusken/Torchic will have to use fire energy one way or another...

Gokey Shuckle
February 19th, 2005, 7:34 PM
New card today finally! I was sick for a bit, so I only have one card x.x

Roselia (http://img234.exs.cx/img234/5277/roselia4wn.jpg)

By the way, my grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer, so if I seem a bit emotional, thats why. You don't have to give a good rating just because you feel sorry for me, just be honest. I can handle it. I'ma strong person. I am praying a lot for her right now, but the set must continue....

I will try and post cards every 3-5 days. I might post 2-6 cards on those days depending on my mood. But yeah, I will get this set finished, regardless of whats happening. My grandmother is important, so you all must realize that she comes first. But yeah, I hope you all like Roselia! I will go out of order sometimes too, as you can tell.

February 19th, 2005, 11:26 PM
Roselia is cool! I like the artwotk!

February 21st, 2005, 5:35 AM
Dark Azumarill scares me XD *shot*

Gokey Shuckle
February 21st, 2005, 6:39 PM
Regice (http://img54.exs.cx/img54/8145/regice4dz.jpg) and Regirock (http://img54.exs.cx/img54/2502/regirock5ze.jpg) are now done. I updated the list.

February 22nd, 2005, 7:47 AM
Regice is nice, with a very neat Drawing Ability~ o.o
But what does happens when ya have no Cards in yar hand? xD

Rogirock is BROKEN~ O_o
How can Basic have an Attack Gardevoir-ish and an simple awesome PokBody? o_o
Regirock's Body + Healing = More BRONKENness~ o-o

Anyway, Nice Cards~ xD

Gokey Shuckle
February 22nd, 2005, 3:22 PM
Shoot, I was so scatter-brained yesterday with family issues and stuff, I forgot that Ken made the art. I will fix it by the next update.

February 23rd, 2005, 9:41 PM
Regice's power does need a bit more clear wording... like what Casty said about what if you have lesser than 3 cards in your hand to begin with. Possibly discard from the deck instead of your hand...

Regice's attack is also a bit confusing by "if Regice is the only one on the field" and etc etc... o.o; Not to mention it's useless XD

Regirock is DARN BROKEN ;o; Stone Rocket is... killer. Stone Rocket shouldn't include opponent's energy card, and include resistance... then it'll be acceptable (the 4 retreat cost will justify for the rest of the "imbalance" part... oh wait there is switch darn it!) Or keep Stone Rocket the way it is now but flip a coin and 10 damage for every head instead? o.o;

Gokey Shuckle
February 25th, 2005, 2:58 PM
I have decided to release a random amount of cards every weekend since it's more convient for me.

Things to expect:
Edited Regice with correct Illus.
1 Rare Pokemon
An almost full list of the secret cards

Gokey Shuckle
February 26th, 2005, 12:00 PM
Registeel (http://img230.exs.cx/img230/3708/registeelcopy4wg.jpg) is finished!!!!

I will post another card later tonight. It will be a rare card. And yes, PPNSteve has allowed it so that I can double post as long as a card is posted in my thread. i don't know about the rest of you.

I have decided to update every weekend as it's more convient for me to do so. It may seem like only 2 cards at a time, but there will be more, trust me. This set will be finished a long with my mini promo set.

I also edited Regice with the correct illus.

EDIT: Hitmonlee (http://img103.exs.cx/img103/8285/hitmonlee6vx.jpg) is done!!!!

March 5th, 2005, 9:41 AM
looking good so far... Oh BTW still waiting for the rest of the blanks and stuff... :)

Gokey Shuckle
March 5th, 2005, 9:51 AM
I know. Fangking is very busy now, and he has minimal time to get to a computer. If I could give them to you, I could, but I can't. I'll talk to him and see what he says.

Anyways, New Cards!!!

Here is Light Charizard

Here is Light Blastoise

I will put up one more card soon and a list of the secret cards too sometime tonight. Also, if anyone is interested in providing me with original art, then please send it to me by pm. Right now, I need some Bellosson art for next week. So if anyone can provide me with it, cool.

Gokey Shuckle
March 10th, 2005, 8:02 PM
Since no one is replying, i'm closing my own thread and going back to making single cards -_- I need posts people. Look at the rules. I may reopen when I am ready to show more cards and if you guys are ready to reply, but i can't force you to reply, it's just saddening that all

*sadly closes.....another worthwhile project nixed*

EDIT: Reopened. Giving it a second chance

March 12th, 2005, 6:14 AM
The Charizard is a worthy addition but I will say that there's a Typo on your Hitmonlee (Hitmonchan has an l in it on the card in the Pok body)
The Blastoise is a KILLER Viva la Fake cards

Gokey Shuckle
March 12th, 2005, 3:52 PM
Thanks, 2 new cards tommorow. Need art. Light Bellossom and Dark Piloswine ^^

March 12th, 2005, 4:16 PM
Yes indeed there is the funny "l" in Hitmonlee's attack regarding Hitmonchan ^^;

As for Light Blastoise and Light Charizard, nothing much to say about their attacks ^^; Pretty plain and solid... their attacks are balanced to me. Blastoise is just a "meh" in terms of usability as it's just a standard card... Charizard is pretty interesting at the fact that it burns itself along with the opponent, but you can draw 2 card as well... Normally this effect is definitely broken, but the card well justify itself with the forced discard of the light energy, making this attack rather very costly requiring both fire and light basic energy...

Pretty well planned out attacks! I like it ;p
Much better than the Regis when Regirock is so one-sided that it's the absolute best of the set...

Gokey Shuckle
March 13th, 2005, 2:07 PM
Thanks for all of your comments. But I must close this now. It's not that no one is replying, it's the fact that i lost interest in making sets. This set soon became a priority rather than other things. I think i'll stick with making single cards for a while, but i'm not retiring. i wouldn't cout on it. So farwell glorious set. Nice knowing you. I not demodded either. I will still make stuff a lot.